The Scent of Candles!

Johanna has been my girlfriend for many years. And in that time, I have come to know all of her family. I want to relate something that happened two months ago. Johanna and I were supposed to take a trip to Manhattan to see her aunt. At the last minute, Johanna was given a special project at work. It would mean that our trip would be delayed by a few days.

When I rang the door, a voice answered on the intercom. "Hello! Who is it?" I hate talking into any kind of intercom. But I pushed my face next to the screen and answered. "Hello, aunt Kat, it's me, Carl. You know, Johanna's boyfriend?" I heard her soft chuckle and then the door buzzer sounded. I pushed the door open and walked into a big foyer. It was big and old looking. As well as being immaculately clean. It must have looked this way years earlier, when this area was inhabited by the more affluent of New York. I took the little elevator up to the third floor.

Aunt Kat stood in a cool looking summer sundress. And from the way that the sunlight shone through the thin material, I was given a silhouetted view of her shape. Aunt Kat may have been tall, but she was a very shapely, beautiful woman. She must have noticed that the sun shone through her dress. She smiled at me. "If you're in love with my niece, seeing my shape through my dress should make you blush?" she stepped back and bid me enter the room.

"I see you like my aroma therapy. I love to fill the house with soft smells. I was expecting you a little later. Johanna called to tell me what happened." She looked me up and down. I got the impression; she was checking me out just as I had checked her earlier. I felt suddenly inadequate. Like I had forgotten to put on a piece of clothing. "Well Carl, your bedroom is down the hall on the right. It's the one right next to mine. Johanna uses that bedroom every time she comes to visit."

Aunt Kat led me to my bedroom and stood in the doorway as I put my suitcase on the bed. Then she proceeded to show me around the apartment. When we entered her bedroom I had to stop and stare at the enormous king-sized bed that sat in the center of the room. I could have easily held a whole bunch of folks. Aunt Kat saw me staring. "I have to have a big bed. I move around in my sleep. Besides, whenever folks come to visit, they always end up sitting around in my bedroom. You would think I don't have chairs anywhere else."

Aunt Kat's loud laughter made me turn. "Are you shocked, that I would pose for so daring a picture?" my eyes swung back to the portrait. Then I looked at her. It was a picture of Aunt Kat in her earlier years. "That's you?" it sounded so dumb but what else could I say. I stared at the picture. Aunt Kat's long, shapely thighs, with her delicate ankles and feet on one end, and the dark patch of barely hidden hair on the other, caught my eyes and held tight. And I couldn't help but stare at the twin points that poked against the thin material at her breast. I turned as I heard Aunt Kat sigh. "I was one hot momma in those days." My eyes traveled up and down her body. I didn't want to seem so obvious, but I couldn't help it. "You look damn good now." I couldn't believe I had let those words fly from my lips. I clamped my hand over my mouth. Aunt Kat looked directly at me.

She was especially interested in what was taking place between Johanna and I. I tried to be open and honest. But I also tried to say as little as possible. We had been talking for about half an hour when she hit me with a totally off the wall question. "Do you and Johanna fuck other people?" I was sipping on a glass of wine when she asked me. I couldn't help spraying my drink all over the two of us. I was coughing and sputtering so hard, Aunt Kat slapped me on the back. She continued to slap me until I had once again regained my composure.

"And what did Johanna have to say?" I was trying to act insulted but it came over as lame.

I sat fuming. How dare this woman? Who didn't know me any more than having met me only once, ask me about the love life of my girl and me. Aunt Kat stood up and smoothed out her sundress. I didn't even try to look at her legs as she stood. I was pissed. She patted me on the cheek. "Maybe I can make up during dinner? Why don't you change? I know a lovely restaurant."

The look on aunt Kat's face didn't change. "I didn't ask you if you were hungry. Go and get dressed for dinner." It didn't sound like a request. It was an order coming from an older woman. My childhood training automatically took over.

Dinner was at a very lovely, little restaurant. The people knew Kat well. As soon as we arrived, the maitre'd showed us to a table. The water appeared and spoke to Kat by name. She ordered for the both of us. I was slightly put out by her assumption of what I would want to eat. But when it arrived, the food was superb. The waiter kept our wineglasses full during the meal. And after dinner, Aunt Kat ordered two glasses of brandy. We sat sipping the brandy. I was feeling stuffed but happy. All thoughts of anger forgotten. Aunt Kat looked at me as she lifted her glass. "I'm sorry, Carl. I shouldn't have asked about you and Johanna. It's just that I don't date. Most men would be only after my money. So I often tease Johanna to tell me all abut her sex-ploits."

