The Witch's Apprentice Ch. 01

Three pumpkin seeds, half a bar of dark chocolate, a lock of red hair, a prick of her blood of course, and what was that last one? Phoebe picked up the dusty book next to her cauldron, careful to keep her fingers from its hot black sides. She flipped to the bookmarked recipe and scanned the ingredients list. Oh yes, orangutan tongue. That had been a hard one to get ahold of. Luckily, she had the proper connections these days. A tiny pink-skinned fairy landed on her shoulder as she rummaged through gnarled wooden cabinets. It's miniature female form leaned over to speak in her ear.

"Ah, thank you Morgen." She lovingly ran her finger over its tiny naked body and it flitted away on translucent wings. Probably to spy on the men.

She let her robes fall to the floor as the potion cooled. Her bare breasts developed goosebumps in the exposed air. To keep busy while she waited, she grabbed a plastic bag and spread it open beneath her crotch. She whispered an incantation to remove body hair and watched the short prickly pubes between her legs fall off and into the plastic until she was completely smooth. She sealed the bag and put it into a specially labeled box with other filled baggies. It was a common ingredient. She rubbed her hands over her silky pubic area and appreciated the feeling. Her fingers wandered down further to feel her hairless pussy, and then she stopped. Mustn't get distracted. The potion was ready.

The clone wasn't sentient. That would have been a disaster. Phoebe inhabited both bodies with a single mind. She saw with four sets of eyes and heard with four sets of ears. She felt both a hardening cock and a moistening pussy. Her male body began to stroke itself. She loved the feeling of a cock in her hands, loved knowing she could penetrate, knowing she could release a load deep inside another if she wanted to. Her female body wasted no time bending and spreading.


He was currently paying the consequence: toughing out the 40 minute walk to campus in the cold. Brian sighed, his breath escaped in a cloud of fog. The tightly packed buildings and car-lined roads had blended together after weeks of walking the same route. Now it was only the people he noticed. They were the only part of the scenery that changed. Old women pushing carts, kids on their way to class, homeless guys. Endless variety, but still a certain category of individual that would be fighting through the frigid air at 10 am. That was probably why the girl caught his eye.

He realized he was staring. He straightened his gaze, his pulse quickening a bit. A tiny part of him wanted to cross the street and start a conversation. He kept telling himself he needed to take some initiative in life. If he didn't find some confidence somewhere and start really living he'd always be a virgin, never be the life of the party, never experience all the things he wanted to. But the courage never came. He guessed he just wasn't the type of person that was that comfortable in their own skin.

She strided across the street, looking at him with a wry smile. He could now see that she was a bit older than he was, probably late twenties, and very tall for a woman, an inch or two above his average male stature, but that was with the heels. He slowed down his pace and turned to her, not sure what to expect.

At first it was the observation that he couldn't seem to decide what color her irises were. As soon as he was about to settle on blue they would suddenly seem brown, or even violet. As he puzzled, a powerful wave of something like pins and needles swept across his body. It started at the points of contact between their two hands and radiated outward. He felt like something intense and relentless was infusing itself into his veins. Strange, sensual imagery flashed before his inner eye. One terrifying second later and it was over. A peculiar warmness lingered across his skin in the wake of the sensation. The numbness in his gloveless fingers was completely gone.

"Sorry, um... I'm Brian." Betsy let go of his hand, and finally broke eye contact. He didn't know what to say next.

"Oh, yeah no problem," he handed over his phone in a daze. He had never felt anything like her touch. He couldn't think of a word to describe it but eldritch, like something humans were not meant to feel. He was still trying to figure it out when she gave his phone back. She leaned in as she did so; she smelled intoxicating.


"And that's our class today folks," Mrs. Park dismissed the room of students with a wave.

"Hey Brian!"

"Did you watch the new episode of Dragon Star?"

Disappointment flashed across Abby's face, "Oh ok, I'll see you next class then." She brushed her hair away from her glasses, smiled nervously, and finished her trip to the door. He watched her go. Abby was fun to talk to. She was into the same nerdy stuff he was and he knew that she liked him. But he just wasn't very attracted to her. She seemed too much like a little sister, or a guy friend. He admitted to himself that her petite, curveless frame didn't help either.

Unfortunately, the morning had other plans.

Brian woke up groggier than usual. He'd slept in far longer than he wanted too but, hey, it was Saturday. He blinked a few times and tried to remember his dreams. Something to do with other dimensions, one about a forest. Eventually he convinced himself to get out of bed and into the shower. As he began to roll over he felt something warm against his thigh. His first thought was that he'd left something under his covers and fallen asleep on it. He yawned and pulled away the blankets in one motion. He couldn't believe what was underneath.

He paused and yelled for his roommates. No response. He was alone. After staring for a minute, he reached down and felt his new dick and balls. He was suddenly incredibly horny. So much so that his hands seemed to move on their own. Tentatively, he rubbed his right hand up and down his shaft. The trip from pubic hair to tip felt incredibly long. He cradled his new balls with his other hand, the bulk of them turned him on more. His drooping morning wood became a rock-hard erection. In the process he gained at least another inch. The head of his cock was swelled and quivering. Its dark purple complemented the beige hues of his long, vein-accented shaft. He realized he would need two hands for this new development, and a lot of lube.

As the pleasure rocketed skywards, a slight pressure began to build inside Brain. He realized it was his prostate, he'd never really felt it before. The pressure mounted as his whole lower body emitted waves of tingling sensation. The pleasure was nearing unbearability. He forgot everything but the feeling of his new girth under his hands until, finally, it all released. He groaned as cum surged through his throbbing dick. It shot into the wall in long, heavy threads. For a full 10 seconds he channeled a pulsating load. His legs shook uncontrollably as a last dribble of cum fell to the floor. He collapsed.

