The Four Boxes of Liberty Ch. 06

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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above._

" _The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

" _No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

We stood our ground, not moving, as the Antifa thugs attacked.

They appeared seemingly out of nowhere. A line of motorcycles came from my left, going to north-to-south. They were biker gangs. One group formed a line between us and the thugs as more bikers came from every direction. The noise of hundreds of motorcycle engines filled the air.

I noticed a large patch on the back of many of their leather jackets. In the middle was the blindfolded Lady Justice with her two scales, in silver against a blue background. Red ribbons went across the top and bottom. The white lettering on the red ribbon across the top said "The Guardians... Of Justice". The lettering on the bottom part said "Motorcycle Club".

It was not even a contest. When Force encounters Force and the Mind... the Mind wins, so Ayn Rand tells us. The bikers knew what they were fighting for; bikers are amazingly patriotic. The thugs weren't as enthusiastic for their cause when their bullying tactics were met by superior physical tactics.

Teresa and I had not moved all this time. I could sense the relief in my Officers around City Hall, and in Tanya. We could see that the bikers had won the battle. As they finished up and returned to their bikes, hundreds of Antifa thugs were lying on the ground, their wrists and ankles zip-tied. Some of the bikers in front of us saluted us, and Teresa and I returned their salutes. The bikers began driving off in several long lines in every direction.

"With pleasure, sir." said Teresa. Officers moved in as paddywagons and buses were called. Trip after trip was made, transporting criminals to County Jail as the Police made 632 arrests.

"Least I could do for the Iron Crowbar, and the Guardians of Justice." Tanya replied with a grin. "And it meant something to be able to be here with you, sir."

Judge Watts and Judge Folsom set up benches on site. One by one, the thugs were processed. Some cooperated. Those that didn't went to the second tent, which had 500 cots ready to house the perps. These thugs were finding out that we were not playing around... they were being prosecuted 'to the fullest extent of the law', and we intended to make them seriously pay for their violent actions tonight.

"Mighty impressive." said Chief Moynahan to me and Teresa as we watched the processing take place. "Very efficient."

"Where did these tents come from?"

"It is scary how efficiently this is go-ingggg." said the Chief. "Come to my office at Headquarters after you're done here." Of course we immediately left and followed the Chief to Headquarters.

Detectives were in MCD and Vice. They were watching as the perps were processed, and would sometimes send a text to hold someone under suspicion of other crimes. They and the Data Group were amassing information on who these thugs were.

My Angels and the Chief and I gathered in the Chief's Conference Room. "So farrrrr," said the Chief, "not one word from the DOJ. Lynch showed up, and I think he regretted it when Watts made him stay to represent all the perps. But no one from the DOJ showed up to scream at us."

"No, they're not." said a voice. Jack Muscone of the FBI came in. "I was at the Federal Building, watching, and so were a couple of DOJ people. They're giving up and going home after seeing all those bike-riding Deputies stop the Antifa thugs."

"They can't get by the violent tactics of the thugs." said Muscone. "If it had truly been peaceful, or if the Police had moved to stop them, the DOJ might be on it. I personally suspect they had an agenda, and were working with others on this. But whatever they wanted to do backfired. They're going back to the City, and 'leaving on a jet plane', as the song goes."

"Ohhhhh..." Cindy said. Then she saw all eyes on her and said "When those Patriot Guard Riders came to protect that funeral... you talked to them, Don. I can only imagine what about."

"You earned one tonight." I said. "You were riding with them. The rest of us were just standing there."

"She is what she is." I said.

"Ohhhh, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation now." I said, sounding jovial, but knowing Tanya and I would likely have died.

"I was ready to start shooting, too." said Tanya. "I didn't know what Commander Troy had planned, but I figured he wasn't standing out there in front of them just to let them run him over."

"What trap?" I asked. "I see no 'trap' here."

"All right." said the Chief. "You guys write up your reports. Captain Croyle, you might not want to mention that about pressing the button on your Police radio... since it didn't actually happen. Commander Troy, I need to see you in my office."

Part 29 - Aftermath

"At least 700 persons marched along North Street and University Avenue to Courthouse Square." said Bettina, understating the actual number of thugs. "The TCPD had deployed 150 Officers to defend City Hall. But as the demonstrators began attacking the Police, hundreds of bikers drove into Courthouse Square and engaged the demonstrators in personal combat. After the fight, the Police arrested 632 people, all demonstrators, who had been subdued and manacled with plastic zip-ties."

Tape rolled, showing Chief Moynahan discussing how few of the arrested persons were residents of our Town & County, saying "This shows that this violent demonstration was orchestrated outside our County for agenda-driven purrrrposes." Then he said "Those that have refused to cooperate by giving their names are being held without bail pending their hearings. We've implemented our plan for processing such large numbers of criminals, and it has worked well, so farrrrrr."

