The Triskele Consort Ch. 01

The sleek jet-furred Panther-demon and his Lynx-demon business partner were closing up their business premises for the evening, having secured their fish catch in cold storage prior to the market the next morning. I could see the Lynx-demon's eyes glowing as the pair approached the street lamp I was standing under. I fiddled with the little cats head charm that dangled from the slim leather collar I had around my neck with my fingertip as I waited for them to get nearer.

"Can we get a beer first, Linzi?" Leo'onc, the Panther-demon asked. "It's been a thirsty sort of a day!"

"He's at the shipwright's, down the coast, discussing the plans for our new boat." said Korbis'leux the Lynx-demon. "He'll be away for a few days."

I'd met the three fishermen a few months earlier, when I'd decided to try my hand at cooking a fish dish for my beloved Gyn. At that time, while news had spread of the existence of a Pleasure imp, very few knew my name, even less what I looked like. Apart from Gyn and my deepening relationship with my former Master, now steady boyfriend, Tel'estar, I had confined my more casual sexual encounters to my friends on Tel'estar's estate, particularly my beautiful Leopard-demon girlfriend, Felis'bel and her mate Felix'kan, wary of those who might see me as just a wanton plaything to be exploited for their amusement. But the three fishermen had shown me friendship right from our first meetings, as well as introducing me to the delicious Demon Realm beer! With my weakness for Cat-demons, it was a natural progression for us from the tavern to the apartment of the twin Lynx-demons Korbis and Felix'leux, located in the partners' warehouse. Staying over with them also meant that I could be first in line when they opened their stall the next morning!

"Yes," said Leo, as two of his fingers twisted inside my pussy, one over the other, making me bury my face against his neck, biting him there very softly to stifle my moans. "I'm glad the High Lords understand our barter system, because it doesn't make any sense at all to me!"

"MMMMMMMMMMMM! Your barbs feel a little longer than usual, Korbis." I sighed, as I ran my tongue tip slowly round the back of his swollen cockhead, before caressing his frenulum lightly, teasingly, with my tongue stud. I then turned my head to the right to gently stroke the deep purple plum of Leo's cock with my tongue as well, his barbs smooth, almost polished, the way his mate preferred.

"Your tongue is amazing, Linzi!" Leo said, gasping. "Even right now I find it hard to believe that we three simple fishermen have been befriended by the Pleasure imp!"

Dipping my tongue tip into the bead of crystal fluid that had already welled up in the opening in his glans, I drew it out in a crystal thread as I held his gaze, then slowly spread it on the flesh of his bulb with my tongue. Gripping the thick shafts of both cocks now, I opened my mouth wide to take both cockheads gently between my teeth, my canines indenting the spongy flesh of the upper side of each glans a little. I pumped both of their cockstems slowly as my tongue tip moved slowly around and between both plums, flicking them lightly, caressing each of them with the little platinum ball fixed into my tongue, pressing my tongue tip into the little wells of fluid in the openings in each glans until both my friends were yowling softly with pleasure, a Cat-demon sound that deepened the constant lickerishness in my imp's belly into throbbing, pulsing arousal. I continued to caress both cockheads with my tongue until precum flowed steadily from both of their little openings. Then, releasing the bulb of Korbis's cock from my mouth, I turned my body around on the bed until my bum was rubbing slowly against his twitching glans. While my lips slid slowly down over Leo's wonderfully dark coloured cockhead, I moaned as Korbis gripped my bottom, his claws almost piercing the taut skin. I arched my back more deeply, presenting my pussy to him, the throbbing arousal in my belly becoming a deepening well of pleasure as the crown of his cock slipped and rubbed against my engorged sex lips before beginning to push slowly inside me.

The hard little nodules on Korbis's cockhead now rubbed inside my throat as his shaft moved slowly in and out of my mouth, my lips splayed wide at first as he pleasured his cock in my throat, my tongue stud wriggling against the upper side of his cockstem. Leo's thick shaft stretched my sphincter wonderfully tight as he drove his smooth cockhead deep inside my bottom, my muscles relaxing and contracting reflexively to draw him fully within me. I moaned loudly on Korbis's cock as Leo's glans penetrated my bottom to the deep pleasure point, the passage within me tightening on him, squeezing his cockshaft as I reached up to grip his hips, my lips tightening round the base of his shaft as I began to suck his cock hard, the growls of both Cat-demons taking on a mewling note as their cocks arched harder, tensing, beginning to throb. Leo began to rub my nubbin with his thumb, making me snort hard through my nose as I came simultaneously with the pumping and throbbing climaxes of both my Cat-demon lovers, our sounds of mutual pleasure filling the warm air of the room.

The dawn's light finally roused Korbis from his cat-nap. He stretched and rubbed his eyes, then lay on his side, his cock becoming ramrod stiff as he watched me pleasure his friend's cock to climax as Leo made me come again, my sex lips now flattened and spread against his wriggling tongue, my pleasure button pressed down by his tongue tip. I turned my head to smile at Korbis, Leo's cock pressed against my cheek.

