The Road Trip

I was so horny. For the last half an hour or more, I had been driving with a hard on that felt like it was going to burst through the skin; belying my often erectile problems when attempting to fuck the wife.

My head was instantly filled with images of sliding my hand along her thighs in to the warm valley hiding the trimmed forest of pussy hair and then beyond it, into the wetness of her sexual gorge. My fingers searching for her clit.

I wondered over and over again what she would do if I actually tried either. It was late, the motorway was relatively quiet, there was little lighting so it was pretty dark, providing some screening to any probing I had in mind. I was so tempted. Hence my raging hard on.

The visions escalated more, and I saw in my mind a guy approach us as I fucked her from behind, as she was bent over the hood of the car in some imaginary secluded parking location. In my head the guy silently walked to the car as we both watched, my cock still buried in her cunt, and just dropped his pants in front of my wife's face to reveal an enormous, throbbing shaft. He looked at us both for any objection and when none was forthcoming, he gripped my wife's hair and directed her mouth to his cock. It was like a silent movie except for the sound of her slurping and gagging on his huge member and the slapping of my thighs, as I pounded her from behind.

I could not take it any more, so instead of groping her, I managed to unzip my fly and free my cock, and began to tug at it with one hand and steer the car with the other.

After a few minutes of my multi-tasking (yes girls, we can when we have to) I got the shock of my life, when the voice beside me said. "What the fuck are you doing...oh Jesus, you dirty twat."

"Erm....shit, you obviously weren't meant to see that...I erm, well I was well you know."

"I was fucking horny, very fucking horny, and well...well I knew if i tried the alternative approach I had been thinking of, you would have been even more pissed off with me. So I tried to quench the fire another way, so to speak."

"So what if it did. I am married to you, I am allowed to find you attractive and think about doing stuff with you, or to you, its fucking normal you know - though obviously you don't think so, which is why I ended up with my cock in my hand, instead of my hand in your pussy."

"Well, erm yeah...that and other stuff."

"Look, you were asleep, your legs had parted as you relaxed, and in that short summer dress I could almost see your briefs, plus the seat belt had dislodged the top of your dress and I could see your breast, so it got me horny. Big deal. I'm sat here in the dark, in silence, bored, then I see you like that and my mind got working overtime. Its fucking normal. Its what blokes do. Some women would have loved to have been seduced by their blokes like that, some women would have loved to have been spontaneous and pulled over in to a secluded area for some fun, some women would have even taken on...."

"Taken on what?"

"No go on. I'm all ears. Might as well hear it all now."

"For fucks sake tell me."

"Look, I'm not daft, I can read between the lines anyway. You were fantasising about me "taking on" another guy weren't you...about being fucked by someone else."

"Jesus, Stew...and I suppose he had the stereotypical massive cock, I suppose I sucked it too, and screamed like a banshee cos I had never been fucked as good before. Oh...let me guess, was he also black? Was I being fucked by a BBC in your little world?"

When I did, bizarrely I said. "He wasn't black...would you want him to be?"

"Yes. I think I would prefer him to be black. If you're going to think about me fucking other men, then yeah make it a black guy. There's something about black guys I've always liked...not sure what its is, maybe their confidence, maybe something else entirely, but they have a presence, they have a certain way that makes them very attractive."

"I didn't mention their dicks...that was your fantasy, but now you mention it, maybe that is part of the attraction too." And she actually giggled.

"You'd like that wouldn't being a whore. Being up for anything, anytime, possibly even being up for are a fucking perv Stew...but I have got to say this little incident has got me horny too."

I could see her squirm in her seat, but it wasn't because she was appalled by my suggestion, it was because her pussy was reacting to the suggestion...I could smell the sex in the air, she was wet and I knew she was so desperate to touch herself. My cock was back to rock hard, as I watched her slide her hands under her dress, and then slowly slide her briefs down her legs, off her feet, and on to the footwell of the car.

She moaned, and shivered as she found the hooded clit and teased it from hiding. I was finding it hard to keep my eyes on the road, and every time I overtook another vehicle I wondered if they could see her, if the occupants of the other vehicles knew what she was doing. This was especially the case when I passed a truck or a van given their loftier seating position would give them a brief view down in to our car via the passenger window. Oddly, the thought of a truck driver seeing my wife fingering herself as we overtook, made me ejaculate some pre-cum, and I almost preyed one of them did get an eyeful of her in the act.

My cock was out again now, and I had slowed down, partly to be bit safer...but partly so when I did overtake a slow moving truck, they had more time and opportunity to see her as we rolled by.