Johanna suggested that I take the plane to New York by myself, and she would meet me there in a few days. I argued that I didn't know her aunt except for the one time I had met her and that I could wait for her. As usual, with our arguments, Johanna won. So on Friday morning, I boarded the plane by myself. A few hours later, I was in a cab headed for Manhattan. I reached the address that was given me and found it to be in a very upscale neighborhood. All the brownstones were well cared for, the streets were tree-lined and clean.

Walking down the carpeted hall, I stopped at the door and softly knocked. After a few seconds, the door swung open. Now, Aunt Kat, short for Katherine, is not a small woman. I don't mean that she is big and fat. No, far from it! Aunt Kat had to be about 6 feet tall. I remembered the first time I had seen her. I told Johanna that she didn't fit in the family tree. No one else in the family was anywhere near as tall.

The hallway led to a lavish living room. The room was larger than two of my rooms put together. It was decorated in early Victorian. I guess it was Victorian, but hey, I'm no interior decorator. However, it was as neat and clean as the front hallway of the building. Something caught my nose and I took a deep breath. The soft scent of vanilla and black berry filled my nose. It was then that I noticed the small burning candles all over the room. "It smells so nice in here." Aunt Kat laughed as I continued to take deep breaths.

I had hoped that our bedroom would be away from aunt Kat's bedroom. That way I wouldn't be self-conscience when Johanna and I fucked. I knew that I would not be the first man to visit Aunt Kat with Johanna. I just didn't need to think about what this older woman would say when she heard moaning and groaning at night.

I nodded my head, not knowing what else to say. Then she led me into the sewing room. Above the fireplace, there was a picture of a strikingly beautiful young woman. She was laid out on a loveseat. It was not the beauty of the woman, as much as it was the nightgown that she wore. It was made of gossamer thin material. So thin, in fact, that you could see a hint of nipples and a hint of hairy cunt. I swallowed hard as I looked at it.

"Aunt Kat! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to say that. I mean, I was thinking that, but I would never say.. I would never disrespect you in any way. I mean.." A smile crossed her face, and then she burst into laughter. "Oh Carl! If you could see your face right this minute!" I started to smile. It did seem kind of funny, in an embarrassing kind of way. She led me into the living room and we sat in the big, over-stuffed chairs. Then, she asked me about everything that had happened, since the last time I had seen her.

"Aunt Kat! I don't think that that is any of your business. I mean, I know you are Johanna's favorite aunt. But what we do, sex wise! That's between Johanna and me." Aunt Kat didn't get flustered at all. "That's between Johanna and I", she corrected me. "Don't get all up tight. I've already asked Johanna that question. And she took it a lot more grownup than you are taking it." I didn't know just what the hell was going on. But I didn't think that Johanna would tell even her favorite aunt about our sex lives. But then again, she might.

Aunt Kay only smiled. "That, is really none of your business. That's between Johanna and I."

I looked up at her. "I'm not hungry."

"Yes ma'am!" Kat smiled and turning her back walked into her bedroom and shut the door. I got up and walked to my own room. I undressed and took a quick shower. Then, I changed into a jacket and slacks. When I came out, Aunt Kat was blowing out the candles that had been burning. Then with a smile at me, she re-lit some others. "This will give the house a nice aroma to come home to." Aunt Kat had changed into a lovely black evening dress. It wasn't so dressy that I would have run and changed my clothes, but it showed off her figure. And I have to admit; she still had one very lovely figure to look at. Her dress accented all her curves. And it was short enough to show off her long shapely legs. She wore heels. But they weren't too high. Just high enough! I watched her as a strange smell began to float through the house. It wasn't the aroma of the extinguished candles so much as the aroma of the new ones she had lit. We walked out the door. It was warm enough for neither of us to need coats. Aunt Kat wore a sheer wrap over her shoulders.

I smiled back at her. "I'm sorry I got so mad. I shouldn't have taken offense. I should have known that you wouldn't just come right out and say something like that. Not unless, you had been used to asking that kind of question before?" I lifted my eyebrows in question. Aunt Kat laughed. "Oh no! You don't get that kind of information out of me so easy." We laughed together. After dinner, instead of taking a cab home, we walked. I was surprised when Aunt Kat put her arm in mine. When I looked at her, she smiled at me. "Let them think you're a young man entertaining an older woman."