The Tree of Love

Often when I walk through my local park I notice a tree with branches that are bent and twisted which when looked at from some angles look like a love heart. I call it the love tree.

I used to go out every Friday with the girls to our local pub. We were all fresh out of school or college or in entry level jobs. We were sampling life and all its newness, being adults with the freedom from school discipline and discovering how our fresh sex assets played males, but it was mainly alcohol and boys we craved. Every Friday we would all be pissed and giggling wrecks and usually in the company of some spotty lads.

"Tree of love" to him in my drunken stupor.

"Lets go outside to look at it."

It was dark outside and I was vaguely aware that he has managed to get me on my own; not a good thing with any boy as they always try to get in your knickers. But I didn't worry too much about it.

"Look look!"

"Let's get closer."

Some passionate kissing and necking followed under the branches. Then suddenly out of the blue I felt myself being lifted up. I had been grabbed at the waist and lifted up into the tree, so my backside sat neatly into a seat formed by the two love branches growing off the main trunk.

"This is cool" I said, slightly dizzy from the booze and alco pops.

"What are you doing?" I sniggered.

As my other leg was pulled in the opposite direction and my foot lifted over the branch so that the back of my knee sat over the branch. My legs were now wide open with each leg tucked behind the love branches.

I realised I was a few feet off the ground in a tree with my legs wide apart tucked over branches. I could not get my legs over the branches to get down. I was trapped.

Then his head appeared between my legs.

Too late. I felt breath on my swollen lower lips and realised he had moved my gusset to one side and I was fully exposed to him. His tongue licked along my parts and I shuddered. I protested but he said;

I had no choice I couldn't get down from the tree. I couldn't raise my legs over the branches. He worked on me for a few minutes, getting me very wet before sliding inside my outer lips with his tongue and working on my clit.

This was the first time my clit had received any oral attention. He expertly worked on me until I came and came and came. My legs gripped the tree violently as he brought me off several times. He said

My shoes had fell off, my skirt was bunched up under my hips and my T shirt was above my chest as he had pushed it up to play with my naked tits while sucking me off.

"Have you got a spring in your step" I giggled.

"Oh so you think I'm funny do you?" he said unzipping his trousers.

Then he pulled out his cock and aimed it at my mouth.

"Mmmmf!" was all I managed to say as his massive tool filled my mouth.

His hands moved to hold my ears once he was sure I wasn't going to try to use my arms to get away. He gripped my ears hard as he pulled and pushed my head in rhythm with his cock.

"Not too unpleasant" I said "if you like Tartare sauce that is?"

As I approached my orgasm strong arms reached up under my arms and lifted me out the tree.

"Oh please" I said "I can't I'm a ... haven't done it before and I can't get caught... please don't don't?"

He pushed his cock into my willing snatch slowly until he met resistance, and worked back and forth without pushing it deeper. Then when he was ready and looking down at my face, he watched my expression change and tears form as he forced open my hymen and popped my cherry. There was no pain only pleasure as my toes touched down either side of my head as he bent my legs over me to get maximum penetration. I locked my arms and legs around him as another orgasm shot though me. As I opened my eyes he was pumping into me now fast and hard over and over again for a long time until with a groan he slowed and I felt his cock start to twitch, before I was flooded with sperm.

"Roll over" he said, gripping me and rolling me to the side so I was face down. He then gripped my hips and lifted my ass up so I was on my knees on the grass.

"Oh my God what is he doing now?"

"Oh no more please?" I said feeling his thumb pressing in the sloppy juice that he had spread on my ass. His thumb slipped up my ass hole and he twisted it.

I said feeling the pressure turn to pleasure. After five minutes working his thumb deep inside me his cock was hard again and he slipped it into my pussy from behind. Thumb and cock was too much for me and I came and came all over him before my arms gave out and my face fell onto the grass, my naked arse still up in the air. I felt his other hand grip and pull my hair back towards him. The pain turned to pleasure as he lifted my head completely off the ground. I felt him take his knob out of my vag and slide it into my sphincter. After several pushes I felt his hairy balls rest of my labia. He then speeded up ploughing in my back door. I felt his cock start to swell and get bigger. I heard him say;

In one movement he pulled out of my ass and ploughed into my pussy with no loss of rhythm. Barely 30 seconds later I became aware of sudden shaking and movement behind me, then some shudders, groans and a hotness in my snatch.

