The New Neighbor 1

I had to go out of town from San Diego to Atlanta for a week on business. Carol and I had hot steamy sex on Sunday night before my trip. She told me she wanted to give me a pleasurable send off.

my cock began to get hard. Then she unbuttoned her short skirt and it dropped to the floor. She stepped out or it and was now down to nothing but her white, see through panties. My gaze was now focused on the lower half of her well proportioned body. Her hand pulled the panties to one side to give me a better view of the hair around her pussy. She watched as I stroked my now hard cock. She said, "I love to watch your cock get hard." At that point, she removed her panties and danced completely nude for me. Her beautiful hairy pussy was a sight to behold. She said, "I love to watch you jack off and I envision it is my hand rubbing your hard, hairy dick. I love when you get to the point of your climax and tell me you want to shoot your load into my mouth." That's all I needed to hear. I stood up and moaned as my hand stroked "I want to cum in your mouth." It was her signal, she dropped to her knees and opened her mouth directly in front of me. The timing could not have been better. I shot my thick white cum into her waiting mouth. After shooting 3 loads, she swallowed it all. Then she put her mouth around me hoping for more. I shook uncontrollably after cumming.

I left for my trip on Monday morning. Carol took me to the airport. As I left, I kissed Carol, told her I loved her and loved what she did on Sunday. "My pleasure." was her reply.

Carol met me at the airport upon my arrival and she had a stranger with her. Carol and I kissed. She introduced us and said Jeff was our new neighbor. Jeff said it was a pleasure meeting me and said Carol had been so much help during his transition. I replied "Carol likes to help."

Carol and I went to bed and even though neither of us had had sex for almost a week I told her I was tired but I would make it up to her tomorrow. She kissed me and said, "Promise?" "Yes" was my response.

We sat on the sofa watching TV and Carol said "I want to see your cock."I looked at her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes and said, "Certainly, my dear." I stood up, unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. It was still soft. "No, I want you to remove your pants so I can see all of the hair around your cock." she said. I unbuckled my belt and dropped both my pants and underwear in one swift movement. She smiled and licked her lips as she admired my soft member. She continued, "Sit down, I'm gonna do a little dance for you and I want to watch you jack off." As I sat, she rose from the sofa, fully clothed, turned off the TV and put on some soft, sexy music. She began dancing, Slowly, she removed her blouse and I began stroking my cock. After her blouse had been removed, she continued to dance and her 36C breasts jiggled in her bra. Then, slowly, she removed her bra. She watched me rub my cock. She continued her dance and

We relaxed on the sofa, afterward and I told her I was sorry she didn't cum. She said, "Don't worry, we'll take care of that after you return from your trip."

I called Carol from Atlanta on Wednesday evening. After a few "I love you' s" on the phone I told her I had just returned from a strip club. She seemed a little upset but I assured her nothing had happened and her performance on Sunday was much much better than what I saw at the club. She understood. She went on to say that a new neighbor had moved in next door on Monday. She went on to say he had come by Monday evening, introduced himself and asked to borrow some washing detergent. They had a brief conversation. He was new to the area having been transferred from the east coast to San Diego and really didn't know anyone in the area. She told him, coincidentally, I was on the east coast on business. She continued, "He came by again about 2 hours ago to ask directions to a meeting he had scheduled tomorrow. We talked some more and he said he would be interested in meeting you." Good", I said. "My flight arrives back in San Diego at 6PM Friday and I will see you then."

We arrived home and I invited Jeff in for a little while but said it would be a short night for me after all the travelling. Carol changed out of her short skirt into some short shorts and halter top which showed lots of cleavage. As Jeff and I talked, Carol remained busy mixing drinks and fixing snacks for us. She bent down in front of us to serve us, showing her proud breasts. Jeff's eyes seemed to follow everywhere Carol went and she loved showing off. We talked for about an hour and Jeff said "You must be tired, I'll leave you two alone" As Jeff arose, Carol's eyes looked toward his crotch. After seeing Carol in short shorts and looking at her cleavage it was evident his manhood was showing beneath his pants. There was definitely an outline of his cock. I looked at Carol and her eyes were transfixed on his bulge and she was licking her lips. As Jeff was leaving I said,. "Why don't you come by tomorrow evening and we will talk more?" He replied "That's great, it's nice to have neighbors like you."

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