Single Life - Early 20s Pt. 06

The story so far.

I was the first person to arrive. I unlocked the office, and got into a bit of paperwork.

Working with Brea over the past 2 years had been a little... unusual. She always looked great and I found her very attractive, but her personality had been a bit off putting by the way she acted and had the reputation gossiping about staff behind their backs; but she was good at her job. Up til now, I had never gotten to know her past the casual greeting each day, and it was good that I was getting to know her and not what I had heard from the other staff members.

I put down my pen and sat back in the chair.

Brea placed a thumb and index finger and traced it across her lips from one side to the other.

I then began telling her about Ms Moss (Amanda) and the sex ed classes that were going on. Brea's eyes widened as I got into the finer details, and as I started to get further and further into the story, her nipples strained against the thin material of her black dress.

"Oh wow!" Was all she said as she then bit her lower lip.

"What are you going to do now?" She asked.

Brea lent into me and put her hands on my arm. Her cleavage was long and deep. I tried to keep eye contact.

Brea gave me a naughty grin and a peek on the cheek as she got up. Her cleavage mere inches away from my face. I certainly did have her number saved in my phone.

I found it very hard to concentrate on my work for the next few hours, as Brea would often make advancements anyway she could when no one was watching. And by the time I had to leave to do my delivery rounds, my cock was visibly hard.

I took my time doing my deliveries, as it got me up in the air away from everything, and I enjoyed the freedom.

I entered the office, and no one was around. Not even Brea.



It wasn't long til I felt something on the front of my pants. At first I thought it was my cock getting comfortable. But then it happened again. Definitely wasn't me.

"You scared the shit out of me." I said, while my heart beat a hundred mile and hour.

"You certainly did that!"

I took a quick look around the office. Looks like everyone has gone home for the evening.

Her hand was instantly on my crotch, rubbing my cock through my pants, making me hard. As her fingers unzipped by pants, I took another look around the office to make sure no one was there.

"You've got a nice long thick dick. I love it." Brea said right before she placed he tongue at the base and licked her way up, and then placed the head of my cock in her mouth.

I placed my left hand on the chair to steady myself, and my right hand on the back of Brea's head.

After a few minutes, she took the cock out of her mouth and stroked my cock at a rapid pace with her right hand. I could see that her left hand was between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her black panties.

I opened my eyes and looked at Brea. She closed her mouth and swallowed the cum. She then licked her lips, getting any cum that had missed her mouth, and swallowed that too.

She looked up at me. "You've got a nice big dick. Maybe next time I'll let you put it inside me." She said smiling and giggling to herself.

I stood up to get ready to leave. My cock was still semi hard and pointed towards Brea. She looked down at it, and then knelt in front of me and placed my cock back in her mouth.

Brea took it out. "Yeah. Especially yours." she said quickly before placing my cock deep inside her mouth again.

Her hands reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks, pressing my cock deeper into her mouth. I gripped her blonde hair into my hand, and used my hips to slide my cock in and out of her mouth.

After a little while, as we caught our breath, Brea gave my cock one last lick up the shaft. I tucked it back into my boxers and pants, and helped Brea stand up. She straightened her black dress again, and looked into my eyes.

To be continued.

There's so much going on. I recommend reading the previous stories, if you haven't done so already.

I took things easy for the next few days, and by Monday, I was ready to tackle a new week. I got ready and headed to work a little bit earlier than usual.

Brea was the next person to arrive. "You're here early!" she said as she placed her pink handbag under her desk and her phone next to her keyboard. "Couldn't sleep after what happened on Friday?" she said smiling as she walked over to my desk.

"So? What happened? You told me on Friday that you were going to tell me this week about what was going on." She said as she grabbed a nearby office chair and sat next to my desk.

"If I tell you, you must keep this to yourself. I won't be telling anyone else, so if I find out people have heard about it, I'll know it was you." I said wearily.

I paused for a moment. She looked sincere that she was going to keep this to herself.

By the time I had finished telling Brea what had happened, cheeks had turned pink, and her nipples stood out like rocks.

My cock hardened from telling the story, but also from Brea. Her low cut black dress showed off her ample cleavage, her nipples were hard, and the dress only came down half way along her shapely thighs.

"There's not much to do now. Last Friday was the last class for a while, and so Amanda hasn't let me know of any future classes yet." I said as I tried to act casual and not staring at her body.

"If you ever need help." Brea said as she looked into my eyes, then down to her cleavage, and then back up to my eyes. "You've got my number."

Brea walked seductively back to her desk. Her slender hips swaying with the movements of her legs.

Brea didn't say anything as I walked past her desk on the way out. Instead she just smiled and watched the bulge in my pants.

The day was long and tiring, and it wasn't til well after 5pm that I landed back at the office and made my way inside. The carpark looked empty except for my car and Brea's.

"Hello?" I called out.


I figured she must be out and about somewhere, and so I placed my things on my desk and sat down to finish off my daily duties.

I slid my chair back and almost jumped when I saw Brea under my desk.

Brea looked innocently at me from under my desk. "I thought I would surprise you."

"Come back here." Brea said softly, beckoning me towards her with her finger.

I slid my chair back towards Brea.

Brea's soft fingers reached into my pants, past my boxers, and pulled out my hard cock.

Her lips and mouth were soft and moist. She sucked on my cock as her lips trailed up and down the shaft. Some girls don't get enough suction when they give a blowjob and they don't wrap their lips tight enough around. Brea was a pro, and definitely had given a few blowjobs in the past to be this good.

She tried to take in the full length of my cock into her mouth, and it would make her gag. However she would keep on doing it over and over.

She held the head of my cock to her open mouth as her hand stroked up and down. I couldn't hold it in any longer, I lent back in the chair and closed my eyes as streams of cum lashed out into her mouth. Her hand didn't stop until I was completely empty.

Brea proceeded to lick and suck my cock completely clean.

Brea gave my cock one last suck on the head before getting up and straightening her dress.

"You must like dicks." I said as I watched my cock disappear in and out of Brea's mouth.

I held the back of her head again. I could feel the cum building up.

I held onto her hair tightly as I came deep inside Brea's mouth. She gagged a little, and then took my cock out of her mouth, allowing her to swallow the cum. She then continued to lick and suck my cock for the next minute or so.

"Why haven't we ever done this before?" Brea giggled.

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