"I don't even know your name!"

I was looking at the heart shape made by the branches then noticed I had mud on my knees, elbows and forehead. I had definitely been done doggie style in the park. It seemed no problem to me but everyone I walked past was laughing. It was obvious I'd been done doggie style in the park.

My husband later on in life had made love to me several times in the love tree. In fact our daughter Willow was probably conceived one night when I was in the love seat with no knickers on!

"I don't know about the tree of love, its more like the tree of lust! And I still don't know the name of the guy who popped all my cherries here."

I can share a story about the love tree from when I was younger...

One Friday I met an older boy who was fun to talk to. After an hour or so chatting I mentioned the;

He suggested;

I was keen to show him the tree, because he was taking an interest in something that I had spotted and no one else had. It was my thing.

We crossed the road and walked into the park. He pulled me close and put his arm round me. I noticed in the street lights he was older than I first thought. Anyway we chatted as we walked and soon we were near my tree.

I said, excitedly as first the tree, then the heart shape became apparent.

He said as we walked right up to the tree and stood looking at the two odd shaped branches that made the heart shape.

"Wow" I said and started laughing. I lay back and spread my arms into two branches that were shaped like an arm chair.

I was aware that my leg was being pulled out and over a branch in front of me.

"Getting you comfy" was the reply.

"What are you doing?" I sniggered again.

"Hmm lets see if there is any honey in this tree?" he said.

"No please don't!" I said.

"This is what everyone does, so you should just relax and enjoy this."

"Urrhhhhmmm" I groaned.

"I cannot get enough of your sweet pussy juice."

Then he hopped up into the tree himself. I couldn't stop laughing.

He stood with his legs on the same branches my legs were on, which put his waist level with my face.

"Well how about giving this some love in the love tree," he said.

"Now wait a minute" I said, but before I could do anything else he leaned forward trapping my arms against the branches I was resting back on and his cock travelled perfectly in an arc dropping on to my tongue.

He began swinging his hips back and forth; fucking my face and making the whole tree sway and leaves to flutter down. This was the first time I had given oral so I didn't know what to do other than go along with him.

I licked my lips to savour the taste after he had unloaded down my throat.

He sniggered at this as he hopped down out of the tree to the ground. He unhooked my legs from behind the branches and hung them over his shoulders as he proceeded to lick out my pussy again. Although I was no longer trapped in the tree I was unable to resist his tongue. Something had been awoken within me that needed itching and would need itching alot more.

"Ooooo, nooo, noooo" I said as the stimulation stopped and I thought I was going to lose my orgasm. But I was gently laid on the grass still with my legs over his shoulders as I felt him position his cock and slip it into my wet pussy.

"Don't get me pregnant" I whispered.

"Oh baby" he said "You are one good fuck".

He manoeuvred me onto all fours. I was thinking

He began to stroke my slot again from behind, working his fingers in before sliding them out covered in juice and rubbing the juice on the rim of my bum hole.

"Oh my, Oh my."

"Time to change holes."

Then I became aware of a draft of cold wind blowing in my wide open and stretched holes. The wind blew deep in me up my newly opened orifices. I climbed to my feet to see I was alone. Where had my friend gone?

I called out as the boy disappeared in the dark. He had taken all 3 of my virgin holes in less than an hour and I didn't even get his name. Now he was gone.

As I walked home I squelched, as the jism in my snatch slid down my passage and was pushed from side to side as I moved. I had to sneak home and get a shower without Mom or Pop seeing their well and truly shagged daughter whom not 2 hours before was a lovely clean living virgin.

Now as I walk past the tree, I daydream and wonder if I could get my ass in that hollow again. With a wetness down below I shake my head as I wander off saying,

The End.

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