The Ex Chronicles Ch. 04

While rummaging some of my old stuff the other day, I came across an old tape. Since I'm probably one of the only people left in the world with a working VCR, I plugged it in to see it was.

Wanting to preserve it, I hooked the VCR up to the equipment in my office. Then I transferred the tape to DVD. Now I was ready to enjoy it.

The video started with Heather walking into the room, her body barely hidden by the black negligee. She looked directly at the camera and smiled.

"I've got a few ideas. Let's start with you laying on the couch."

"So how do I look?"

She smiled at that. She knew my "personal tastes" well. I was more of a skin on skin guy. So she decided to tease me a bit at that point.

She reached down to the hem of her nightie, and slowly started pulling it up. I watched it through the camera lens, slowly exposing more and more of her body. When it slipped over her tits, I said,

She smiled at that. As she lay there almost totally naked in front of me, she asked,

Reaching down next to me, I grabbed her two favorite toys. Mr. Director knew exactly how he wanted this to start.

She looked at me with a knowing look and said,

I did, and it was already in my eager hand. I showed her, and she smiled.

That was an easy one. As we hadn't adventured much at that point, I had a lot of fantasies that Penthouse laid out for me. Turning to my favorite, I started reading.

I watched her fuck herself as my voice went on in the background. When I got to the part about the guys wife taking two cocks at once, she was obviously inspired. She took the first toy, and slid it into her ass. Then she replaced the first one with her second toy.

"Tell me. Would you like to play with a bunch of cocks at the same time."

"Would you let them do whatever they want to you?"

"Imagine this. You've got several of my friends here, and they're all just waiting to try out that hot little pussy of yours. They've enjoyed your mouth already. In fact some of them had to stop you, just because they wanted to fuck that hot little body."

"Just imagine it. Two strange cock filling you up. They're fucking you together, and you know they're going to fill you with cum. So you want that? Would you let my friends cum in you?"

"Oh fuck yes!

"Yesssss. Oh my God, yes. As many times as they want!"

She did just that, driving both toys deep inside herself. Her ass came up of the couch, and her entire body shook as she came all over her toys. It was an amazing sight to see, and even though I was off camera, I knew I was rock hard just from seeing that.

"My God, that was fucking amazing! I never cum like that when I'm home alone. But then again, I never fantasized about your friends fucking me either."

"It's my turn now. Play with that cock for me?"

"Would you like me to read something to you?"

"You've got to tell me what it is. This I want to hear."

I saw her sit there camera down, and strip off her nightie. Then she did just that. She was facing me, and I went on.

She's doing just what I describe on the video. I'd forgotten about this, and that just made it hotter to see now, all these years later. I could see her on the video, squeezing those tits, and teasing the nipples. Then I heard myself go on.

She had a very nasty smile on her face in the video as she did just that. I could see her tongue flick out, teasing those hard buds. Then she sucked them into her mouth. I could see her using her teeth on them, nibbling and biting them. Evidently I almost did cum at that point, much to her amusement.

"Not from my end. Like all guys, I fantasize about my wife and another woman together. I can just see doing that and imagining it's another woman you're pleasuring."

"Let's save that for another time. Tonight's just you and me. So what happens in your fantasy now?"

I watched as she did that on video. She crawled over to me on the couch. She was in profile to the camera, so I had a perfect view of what happened next. She made sure her hair wasn't hiding anything, then her hot little mouth sucked my cock right in.

"It's time for the main event. Fuck me!"

"I've got an idea. Come over here."

I watched her as we fucked, hard and fast. Her tits were swinging, and the nipples were just barely grazing the fabric of the couch. That sensation alone was doing wonders for her. I watched us fuck on the video, remembering what was coming next. She came on my cock, and then it was time for me.

"Open that wonderful mouth."

I could see it on the video. I shot cum right into willing mouth. I missed with a few shots, but most of my load made it into her mouth. When I'd finished, I looked at her and said,

She did, and you could see the cum on her face. She smiled at the camera, and without any direction, she used her fingers to scoop up the cum on her face. Then she made a show of sucking it off her fingers swallowing.

"Can you come over? Like right now?"

I opened the door and had her come in. She asked,

"No, nothing's wrong. But I found something I thought you might like to see. Come with me."

