The Boys Do Debbie Ch. 02

**_All characters are 18 years and over.

It was one of those hot mid-week days. The six of us were lounging around the pool at my home. We had the place to ourselves. My parents were away for a few days and my sister, Debbie, was out shopping, something at which she is a professional. Believe you me, she has a doctorate in shopping.


All that, and regular sex with my sister. What more can an 18 year-old boy want?

Occasionally my sister will have a look-in when at the pool, do about a minute on the treadmill and declare that she did not want to be in there when "all your smelly friends" are using it. That is most of the time that she would be home and free to exercise. She freaks out if one of us tries to join her in the family-size sauna. She pretends an aversion to guys under 21, refers to us as "smelly kids".

Knowing her as I do, I can tell that she is impressed by what she sees, a delicatessen of young male flesh to salivate over. Cock happy? For sure!

The levels of testosterone are way above the national average.

You could bottle it and sell it in sex shops. It drives her crazy.

My heart bleeds for him. Lucky sod!

As I may have mentioned before, she is cock-happy.

Franklin calls them his "cum canals", ever since he spurted a load, filling the grooves with sperm, which Debbie then lapped up like it was fresh cream.

(btw, it was his cherry she took, he still has his mop of light brown hair.)

All of us, except for myself and Franklin, are suffering the frustrations of every well brought up fit, 18 year old male virgin.

This afternoon the virginal four have listened in open-mouthed astonishment when told that Franklin and I have been fucking a local girl that is keen on the idea of a group of guys fucking her in a gangbang. They were totally disbelieving when we told them that we had selected the four of them to be in the gang.

1. That the girl is my sister, Debbie.

3. That Franklin fucks my sister.

The questions come thick and fast, prefaced with. "Bullshit! You are kidding us! You guys are banging a local girl? Her name? We can gangbang her?

He nodded. "Guys, she is really hot. She is totally crazy about cock and will drain your balls and want more...and she is into guys our age!"


"So, you are all interested then?" He asks, with a big grin.

All of them have instant boners at the thought of what is being outlined.

"When you fuck her it will be recorded, and shown on the TV, so you can see yourself in action. After that it will be edited to exclude your face, she will be wearing a full face mask."

I am not sure what the reaction would be if I said she is my sister. They all know her and lust after her, even though she ignores them, will not even speak to them when they come to use the gym and pool. Calls them smelly to their face. Besides which, they will probably be reluctant to sound too enthusiastic if they know she is my sibling. Understandable, of course.

I must say I agree with them about her rudeness, but I have changed my mind since getting between her legs.

We tell them that we have recorded the session we had last night, so they can see the action we had with her. Her face pixilated, so they will not recognise her.

They charge up the stairs to my bedroom. This they must see, something way beyond even their wildest wet dreams.

Simon reacted first. "Holy shit! That is you in the saddle, Greg? Big bollocks!"

All eyes turn admiringly to me as I show my scratched back. "Wow, it is for real!", shouts Simon. "You stud man!" They are starting to believe.

"Hey, Frankie, looks like your turn next! What a cock! Go fuck her boy!" That was Donny, as if it is some sort of audience participation thing.

I am seen rolling off the girl, giving the guys a good view of her wide open pussy.

Franklin is seen eating and swallowing my sperm as it pours from her.


We watch the tape to the end, they cheer as we are shown fucking the girl in every position. It ends, no credits roll. Idea, maybe we should add those.

Once all are showered, we sit down in the gym to talk

"That last qualification, your virginity, turns her on. Popping the cherry of fit 18 year old virgins is something she enjoys, as Franklin and I know."

Franklin and I laugh and take a bow. "Guys, she taught us everything!"

"Vincent is first off the mark. "Fuck! This is cool. You are taking the photos?"

Brian was first in front to the camera. He is well built, has powerful shoulders and lats like eagle wings on a tapering torso that accentuates his slim waist to shows his 6 pack well. His pubes are neatly trimmed. He has a meaty 8 inch cock, and a pair of big balls in a smooth sac hanging between his muscular thighs. Add his great legs. Not surprising he is called "the stud muffin".

His cock head is just emerging from the foreskin, like a hungry beast looking around and sniffing for pussy. You get the idea, I am sure.

"Now Brian," says Franklin. "Keep your cock interested, you need to impress her!" He then took four 'photos, each one showing the 8-incher rising a little more until the fourth captures it fully at attention, the massive head slipping fully free of the foreskin. His heavy balls look like they need emptying.

