The Wife Leaves the Panties Ch. 01

At 40, Anna is a beautiful woman with curves in all the right places and a springy gait. She is professional, kind, and not at all slutty. Not in real life. But when alone she has wild sex fantasies only a fraction of which she has brought herself to tell her husband of 18 years. They range from bdsm, sex with a stranger, and bdsm-sex-with-a-stranger, to being tied and examined vaginally by a doctor, then being fucked by this doctor in both her holes.

She is now sitting leg over leg. He is staring at her thigh, not too brazenly. She switches her legs, letting him peer higher down her thigh. It's too dark for him to see her pussy but she doesn't know that. The idea that a complete stranger just saw her freshly trimmed, married hole makes her hornier. She quietly shoves her red, sexy lace panties between her upper thigh and the armchair armrest. When she gets up and leaves, his eyes follow her round ass, then right away notice the panties she left. He gets up, sits in her place, secretly puts the panties into his pocket. In the bathroom he takes them out, ready to unload his cum onto them. Then he sees her telephone number scribbled across them with a Sharpie.

On the beach, Anna sees Dave sitting next to a handsome 20-something year old guy, talking to him. Dave is grinning, the guy is smiling back, a bit cautiously. He is tall, slim, his chest muscular and completely hairless. Anna heads toward them, navigating guts, legs, asses, and boobs. As she gets closer, she overhears Dave: "...great ass..." The guy smiles again, still cautious, Dave keeps grinning. Anna stops five feet away from them. They are facing the sea and can't see her.

"Just wait and you'll see." Dave goes on. "And her boobs! No bikini can hide them."

Because she is a bit angry at Dave for talking about her tits and ass with another guy as if she's some kind of a college slut, she also feels a little vengeful. Entitled to a little revenge. She walks up to Dave and puts a gentle hand on his shoulder. He turns, stretches his neck to kiss her on her lips then, smiling, introduces her to the cute guy. He is a yoga instructor at the hotel, it turns out. "Just as he has always imagined," she thought, "that's why he looks so stupid happy."

Anna gets back first. She pulls out her beach towel and her panties from the bag -- sexy red lace. She feels several pairs of eyes follow her as she lies down, panties stretched in her hand. She scribbles something on them, then shoves them into the pocket of the yoga instructor's shorts. She lies on her back and closes her eyes.

The boys are still talking when Anna shows signs of leaving. She gets up, pulls her dress over her bikini. It is still wet and her boobs make wet round spots on the dress. She picks up the bag then goes, "oops, honey, I forgot something!" giving Dave a hot-dumb-slutty-puzzled-bimbo look.

All the pairs of eyes ogling Anna... the memory of Dave's lewd remarks about her... the yoga instructor's glances at her boobs... the tingling between her legs... Anna's vengefulness and daring now peak. "My panties!" she says loudly enough for the instructor to hear. The ring of her own words give her a kick. She feels the blood vessels throbbing up in her temples and down in her pussy.

The throbbing continues and Anna feels the inside of her thighs getting wet. She slowly sits down facing the yoga instructor. Her knees are together, but her skirt has hiked up, revealing her legs up to her ass. Casually, she turns to Dave. "Shall we go get some rest, honey?" As she speaks she slightly parts her legs, just enough to give the instructor a good view of her swollen dripping pussy lips.

To be continued

She also likes when younger, handsome guys ogle her, but -- brought up with conservative values -- she is too shy to flirt with them or to show too much skin. Each time she is ogled by one in a public place, she goes home and imagines sitting across from him in a short skirt, flashing him her thighs, then going to the bathroom, taking off her panties and coming back commando. He can't see up her skirt, but the thought of her bare pussy being just inches away from the rim of her skirt makes her pussy juices flow.

Anna shudders with orgasm as she imagines this. Slowly, she pulls out her dildo and puts it in the drawer. When she sees Dave's text -- "come to the beach, babe," -- she gets up and puts on her summer dress. It's moderately short and pretty low-cut. She's shy about showing too much leg but doesn't mind showing cleavage (she's got solid Ds). She shuffles in the open suitcase and picks up her black bikini. She slides into the bottom, then removes the straps of the dress and puts on the top then moves the straps back.

"You little fucker!" Anna thinks. "He isn't just ogling younger chicks, he is talking about them with another dude!"

Anna is puzzled but now she thinks she knows what he's really talking about. He's discussing HER! With a younger (and a pretty cute) guy! Anna feels a tingle between her legs. He's had that Anna-with-a-handsome-young-guy fantasy for ever. She just didn't know he was so serious. She feels a mix of anger and daring. She's still got it, obviously. She knows by the number of eyes ogling her legs and ass and cleavage right now.

The guy is pretty hot but nice and polite. No pushiness. They all go for a swim. Anna leaves her bag with a change of underwear and a towel on the beach. Everything is nice and friendly between the three. Some racing, some splashing each other, some laughing. The guy is a good swimmer and has a good sense of humor. He steals glances at her boobs, and when Anna turns away from him, she wonders if he is ogling her ass. She's damn sure he his.

Back at the towel, Dave asks the guy everything about the yoga sessions. When the guy promises them a discount, Dave tells him they are definitely coming to ALL of his classes. Anna participates in the conversation with faint smiles and nods. She feels more and more "angry" and vengeful at Dave and shifts her direction to face the guy. She lifts herself on her elbows, and now he has a beautiful view of her big tits pouring out of the top. He shoots glances at them, which Dave happily intercepts. More tingling between her legs.

"What, sweety?"

She slowly removes the straps, pulls off her bikini top from underneath the dress, then pulls the straps back. Through the thin, wet fabric, Dave and the instructor can clearly see the redness of her hard nipples poking through. The yoga instructor is now openly staring. There is disbelief and a dumb smile on Dave's face. Still standing, Anna slightly lifts her dress and pulls down her bikini bottom, then steps out of it. Dave, the instructor, several people nearby, all are now staring at her with open mouths.

When they get up to leave, the instructor is so stunned he forgets to hide the big bulge in his pants. Later, when putting on his shorts, he feels the strange slippery lace of her panties in his pocket. He pulls them out, and right across the part that's supposed to cover the pussy is a phone number.

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