The tape opened with my ex wife Heather walking into the room wearing nothing but a see through black negligee. I stopped tape then; I knew what this was. This was one of the rare videos she made with me.

I took the DVD to my bedroom, and fired up the big TV there. Then I laid back to enjoy.

"Well hello Mr. Director. What do you have in mind tonight?"

She nodded, and took her place on the couch. My camera wandered over her body, easily visible through the thin fabric of her nightgown. You could see those amazing 38DD tits, and her shaved pussy. She looked up at me and asked,

"Not bad. You're a little overdressed for my personal tastes, but you still look good."

"I'm overdressed? Well, is this any better?"

"That's perfect. Now you look simply amazing."

"So what would you like me to do?"

"Let's start with something easy. I always fantasize about you here alone in the afternoon. You're home alone, and horny. Show me how you take care of that."

"Your wish is my command. But I need a little stimulation for that. Have you got the newest Penthouse Letters?"

"Read me your favorite. Read me the one that you wish I would do."

It was a story about a guy arranging a surprise gangbang for his wife. I listened to myself read, and watched her reactions. She listened for a minute, and then I saw her eyes close. She was getting into the fantasy. I watched her reach down and pick up her favorite toy. She turned it on, and briefly touched it to her nipples. I could easily see how hard they were already. Then she slid the vibrator lower, across her stomach to her hot pussy. I saw her tease her clit for a moment or two, then the toy slipped right in.

She lay there in front of me, legs spread, with two fake cocks plunging into her. I stopped reading then, watching the sight in front of me. Then I heard myself ask;

"Oh God yes."

"Yes. Anything."

Her hands were moving faster, driving both toys deep into her body. I could see her legs shaking as she fantasized about my friends fucking her hard and fast. I wanted to see her cum, so I went on.

She gasped as the went through her mind.

"Would you let them fill you up again and again?"

"Then imagine it. They're pumping you full of hot sticky cum. They're shooting those loads deep inside you. Now, cum for me. Show me how you'd cum for them."

She thrashed get way through an incredible orgasm, and then lay back on the couch. I watched her turn her toys off, and slowly slide them out. I let her relax for a few minutes, then she sat up and looked at me. She only had one thing to say.

We talked for a few minutes after that, then she picked up the camera. She turned it on me then. I was sitting there naked, hard as a rock. I heard her voice say then,

I did just that, looking straight at her and the camera. I watched myself stroking my rock hard 8" cock while she taped. I was stroking slowly, and she zoomed in so she could see my hands slowly traveling up and down my length. Finally she asked,

"No, not really. I've already got a wonderful fantasy going through my head."

"Sure. We're sitting on the couch just like this. I'm naked, and watching your amazing body. You slip off what you're wearing and join me on the couch "

"As I watch, you decide to get me hotter. So you make sure I'm watching, then you start playing with those wonderful tits. I love to see a woman do that, and you know it."

"Then you surprise me by doing something that almost makes me cum right then and there. You bring those hard nipples to your mouth, and one by one, you suck them right in."

"Wow, you really do like that. That's a surprise."

She obviously thought about it then, still licking and sucking her own nipples. I could see that look of lust she always got when she was really turned on. Then she said,

"That's an easy one. In my fantasy, you'd crawl over here and suck my cock."

I can't say I'd ever really watched her give head before, and the sight was amazing. I could see her tongue working, and her mouth as she slid as far down as she could. She was good, I'll give her that. She worked over my cock for a few minutes, then laid back and said,

I did just that, plunging into her balls deep in one fast stroke. It was harder than usual, and she obviously liked it. I watched our hips bucking together as she took my length again and again. She was playing with her nipples the entire time, pinching them and squeezing her breasts. I obviously had an idea then. Stopping her, I said,

She was puzzled a bit by that, but she complied. I bent her over the arm of the couch then, and she realized what I had in mind. That put her ass at the perfect level for me, and I could see her entire body in profile as I slid back into that hot wet pussy.

I moved her to her hands and knees, and told her,

She did, and I stood in front of her stroking my cock. She was watching every movement of my hand, knowing what was coming. And soon enough I did.

"Now, look at the camera."

The video ended there. And right then I had an idea. I called the now ex wife. When she answered, I asked her,

Since we made time for each other, she said sure without even asking what I wanted. I waited the 20 minutes it took her to get to my place. Then I heard a knock.

"So what's up? Is there something wrong?"