A good line-up of fit, keen and eager boys. Bright eyed, with cheeky expressions and come-to-bed eyes. My sister is in for a hell of a shock from what she dismisses as a "bunch of smelly kids". Of course, after Franklin fucked her, she may be revising her opinion. But who knows? Woman can be strange. We had a group hug and jumped in the pool, just as Debbie came home.

Franklin and I exchange glances. Her crap does not fool us. Look how she enjoys getting fucked senseless by him, and has since then been shared between her kid brother and his "smelly" friend every day. In my bed, in the gym and in the sunshine alongside the pool. It is a miracle she can still walk.

Twelve eyes follow her as she settles on a sun lounger.

There is no way my sister is not scoping the scene.

Maybe she is ahead of the game, and knows who we were thinking of for a gangbang team. If so, she is being deliberately provocative and is playing us for what we are, sex starved horny boys. She has been fucked by two of us. Only four to go... maybe those are her thoughts.

But for the fact that my parents are due back within the hour this situation could easily turn into the required gangbang. Franklin or I need only touch her to flip the switch and she will be having that gangbang here and now.

As usual, I will fuck her tonight and Franklin will arrive via the gym to join in.

When the guys are fucking she will be fully masked, and blindfolded. She will not see any action on screen. She will hear nothing other than music through headphones. Her imagination will run riot as she waits for action in her cunt

Chapter 1 introduced the main characters and set the scene between my sister and I. Now in Chapter 2, the circle is broadened. This is simply the story of a boy and his sister who use each other to satisfy their primal urges... curiosity, lust and sex. What they do is incestuous, but incest is not what is intended. It is just part of the overall sexual exploration and journey. If we were not related it would be called promiscuity. As it is, we were simply enjoying the excitement and not being selfish about it. We let others in on our adventure and nobody was exploited, harmed or used against their will. Please dismiss any thought of this leading to incestuous marriage, children by incest and a life of ducking and diving while masquerading as a "married couple." I love my sister as a person, not as a girlfriend or wife. We are playmates, and that is all. The setting is in and around Durban, South Africa in the early 1990's._**

We six are: Me (Greg,) Franklin, Donny, Vincent, Simon and Brian. We are all just a bit older than 18, similar in build, love pushing the weights, building our physiques and competing to have the best bod. It is a boy thing! Competition is the spur and we can be highly critical of each other. We spent a lot of time in various gyms as kids from about age 13. Once we had all met up at school, and realised our common interest, we became a team and our home ground was the fully equipped gym my father had installed under my bedroom at home. It is connected to the bedroom by a spiral staircase and has access to the pool deck. It also means that I can have private visitors without them coming through the house. Dad equipped it very well to encourage me to keep fit. At first most of the family, that is Mom, Dad and sister Debbie used it, but they soon found excuses, so for well over a year now it has been my sole domain, a den where I and my pals get together and talk the sort of shit boys of our age are fixated on.

Like sex, girls, MILF's and anything else we associate with fucking, an act we can only imagine and desperately want to try. It is where we commiserate, bullshit and boast in almost 100% privacy. It has a sound system and large TV screen.

Male bonding, I guess. So my place is a magnet for my friends.

I realised early on that she was checking out the guys from behind her ever present shades. We all wear Speedos that leave little to the imagination when worn by well-hung guys that have sex on the brain 99% of the time. My sister likes the male body. The young, potent, virile male body. Ones that are hung and full of cum. To put it politely, she is cock-happy.

Six fit 18 year old boys pushing their limits in a home gym is not an everyday sight for a frustrated 24 going on 25 year old young woman.

The air is spiced with the sexual body odour of six fit boys sweating it out.

Five of us have excellent six-pack abs, honed by doing hundreds of crunches every day. The only exception is Vince. That poor slob only has an eight pack.

It is a sure thing that while browsing the deli counter, every time Debbie sees the grids of our tight ab squares, with deep grooves between them, she generates extra flows of cunt juice.


As you already know from Chapter 1, I have been fucking my sister for about three months. Franklin was a scalp she took in the last few days.

So here we are, sitting about in the gym.

Swollen balls, pre-cum and wet dreams.

Four things they do not know.

2. That I fuck my sister.

4. That my sister popped the cherries of both of us.

I hold up my hands. "Calm down, guys. Yes, we are, and yes, a gangbang can be arranged. I will not tell you her name, just believe me when I tell you she is hot. Right Franklin?"

