The Neighbor Ch. 04

The street lights cast a seductive glow on the neighborhood. Despite fucking Lisa two more times after their performance for Addie, Brodie was still unsatisfied.

He'd already called his assistant and had her send a gift, a very expensive one. He didn't really care what it was as long as it enticed Lisa not to have him arrested.

He walked quickly through the cool night air and pounded on Addie's door with a force that surprised him. When she didn't answer he knocked harder. It was only 8:30, there was no way she was asleep already. He'd been watching her and he knew she wouldn't put on her silky night clothes and climb into bed until 11.

Her blond hair was splayed across her pillow, dark eyelashes covered what Brodie knew were the most striking blue eyes he'd ever seen. Her mouth was small with beautiful pink lips, just right for kissing. He let his eyes travel south to her full breasts, her pink nipples stood out against her alabaster skin. She clutched the small dildo Brodie had seen her fuck herself with that first night and her legs were spread open giving him the perfect view of her tight hole.

Addie awoke to blackness, something covered her face. As she reached ups to remove whatever was blocking her vision, she realized quickly her arms and legs were tied to the bedposts. Before she could scream, a calloused hand covered her mouth.

Addie shook her head and managed to mumble "yes" through the large hand covering her mouth.

Her pussy throbbed with longing and she could feel her own wetness dripping from her cunt down to her asshole.

The mysterious man continued his torture, slowly moving down her flat stomach and all the way down her left leg, barely touching the one place she wanted him to touch. His pace was painful, she needed release.

His fingers barely brushed her shaved slit and she bucked her hips.

"Please!" Addie's own voice took her by surprise. It much lower than usual, soft, and smokey.

Brodie couldn't believe his luck. He'd anticipated some resistance, but Addie's cunt was glistening with wetness and she was pleading with him to take her. He intended to take his time with this one. He'd had a raging hard-on for days, one that no amount of fucking would relieve, and tonight he was going to satisfy every fantasy he had involving the beautiful woman laid out before him like a Thanksgiving feast.

He took his time, tasting every inch of her body, until he reached the slit between her legs.

He purposely hovered above her clit, close enough she could feel his breath on her skin, but not close enough to give her any pleasure. She jerked and pulled at her restraints, moving her hips in an attempt to find release.

Addie was there, almost anyway, the hot tears that slid down her face when she realized he wasn't going to allow her to cum embarrassed her, and pissed her off.

She felt his hot breath on her ear.

"Fuck You!" Addie spat, she didn't have to take this shit. One scream and the neighbors would be over immediately.

"Raise your voice again, and I will spank you until there isn't a patch of silky white skin left on your entire body."

Addie slowly took him all the way into her mouth. She loved the way it felt to have her lips stretched around a hard cock. She loved to hear his slow and steady breaths as she moved her tongue in circles around his shaft. He was so big he reached the back of her throat and just before she pulled away, he grabbed her head and force his cock so far down her throat that her nose touched his hard abs.

Brodie obliged and fucked her mouth like she'd seen him fuck Lisa's the day she'd spied on them. He'd shove his dick into her throat and hold her there until she thought she'd suffocate before pulling out and allowing her to breath briefly before fucking her mouth some more. Something so violent shouldn't be so pleasing, but Addie adored every painful minute.

Brodie needed to fuck Addie now, he watched her eagerly take his cock in her mouth and he was barely able to stop himself from cumming down her throat.

Brodie slowly eased himself into her tight cunt as a scream of ecstasy mixed with pain filled his ears. She opened for him easily and her tight pussy gripping his cock nearly sent caused him to loose himself inside her. He watched himself sliding in and out of her cunt, his cock wet with her pussy juices. He felt Addie's muscles tighten around his cock and new she was close. Being the sadistic fucker he was, he pulled out and again, watched the frustration play across her face.

Listening to her beg him made him only want to hold out longer.

Finally she felt his hands undoing the ties around her legs. She was taken by surprise when Brodie grabbed her ankles and flipped her onto her belly, her hands still tied to the bedposts, but now crossed above her head.

Addie struggled, but he'd pinned her legs to the bed with his. She felt him dip his middle finger into her wet cunt before bringing it to her asshole. He slowly pushed his finger into her ass to loosen her up, but didn't waste any time before positioning his huge cock in the once place Addie was sure it wouldn't fit.

When Brodie started to move inside her, Addie could feel the intensity building up as he fucked her ass savagely, he balls slapping against he wet cunt!

Addie prepared herself for Brodie to pull out as her orgasm inched closer, but to her surprise he leaned over her and whispered in her ear.

Addie responded to Brodie's command and the moment the words left his lips the colors she was seeing turned into fireworks. The orgasm broke like a tidal wave and her entire body shook with the force of it. Every inch of her skin tingled and she felt her ass grip Brodie's cock as he spilled his hot cum into her ass hole.

Every time he slipped into Lisa's loose hole he loathed the woman even more. He'd lost control the last time and didn't stop when she'd said her safe word. He'd stuffed his cock in her mouth and came in the back of her throat as sobs wracked her body. When he was finished he threw her clothes at her and told her to get out.

