The Two-Month Break Clause

This is my first story, please be kind. Everyone in the story is over 18 years of age.

I've been married to my wife for nearly a decade. We're very happily married and have a wonderful family. I had been married before and have children from the previous marriage. My current wife, Natalie, is a beautiful woman in her early 30's with auburn hair, high cheek bones, c cup tits, great ass and well-muscled. She played sports at university and has kept her physique in top condition. She's 5'5" and ways roughly 135lbs. My name is John and I'm roughly 6' tall and weigh 215lbs. I'm a confessed gym rat and work out 5-6 times per week. I'm in pretty good shape for my age. I'm about 15 years older than Natalie and I drive myself to take care of physical condition to live as long as possible and see Natalie into old age.

Coming out to my wife wasn't exactly voluntary. She found evidence on my computer when I asked her for some help retrieving a file. That was a very difficult time in our marriage brought on by my stupidity and lack of trust in her that should have been there the entire time. After over a year of couple's therapy, we were able to move beyond the deception and lack of trust.

During sex, we will put porn on from time-to-time to add to the mood. She likes normal porn like typical heterosexual sex between a man and woman, however, she is especially turned on if it's instructor/student, boss/worker, etc. The other type of porn she likes is lesbian. However, she claims to be curious she's never tried it to see if there was more there. On the other hand, I'm eclectic in my porn choices. I tend to watch threesome porn (male/male/female or male/female/female) and really like slave and cuckold videos. Unlike most people, I love the taste of cum. Therefore, in almost all the porn I watch I need to see the guy cumming or someone eating it. I eat mine most of the time and have done so with every couple or guy I've been with. My wife knows me well and she'll often have me shoot my load on her (tits/ass/pussy/face/belly) and have me clean it off. She especially likes when we're fucking to have me clean my load out of her pussy while she vibrates her clit to another orgasm.

I mentioned that I feel that I'm a freak when it comes to sex. What do I mean by freak? There is nothing off-limits to me except for extreme pain and scat. Watersports? Bring them on as I've been pissed on by both sexes many times. In fact, Natalie has pissed in my open mouth in the shower on several occasions. After these occasions, she would use dirty talk like, "Now clean my cunt, slut," or "You're my toilet paper, now do your job." All of this turns me on beyond belief.

As I was buzzed, I told her that I loved watching her fuck another man. I participated, but the guy (friend), was focused on her. She then admitted that she felt very flattered by our friend and felt hot with him.

"I wouldn't mind it, but I don't want to jeopardize what we have." Natalie explained.

"What do you mean?" Nat slurred.

"I'm not so sure it wouldn't impact us. How could you be so sure?" Natalie pressed.

"No" was her simple response.

"Shall we take this inside?" I suggested.

Once in, we started getting touchy and grabby. Lot's of kissing, rubbing and dry humping was working us into a mess of sexual desire. I made the first move by lifting her stripe shirt off exposing her red Victoria Secret bra. I love her tits. She then attempted to unbuckle my belt and pull my cock out, but she was having a bit of an issue with her dexterity. It must have been her drunken state.

"Yes." I exclaimed.

"Without question." I was lost in her blow job.

"But, before you fuck me, I need you to lick my pussy and get it ready for my lover." Natalie playfully said. We do quite a bit of role playing and dirty talk during our sexual escapades. Cleary, or earlier conversation was on her mind.

"Now fuck me Tom." Invoking the name of my best friend. The friend I know she likes to flirt with. I've known Tom since high school, and it took me by surprise.

"Slut, if we go down this road, I'll be fucking lots of men." Wow! She's taking this on far more readily than expected. I thought to myself if I was ready for this.

"Mistress. You'll call me Mistress, not babe or anything else. Do you understand whore?" Natalie spewed out without the slightest hesitation.

With one last up-and-down stroke on her slit, I pushed inside of her. Normally, it's not as easy to slide into her because of my girth, this time however, it went in smoothly. She was really turned on. "That's it Tom, push that big cock into me. It feels so much better than my husband's, the cum slut." Natalie said while staring directly into my eyes.

"No doubt. He's a total cocksucker who loves cum and will do anything for it. That's why I refer to him as a cum slut. Keep on pounding me stud."

Lifting my face off hers, she stared into my eyes and said, "Do your job slut, clean all the cum from my pussy that Tom just shot into me. He's so much better than you." I didn't have to be told twice. She knows my affinity for cum.

I came out to my wife after our first child was born. I'm bisexual. That's the term I've come to use even though I'm most likely what would be termed, pansexual. I had hidden this fact for my entire life. I was too embarrassed to come out and I grew up in an era where being queer was highly shunned. So, I lived pretty much under the radar. Through the years I've had sex with hundreds of men and a similar number of women. I never dated men, though there were times I would have loved too, but again the shame was too great for me to ever make that kind of a leap.

