The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted 03

Chapter 3: Pool on New Year's Eve.

"Are you ready yet?" yelled David from the bottom of the stairs.

"That's what you said ten min... oh never mind."

Beth leaned forwards and applied her makeup. She was a natural beauty and any sort of cosmetic was a rarity for her. She applied her lipstick then set it down. She'd already done her hair, curling it, the brown strands falling to the tops of her breasts. She looked stunning and was glad none of her college feminism professors could see her now. One of them, Ms. Dykstra didn't even believe women should shave their legs, let alone wear makeup and dress up for male oppressors. Beth thought she looked good and was dressing up for herself but knew a lot of male eyes would be checking her out and Titus would be one of them.

They were still struggling to make the mortgage payment since Titus had taken half of it during the poker game last week. That was why Beth had given up several days of her holiday vacation to work some extra wait shifts at her job this week. David was putting dinner on his credit card but staying out until midnight and getting drunk was out of the question until Titus promised he'd hook them up with free drinks at the club.

"Sorry, I took so long dear," she replied smiling. Beth took the railing and began descending the stairs while her husband stared entranced up at her. His mouth was hanging open.

"I take it you like?"

"Now David, please don't sexually objectify women," she said. He nodded, looking embarrassed. Beth hated seeing all the female models in their skimpy bikinis posing for photographers on the beach and it was a constant sight. "Even if it is true," she added, and David brightened up. "You look quite dashing yourself."

Dinner was fantastic and even though it cost more than David should have spent, she refrained from chiding him for it. They enjoyed each other's company so well, that Beth actually started to look forward to a little New Year's sex that evening. It has been a couple of weeks since they'd been intimate just after her period when she often found herself horny. Christmas night sex was a tradition, but Titus had ruined that. Beth had been hornier than usual, but David had been unreceptive to her advances. He'd yanked his penis from her hand one night when she'd reached over to fondle it. It hadn't shown any signs of swelling either. She strongly suspected his mind kept seeing the same hand jerking off his brother's giant black cock. Hopefully, a little booze would get him to loosen up and forget the incident with Titus. She sipped her wine and thought of the fun they might have later that evening, but her mind kept picturing David with a penis as big as his brother's. She frowned unable to even picture her husband's small penis in her mind and the big penis rising out of David's crotch was always black.

"I'm cool with that," said David, "but we shouldn't let free drinks go to waste."

Beth turned to punch her husband on the shoulder but found he had turned his attention to another woman. This woman was dressed like Beth in a sequined black dress only hers was sluttier and like the bartender, her belly was on display. Her skirt was a little shorter too. The woman was lovely, but a little chubby. Her belly was flat but curvy. If she'd been seated there would be flesh rolls on her stomach, but standing she looked sexy. Her navel was pierced with a diamond stud. Her face was gorgeous if rounded with eye-catching naturally red hair that fell halfway down her back. Her skin was pale like most redheads. Her breasts were enormous, G or GG Beth guessed, and her rear end was quite plump.

The next thing that happened shocked both David and Beth. Titus reached under the bar and handed her a jewelry box. He removed the top and the girl squealed in joy. "Did he just propose?" asked Beth.

"Good to see you, bro," said Titus, pulling back from the woman. She sat down on a stool while Titus came down to them. "What can I get you?"

"Want some shots?"

Titus popped off the tops on a couple of beers and left to wait on someone else. David handed Beth a beer and she quickly pointed to a booth that had miraculously opened up. They quickly took it and sat down across from each other. They tried to continue their conversation from dinner but had to shout over the noise and were soon interrupted.

"Friend of Titus'? asked Beth.

"Same mom, different dads," said David.

"Beth," replied Beth. "No offense Ashley, but you don't look old enough to be in here."

"And what do you do Ash?" asked David. "You look familiar."

"You're a model?" asked Beth.

"Accountant," answered David.

"Waitress," replied Beth. "You get a lot of work?"

David choked on his beer. "Wow!" he exclaimed, still coughing.

Beth's eyes flickered down to the jewelry box. She wanted to know what was in it and she wanted to know badly. BBC Lover's Boutique, Miami, was on the lid. She wondered if she could take a quick peek. Her eyes moved up to David's and found him staring after Ashley. "You really find that attractive?"

"You don't think she's fat?"

"Hmm, still looks a little heavy to me," said Beth. Every male eye around Ashley was on her. A couple good looking young men even tried to talk to her.

"Hi guys, got some more beers and some more shots." Ashley sat another tray on the table.

"So, Ashley, what do you got there?" asked Beth, nodding towards the box.

"Nice," said Beth, "but honestly, I like the diamond better."

"Wh-what?" he asked, eyes wide.