Tape rolled, showing Jack Muscone at the Federal Building, saying "We are investigating if the criminals were organized, and with the purpose of being subversives or committing acts of domestic terrorism. If we find that to be the case, then many of the perps arrested tonight could face domestic terrorism charges and long prison sentences. Those that organized these groups could be charged with treason and given the death penalty."

Cynthia started up: "Demonstrators that were peacefully marching in protest of Judge Rodney K. Watts's vicious decision to deny votes for Eldrick X. Weaver for Mayor, which Five-Alive News believes would have made Mr. Weaver the rightful winner of the Mayor's race, were engaged in an ugly fight by a thug motorcycle gang that calls themselves the 'Guardians of Justice Motorcycle Club'."

"And let's go to trusted political reporter Bill Hacosta for more Election news. Bill!"

"When asked if Daniel Allgood was the legitimate winner of the election," continued Hacosta, "Mr. Weaver said that Daniel Allgood may be the legal Mayor of the Town & County, but would never be considered to be legitimate, and that persons of color should refuse to recognize Allgood's election as valid."

"Amazing." said Cindy as we watched in my office. "Two completely different reports about the same incident."

"Well," said Tanya, "at least it's over, for now. Daniel is the rightful Mayor of our Town & County, and Chief Griswold is going to be our Sheriff."

"I dunno." I said. "The fact that only 22 people in that demonstration last night were locals is pretty telling. None of the prominent minority politicians nor T-Square have come out in public agreement with Eldrick Weaver's claims of racism and illegitimacy in the Election, either."

"Because it's worked so well in so many places." I said. "Most Establishment Republicans are too gutless, to cowardly, to stand up to the shenanigans when an election is stolen from them."

"Yeah, I remember that." said Cindy. "However... you'd think those idiots would have figured out that playing dirty in the Iron Crowbar's sandbox is only going to end up hurting only them."

"It sure hurt those Black Panthers last Tuesday." said Teresa. "Funny how the Media is crying about voter suppression when a Judge refuses to admit obviously fraudulent votes, but won't mention those thugs with baseball bats that really were trying to suppress votes with intimidation and violence."

"Uh, yeah..." I said. "I was just realizing something. I get it that they tried to overturn Daniel's rightful win; they were really needing Weaver to become Mayor. And to a point I understand the Antifa thugs last night; I don't think they expected that they'd end up with criminal records and even prison sentences, but they were more than happy to create the chaos and intimidation that the Press could report upon."

"There he goes again." said Cindy as I slipped on into a reverie. When I came out of it, I was alone in my office.

"Congratulations on your election, Ms. Walters." said Chief Moynahan as he greeted District-Attorney-Elect Miriam Walters at the Duty Desk in the lobby. "We are really looking forrrrward to working with youuu."

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Part 28 - Riders For Justice

------ Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States._

------ General George S. Patton, Jr._


The Antifa thugs began realizing they were ambushed, but it was too late. They were completely circled in. The bikers began driving in a circle around Courthouse Square, like sharks circling a soon-to-be-victim.

Once the thugs were surrounded and unable to escape, the bikers stopped all at once. Then, except for the line between us and the thugs, the bikers got off their bikes and engaged the thugs in personal combat. The bikers had crowbars and tire irons, but mostly had their fists, and they used them to savagely beat the thugs.

The circle got tighter and tighter. Some thugs tried to break through to the southeast, but they were pursued and savagely beaten. The Press had been filming, but found their cameras taken from them and smashed to pieces on the ground. The Press began a tactical retreat, though they were not personally harmed in any way.

"Have everyone stand down." I said. "Captain Croyle, if you will be kind enough to have this excrement cleaned out of my Courthouse Square..."

I turned to Tanya. "Thank you." I said.

"That was no small thing you did." I said, putting my arm around her and patting her on the shoulder. "That was bravery, and it was leadership, setting the example. And it more than vindicated me for bringing you back to the TCPD." Tanya just reached her hand over and patted my hand on her shoulder with her hand.

At County Jail, two long 'tent city' tents had been set up. One held the arrested suspects. They were brought in groups and electronically fingerprinted. Those that identified themselves (and had it confirmed) were outfitted with green wristbands. Those that did not were outfitted with yellow wristbands. Those that came up as wanted criminals got red wristbands. Many of those were taken to cells inside County Jail.

H.J. Lynch showed up, and demanded that every one of the perps be given representation. Judge Watts told him to either represent them on the spot, or get lost... and that anyone who wanted representation would get it, but after spending the night in the second tent on a cot.

"Yes sir." I said.

