Surrendering to Her Lover

We'd been married for almost two years when I caught her. I had been out of town on business and was scheduled to get home late. A canceled flight is normally a disaster, but in this case the airline was able to book me on a direct flight that actually got me home hours earlier than my initial itinerary. I figured I'd keep quiet and surprise Sharron when I got home.

Our bedroom was at the end of the hall, the open door facing the staircase. Sharron, my wife, was on all fours in the center of our bed. Her golden brown skin glistened with sweat. Her deep brown and incredibly stiff nipples jutted out from the tips of her breasts as they swung underneath her. I could smell her arousal from the top of the stairs.

"Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God," she began to babble. "Ohhhhh. That's it. That's it, baby. Keep fucking me. Fucking me so good. Yes. Yes. Yes! Aaawwwwhhhhhaahh!"

His orgasm seemed to stretch on forever, but finally his balls began to relax and the pulsing slowed and then stopped. He held her still underneath him for another moment and then began to withdraw. That's when I saw it. His cock slid out of her, and slid out of her, and just kept sliding. When the large plumb like head finally reached her opening, the largest, heaviest looking cock I have ever seen flopped out of my wife and dangled below him. Even as it deflated, it must have been ten inches. Maybe a foot. The shaft was a deep, deep brown and was easily as thick as my wrist. The head was a purplish color and flared out dramatically below the blunt rounded tip.


I start to push away from her. "Sharron. Sharron, how could you," I plea as I move.

"You're sorry? Why did you... How could you..."

"Not just ours, it seems."

"How long has this been going on."

"You've been fucking him for our entire relationship," I demanded.

"What you've needed?"

"You always told me you couldn't cum from just sex."

"How many?"

"You need to cheat on me?"

"How is that not cheating?"

"You want me to just accept this, Sharron," I shouted.

There is a knock at the door. "Everything alright in there, Sharron? I heard shouting."

"Yes, Terrence," she says. "We're ok. Why don't you come in."

"Terrence, this is Glenn. Glenn, Terrence." Neither of us says a word. "So, Terrence, I've been explaining to Glenn the nature of what we have here..."

"Not great. So, I was thinking you could help me show him."

I feel frozen as she rubs her hand up and down the bugle emerging from his open fly. She smiles, looks over at me, and says, "I'm excited for you to see this baby. It's a life changer." With that Sharron pulls his underwear down and Terrence's heavy black cock flops out. Much to my embarrassment I become hard again the moment I see it. Sharron, of course, knows this since she still has one hand on me as the other slowly masturbates the beast in front of her. She jerks it to half mast, occasionally leaning in to kiss the head and rub it against her face.

She places my hand on him. Right now, he's probably 8". As she closes my hand around him, my hand can barely close around it. "Move your hand, baby. Get him all the way hard for me. I want you to see him inside me."

My hand begins to speed up. I'm truly jerking him off now. He's almost all the way there. Almost a foot long. I feel like I'm as hard as I've ever been. I'm breathing hard. A damn breaks in me. Before I even know what I'm doing I'm leaning forward. I'm kissing the head. I'm running my tongue up the underside. I'm tasting his precum. I need him. I open my mouth and take the first few inches into my mouth. He grabs ahold of my hair and pushes more into me. He starts fucking my mouth.

Precum is pouring out of me. I'm incredibly aroused. I get myself on my knees so I can love his cock better. Sharron pulls her hand away from her pussy and starts running her fingers up and down my ass, teasing my hole. Within a few minutes she sinks them into me. Finger fucking my ass while I suck her boyfriend's dick.

Their sex is fast and animalistic. Within seconds she has her first orgasm, her juices flowing down his shaft. He keeps fucking her, shoving his massive cock in and out of her swollen pussy like a jack hammer. Sharron grabs me by the hair, pulling me up to her. She shoves her tongue in my mouth kissing me deeply as he fucks her.

Sharron explodes in orgasm. Her fluids cascade down his cock. His shaft, his balls, his thighs all glisten with her juices. Her face screws up in a pained expression. "Ooohhh. We have to stop Terrence. We have to stop. It's too much!"

