Stephanie's Back Door

With a huff of frustration I gave the door one last half-hearted push, but it was stuck tight. Weighing in at a petite one hundred and five pounds, I didn’t stand a chance of muscling it open. I put my hands on my hips and gave it a pouty look of annoyance. “Hi Neighbor!” came a voice from behind me. “Looks like you’re having problems.”

“It looks just fine from where I’m standing, but I’d have a take a much closer look to know for sure,” he replied with a smile. “Hi, by the way. I’ve seen you around, but we haven’t met. I’m Jack.” he said, extending a handshake.

“So you’re locked out?” Jack inquired.

Jack gave me concerned look. “Well it certainly seems a shame to let a wonderful little back door like yours go unused. Tell you what, let me get cleaned up, and if you want I can come over and see what I can do to loosen it up for you.”

Jack gave me a nod of assurance. “No problem. And I got the perfect tool for stubborn back-doors right here.” He padded the front pocket of his jeans with his hand.

“I can’t imagine leaving home without it,” Jack assured me. “Never can tell when I might find a damsel in distress who needs something pried open.”

Jack gave me a nod, and I waved in reply as I happily skipped off around the corner of the house. I spent the next half hour nervously tidying the place up. Right on time, thirty minutes later, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and let him in.

“Never keep a lady waiting,” Jack replied with a casual smile.

“What? Oh, Yeah! They’re looking spectacular! I’m a huge fan, and watch them whenever I get a chance,” he replied in reference to the big bold ‘LAKERS’ logo printed across the front of my shirt. “But ah... anyway, you ready to see what we can do to loosen up that stubborn little back door of yours?”

“Oh, I insist that you give me a hand,” Jack replied. It’s kind of a job for two people, if you know what I mean.”

Jack noticed them at the same time. “Hey, they match your shorts!” he remarked.

Jack agreed. “Definitely. Here, let me help you pull them down.”

“Probably like cream pies,” I explained. “Seems like I’ve always got something simmering in my oven, and the lace just picks up the scent.”

I giggled, half tempted to let him keep them. But I assumed he was only joking. “You want to just stuff them in my box?” I replied, gesturing towards a cardboard carton on a kitchen chair. Jack tucked the curtains safely out of the way and looked ready to continue.

“How about right down here,” Jack indicated, putting his hands on my hips to guide me into position. “There you go, just get on your hands and knees and I’ll work from behind you.”

“Maybe later, but at first I just need you to hold everything steady,” Jack explained. “I’ll take care of the rest. You might want to spread your legs a little wider. And roll your hips up. There you go. See, you got better balance that way.” I did as requested. “Wow!” Jack exclaimed. I figured you had a nice looking back door, but now that we’ve gotten it uncovered, it’s just absolutely perfect! And you’re right, it sure does look extremely tight to me.”

“Could I?” Jack replied. “I mean, I don’t want to be weird or anything, but I got some buddies that would just love to see it. They’ll be so jealous.”

“Absolutely not!” Jack replied with a chuckle. “You stay right there and give me a big smile.” I heard the camera of his cell phone clicking behind me. “I want a couple of close-ups too,” he explained, getting the camera lens just inches away. I heard countless more clicks as Jack took photos from every angle. “You think I could take some more pictures once we manage to get your back door opened up?” He inquired politely. “I’d love to have some photos of it once I’m done with it and we get it gaping wide open.”

Jack laughed and shook his head. “Nope. Call me crazy, but I’d like to keep your back door our little secret, if you don’t mind.” He snapped a few more photos, getting in really close. Then suddenly he exclaimed, “Oh Hey! What a sweet little pussy you have!”

“Looks like your pussy is a short-hair,” he observed.

“Oh, yeah, I may have bumped into her once or twice,” Jack replied. “I think she might have mentioned something about her having a sweet little pussy too?”

Jack looked intrigued. “I’ve never seen one of those. I mean, sure, in pictures and stuff, but I never met anyone who actually had one. So Suzy’s Muffin is completely bare? Does she like shave it, or does she just have a naturally hairless pussy?

“That’s so cool,” Jack remarked. “Do ever, you know, like pet and play with it? Does it feel weird or anything?”

“I’d like that, seeing your Cream-Puff and her bare little Muffin squirming around together,” Jack assured me. “But,” he offered in a secretive whisper, “I bet I’ll like your fuzzy little pussy the best.”

