Vanessa Gets Worked Ch. 02

How different things look now. When she left this morning, Vanessa was ready to move on past Chad and maybe embrace a new beginning with Sean. Now she returns home and doesn't know what the fuck to do anymore. Her phone buzzes again. It's Sean: "hey beautiful. You busy?" She hadn't responded to him yet. How had Chad known about her and Sean? When Chad took her in his office he had been more forceful than ever and it seemed like he knew every detail of her night with Sean. It was the best orgasm of her life this morning and she wanted more, but once again, nothing from Chad for the rest of the day. Her pussy was still throbbing though. She loved teasing Chad with details about her and Sean. She thought he liked it too, the way he responded, but had she gone too far?

She starts remembering Sean at the club, the small talk as he bought shots, his hand rubbing her knee and leg, how sweet he seem when he "confessed" that he had liked her, but been too nervous to approach her. The sweetness continued on the dance floor as he whispered things in her ear about how beautiful she was and how amazing her body was. None of the stuff was very original, but she still loved it. He was exactly the type of guy she would have been crazy about before Chad. The confident athlete, tall, strong, nice eyes, nice smile, but still with a reserved tenderness; a secret side. According to office gossip, he had been a star lacrosse player in college and was now the rising star of the sales department, having already brought in more business than most of the team combined. He was charming in an aloof, unassuming way.

She leaned into the back of her couch, stretching her body as she rubbed her clit faster and faster, remembering how full she felt riding Sean's cock, how thick his cock was, and how good his hands felt on her as they guided her body up and down on his shaft. She approaches climax thinking of his chest and abs, and how they felt like chiseled rock. She moans out loud in her living room, so close! Then orgasm, interrupted. The doorbell has been ringing. Had there been knocking before? She was so lost in her own world, she hadn't realized. Taken off guard, she springs up from couch and to open the door. Sean is standing in her doorway, with a bottle of wine and a wide, charming smile.

She can't help but smile and feel flattered. That was shy she wore the dress—to feel sexy and amazing. And now she's been fucked in it while bent over her boss's desk and seconds ago, almost brought herself to orgasm thinking about the man who is standing in front of her, in her living room, uninvited.

He shakes his head no, and stepping forward he rubs her cheek with the back of his fingers. "Aw sounds like you had a hard day today." She chuckles to herself at his choice of words. "You shouldn't be alone. Here, I brought some wine for you. Let's have a glass and you can tell me everything. I promise I'll make you feel better." He leans in and gives her a sweet, soft kiss on her lips as she stands a bit on her toes to meet him before he pulls away, leaving her wanting more.

"Sure baby, anything you say!" That big smile again as he shrugs, pretending to accept defeat. He gives her ass a playful slap when she walks into the kitchen with the bottle.

They cheers and Sean makes his way to sit down on the couch. Vanessa asks bluntly, "Did you tell anyone about us?"

"Umm no." She doesn't really think her confession to Chad counts when he had her pinned against his wall and his fingers inside her. He had already known. She asks again, trying to be serious. "You promise? I don't want people gossiping at work and thinking I'm—I'm that type of girl."

Vanessa takes a deep breath. How she wants to just tell him everything. But she can't. Chad has this power over her. She doesn't understand it; but she can't deny it. She tells herself to be strong, just have this glass of wine and then ask him to leave. He's a gentleman; he'll leave if you insist. She puts down her glass and puts her hands on top of Sean's, keeping it from creeping any farther up her leg. "Look, Sean. I haven't been entirely honest. I'm kind of seeing someone." He looks almost hurt as he nods his head.

"Yeah. No. I don't know. It's complicated." She suddenly feels a need to console him. Fuck! Why is she doing this? She should not be with him right now.

She forces herself to lean back from the kiss. "Sean, believe me, you're not just a normal guy. Look, I know I should've told you before but I—I don't know—I just couldn't, and things were a little different then."

Sean gently bites her ear lobe, making her shudder. His voice low, "I know you want me baby." She moans louder, her will becoming undone. "Don't you?"

Summoning resolve from deep inside, she pushes against Sean's chest and backs away from him on the couch. "Sean, I'm so sorry. I do want this, want you, but—I just can't. I wish I could explain, it's just—I just can't. I'm really sorry, baby. Please believe me!" Why did this all have to be happening now? Why couldn't she have met Sean first?

"I don't know, Sean! I'm sorry. Believe me I don't want things to be like this!" He isn't leaving and she doesn't know how else to explain things. She watches as Sean keeps stroking his cock through his pants just staring at her. "Look, this isn't how I want things at all. I really do like you, Sean—a lot." She leans over and puts her hand on his leg before he quickly takes it and puts it on his shaft.