He needed to have Addie... NO, he needed to possess her. He needed every inch of her curvy body pressed against his, he needed her taste on his lips and his cock buried so deep in her cunt he couldn't tell where she ended and he began. He needed to take her so he could forget her. If he continued down the path he was on, he'd be in prison before day break.

He tried the doorknob and to his surprise it was unlocked again. He called for Addie, but there was no answer and the house was surprisingly dark. Brodie made his way quietly to her master bedroom where he could see her silhouette on the queen size bed.

He wanted to crawl between her legs and taste her, but he was going to make sure he took her this time, no hanging back in the shadows.

"Shhhhh... I'm going to fuck you, I'm going to put my cock in your mouth, then I'm going to fuck your cunt, and when I'm done with that, I'm going to cum in your ass. You're not going to scream, you're not going to bite, and when I'm finished, you'll think twice about teasing men you don't know, do you understand?"

Would Brodie do this? It almost sounded like Brodie, but the voice was deeper, and scratchy, so she couldn't be sure. She was about to be ravished against her will but she felt her clit throbbing. A sense of urgency raced through her body, but not the urgency to leave the situation.

She felt his fingertips move lightly across her shoulders, the touch sending chill bumps down her body. They traveled across her chest and around each nipple, making them harden and causing more heat to pool in her belly.

Addie heard him chuckle, the seductive chuckle of a man who knows exactly what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. Brodie was polite, and barely paid her any attention, surely he isn't the one about to force himself on her. Then she thought of him forcing his huge erection into Lisa's mouth as she choked, and realized most likely, the man about to ravish each one of her holes, was the man she'd purposely teased.

"You like this don't you? I knew you were a little slut longing for a hard dick. Don't worry, I'll get there soon enough."

"Please!" She begged again, unable to believe her own ears. Why was she begging this man to take her?

Brodie lowered his head and took her nipple into his mouth. He circled his tongue around the tiny taunt bud and felt his cock grow harder when a soft moan escaped Addie's lips.

Brodie didn't like eating pussy. He'd never done it for Lisa, but Addie... Addie had the most beautiful pussy he'd ever seen. He'd spent days dreaming about he way she'd tasted on his fingers so many nights ago.

Brodie parted her lips and was pleased to see that she was soaking wet. The taste of her was far better than he remembered. Her arousal on his tongue was sweet like the nectar from a honeysuckle flower. He took her clit into his mouth and lightly glided his tongue over the bud as he sucked. Addie's legs trembled as he brought her higher, her juice dripping down his chin. Just as he could feel her muscles start to tighten he stopped his attentions and watched her reaction intently.

"You son of a bitch!" she shouted just before his large hand grabbed her under then chin and forced her head up.

"You will not shout, you will not scream. I'm going to do whatever the fuck I want to you, and you're going to take it. Do I make myself clear?"

Just then a sharp crack sounded through the bedroom and her breast burned as if he'd lit it on fire.

Addie opened her mouth to tell him to go to hell, but instead got a mouthful of cock. She really should make him stop, but she loved sucking cock so much. Only the head was in her mouth but she struggled to stretch her mouth open wide enough to accommodate him. She circled her tongue around the tip of his head and tasted the saltiness of his pre cum. He tasted incredible, salty, but not bitter. His woodsy scent tickled her nose and as he rubbed his cock on her lips.

Chocking on a cock was the most incredible thing Addie had ever felt. He throat burned, and her eyes watered as she gagged. When he finally removed himself from her mouth, Addie sucked in the precious air she'd been missing, and then to her surprise begged the man, who she's certain now is Brodie, to please do it again.

Someday, she'd tie him down and worship that cock. She'd stroke his balls and lick him from shaft to tip, but today, she'd enjoy him filling her mouth.

He quickly removed his clothes and settled himself between Addie's thick but toned thighs. He cock really was big, and her cunt so tiny, he knew this was going to hurt for her, but at this point he didn't really care. He slid his cock up and down her slit to get her ready and positioned himself at her entrance.

"No... No... please Brodie! God, please let me cum."

Addie was beyond frustrated. She was crying, begging Brodie to let her cum. It had been minutes since he'd pulled out of her and now she felt empty. Every nerve in her body was on fire and she struggled to break her restraints so that she could finger herself.

Oh no, he was going to fuck her ass. Addie panicked. There was no way his cock was going to fit into her ass, it had barely fit in her pussy. Although the pain gave way to intense pleasure, the first time he entered her cunt had been immensely painful.

"Brodie please don't, it's not going to fit, you're..." but before Addie could finish Brodie had forced the head of his cock into her ass. To her surprise, it hurt, but not as badly as she'd expected. She felt full.

Despite the blindfold blocking her vision, Addie was seeing colors. Every thrust of Brodie's cock filled her ass and stroked places she didn't know existed. The only thing that would make it better would be another cock in her cunt. She was screaming now, despite his early warning not to do so, begging him to let her cum.

"Cum for me."

Brodie reluctantly pulled his cock from Addie's ass. He thought fucking Addie would relieve him of his lust for her, but just looking at his cum dripping from her hole down her cunt, his cock began to harden again. Brodie knew he'd never have enough of his innocent little neighbor.

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