Biology Professor Gets Kidnapped

Waking up was very difficult, as though I was coming out of a drug-induced slumber—which, in fact, I was. I tried opening my eyes, but they were completely covered by a blindfold. All I could see was black. Next, I tried moving my arms and legs. Unfortunately, my wrists and ankles were securely bound by some type of stiff, non metal clamps (maybe leather?). As consciousness began slowly returning, I realized that I was lying horizontally upon a soft vinyl surface, completely naked.

I had just finished teaching a late evening class in biology at the local community college. The topic being discussed was the scientific method, and the various parameters and considerations involved designing a study to test a hypothesis. Being an engaging fellow with a good sense of humor, I'm reasonably popular with students since I do my best to make whatever topic we're study as interesting as possible. I've also been told that, despite the fact I've 50 years old, my good looks and friendly personality also makes me a teacher of choice when young ladies are choosing whose science class they wish to attend at the start of each semester.

During the biology class I had just finished teaching, two particular girls went out of their way to tease and flirt. Karen, a short blond with a killer figure and sweet little ass asked, "Dr. Russo, what type of parameters would be important to include in study designed to test the sexual reaction of a male subject?" That got a general laugh from the students, and I smiled patiently.

"The hypothesis would be that a middle-age man would be able to 'rise to the occasion' repeatedly within a short period of time given sufficient stimulation," responded Valerie, a strikingly beautiful black girl with a lean, athletic build, and especially nice tits.

As the class began to file out, Karen and Valerie turned and winked at me. I smiled back at them, and silently wished that I could be young and single again—at least for one night. I sighed, packed up my brief case and left the class too, walking to the faculty parking lot which was fairly empty at just after 9:00 pm. Just as I took out my keys to open my car door, I felt a hand reach around from behind and put a rag over my face. The sweet odor emanating from the rag told me that the rag had been dipped in chloroform. Before I could put up much of a struggle, I drifted into unconsciousness.

"Karen? Valerie?" I called out. No response. I tried again. Nothing. Then I heard some soft footsteps approaching. I started getting very nervous.

Well that answered my question. It was Karen and Valerie. I decided right then and there that I wasn't going to fight them. I wasn't stupid after all. I may be married, but since I was bound and unable leave of my on volition, I figured I may as well relax and do my best to enjoy whatever these two young vixens had in store for me. That's when I heard Karen's voice. From the relative position of her voices in conjunction with their hands on my chest, it seemed that the surface I was lying on must be about waist high.

Then I heard Valerie's voice, "The first stage of the experiment is complete. Running fingers over chest and nipples is causing a slight engorgement and elongation of the penis. But full erection has not been attainted." Indeed, my cock had definitely started to wake up.

"The second stage of the experiment is complete, and the subject's penis appears to be fully erect," stated Karen. "Now it's time for the third stage."

"Shhh," responded Valerie. "Subjects are not allowed to talk in this experiment."

"But how...?" I began to ask, and was again shushed by Valerie.

Subject will perform cunnilingus...? That sounded absolutely lovely. My hard cock throbbed in anticipation of the fun my tongue was about to have. I heard one of the girls move around toward my head. Then, I felt a warm, naked inner thigh touch my right as she presumably swung her other leg over my head. All at once I felt short, soft, kinky pubic hairs tickling my nose, and I breathed in the distinct and slightly musky female aroma of delicious pussy. I immediately opened my mouth and used my tongue to take a long slow lick from 'taint to clitoris. She made a little noise that sounded something like a contented sigh. I know I was sure contented. She was already slightly wet and tasted fantastic. Apparently nights activities were exciting the girls as well as me. Then I heard Karen's voice to my right.

I repeated this teasing routine a few more times, and then I unexpectedly thrust my tongue as deep into her pussy as it would go. I was rewarded with a groan from Valerie. I continued to kiss and tongue her puss for another minute or so, before I finally let my tongue graze the side of her clitoris. "Yesss", she hissed, and pressed her pussy down a little harder onto my face.

My tongue bathed Valerie's clitoris using my special patented pattern of pulsing and flicking, finally focusing all attention right on the tip. Her clitoris was slightly larger than average, and was fully distended from her clitoral hood. She had begun a fairly constant moan about one minute ago, and it grew in intensity. Ultimately, her body began to shake and I knew her orgasm was starting to hit full force.

"That was the most fucking fantastic orgasm I ever had," Valerie sighed. "Dr. Russo really knows how to eat pussy. I just knew he would."