We have a healthy sex life. We generally have intercourse 2-3 times per week and play in other ways on other days. I don't have one of those porn cocks but am average in length. However, I have some decent girth, approximately three fingers worth. I shave or wax my bits frequently. I always found giving head to a man or woman was always more enjoyable if they were shaved or at least nicely trimmed. There is nothing worse then getting into eating a pussy or sucking a cock and you have to stop or pause to get the stray pubic hair off your tongue. My wife had electrolysis to have her hair removed and shaves to touch up.

This past Saturday night, Natalie and I were drinking (as usual) and having a great time. We were singing, smoking weed and generally being playful. At some point during the night, Natalie asked whether I missed sucking cock or getting fucked. During our earlier coming out discussion, I had even opened up to her that I was very submissive with men. Invariably, I would give the man head, or he'd fuck me and leave. I told her that I do miss it but am happy with how we've made some accommodations for that freak side of me. For instance, we bought and 8-inch strap-on for Nat to use on me. Most of the times, she really fucks me hard with the strap-on until she orgasms from the stimulation.

Getting back to our conversation from this past Saturday night, Nat was persistent in finding out whether or not I had cheated on her again or if I really missed being with men. No, I haven't cheated on her again. But I finally opened up and said that I absolutely do missing being with men and would love to have another threesome with another man or woman. Having sex with another woman was never really an option in Nat's mind, but I was persistent. Therefore, the only threesome she'd be keen for is with another man. But even then, she wasn't keen on the idea. She liked monogamy and is content with our sex.

"Are you saying you wouldn't want to fuck him again?" I asked.

"What if we didn't have too?"

I then went on a long soliloquy about how it wouldn't impact our marriage. I also mentioned, that I'm happy to share her with others as long as it was just for sex and fun. Furthermore, she knows how turned on I get by cuckold porn and that I enjoy both sexes and this gives me the opportunity to stay connected to men and her.

"Did it impact us with John?" I said.

I then laid out to her how I'm very happy to go down this road with her. I emphasized that it would in fact be WITH her. No more cheating behind her back, we would both be involved in some way. A few more drinks in and we started playing and touching each other. Partly because of the alcohol and weed, but mostly due to our conversation of sex with others. I was already starting to get hard, she placed her hand on my crotch where she could feel me growing.

"Absolutely." Natalie responded.

She finally freed my cock, sat down and immediately started kissing the head while cupping my balls. After a few seconds, she took me into her mouth. I love how warm her mouth is, especially on my cock. She looked up at me and could see the lust in my face. She slowly moved her mouth off my cock and said, "are you sure you'd want to be my cuckold and have other men's cocks in my mouth?"

"Are you certain you want other guys to fuck me?" Nat moved back onto my cock.

"Well, I want you to fuck me now." Natalie unhooked her bra and pulled her skirt down along with her red thong that matched her bra.

I obediently listened and in no time was on my knees moving my mouth onto her cunt. She moved her body towards the edge of the bed to provide me with better access and pulled her knees up. "Lick my pussy, slut. The one good thing you are useful for is that mouth and tongue of yours. Get me wet!" She pulled my head into her pussy with some force. This was a move she didn't normally attempt. I was loving it.

"Tom? Do you want to fuck him?" I playfully asked.

"That's exactly what I want, babe." I said lustfully.

Pushing her back on the bed as I rose up and onto the bed, I was gobsmacked by the turn in her language and the aggressiveness in her tone. However, I was equally turned on as I rubbed my steel like cock up and down her slit for increased lubrication and enhancing her excitement. She was very wet and to be fair, I had quite a bit of precum dripping from the role playing.

"Does your husband like guys or something?" I said to continue the role play.

Natalie shuddered a tremendous orgasm and I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock. This action brought me to a climax, and I shot at least five ropes of cum into her pussy. I collapsed on top of her. We kissed for a couple of minutes as we both came down from our very explosive collective orgasms.

I slid back down onto the ground and moved my face into her pussy to start the clean-up. She stopped my head and told me to lay on the ground. I did as I was told and saw her cup her pussy and slide off the bed and position her pussy over my face. As she started to bend her knees to bring her pussy closer to me, some of the cum dripped onto my face. When she was a couple of inches above my mouth, she removed her hand and finished sitting on my face. The cum spilled out into my waiting mouth. There was quite a bit of it. However, I lapped with as much gusto as I could muster. When I believed I had finished cleaning her, while she had another orgasm, she took her hand and pushed into my mouth as she still had jizz on it from cupping her pussy.