"I'm sorry I got you so worked up. How about I give you a blowjob and then you go home for tonight, OK? I just need to work out some stuff. We can talk tomorrow!" She hopes to buy herself time.

She smiles and shifts from the couch on her knees in front of him. "Good, baby. I don't want you too." Sean is straining hard against his slacks. She unzips them as she keeps looking up at him and bites her lip, telling herself that this isn't a big deal and Chad will never find out. Sean groans in relief as Vanessa takes his dick in her soft hand. "Fuck, you are so big Sean!"

Sean's grip tightens and he leans back moaning louder feeling more of this hot blonde's wet mouth on his cock. Taking in half of the shaft she slowly moves up and sucks hard on his head before moving back down, now feeling pressure from Sean's hand pushing more and more of the shaft into her mouth. She is struggling to take it all in. This might be the biggest cock she has ever had. Sean is unphased by the sound of her choking—he continues to push down on her head with both hands, making her take more and more.

She hears him groaning and saying "Fuck yes," his cock pumping in and out of her mouth, his cock deep in her throat when suddenly she hears it. It's her phone, and it's Chad's ring. Something she personalized so she always knew right away when he called. And, of all the times, he's calling now!

"I can't! This is important!" Stunned, Sean sits there his hard cock throbbing in his hand. He watches Vanessa answer the phone, giving him a "shush" sign with a finger up to her mouth. "Umm hi? Is everything OK?"

She bites her lip; nothing else matters right now. Practically forgetting about Sean, she turns the corner and heads towards her room. "Hmm, I bet I know exactly what was on your mind." She is giggling and biting the end of her nail as walks into her bedroom. Then she hears a sound and turns around. Sean is standing there, in the doorway to her bedroom. His face is flush as he stares at her, bewildered. She looks him up and down, his cock is still hard but tucked into his boxer briefs—his slacks apparently discarded somewhere between the couch and here.

After setting her stuff down, she pours a glass of chilled chardonnay from her fridge and return to her living room to sink deep in her couch, taking in the day's events. Still wearing her tight blue dress that hugs her hips and clings to her buoyant D-cup breasts with the plunging neckline, she feels the hem slide up her leg as she lounges. She sips her wine and closes her eyes; first, picturing her and Chad, then, unexpectedly, her and Sean. She spreads her legs and lets her left hand rub up her thigh to her exposed pussy. She's wet. She's probably been wet all day.

She remembers the moment when they were dancing and she stopped feeling guilty about Chad and started enjoying Sean. It was the moment she felt his lips on her neck. His kisses were gentle and he had held her firmly by the waist. She had confessed to Chad how Sean had felt up her breasts there on the dance floor, but she hadn't told Chad about how she let him put a hand under her skirt at the club and fingered her clit while he kept his lips on her neck. She hadn't told Chad about how good Sean smelled, how she would have fucked him right there if he hadn't suggested going back to his place. She hadn't told Chad how Sean continued to finger her in the back of the Uber, how she had brought out and stroked his cock, neither of them caring what the driver could or could not see. Now on her couch, she thinks of being in Sean's bed, naked and laying on her back as he explored all over her body with his mouth. Sean's hands and mouth spent a lot of time getting to know her tits. Usually this bored her, but his touch was special, it was exciting. She loved how much he desired her and how turned on she made him.

"Hey baby. I hadn't heard back from you, so I wanted to stop by to see if you were OK. You OK?" He smoothly slides past her into her apartment. Vanessa, at a loss for words, closes the door. Sean looks her up and down and she can only imagine what he sees, her disheveled hair, her flush complexion, is her make up still OK? But he only sees the dress showcasing the curve of her hips, her perfect tits busting out, and her long hair falling across her shoulders. "Damn, the guys at work were right—that dress is amazing."

"Thanks, Sean. It's really sweet of your to check up on me but it's been a long day and I just want to be alone."

"Ugh, fine. OK, just one glass but that's it! I can't do anything tonight!" She wags her finger at him like she means business and takes the bottle.

Soon she brings back two glasses handing him one. What the fuck is she going to do? She promised Chad this morning she wouldn't hook up with him again—unless he gave her permission. Does it matter? He would probably never find out, but how did he find out the first time?

"No, baby. I mean, I fucking wanted to tell the whole office. All the guys talk about you all the time. But I didn't. Why? Did you?"

Sean looks her in the eye, his charm on full display, "Baby, I swear! I wouldn't do that. I don't want this to be a one and done thing with us." He seems sincere and she accepts his word. He leads her over to the couch and they sit down where they each sit at an angle facing the other. She crosses her legs, her dress hiked far up her thigh. Vanessa is suddenly very conscious that she is not wearing panties, let alone that she is still dripping wet. His hand is on her leg again, just like it had been at the club. "So tell me, what's going on today?"

