The Beach

Andrea stepped off the deck and was immediately on the beach. Wearing only her bikini and sun visor, she walked across the hot sand, feeling it between her toes. Carrying a small basket and towel, she walked 300 feet to a hidden cove, all the while blessing the friend who let her use this house. She had arrived the night before for a weekend of relaxation. Her husband was suddenly called to work so Andrea had this day to herself.

Andrea lay back on her towel. She selected a playlist on her phone and inserted the buds. Finally she opened the mystery novel and began read. For the next two hours her only movement was to turn a page, roll over when the timer on her phone beeped, take a sip of water or idly watch a boat towing skiers through the bay.

She sat, hugging her knees to her chest as she surveyed her surroundings. To her left, about 100 feet away, she noticed for the first time a man sitting in a chair, a book in his lap. He faced the water and Andrea doubted he had noticed her. The little alcove was unknown by most. He appeared to be 23 or so

Settling back, she noticed she had missed a call. Andrea tried to listen to the message but couldn't. She walked down the beach in search of better service. Like most people her gaze was on her phone screen instead of where she was walking. Naturally she tripped over the young man's feet, gracefully falling like a sack of potatoes in front of him. Limbs akimbo, she struggled to her feet, face beet red as stammered apologies flowed. The young man laughed and picked up her phone. As he handed it to her, she noticed his eyes unabashedly sweep her body. Although approaching 40, she tried to keep in shape. She could not help notice the bulge beneath his trunks bob and swell, growing just a bit. This caused her to flush even more. After apologizing once more, Andrea scurried down the beach. The message turned out to be from her husband. He had left work and would be there in two hours or so. She didn't bother returning the call as he would now be in heavy traffic. She merely sent a confirmation text.

Flustered, she sat on her towel, thankfully hidden from view. She cursed herself for acting like a teenage girl. She was approaching middle age, for Christ's sake. Andrea decided to stay on the beach another 45 minutes. She would have plenty of time to shower and get ready before Eric arrived. They could then go to dinner.

She tried to remember the last time she had been a man other than her husband. She had been faithful throughout her twenty year marriage even though her eyes and mind often wandered. The bawdy discussions with her girlfriends along with flirtations with their husbands kept that itch scratched. Besides, the attention flowed two directions and she enjoyed being wanted...

Finishing with his chest, Andrea kissed a trail down his stomach. His firm abs drove her crazy. She enjoyed every dip and curve. She now knelt between his legs, one hand stroking softly as the other cupped his shaven balls, softly squeezing as appropriate. He was totally shaven, a detail she appreciated. Safely out of arms reach, Andrea pulled her breasts from the bikini, her pink nipples glistening. This served to excite him even more. After every fifth stroke or so, Andrea would cup her palm over his cock head, rubbing once in a circle, feeling him twitch before returning to the shaft. She enjoyed the way his eyes darted between her breasts, her hands on his penis and her eyes. He couldn't decide which was more exciting.

Andrea glanced at the sun. It was well into the afternoon and she had plans. Although she would like this to continue all afternoon, it had to end soon. Sitting back, she squirted lotion in her hand and proceeded to rub her breasts with both hands. He stared in amazement, having never seen this sort of behavior in his 20 years. When her pale breasts were dripping, Andrea leaned forward. Putting his cock between her breasts, she pushed the fleshy orbs together and ran his cock between them. He stared as his cock head ran from the base of her cleavage to her throat and back. The pressure of her breasts was almost as tight as his girlfriends pussy.

After a minute she pulled away. She continued to stroke his him, milking the last cum from his softening cock until it lay limp. He lay back, catching his breath, overwhelmed by what just happened, watching her in amazement. Andrea sat back. Picking up his beach towel, she wiped her chest clean, leaving a sticky mess on the cloth. Returning her breasts to her bikini, she stood and brushed the sand from her legs. Smiling, she walked away...