Beth frowned. She could not understand his fascination with women's stomachs. He liked to plant kisses on her belly when he could, and his eyes always glanced at any woman with her navel showing though he tried to hide it. He'd tried to no avail to get her to wear half-shirts or bikinis with low cut panties. She didn't consider her bathing suit a bikini, though it was a two piece. The bottom just covered her navel and the top was more of a sports bra. David hated it though she looked amazing in anything.

"That's sexy as hell...OW!" David jumped as Beth kicked him under the table.

"What's the Q?" asked Beth.

David watched her plump bottom shaking as she walked to the bar, leaned over it and gave Titus a big kiss. "I'll buy you a new car if you get that exact same piercing," said David. Ashely stepped back and framed her belly for Titus. He nodded his approval. David thought a young man was eyeballing Ashley up, approaching her with two drinks in his hands, but he looked at her piercing then at the bartender and kept walking.

"Whoo Hoo! Sex on the beach shooters Y'all!" Ashley sat them down and slid in beside David.

"So Y'all dance?" asked the model.

"You and me then gurl." Ashely stood and grabbed Beth's wrist before she could object.

David quickly lost his dislike of dancing when nearly half a dozen male dancers began to surround the two women. Ashley threw her arms around one and started close dancing. Another guy grabbed Beth's hips and tried to pull her rear end into his crotch, but the prudish loyal wife pulled away. David quickly inserted himself into the mix and started dancing with his wife. Beth was so delighted she started dirty dancing a little, grinding her rear into his crotch until he got a little stiffy. Drunk Beth was a delight! David became the center of attention when Ashley left one of her admirers and came in behind him. David found himself in the center of a hot babe sandwich and he loved every minute of it.

"You like the little slut don't you?" asked Beth.

"No accounting for taste." Beth took a sip of her beer, suddenly hating the woman.

Beth thought of his huge cock sticking out under his muscular chest and stomach, gliding between her breasts, the head entering her mouth, filling it with his seed. "I've no idea," she responded, repressing a shiver. Her good mood was gone too.

"Ten more minutes," yelled Beth back.

Beth smiled. She was looking forward to a night out and uncharacteristically for her, she decided to show off a little. Beth stood before her mirror in her underwear, plain white Walmart bra, and panties. She reached out and grabbed the little black dress. It shimmered in the light. She pulled it on over her head and reached behind her to zip up the back. She stepped into her heels and posed sideways. The dress was standard garb for New Year's Eve, but not something she'd ever worn before. It showed more cleavage than anything she'd worn previously, and the hem was shorter than even her shorts. It stopped mid-thigh where all her other dresses covered her knees.

Titus! Beth flushed with shame just thinking of him. The last week had been quiet and she'd seen little of the black brute. She'd had to work every day at the restaurant and David had been home all week visiting her at the diner for lunch. Titus hadn't been around much, not even sleeping in his room most nights, but only stopping for a change of clothes. She was glad, not wanting him around after what had happened and especially the way her body responded to his presence. Her nipples would swell every time she saw him, and her inner thighs would get damp. It was happening now, just thinking about him. "Damn," she muttered, as her nipples and even the outline of her areola became visible under the dress. The sooner he left town, the better even if he was giving them free drinks tonight.

"Beth, we have reservations... OH WOW!"

"WOW! All is forgiven. I don't care if we're late. WOW!"

"Me like," he answered nodding like an idiot. "I can't believe I'm married to the hottest woman in Miami." David totally meant it despite Miami being second only to New York when it came to the number of modeling agencies in the city. Hell, a large section of Miami Beach was filled with topless beautiful women sunbathing nearly every day.

David straightened his tie and froze with one eyebrow raised like a male model. He was a decent looking man with an average build but also an ever-growing paunch. He did look good in a suit. David reached out and took her arm. "My lady, your carriage awaits."

The club parking lot was already crowded. "What say we just have one drink and then head home?" she said. Beth didn't care for the bigger clubs. She preferred her bars quieter and more intimate. "We can snuggle up on the couch and watch the ball drop on TV."

Club Climax was big and crowded and not what Beth or David was used too. There were four different bars and string bikini-clad women selling beer from large coolers scattered about. The dance floor was crowded with young people having fun and lots of lights. Titus was at a back bar already busy filling drink orders. An attractive woman was bartending with him. She wore a tight half top that left her flat belly bare and when she turned her back had some sort of tribal tramp stamp. Beth rolled her eyes when she caught David checking the girl's stomach out. He had a belly button fetish and found any outfit that showed off a woman's navel sexy. The female bartender's bellybutton was pierced with a black spade pin.

She turned and leaned over the bar, her tits practically falling out as she talked to Titus.