"Hey sailors," I said in a low husky voice "are either or both of you looking for a good time?"

"A beer or two sounds good to me!" I answered. "Where's Felix tonight?"

I linked arms with them both, with me in the middle, as we walked the short distance to their favourite waterfront tavern. Inside, my tiny leather skirt and midriff-revealing sheer belly top, an item of clothing from Earth that Demon weavers didn't seem to be able to replicate, drew the usual lustful glances, the little silver rings fitted tightly around my erect nipples glinting beneath the transparent fabric. I slid onto a bench near the back, tugging at the back of my skirt to ensure my bare bottom was in contact with the rough wood. Felix sat beside me on my right as Korbis went to the bar. The Panther-demon's left hand-paw slid between my thighs as I spread my knees apart. Korbis soon joined us, placing three foaming mugs of the tavern's delicious beer, that tasted slightly of citrus like my favourite beer in the Hu-man Realm, on the wooden table in front of us. The Lynx-demon's right paw-hand slipped under my skirt at the back to caress my bottom as we chatted and drank. Two scantily clad Leopard-demon girls sidled up to the table, their leather skirts almost as short as mine, but they kept walking when they realised that Linzi'estar the Pleasure imp had the attention of their prospective partners for the evening!

Leo's almost human fingers had slipped between my sex lips a little as Korbis's claws scratched lightly over my bum cheeks, the pleasure of their attentions making me wriggle a little as I struggled to keep my arousal under control. "I still find it strange that the Demon Realm doesn't use money of any kind!" I commented, trying to think of something really unsexy!

Tel'estar had in fact explained to me that the Demon Realm's barter system was actually something of a facade; in truth, the Demon Realm system depended on the principle that its resources actually belonged to all citizens equally. While all demons were expected to contribute to the society as much as their personal aptitudes and abilities allowed, since no individual owned the wood, metal or anything else required to produce goods or provide services, fishermen like my friends could obtain a new boat or equipment without incurring debt or having to worry about finance; no demon citizen wanted for anything. Indeed, the High Lords didn't 'rule' Demonkind in a literal sense; they simply ensured that resources were allocated fairly and equitably and that society's laws were enforced. Any decision affecting Demonkind as a whole was put to a plebiscite, including the recent repeal of the slave laws that had allowed Tel'estar to steal me from Gyn nearly a year previously. The High Lords were in charge because Demonkind needed somebody to be, and they enjoyed a higher standard of living as a reward for their services to society rather than by some sort of feudalistic entitlement.

"I've grown them out a little for you, sweet sexy imp!" answered Korbis, as I gently rubbed the underside of his glans lightly with my thumb as my tongue now caressed the pronounced flanged ridges on the crown of Leo's cock. "I know you like them like that!"

I looked up at him, still slowly licking his cockhead, teasing his frenulum with my tongue tip. "What can I say, Leo," I replied, "I've always been a cat lover!"

The barbs on Korbis's glans rubbed deliciously against my vaginal walls as his cockstem pistoned it in and out of my tight little pussy, producing rapidly deepening contractions that soon had me moaning and gasping on Leo's cock in my mouth and throat, the sensation making him grip my head and thrust it deeper between my lips, my teeth now gripping the gold ring that encircled the base of his shaft as I snorted air through my nose steadily, Korbis's noduled cockhead delivering me into a deep prolonged orgasm as his prickly belly pounded against my bottom cheeks, both Cat-demons growling softly now as their own pleasure began to build. As I felt both cockshafts tense, arching harder, I very quickly let Leo's slip from my lips with a low gasp as I moved forwards until Korbis's cockhead slipped from within me with a definite popping sensation, the feeling of the little barbs resisting the outward passage of his plum against my vaginal entrance bringing a little scream of joy from me as I now turned round and onto my back. My lips captured the head of Korbis's cock as I bent my knees up so my thighs were at right angles to my body and spread flat on the bed, so that Leo could easily push his long thick cock into my bottom.

As the kaleidoscopic night sky of the Demon Realm began to lighten, my head was bobbing slowly up and down on Leo's rigid cock. His gold cock ring was pushed so far down the shaft that it was partially buried in the furry skin of his ballocks, the skin sleeved back tight so the flanged ridges were fully exposed, the veins bulging beneath the skin of his cockstem. My lips slid all the way from just behind the head down to the ring on each stroke, my nostrils flaring as I kept my mouth sealed around the shaft, loving the feeling of the bulging veins rubbing against my lips as I twisted my head on each downstroke to enhance the rubbing sensation in my throat, his soft growls of delight making my belly tighten pleasurably in response, as his heavily noduled tongue stroked and lapped at my engorged pussy lips, my moans vibrating the flesh of his cockshaft as my inner labia quivered, his tongue bringing me on again, my hips jolting my sex against his mouth as he pushed his tongue inside me, twisting it against my vaginal walls as they spasmed in a deep climax, my juices flowing in hot splashes over his questing tongue.