Donny stroked his cock through his straining Speedo. "Wow, man, this sounds like a wet dream. She on the pill, or are you guys using condoms?"

"Yes, she is, so no need to use condoms. That is always good in a gangbang as fiddling about with them causes delays". This factual answer came from Franklin, a guy that only lost his virginity less than a week ago. He sure sounds like he now knows his way around the art of cunt pleasuring. A fast learner.

It is a chorus of. "Fuck yeah! When and where? Get this together!"

I say. "Guys, it will be up there, in my bedroom, perfect for fucking. Before we introduce a gang to her pussy, she wants to try each of our selections, one-on-one. Think of it as an audition! Me and Frankie will be there to show you the way, if you get my drift. You watch us as we prep her for you, then she is yours.

They start exchanging high fives in excitement and have plenty more questions. Franklin and I answer what we can, but resist all about the identity of the girl.

Most of them have told me that she is a rude bitch, but all say they often masturbate with her in mind. Much as I used to before I started fucking her.

Franklin can also vouch for the way a session with her changes everything.


There are gasps of excitement at the opening scene, it is obviously shot looking up the bed from foot to head. Filling the screen is a view of a guy's bum, he is between the legs of a girl, you can see they are wide apart, his bum is working hard going back and forward as he fucks her. Her fingernails are raking his back. On the soundtrack her moaning and his grunting can be clearly heard.

"That's him", confirmed Franklin. "Fucking her brains out last night." He turns to me. "Greg, show them that those scratches are for real."

More gasps from all of them as my back curves up and my hips thrusts downward, as I am heard shouting. "Fuck, I am cumming, cumming now." I am firing a load and the video shows my balls as they empty. They see the way her legs clamp round me as I drain into her. Franklin then appears, boner ready.

Frankie grins into the camera, holding his cock, as he slaps my on-screen butt. "Move over Greg. My turn in this pussy! Babe, are you ready for a real man?" You can hear her moaning and saying. "Fuck me. Franklin, please fuck me,"

There is a chorus of. "Who the fuck is she? Look at those tits. Fucking beautiful! I want my share of that. Greg, look at your cum running out of her!"

We then see him power fuck her before collapsing on his back, his cock now pumping cum onto his abs. As it collects in his 'cum canals' the girl gets busy fingering the sticky goo to her mouth and swallowing. We get a great view of her cunt, open and so inviting. I know it very well, as does Franklin.

The guys are besides themselves and all are now jerking off. This porno, starring their pals, has turned them on big time. Cum is filling their abs grooves, fingers are dipping and being tasted.

I stand up. "Okay guys. Get in the shower and clean up."

"Okay, now this is how it will work. We chose the four of you because you are like Franklin and me. She is about 26 and, as you saw, knows her way around cock. She is maybe seven or eight years older than any of us, we told her that you would all be no older than 20, fit stud material...and virgins. I know you are all still trying to have your first fuck, so do not try and bullshit us on that one! "

Danny punches the air. "You lucky fuckers! Way to go. You guys were total studs in that movie. I have seen loads of pornos, but never anything as cool as that!"

"Okay, certain conditions apply! We must show her your naked photograph, neck to feet. You wear a full-face mask when the pic is taken. She wants to remain anonymous so she will wear a mask and a blindfold the whole time you are with her. She does not want to know who you are, or you to know who she is. That way she will not see and recognise you from some other place, and you will be more relaxed about things.

"Franklin will take them in my bedroom. Now spend 20 minutes getting yourselves pumped to impress the lady!"


An appreciative audience watches him put on the face mask.

Similar 'photos of Danny, Vince and Simon are taken. They all have boners, sizes vary from 7 inch to over 10. That monster is being carried about by Simon.

"Oh god," she said. "You smelly kids are all here! Just you stay on your side of the pool, I will be out here in a couple of minutes for peace and quiet."

When she appears in one of her ludicrously small bikinis, the lust in the air is so thick you need a chainsaw to cut through it.

She has her shades on. You can bet your balls she is watching the watchers.

Six hunky young guys, Speedos bulging, no imagination required by her.


As I said before, she is cock-happy. Such girls are essential for the good health and development of boys like us. There should be at least one in every neighbourhood. I understand that there is a difference between nymphomania and cock-happiness. You may ask, "What is the difference?" I have no idea, but to say a girl is cock-happy sounds better. You agree, or am I talking shit again?

The camera will be rolling, but the video will not be streamed to the TV screen on the wall opposite the end of my bed. She must not know about the recording.