Andrea entered the cove, suddenly surrounded on three sides by sheer rock. The area was about the size of a tennis court and for all purposes could have been a desert island. Andrea unfolded her towel, and sat down. She removed from the basket a water bottle, iphone with earbuds, sunscreen and a novel. Glancing around, she decided the cove was isolated enough and removed her top. The next two minutes were spent coating her body with sunscreen, her manicured fingers rubbing the lotion into her skin. Andrea felt the stress flow from her body as the combination of hot sun and massaging fingers relaxed her.

Andrea finally sat up. The sun had her feeling hot. Putting on her top, she walked to the water, wading waist deep, letting the small waves break around her. She dug her toes into the shifting sand and looked for sea shells until she began to shiver. Long Island waters were pretty but not well suited for swimming until late summer. Andrea returned to her towel, applied another layer of sunscreen and let the June sun warm her as it beat down on her pale skin. A natural red head, she practically glowed in the dark as her husband joked.

although she was want to check his ID before buying him a drink. His sun bleached hair and golden tan indicated he was a regular. Andrea briefly wondered if he lived nearby or attended the local community college. She could not make out the title of his book but it was too small to be a text book.

Returning to her hiding spot, Andrea had no choice but to walk in front of the young man. His chair was too close to the sand wall for her to swerve behind. Despite his dark glasses, she saw his eyes follow her. She cursed her heavy breasts. At any pace approaching a normal walk, they bounced noticeably. Her bikini top provided zero support so he got the grand view. As she hurried by his chair, Andrea saw a bit of light colored flesh peak from the leg of his trunks. Was that what she imagined? Once again blooded flowed to her face.

Lying back, she closed her eyes. Andrea's mind wandered to the man down the beach. His build was so different from Eric's. Her husband was a former weight lifter who worked construction for many years. Add that to his stocky build and she had a husband built like a fireplug. In comparison beach boy had long, well defined muscles with little bulk. He was in shape but wasn't a gym rat. To her mind, his hairless body made him a swimmer. She once read swimmers shaved their bodies to minimize drag. Whether or not this was true, it sounded good.

Andrea imagined kissing the man's chest, tasting a mixture of sweat and sunscreen as her lips traced his toned chest, her tongue flicking his nipple. He twitched at the unfamiliar yet pleasant sensation. She covered every inch of his chest with kisses. He lay back, having never had this attention paid to him. Her brown nails rubbed his skin softly. He barely felt the touches which made his heart race with lust and desire. His girlfriend had certainly never done this. Her foreplay consisted of kisses and a wet hand job if he was lucky. His hands moved to her cloth covered breasts but Andrea pushed them away. She wanted no distractions.

His shaft glistened as her petite fingers worked their magic. Andrea added lotion as needed, her grip so soft as to barely be felt. She kept minimal pressure on the underside of his cock. She knew from experience this would make him cum in minutes. She wanted this to last. At times she stroked swiftly, at others her hand barely moved. She expertly brought him to the edge then took him away. Andrea enjoyed to feeling of power she had over this boy. As she thought, he had never been treated this way by a woman. Made into a toy to be used and controlled. The hurried encounters with his girlfriend were nothing compared to this. She denied the release he desperately needed.

Andrea could tell he would not last long. Looking deep in his eyes, she waiting for the right moment then whispered "Cum for Mama". That was it. She felt the spurt of cum blast her chin. It was followed by the second then the third. She continued pumping, watching his eyes roll back as hot fluid ran down her chest, making her skin so much slicker.

Andrea sat up, startled by the phone alarm. Looking around, she was alone. Thankfully her hand was not in her bikini bottom. Blushing at her midday fantasy, she filled the basket and folded her towel. Peeking onto the beach, she saw no one. The young man was gone. There wasn't even a mark on the sand where his chair sat. Walking quickly back to the borrowed house, Andrea felt moisture running down her leg. She knew it wasn't sweat or lotion. Although he didn't yet know, her husband was going to have a wild night.

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