Jack nodded, and I made it a point to spread my legs and arch my back as he had requested, wanting to do whatever I could to help him out with the project.

I glanced around behind me and gave a gasp of surprise. It was much bigger than I had ever imagined. “Oh... gosh! Is that going to fit?” I asked nervously. “It’s just that... well, my back door is very, very tight...”

“Careful...” I urged him with a nervous tremble in my voice. “Go slow...”

I nodded, biting my lower lip. “OK, give me your hand. There you go. Now take your finger -- I usually use the middle finger -- and just rub it up and down that crack of yours. See? That’s not so scary, is it?” I nodded in agreement.

“Oh... OH!” I replied, zeroing in on the area. “Oh Yeah! I think I got it!”

“Like this?” I inquired nervously. I didn’t want to do it wrong and have him think I was silly, or think that I didn’t know anything about how to get into my own back door.

I couldn’t imagine getting even the tip of my finger up into my tight little back door crack, but I nodded, hoping I wouldn’t disappoint him. Still rubbing in a circle, I stiffened my middle finger and slowly began to apply an ever-increasing pressure. I started to pant with the effort, but try as I might, I just could not manage to wedge the tip of my finger inside. I groaned in frustration, but Jack had an idea. “You got anything slippery?” He inquired. “Some lotion, or oil?”

“Absolutely,” Jack replied as I grabbed the container. “Virgin?” he asked.

I settled back down into position, and Jack poured just a small drip of the slippery oil onto my finger. I held it up, seeing it shimmer with a glistening wetness. Then I eased the well-lubricated fingertip back into the crack of my stubborn back door, looking to find that perfect spot I had discovered earlier. I zeroed in, rubbing and probing, and applied an ever-increasing pressure. Finally I could feel the resistance start to give way. And suddenly the tip of my finger eased right up in there. I wriggled my hips and spread my legs further, remembering to arch my back as Jack had instructed. “Oh! Jack, I think it’s in there! Am I doing it right?” I inquired breathlessly.

I blushed at the compliment and assured him that this was my very first time. I pushed harder, trying to impress him. Slowly I worked the length of my finger up into the crack, my chest heaving with excitement. And then I felt the knuckles of my other fingers meet resistance. I had my finger as deep as it would go! “You’re doing great!” Jack encouraged. “Now work it in and out, and twist it around if you can.” I eagerly complied, slowly working my finger in and out. I could already feel my back door starting to loosen up, just a little bit. The slippery coating of olive oil was helping a lot.

I gestured helplessly at the stubborn portal as I brushed my long blonde hair back over my ear. “My back door is too tight,” I complained, turning in the direction of the voice. A handsome young man grinned at me from across the fence of my small back yard.

“Oh, ah... Hi! I answered. I’m Stephanie. I just moved in a few weeks ago.”

“Nah, the front door is unlocked,” I replied. “It’s just that... well... it’s just frustrating, that’s all. Growing up, my Mom would never let my dad come in the back door. He was always asking to, but Mom always told him ‘no’. She insisted that going through the back door was uncivilized. Mom was very uptight about appearances. I think he actually got away with sneaking in there once. But I heard them arguing about it, late at night, and Mom raised such a fuss that he never brought it up again. So anyway, I always promised myself that as soon as I got my own place, anyone was free to use my back door whenever they wanted. And now that I’m out of high school and finally on my own, I’ve got a back door that’s too tight to use! I’ve tried talking to the landlord about it. But when I asked him real politely to come over and loosen it up for me, his wife got all mad. I don’t think she likes me, and she called me a ‘tart’ and I don’t even know why...” I took a deep breath, having blurted all that out in a single rush of frustration. My voice cracked a little bit as I felt my eyes start to water with tears.

I sniffed and wiped a tear from my eye, giving him a hopeful look. Would you? I mean if you wouldn’t mind, that would be so great. I don’t want to be a bother, but you look like a guy who might be handy with a tool.”

I glanced down and saw an impressive bulge. “Oh...Wow,” I remarked. “That sure looks like a really big tool. You carry that around with you everywhere?”

“Well, that sounds like just what I need! OK... Jack, Right?” I chirped with excitement. “I’ll see you in half an hour, OK? You and your big tool? Don’t you dare be late!” I added with a wink.

“Hi again,” I grinned. “Prompt and eager. I like that.”