Was this my wife in the passenger seat? I had never heard her speak like this ever. Not in 15 years of marriage.

Her fingers began to speed up, and her hips raised a little off her seat. A single finger was dancing in circles around her aroused clit, her wetness glistening in the harsh lighting of passing headlamps. Her words were becoming shorter and breathy as her passion built inside her, and her free hand had instinctively slipped inside her bra and was kneading a breast with some desperation.

The probing of her cunt increases, fingers slip deep inside her intermittently and then slide out to continue the assault on her clit. I have to stop playing with my cock as I know I will come, and I don't want to yet. I have to wait until he fucks her. I need to hear her describe that moment. I'm ashamed to discover just how much I need to hear that moment.

I have to prompt her.

She jumps a little at the sound of my voice, obviously consumed by her thoughts, but then recovers.

"He's reached down and lifted me in to his arms, he is kissing me now passionately, his hands are caressing my buttocks, my hips, my breasts are pressed into his. His tongue is seeking mine, I can feel his rock hard cock in my abdomen, its heat and wetness from my mouth skimming my skin. God I want him now. He turns me around and lowers me on to a huge pile of cushions behind him, and looks down at me stroking his shaft, a smirk on his face. He is in control...he knows I want that cock. But he is going to tease me more before he takes me."

Then another thought hit me. What if she was being viewed, or even recorded, on the multitude of cameras along the road, on gantries? Was it possible for someone to be tracking the car by camera, watching her...could cameras see inside the car in darkness? I didn't know, but I liked the thought of it. Voyeurism at its hi-tech best.

"Oh god...he is kissing my pussy, his big lips are sucking my labia, his tongue flirting around my clit, and then stabbing inside my vagina...he is drinking from me, my pussy juice is soaking his chin, his stubble tickles me, making my pussy so sensitive. Its burning one second and then soothed the next when he kisses and licks me, his hands reach up a grasp my tits, he squeezes hard as he nibbles and grazes on my cunt, oh, fuck I can't take much more....I come hard on his mouth, flooding him with my lust, my pussy is aching to be filled with that cock and I beg him to take me, plead with him to fuck me hard...I have to be used now...I have to feel him inside me."

"He is sliding slowly up my body, softly, deliberately, kissing my naval, my ribs, my breasts, taking my sore, swollen nipples in his soothing lips...then I feel it, I feel his head twitch at my opening, I feel him wait a second or two, letting it twitch and jerk against my frustrated cunt...then his hips dip forwards and I feel my pussy begin to part, and stretch, I gasp at his size, as he slowly, ever so slowly and gently, sinks deeper and deeper in to my grateful cunt, until it is fully occupied by his thick, black rod, and then he starts to withdraw and ........oh, Fuck....oh my fucking god....oh yes...yes, oh...ooooooh...oh fuck...that, was....oh shit..."

Her breathing steadied, and then almost immediately she became self conscious of preying eyes from external sources, as well as becoming acutely aware of her husband with his seed covering the steering wheel, his trousers and the car dashboard; and his deflating cock poking from his zipper.

"That was amazing." I said. "Why has this not happened before? Why have you never been like that before, was...fuck I am lost for words, please don't say it will never happen again."

We'd been driving in silence, in the dark for well over an hour now. She had eventually dozed off in the passenger seat, and I had noticed that as she slumped a little, relaxed in her gentle slumber, that her slender, bare legs had parted slightly. The seat belt had also cleaved a path between her tits, and had distorted her neck line and buttons on her summer dress, so that I could see the flesh of a single breast, and the outline of lace caressing and tracing the pink, soft fleshy mound.

Alternatively, I fantasied that my left hand reached across the void between us, and slid inside her dress,and bra, to gently fondle and squeeze her breasts; my fingers softly pinching her nipples so that they hardened, causing her to slowly awake from her sleep, aroused and responsive. I imagined myself asking her to finger herself while I drove, and her obliging, before she freed my cock and gave me head until I came deep in her throat.

My erotic thoughts grew, and I imagined leaving the main route and finding a secluded spot where I could perhaps persuade her to fuck me, either in the car or outside of it. It was a warm night after all.

Obviously, we swapped over. Obviously I had to fantasise about that throbbing, hard piece of muscle replacing my cock in her cunt and fucking her good and deep.

The reason I chose to play with my cock over her pussy or tits was simple. Based on our years together, I was pretty sure she wouldn't awake horny and responsive and would not be keen to pull over somewhere for a bit of alfresco screwing, but instead would be fucking livid at me for taking liberty's and being a pervy bastard. Therefore I had to relieve myself instead and soon.