I hear the bed creak, then two hands grabbing my ass, spreading my cheeks apart. Terrance's tongue laps me from my balls all the way up. He then starts kissing my rosebud, licking it, pushing his tongue into it. I'm in bliss. I slide myself into Sharron's gaping pussy. She is loose around my cock after having him in her.

I push out as hard as I can trying to open up. His head pushes harder and harder against me. I feel a stab of pain and begin to panic. Maybe this is a bad idea. Suddenly his head pops through, and he holds. I can feel it flaring just inside of my sphincter. With the door open he slowly slides deeper and deeper into me. I've never felt so full in my life.

Finally, I feel his balls rest against mine and I know he's all the way in me. All twelve inches are pounding in and out of my hole. His huge testicles are ramming mine as he fucks. My cock is being driven farther and farther into Sharron's gaping pussy. He fucks me faster, and faster until finally he drives the deepest into me he can go and I feel him swell. For a moment it feels like time stands still, his cock growing inside me. Then it lets go. I feel the first pulse slam into me. His cum is coating my insides. He holds himself there, so deep, as the cum rockets out of him. Inside Sharron, I explode too, cumming like I've never cum before. As my orgasm crests I hold onto Sharron as tight as I can and sob to her, "Thank you. Oh thank you baby. Thank you for giving me this." I know I'll never want to stop. I'll never again live a life without needing the same black cock that she has needed for all these years.

I knew what was happening the moment I entered the door. The sound of skin slapping together. Sharron's guttural cries, somehow even deeper and more animalistic than normal. She had always been vocal in bed but this...this was a whole new level. Hearing those sounds coming from my bedroom, my stomach dropped, sweat beaded on my forehead and, I'm embarrassed to admit, my cock stiffened in my pants. I felt nauseous, but aroused. My hands shook as I grabbed the banister and began to climb the stairs.

Behind her was a large black man. The muscles on his broad back stood out from stain. His ass clenched and unclenched as he thrust into her. His impossibly large testicles swung back and forth, slapping her clit as he plowed into her.

She was cumming. She was cumming on his cock. Cumming like she never did for me, and as she did he thrust into her and held it. I raised my hand and stumbled forward as if I could somehow stop it. He held himself there. His cock buried to the hilt in my wife as I watched his testicles pull up towards his body and his perineum begin to pulse. He was coming inside her. He let out a low groan as she whispered, "Yes, baby. Do it. Fill me up. Fill me up with your cum."

I felt light headed. My vision began to blur. As my knees hit the floor I was aware of only two things. Sharron's far away voice calling out my name and the painfully intense erection inside my pants.

I awake in my bed, my wife at my side. My face is pressed up against her breasts. Still in a daze I open my mouth, letting her nipple slide in. She coos soft encouragements to me as I suck on it, feeling it getting harder and harder. Her hand begins to slide down my stomach, reaching for me. My pants are undone. I feel her hand wrap around me, squeezing me gently at first, then more firmly. I begin to rock back and forth, humping my cock into her delicate brown hand. That's when it all comes flooding back to me. My wife cheating on me. The intensity of her orgasm. That cock. That massive black cock.

She grabs me, holding me close. "Oh, baby. I'm sorry, baby."

Sharron grows quiet for a minute. "Listen, Glen. I'm going to lay it all out for you. I want you to listen to me carefully, then we can talk." She gathers her thoughts. "You know I love you, Glen, and that I love our sex."

"Glen, You're right, not just ours. You give me so much, and I love you for it, but I need...I've always needed something more. Throughout my life I've been with a fair number of guys. You know this. Some white, like you. Some black, like me. I fell in love with you. I love our life. I love our sex. I love what we share. But, on occasion I just need more."

"It's always been going on," she says quietly. I turn away from her. "It's not often, mind you, but it's always been a thing."

"No. Not him. Them. I've always had a guy or guys who could give me what I needed."