I noticed that he couldn’t seem to tear his eyes away from my tight cut-off teeshirt. I stuck my chest out towards him. “You like ‘em?” I inquired.

I led him into the kitchen. “You want any help?” I inquired. “I’d probably just get in the way...”

I nodded, eager to assist in any way possible. Then I looked at the door and noticed that I had left the curtains - thin pink red fabric with a lacy white hem - hanging in the back door window.

I looked down and giggled. Sure enough, I was wearing the same pink colored shorts with a lacy white hem. “I guess those are in the way?” I inquired.

With his assistance, we quickly had them yanked off. He put them to his nose and gave a deep sniff. “They smell heavenly,” he sighed.

“Well, its making my mouth water,” he replied. “Makes me want to keep them and take them home to enjoy your wonderful smells later on, but I guess I better give ‘em back. Umm... where should I put them?”

“OK, so where do you want me?” I inquired, eager to get started.

I quickly complied, assuming a kneeling position on the floor. “OK, so what’s my job? You want me to hang on to your tool or something?”

I blushed at the compliment. “You want to take a picture?” I teased.

“Sure,” I answered. “Go ahead. You want me to move?”

“Sure Jack, whatever you want,” I assured him, feeling a sense of pride that he thought my little back door was so pretty that his buddies would want to see all his pictures. “If they like, they can all come over and try it out, once you get it loosened up.”

I looked up, and saw my kitty had poked his head into the kitchen, curious of the going-ons. “Oh, that’s Cream-Puff. That’s my baby. Come on over, Kitty!”

“You like the look?” I replied. “I keep her trimmed up like that. My next door neighbor Suzy says it makes my pussy look really cute. She lives on the other side of the duplex.”

“She does!” I replied. “Well, I think my Cream-Puff is a lot sweater, but of course I’m partial, because she’s my own little pussy. But anyway, yeah, Suzy has one of those... ah... well darn, I forget the name for it. But anyway, she’s got one of those hairless pussies. She calls it ‘Muffin’.”

“I think it’s naturally bare. She’s never like, you know, asked me to help shave her Muffin, but I’m not really sure. I’ll ask her and let you know.”

“Oh, sure, I pet her little Muffin all the time.” I assured him. “And no, it doesn’t really feel weird. But you can like see every little fold and wrinkle, and it’s all pink, you know? It’s adorable, and I just love her. Anyway, she loves my pussy too. We let them play together. Suzy calls them pussy play dates. They like to rub up against each other. There’s a lot of licking that goes on too. And sometimes some wrestling, but just playful - we don’t allow biting or scratching. Hey! When we have another play date, do you want to come over too, and play with both of our pussies at the same time? Then you can see which one you like better.”

I blushed again and smiled, happy that Jack really seemed to like my pussy. “So, anyway... you haven’t forgotten about my back door, have you?” I reminded him in a teasing tone. “So you still want me down here on my hands and knees?”

“Let me just get out my tool,” Jack explained.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be extremely careful,” Jack assured me. “I always start with my fingers, just to be on the safe side.” From behind me, he eased his middle finger into the crack of my back door, slowly sliding up and down, exploring. I gasped as he pressed his fingers ever deeper into the crack.

“You’re too nervous,” he assured me. “Tell you what, let me show you how to do it, and you can start by yourself. That way you’ll get a good feel for how it’s going to go. And you can stop anytime you want, OK?”

“OK, now find that spot where you can work that finger in. You’ll know it when you find it.” I gasped in surprise and jerked my head up. Jack grinned at me. “Find the spot I’m talking about?” I nodded eagerly. “OK, now rub around on it. Just go slow and easy. There you go.”

Jack let me work my finger for several minutes, as I swiveled my hips with the effort. “OK, you’re working up some good friction there,” he observed. “Now try giving it a little push. It’s all very tight in there, so don’t try to force it. It will open up on its own once you work it enough.”

“You’re doing great. Just take your time,” he encouraged. “You’re going to end up working your entire finger up into that tight little crack by the time you’re done.”

I bit my lower lip, thinking. “Oh, there’s a bottle of olive oil on the counter. Would that work?”

I nodded. “Extra Virgin, actually,” I corrected, showing him the label.

“Perfect”, Jack assured me. “You’re a natural at this back door work. You sure you’ve never done this before?”