The table stopped moving, and then I felt Karen's soft inner thigh touch my cheek. As she was swinging her other leg over my head to straddle my face, I quickly began thinking about how best to please this delicious young thing. Many times watching Karen walk around campus or into my class, I noticed that she took ever opportunity to wiggle her ass in a tantalizing way. I'm not just talking about regular appealing shake of a woman's ass as she walked; I'm talking about her taking extra effort to draw attention to her delightful derriere. Furthermore, she always wore clothing that emphasized her beautiful buns, all of which lead me to thinking that she might have a bit of an ass fetish.

Rather than begin with a long lick as I had done with Valerie, I decided to start with a series of firm, wet kisses all around her pussy, starting with her clitoris, and then working my way down. Her outer and inner pussy lips were well formed, but smaller and finer then Valerie's. She tasted wonderful.

Slowly I let my tongue move back north toward her pussy proper, and gave her some of the same treatment I had given Valerie. The only difference is that every ten to fifteen seconds, I would let my tongue trail back down to her anus, circle it, thrust inside, and then go back north for a repeat performance. When I noticed her that her little clitoris was fully engorged and distended from its hood, I realized that she was close. I then stopped my anal ministrations and focused fully on pleasuring her clit, pulsing and flicking my educated tongue. When her body began to shake and her sounds coming from her throat increased in pitch, her orgasm was evident—and let me tell you she came like a freight train. She was one of those women who produced a great deal of pussy juice when she came, and I was happy to lap it up as her orgasm subsided. I then to one more trip south, planting soft kisses along the way, then flicking her anus with my tongue and kissing it passionately before stopping.

One or both of them must have sensed my impending orgasm, because they both pulled away from me, giving me a chance to recover. My breathing was heavy, and my I immediately missed the sweet, soft, moist pressure of their lips and tongue. Then Valerie said, "You know, he made us feel really good. I think it's time to return the favor."

"That's okay sweetie," replied Karen, "just relax, enjoy, and do whatever comes naturally." The familiar whirring sound followed, and the table I was on rose up a bit higher. Then, there was a noise that sounded like a level being pulled, and the next thing I knew a soft vinyl panel from about mid-butt to mid-calf swung out from below me. There was movement under me, and the next moment I felt a sweet, feminine tongue lapping at my testicles, and then gently taking one of my balls fully into her mouth and swirl her tongue around it. I gasped, and before I could even process this new, delicious sensation, a set sweet feminine lips began kissing up the side of my cock, with liberal use of her tongue. The feeling was indescribably wonderful, sending a current of pure pleasure throughout my body. "Ummm...nice thick cock," said Valerie—which meant that it was sweet little Karen down below sucking on my balls.

Unfortunately, my magnificent blow-job only lasted about forty seconds since I had been far too excited to hold on for any long. Now I sorely wished that I had had more staying power. It would have been nice to continue feeling that sort of pleasure for a longer period of time. Still, the experience was incredible. Karen moved from her position below me, but did not replace the panel, leaving my ass hanging halfway in open space.

Where the hell was I and why was I tied up like this? Although my first inclination was to call out, it seemed smarter to first think the situation through and try to figure out what was going on. So I began thinking about where I was last doing when I was conscious and unbound.

In fact, its commonplace of young ladies in my classes to flirt with me, although I've never responded to their flirting or sexual innuendo in any way that would suggest a lack of professional propriety on my part. Over the years, I've even had a few direct offers by some very attractive coeds, but I've always declined graciously on the basis of being a happily married man, which is true.

"Well that all depends upon the hypothesis you want to test," I relied, trying to steer the conversation back into a safe scientific framework.

The class roared with laughter, and there were even a few cat calls. I glanced at my watch at said, "On that note, its time to wrap it up for today."

Now, fully awake, I realized what must be happening. Karen and Valerie were going to take their flirting and sexual innuendo to the next level, and use me as some sort of sexual experiment of the type they described in class. At least, I rather hoped that that was the situation. I'd hate to find out that I was wrong and that some deranged serial killer had me.

"Who is it? What do you want?" In answer to my questions, the footsteps stopped beside me, and four soft hands began caressing my chest, running their fingers through my chest hair, and gently circling my nipples with their fingernails.

"This is the first stage of the experiment. We're going to see if we can get you to achieve a full erection using tactile stimulation, but without the benefit of touching your cock—oh, excuse me—I mean your penis. We're all scientific professionals here," she said in an exaggerated, pseudo-professorial voice. I couldn't help but smile, which caused Karen (at least I think it was Karen) to giggle.

"Now its time for stage two: using oral stimulation to promote an erection, but still without direct contact with the penis." Then, one of the two hot ladies bent over and began kissing my right earlobe, and moving down to my neck. I heard some movement, and the other sweet girl moved over to my left side, bent over and began licking my left nipple, grazing it gently with her teeth. I started breathing heavily. I was definitely getting hot, and my erection was continuing to grow. The abruptly, both sets of lips and tongues left my body, causing me to groan. I heard another giggle. This time I thought it was Valerie.