"The Red Cross." I said. "They got to practice for their major disaster scenarios by putting them up. We could also have FEMA come in and put up a tent city with cages inside... but I don't want to give them the practice of doing that, when their next time doing it might be in a situation where we're under martial law."

"So far," said Lainie Everett, MCD's data guru, "only 8 people that reside in the County. Everyone else is from somewhere else, mostly the City and Southport." Indeed, the final numbers would be that only 22 of the 632 arrested would be confirmed as living in our Town & County, a factoid the Chief would not fail to mention in his next press conference.

"Yet, sir." I said. "Still plenty of time. They're probably trying to get a warrant for my arrest right now."

"I'm shocked." I said. "I figured the Civil Rights division would be making as much hay as possible over this."

"What I'm curious about," said the Chief, "is how several hundred Bikers decided to have the biggest convention outside of 'Sturgis' right here on our Courthouse Square, right at the moment they were needed most. How did that happen, Mr. Crowbarrrrr?"

"Great looking patch they had on the backs of their jackets, too." said Tanya. "The Guardians of Justice Motorcycle Club. I need a jacket like that."

"Do me a favor." Jack Muscone said to his fiancée Tanya. "Don't be so brave next time."

"I shudder to think what would've happened if those bikers had not shown up." said Chief Moynahan.

"Yes we would." said Teresa. "The Officers behind us had orders to open fire if they'd gotten within twenty feet of the sidewalk. I was about to press the button on my Police radio when the bikers came in. If we'd started shooting, I believe the thugs would've turned and run, and the SWAT Team at the Courthouse complex was ready to start taking them down, too."

"I dunno." said Cindy. "Chief, this man just will not stop walking into traps."

"It was the thugs that fell into the trap." Teresa said.

Uh oh, I thought as we got up. I had avoided getting smoked on Courthouse Square. I knew I was not going to avoid getting smoked like a cheap cigar in the Chief's office...

"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!" said the redheaded reporterette from in front of City Hall at 7:00am, Friday, November 9th. "We are bringing you continuing coverage of the violent demonstrations that occurred last night on Courthouse Square!"

"The majority of those arrested were processed and arraigned last night." said Bettina. "Several wanted felons were discovered, and are being held without bail. Chief Sean Moynahan made this statement about the sheer volume of criminals that were arrested. Roll tape."

Back to Bettina: "The FBI has also taken an interest in in the cases. FBI Special Agent In Charge Jack Muscone gave this statement. Roll tape."

Back to Bettina live: "The Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice issued a statement that they are very concerned about what appeared to be the suppression of rights of peaceful protesters; however, they also admitted that the Police were not the ones that engaged the protesters, and they also are waiting for the FBI's investigation of the protesters to be completed before taking any further action."

"This is Cynthia Freeman, KSTD Five-Alive News in the Morning, bringing you all the news you have a right to know!" said the beautiful reporterette from in front of the Courthouse complex.

"Police that were deployed to protect City Hall and the Courthouse complex did not intervene in the melée." said Cynthia. "The bikers used plastic zip-ties to bind the hands and ankles of the red-shirted demonstrators. After the Bikers drove off, the Police arrested over 600 demonstrators. No major injuries were reported, though many demonstrators were treated at County Jail for minor injuries consistent with being physically beaten."

" That's right, Cynthia!" said the reporter, who's hair looked like it was being deliberately grayed. "Eldrick Weaver's campaign is filing a civil rights lawsuit in Federal Court for what he describes as general suppression of the black vote by the Town & County Government. Mr. Weaver did admit that with the vote being certified by the Acting State Secretary of State, there was no chance of the outcome of this year's election being reversed, but he hoped the lawsuit would bring change that would be favorable for minorities in the future."

"Yep." I said. "I'm a bit surprised Bettina wasn't more agenda-driven, though Cynthia more than made up for it."

"Sir," asked Teresa, "just how bad are race relations in the County now?"

Teresa said "I heard from reliable sources that a lot of them were pissed at that attempt to change the outcome with those so-called 'found' ballots. That was just dumb. Why did they even try it?"

"Don't say that in front of Joanne Warner." said Tanya. "She still gets spitting mad at what happened to her cousin a few years ago, and especially that the Republicans didn't lift a finger to help him."

"Yet still they try." I said. "Yet still they try."

"Don... Don?" said Tanya, noticing I'd slipped into a reverie.

"But the Black Panthers... why do that?" I asked. "It wasn't going to work. If I hadn't have busted their chops, we've got plenty of other Police Boxing Matches finalists ready to whip their asses. No, there had to be something else there..."

Part 30 - Second Verse, Same As The First

"I'm looking forward to working with you, as well." said Miriam as the Chief had her sign in. He then escorted her down the hall towards his office. Along the way, he knocked on my and Cindy's doors and asked us to join them in the Chief's Conference Room.