"Yes. You...look, you have a great cock. You're a wonderful lover. But sometimes I need to be...filled in a way you can't. Most of my real relationships have been with white guys but sometimes I just need...Christ, I'll just come out and say it. Sometimes I need to cum"

"I know what I said, baby, but that's not quite right. I've cum during sex. It just needs to be a certain kind of sex. It needs to be aggressive and it needs to be with a big cock. Really big. I don't think I've ever cum with anything less than 10", so I've always kept one or two guys in my life with the equipment I need to get there.

"When we were dating there were three. One alone, two I used to see together. After we married I tried to keep in down. Only a few times a year. Lately it's just been Terrence. Look. I love you, babe, and I don't want to lose you. But I can't tell you that this will stop. It's something I need."

"No, I don't need to cheat. I do need to have them, though."

"Maybe we can change the way this has been. Maybe I can stop sneaking it behind your back?"

"I want..I guess, yes, I want you to accept it. Maybe embrace it. I can't stop, Glenn. Not completely."

"Oh, for fucks sake, is that him?"

The door opens. Terence is a little older than I. Maybe 30. He's probably 6'2" and all lean muscle. I can tell because he is only partially dressed. His pants on but belt loose. His button-down shirt open, revealing his hard abs and impressive pecks.

"How's that been going," Terrence smirks.

Terrence nods and approaches the bed. "You want to show this white boy what it's all about," he asks. Sharron nods, then she reaches up and pulls down the zipper that's now right in front of her face.

"Isn't it magnificent," she asks? I just stare at it. "Ok, Glenn. Time to introduce yourself." With that she lets go of my twitching cock, grabs my hand and leads it to him. I recoil slightly just before contact, but she shushes me and says, "It's ok, Glenn."

In a daze I begin to slide my hand up and down his cock. It throbs as it grows harder in my hand. Terrence chuckles, "That's it, Glenn. Show me you like it."

"Oh, that's so hot baby," Sharron coos next to me. She's jerking me off with one hand and playing with her own pussy with the other. "Suck his dick, baby. Make him feel good."

Terrence keeps hammering at me, going deeper and deeper into my throat. Sharron is up against me, fingering me hard while she gets in next to me and starts kissing his balls. It's more than I can take. I begin spurting cum all over my her hand. It's perhaps the most intense orgasm I've ever had, and it's long. I'm gasping around his cock when Sharron pushes me off of his cock and climbs onto him. As I watch he picks her up, spreads her legs, and then buries himself into her. As I see him spread her open. At first it doesn't seem like he could possibly fit in her, but then the huge purple head pops into her and she lets out a guttural moan. I see him stretch her in a way that I cannot. See him do for her what I would never be able to do. I see why she needs it.

"Thank you, baby. Thank you," she gasps. "Thank you for sucking his dick for me. Thank you for getting him hard for me. Ooohhhhhh. God, I'm cumming again. It feels so good. I love this cock. I love him fucking me. Tell me I don't have to stop, baby. Tell me we'll keep doing this. I don't want to hide anymore. Oh God, I want us to share his cock, baby. I want you to experience what I'm experiencing. I want...I want...Ooohhhhhhh.

Sharron pulls herself off of him and sinks gasping onto the bed next to me. I pull her into my arms and hold her tight as she shakes next to me, overwhelmed by what she's just experienced. At the edge of my view I see Terrence, stroking his cock. Sharron pulls me on top of her, kissing me passionately. I have my tongue buried in her mouth. My hands maul her breasts. My rock hard cock is sliding up against her soaking wet pussy.

Terrence begins working his finger into me. First one, then two. In the end he has three fingers pistoning in and out of my hole. Finally he pulls them out. Sharron pulls me close to her and whispers in my ear, "enjoy," as I feel the head of his cock settle slide down my ass crack and gently push against my hole.

When he gets about halfway in I beg him to stop. It's too much. He starts to gently fuck me with the 6" already inside. It hurts at first, but then I begin to truly open up. I moan into Sharron's mouth as he starts fucking me faster and faster. I become overwhelmed by the experience. I'm mewling like an animal while he fucks me. It's so intense that I begin sobbing, not out of pain, but out of the incredibly emotional experience of having this massive beautiful cock deep inside my body. All the while, Sharron is whispering encouragements to me.

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