"What's the third stage?" I asked eagerly.

"The third stage of the experiment will determine if the subject will be able to maintain the erection and begin the leaking of preseminal fluid from the penis without any direct tactile or oral stimulation of any part of his body," explained Karen.

Karen continued, saying, "Subject will instead perform cunnilingus upon the research scientists, which hypothetically will result in the aforementioned erectile leakage of preseminal fluid."

Sounding a little husky, she said, "Subject will proceed with lingual ministrations until he brings first scientist to an orgasm." So it was Valerie's pussy I was eating! Although I had always wanted to, I had never eaten a black girl's pussy before. The realization that I was doing so sent a jolt of sexual excitement through me. I could just imagine the look of the pretty dark pussy lips and sweet pink center. I begin eating pussy in earnest. I began by running my tongue along the sides of her left outer pussy lip, continuing above her clitoris but purposely avoiding touching it again as I ran my tongue down the side of her right outer pussy lip. The texture of her pussy against my tongue was heavenly. The outer lips were quite full, and the soft membrane making up the valley between outer and inner pussy lips was smooth as silk. The inner pussy lips were wide and meaty with a tender, scalloped texture.

Now one thing I'm really good at is eating pussy. Besides the fact that I really enjoy it, I want the women receiving my talented tongue to really enjoy it as well. Consequently I have spent a lot of time studying clitoral anatomy and physiology, and testing out theories on my wife about how best to stimulate this sweet little bud in such a way as to generate maximum sensation, taking advantage of my knowledge of the nervous system. As a result, I've learned how to bring a woman to orgasm in only about three minutes using my own unique tongue techniques.

I then took my tongue directly off the tip of her clitoris, and moved it just slightly north so that I could continue my lingual massage as she came without excessively stimulating the tip of her clitoris which would soon become oversensitive. The result was that she experienced a mind-blowing, extended multiple orgasm, as evidenced by her screaming, "Oh God, oh God," occasionally punctuated by some very sexy moaning and groaning. Finally, her shaking body stilled, and she swung her leg over my head, dismounting my face.

"And look," Karen said, "his cock is hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum." Apparently, all attempts at scientific talk had disappeared in the sexual excitement. "You have to try him Karen," Valerie encouraged. Yes, I thought, move that sweet little blond pussy right on top of my mouth. I was ready. I heard Karen move toward me, then she stopped and I heard a metallic click. A whirring sound began, and I felt the table I was attached to start to lower. Of course, I realized, Karen was shorter than Valerie. If she was going to stand over me, I would need to be lower.

Just then, Karen's pussy came into contact with my nose and mouth. The texture of her pubic hair was slightly different from Valerie's—a bit more silky. Her sweet aroma was also somewhat different, with a very light fragrance of peach body wash. This is not to say that her smell was better than Valerie's, but it was certainly equally as good. In any case, I enjoyed the difference.

As my lips and tongue started to move down past her 'taint, she began to tremble. That's when I knew I had pegged her correctly. When my lips met her anus, I kissed it softly and extended my tongue to circle it. A mewling noise escaped Karen's lips, and I knew that I had her. Then, I started thrusting my tongue inside her anus, and she gasped and started to tremble slightly.

As Karen dismounted from my mouth, she bent over and placed a passionate kiss upon my lips. I kissed her back hungrily, our tongues intertwining in a sensual little dance. Then Valerie whispered, "Me too," and I felt her full soft lips kissing the left side of mine. When her tongue entered my mouth along side of Karen's the sensual little dance increased in intensity. Combined with my inability to see or touch them, the sensations I was experiencing was unlike anything I had ever known. My arousal was extreme. I was moaning unrestrained and was about ready to come just from kissing these two incredible ladies.

"Ladies," I said in heavy, panting voice, "I just want you to know that I'm already on the edge. Whatever you do next, I'm not going to last long."

Then Valerie took the head of my cock into her mouth and did something to me that I never thought I would experience. She deep-throated me, swallowing my cock whole, all the way up to the hilt. The shock of ecstasy put me that much closer to my climax. Then she began bobbing up and down, circling her moist tongue around the head of my cock as it would reach the front of her mouth. At the same time, I felt the other side of my testicles being bathed by Karen's tender, loving tongue, and the totality of sensations finally reached the breaking point. I screamed out, "Yesss...," as my orgasm exploded like the grand finale on the Fourth of July. I pumped what felt like a gallon of semen down Valerie's lovely and willing throat, as she continued to bob up and down, taking everything I had to give.