"I see. Is this serious, or—" He looks around the room.

Vanessa's hands are hardly an impediment to him. Sean moves his hand higher up her thigh as he puts down in wine and inches closer to her. "Sounds like you're not really sure about this guy, Vanessa. I mean I always heard you say you were single at work and joking about how hard it was to find a normal guy. I'm a normal guy." He leans in and kisses her, his thumb rubbing back and forth across the top of her thigh as his fingers press gently into her skin. "I don't see any pictures of you and this mystery man up anywhere. Maybe you just need someone to show you something better."

Sean laughs a bit. "Different huh? Something changed in the past two days? C'mon, baby. I don't know about your other situation, but we are great together—I'm not just gonna give up on this." His hand goes higher up, now just under her dress and he leans in for another kiss, but Vanessa turns her head. Not to be outdone, Sean starts kissing her neck. Vanessa can't help but moan, his lips feel so good, he smells so good, some cologne she can't place, but it's hot. Everything is as good as she remembers. She starts doubting herself and her resolve. Maybe Chad found out because someone saw her at the club, but there was no one else here, now. There was no way Chad could find out now.

Enjoying his lips on her neck, she nods and softly admits to him in barely a whisper. "Yes, Sean." Vanessa wraps her arms around his neck and Sean easily opens her legs, uncrossing them as his lips find hers and kisses her deeply, sensually. His hands slide up her thigh under her dress, surprised she is not wearing panties. "Fuck baby!" His fingers are on her bare pussy, already soaked. "You hoping I was going to find you at work or were you just waiting for me to come over?" She blushes as he looks down at her, teasing her pussy lips with the tips of his fingers. Since her and Chad had started hooking up, he made a rule that she couldn't wear panties to work. Whenever she did, he took them. Now with Sean's fingers on her twat, she remembers being in Chad's office, on her knees, promising to be a good girl for him and not hooking up with anyone. She can't help herself; she wants to be good for Chad.

Shocked at the sudden change, Sean's demeanor darkens. "What the fuck, Vanessa? You are here dressed sexy as fuck, your tits practically spilling out of your dress, your pussy is soaked, you're not wearing any panties, you're making out with me and now it's no? I'm hard as a fucking rock and now you tell me you just can't? What am I supposed to do about this?" He grabs himself through his pants, the outline of his hard cock clearly visible through the thin material of his expensive, tailored business slacks.

"I like you, a lot too." He gives her a sly smile as she moans feeling his steel member.

He laughs. "Well, it's not the worst offer I've had in my life that's for sure. But even if I leave here tonight, I'm not giving up on us."

He smiles as he puts hand behind her head. "Enough talk, baby. Start sucking." Vanessa's a little surprised at the command but does as she's told, hearing Sean moan when she breathes her hot breath on his head. Her soft lips kiss the tip and circle his head moving slowly down his shaft. Her tongue rubs on his head and then licks down. "Mmmm. Fuck yes, Vanessa! Mmm suck harder baby." Vanessa does as she's told and starts bobbing her head up and down on his cock, sucking him harder and harder.

She is able to take him all the way into her throat and then gags hard; he relents and releases her. But to his delight, she willingly swallows more of him keeping him in her throat for a little bit longer. He reaches down with one hand finding her tit and squeezing it through her dress. He knows and fucking loves that they're fake. All the guys joke that she's the office porn star, with her fake tan and fake tits. He cups her in his hand, starting at the bottom and palming her. He's wanted these tits in his hands since he first saw her. Now, he tells himself, they're his.

Spooked by the timing, Vanessa jumps up to find her phone racing for it seven or eight feet away from the couch. Sean's eyes bulge, "What the fuck?! Ignore it!"

Chad sounds like he has had a drink or two and is already pretty worked up. His wife Sarah must be out at an event or night out with friends. No way he would risk calling her if she was around. "Hey slut. I've been thinking about you. Sorry I didn't get a chance to see you this afternoon. Something came up. Believe me, you were on my mind."

Mouthing "what the fuck?" he watches her talk on the phone and then realizes who it must be. Vanessa is talking a little softer while trying to motion to Sean to go back out to the living room. "Umm, can I call you back in like five minutes? Maybe ten?" Chad says he doesn't have that long and starts asking questions about what she's doing. She cannot let him find out about Sean. "Nothing, it's nothing. I was just in the middle of—umm—making dinner and just need to wrap up something." Sean hears laughing and Vanessa respond with annoyance, "I do too cook!"