I nearly crashed the fucking car due to a mixture of shock and trying to stuff my stiff dick back in to my kecks.

"Yes, I fucking know what you were doing...but why in the car, on a motorway, while you're supposed to be driving? Oh my god you are fucked up."

"Oh, aye...and what was the alternative? I suppose that had something to do with me did it?"

"Is that what you were thinking about, fingering me while I slept?"

"Other stuff? What other stuff."

I tried to stop before mentioning "fucking the stranger" part of my fantasy, but it was too late. She picked up on the unfinished sentence.

"Nothing. Doesn't matter."


"No. If you don't like what you saw and heard so far, your are not going to like it. So just leave it and we can move on. You obviously think I am one spanner short of a set as it is, and I know none of this is your thing, or I wouldn't have been tugging on my own cock, I'd have been servicing your pussy instead."

I could only nod, as I felt like a total tool at that point.

I had never heard her speak so candidly. Using those terms. I was taken-a-back and for a few seconds didn't answer.

I had no clue why I asked that. None at all. And I did not expect an answer. But I got one.

"Wow...where did that fucking come from? Little miss butter-wouldn't-melt actually has a thing about black guys and their big dicks!"

"Christ on a fucking stick. You secretive little whore you."

"Really? Like how horny? Horny enough to finger yourself right now, horny enough to fantasise about fucking a black guy and talk me through it while you play with yourself?"

She licked her two middle fingers on her right hand, hoisted up the hem of her dress, spread her legs wide to expose her vagina and then slipped the two fingers between her labia and began to gently slide them up and down, parting her pussy wider with each pass.

"So, what's happening? Is there a man with you? What does he look like? Go on describe what your thinking, please."

"He is jet black. Toned and muscled. Washboard stomach, thick thighs, strong arms. I have danced for him. He ordered me to strip slowly as I danced, then ordered me to undress him as I gyrated naked around him, grinding my ass in to his covered cock, before freeing it when it became swollen, and angry and hot."

"Right now, we are both naked, he is stood in front of me and I am on my haunches, gripping his thick, long powerful black cock in both hands, slowly yanking his skin back and forth, I can feel it throb, it is so hot to touch."

"Oh my god, he just gripped the back of my head, and drew me in towards the tip of his cock, he is playing the tip across my lips, it smells of man, I want it inside me so much, but I know I have to wait. He commands me to suck his cock, not a request, an order. I have to obey. My tongue licks the end as I part my lips, then I consume it and close my mouth around it. I can only take a fraction of it, it is so fucking huge."

She has stopped talking now, and I can't decide if it's because she's lost in her imagination, or because subconsciously she thinks she can't speak, as she has an imaginary massive black dick in her mouth.

"Whats happening now?"

"I'm gagging. He has his cock buried in my throat. He holds it there for a few seconds and then withdraws it. I am fisting his cock as well now, between sucking it. It tastes so good."

Her eyes are closed, her fingers work furiously at her pussy, she has to be near orgasm now...the leather seats of my car are shining with her juices, her dress has practically been torn from her upper body, her breasts pulled free of her bra, clearly visible to anyone we pass by; and one or two have noticed, one or two did a double take as they passed us. So far no-one has honked or slowed down to keep pace with us and get a free show... and I hope they don't, a brief glimpse to tantalise is fine, but a rolling peep show does not thrill me.

I was snapped from my reverie by her voice.

In all my life, in all the years I have known her, I have never seen or heard anything like this...I am seconds from coming myself now, I can't stop it, I need the release too.

She was spent, she had come almost at the same time she imagined being finally taken by her imaginary lovers cock, the rest of the story lost to the night. Though to be honest, I had come too, exactly at that same moment, the image in my own head of my wife succumbing to another guys cock, while I watched her orgasm was too much, neither of us could prolong the act of release beyond the point of her fake coupling.

She straightened herself up, and then wiped down my cum with a pack of tissues, and zipped me back up.

"I just can't answer that...I really don't know, perhaps it was the circumstances, you know I have never caught you in the act before, you have never spoken to me like you did before, or told me what was in your head, or asked me such an outright question. Maybe I was mad that you thought those things, or maybe I was excited to get the chance to reveal my own desires, so answered you to try and shock you know tit for tat...I don't know, its just that I responded, and told you stuff that I have thought about before, but never spoken of, and from there I was so fucking hot, so horny at what you suggested I do, that I had to do it. I'm glad I did. It does not have to be the last time. In fact..."