"You left it above the fireplace silly," it squeaked.

Phoebe threw the tongue in the cauldron with everything else. Bubbles popped and splashed around the purple flesh as it submerged itself in dark blue liquid. A minute later and the concoction was ready. She carefully poured it into a flask on the counter top and then squatted down to inspect the texture. Thick, with little specks of white. Perfect.

After a pause and a deep breath, she downed it all in one gulp. It tasted like an unnameable fruit as it slid down her throat. The effects began immediately. Her flesh started to melt and flare up with odd protrusions. A vaguely humanoid frame began to pull itself out of her churning skin. A very familiar humanoid frame. Before long, a perfect clone of Phoebe stood before her. Well, almost perfect. There was one large difference. A thick cock hung from the clone's crotch in place of female genitalia.

She watched herself through her male eyes as she pulled back round cheeks and offered up a puffy pink slit. She grabbed her own ass and rubbed her hard dick against her wetness. Waves of complementary sensations spread through the twin bodies. Her male form pushed its counterpart against the counter top. It grabbed her female body's tits while its own pressed against her back. She fucked herself from behind. Hard. Her girth filled her up and pounded her in just the right way. She moaned in unison. She hammered a tight pussy while taking a thick cock. She was soft and hard. Submissive and dominant. A thrusting incarnation of sexual duality.

Brian Tibbott shivered in his winter coat. It was early October and already freezing. It seemed like this part of Earth had forgotten about Fall and skipped directly into an unforgiving Winter. He noted that he would need to dig his gloves out of his closet. Even deep in his coat pockets, his hands were getting numb. As he opened and closed them in an attempt to get some feeling back, he kicked himself again for leaving his bike on a public rack overnight. Even with a bike lock, and Brian's wasn't one of the more expensive ones, that was practically giving your ride away in the big city.

She was walking towards him on the opposite side of the street. Even from the distance she was striking. A black, wide-brimmed hat matched a cinched overcoat with a collar that straddled her neck. Both framed her face, pale and keen. Somewhere on the border of severe and delicate. A purple and black striped sweater hugged her chest beneath the overcoat. Her figure was made more eye-catching by her boots, laced up to her shins and with heels that must have been three inches.

Besides, he doubted she would find him as interesting as he did her. His green hoodie, practical old boots, coat, and jeans combo was not quite as alluring. Just as he was settling back into his typical state of morning commute daydream, the lady stopped dead in her tracks. He was so taken aback by her sudden stillness in his peripheral vision that he almost stopped in his own tracks in response. He forced himself not to turn towards her and continued his march forwards. But then she started off again, directly towards him. His heart rate took another leap upwards. He looked around to see if there was something to cause her sudden change in direction, there had to be something. But no, he was the target of her advances.

"Hey, I'm Betsy," a slender hand with purple nails extended. She was even prettier than Brian took her for at a distance. Not supermodel gorgeous, but with a mischievous charm that made him think she was both irresistibly cute, and someone who could easily be cast as a villainess in some big budget movie. Her long black hair spilled out of her hat and tucked into the back of her coat. As he took her offered hand, she looked directly into his eyes. It was then that something very strange began to happen.

"Ooh, cold," Betsy smiled.

"I just realized that my phone is out of battery, and I really have to text someone. Would you mind?" Her voice was low and smooth. It had an almost musical meter to it.

"Thanks," she whispered. And with that she was on her way.

Betsy was the only thing in Brian's mind for the rest of the day. His classes breezed by as he recounted their meeting. His wonder about the strange sensation was quickly usurped by the draw he felt towards the girl in the hat. He imagined that after she had handed back his phone he had confidently asked her on a date. Then they would get to know each other at a cafe, or after a movie. He'd brush back her dark hair and look into those mystifying eyes and then-

Brian started packing his bag and shook his head a bit. He knew it was unhealthy to fantasize like that. He blamed the fact that he was a kissless virgin partly on his tendency to get lost in his imagination instead of talking to real women. As if on cue, a girl with a splattering of freckles, medium length blonde hair, and oversized glasses stopped by his desk on her way to the door. She looked up at him with her hands on her backpack straps.

"Hi Abby." He sighed internally, this wasn't the girl he was looking for.

"Yeah it was ok, listen I kind of have to get going."

It was later that night that he decided he needed to put the sensuous Betsy out of his mind. Maybe he would ask Abby out. He had to settle at some point. It was time his expectations shrank.


Sticking out of the left leg of his briefs was a huge cock. His cock. But it was double the size it had ever reached before. It must have been 9 inches long, and as thick as a doorknob. Brian pinched himself. He actually, unironically pinched himself in an attempt to wake up. It's not like he was small before, he had measured himself once and determined that he was about average. But this was something nearing on the inhuman. When it was clear he was still in reality, he stood up and pulled off his underwear. He felt a new type of heft as he stood, he wasn't used to so much weight hanging from his crotch. He realized that his testicles had grown as well, now both the size of cue balls. His sense of apprehension at the impossibility of the change was overridden by a powerful wave of lusty curiosity.

He waddled to the bathroom, compelled by lust. His manhood swung in front of him as he moved, like a bat held between the legs might. He closed the door, lathered lotion into his hands, and continued to feel himself. Even with two sets of fingers wrapped around his new member there was plenty of room to stroke. Up and down, up and down, pleasure rocked his body. Masturbation had never felt this good. He found himself thinking of Betsy. Her legs in her tight boots. What her tits would feel like under her sweater. What her mouth would look like with this monster shoved into it. Flashes of her eyes.

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