"Maybe?" replied David, confused. The woman was stretching over the bar and hugging the giant black man. The skirt had ridden up her thighs and it looked like her butt cheeks might pop out.

"Just a couple beers," said David.

"No thanks. We may not stay long," said David. "It's not our scene."

"Hi guys, I'm Ashley," said the woman that had been hugging Titus earlier. She sat down a tray with three shots on it. "Shots of Jaeger," she said drawing it out and scooting in beside David much to his surprise. She sat the box Titus had given her on the table and passed out the shots. "Cheers," she cried holding hers up. They clinked their glasses together and swallowed them down.

"Yeah, we met here a couple of days ago." She suddenly put her arm around David and leaned into him. "Are you really his brother? You two don't look alike."

Ashley's eyes flickered down to his lap and then back up. She withdrew her arm. "So, you're David and you're..."

Ashely leaned forwards, "Sssshh! Don't tell anyone, but I'm only nineteen. T-Dawg got me in." She nodded towards Titus.

"I'm a model."

"Yeah, I do plus sized shoots. They're becoming more popular and it keeps me busy. What do you do?"

"And you?" asked Ashley.

"Yeah tons," said Ash. "Made 300,000 this year. Got more work lined up for next year too."

"Lots of work for a plus size model if you got nice skin and look good in a bikini,' said Ashley nodding. "Well, I need a beer," she said, standing up. "Be right back."

"Well yes," he replied. "She's not the hot fox you are dear, but that there is a lot of woman."

"No, she's got some jiggle is all and in all the right places. Her thighs are a little plump. But the rest of her looks amazing and she's absolutely lovely."

"You know Beth, you really shouldn't objectify women," said David repeating one of his wife's favorite lines. She gave him a glare back. "Men like all types of women. A woman with jiggle is as sexy as hell. Frankly, I find Victoria's Secret models to be a little scrawny. Now you my love, are perfect."

David reached out for a shot of Jaeger, his eyes on her sexy belly. He handed it to his wife. The three clinked glasses together and downed the dark liquid.

The young model reached down and opened the box. Both David and Beth leaned over to look in. It wasn't an engagement ring, but a black spade pin almost like the female bartender was wearing. "Isn't it awesome," said the young woman.

"David, can you give me a hand with these?" asked Ashley.

Ashley stood at the end of the booth so that David was staring right at her stomach. He fought not to stare at it. "Take the diamond out for me," said Ash, working on the pin with the spade. David gulped, his hands shook a little as he reached out towards her navel. He could feel his wife's eyes glaring at him. David unscrewed the top of the pin through a flap of skin above Ashley's navel.

Ashley handed him the spade pin. David tried to put Titus's gift through her piercing, but he must have stabbed her. "I got it," said Ashley, sucking her belly in away from the pin. She reached down and skillfully slid the pin through.

"I love it," said Ash, framing her navel between her hands.

The new pin was a dangler. There was a black ball where the piercing went in and then a chain that dangled over her belly button so that you could see her navel where the diamond had filled it. Just under her navel was a white circle with a black Q centered in it. Another chain ended in the black spade. The bartender's pin had just been a black spade filling her navel. "Q for queen," explained Ashely. "Queen of spades! Whooo! Shots to celebrate." She turned and ran off to the bar.

"I'm not getting my belly button pierced," stated Beth. "Here comes the teenager with more drinks. You'd better slow down or you won't be driving home."

"I think we're past the point of me driving us home," said David, clinking shots with Beth and Ashley.

"I'm not much of a dancer," said David.

David watched both their asses this time as they walked out to the crowded dance floor. He grabbed his beer and followed them when they disappeared into the crowd. He silently sipped his beer watching the two women. Ashely was loose and wild, shaking her voluptuous body like a pro. Beth was more reserved, but much to David's surprise, his wife tried to emulate the younger woman. He smiled, picturing himself in a sexy threesome with the two hot women.

David and Beth had to rest for a bit and returned to their booth. He got them a couple more beers and Titus assured them that he would drive everyone home and he could leave his bike here. David walked back with the two beers, looking out to the dance floor for Ashley.

He saw Ashely. She was now the sandwich between two black men. The men had their shirts off and their muscular chests glistened with sweat. One's sweaty stomach was rubbing against Ashley's sexy belly. "No," he replied a little crestfallen. He sat down in the booth. "After all, she is with Titus."

"She is fun though." David sighed. His good mood gone. "What can she possibly see in that big asshole?"

David flashed his wife a wry smile and downed his beer. He checked her beer to see if she needed another one. She was holding it. Her slim white hand wrapped around the brown bottle. It was as thick as "the thing" between his brother's legs. He saw her hand holding Titus' monster cock, jerking it off.