Total Woman Legacy 03

A dozen co-eds were gathered in a classroom for their first sophomore coach tutor poise training. It was the class year when the coeds practiced their vaginal sex poise. Although their original Total Woman Academy application documents recorded who was and wasn't a virgin, Ned and Ms. Penelope wanted the coeds to embrace an openness regarding their past sexual intercourse experiences.

The sophomores had completed their freshman year, when topless nudity was the standard daywear about the campus. Now, they had moved on to the modified schoolgirl uniform of TWA sophomores. Red plaid skirts were pretty much ubiquitous everywhere in the world, though these were shorter than most. They were fashioned to flash the underlying white satin thong panties; the guest coach tutors and visiting Pledge Contributors commented more on those sophomore furtive sightings than the freshmen's ever present boob show.

Today, the coeds wore complementing white cotton blouses. The top two buttons were always undone. The tails were pulled together and knotted in front. The fit should run one or two sizes too small, tight enough to stretch across the coeds breasts and still allow a little free movement when they walked. The thinner translucent fabric served best to flaunt a hint of nipple.

First up, or off, were the blouses. He stepped before the first girl in line.

He fiddled with the blouse tails and unknotted them. Then with both hands, he fisted the lapels and yanked them wide, popping the buttons and getting his first unobscured look at her tits. The physical act surprised her and she hopped in response. That was what he wanted, a bit of bounce to judge the pliancy of her breast masses. He pushed the broken blouse over her shoulders and told her to drop it on the floor. Ned repeated the act down the line five more times.

Then he started at one end of the line and performed his tactile test of their pussies. At each girl, his index finger pressed each side of the vaginal slit, feeling for softness and rebound. He didn't probe through their labia; that opportunity came later when he effected their life changing penetration. For now, he was just ranking who would go first.

It was time to get on with the crux of the assignment. Ned stepped to the first in line and faced the dark brunette. Her brown eyes were highlighted by dark makeup, set above high cheekbones. Her hair was a full mass of rich waves that cascaded past her shoulders.

"Sofia" was the soft, shy reply.

"Portugal, sir. A rural area of Portugal."

"You seem sensitive to my touch. Are you nervous?"

Ned stood silent, letting Sofia gather her thoughts. She did and filled the awkward gap in the question and answer dialogue.

Ned nodded his understanding. His hand cupped the fullness of her breast from underneath, weighing its mass. Another fullness was growing in his groin and he was growing impatient to be alone with delectable young Sofia.

He took her hand and led the first of this week's assignments away to his coach tutor suite. In the background he heard the experienced girls chuckle their ribald support for Sofia and her imminent life change. The five other virgins grumbled about wanting to get it over with and now they had to wait a few more days.

Inside the Coach Tutor Suite, Sofia displayed greater despair, shed more tears. Ned helped her move forward, slipping off her skirt and heels. He doffed his own clothes, exposing his tumescent prick. Sofia was familiar with the sight of the male appendage, similar to ones she'd seen and handled throughout her freshman year.

"You have masturbated men as part of the freshman poise curriculum. I want you to give me an erection. You know what to do, but don't try to overdo it and extract my seed. That will happen soon enough, but this time inside your pussy. Understand?"

Sofia watched with uneasy captivation as Ned climbed onto the bed, his oily erection waggling at his groin. He kneeled between her knees and leaned forward, bracing on his hands as he spoke calmly to her tear tinged face.

Sofia's fingers held his knob and she levered it towards her pussy. Ned leaned in and the spongy head pressed her slit. Posed for entry, Ned relaxed atop her body, moved his hands down beneath to cup her ass cheeks. To his dismay, Sofia tried to roll her hips away, attempting to delay the inevitable. Ned kept a one hand grip on her ass and moved the other behind her neck. He drew her close to his body and pressed her into the mattress.

"Take a deep breath and hold it" he advised her.

"I have to finish now. I am going to spurt my semen inside you; can't let it stay bottled up. You will feel the warmth when I do. Try to relax and it will go smoother. Ready?"

He let the pulses run out, feeling the pleasure of her womb cuddling his shrinking erection. Resting momentarily atop her soft body, he gathered his thoughts and strength, and then slowly pulled out. He stood by the bed, helped her clean and preen her pussy and left her there to rest.

Ned was content that he had launched Sofia further along to her destiny of becoming a proficient cock worshipping TWA coed.


Ned had been her first. Within an hour of being ushered into his presence, the previously unfamiliar man's cock had converted her from a shy young virgin into a curious eager woman, warming her womb with his life nurturing dose of pearly essence. Thereafter Ned had been only one of the many staff and guest coach tutors who had incessantly enriched her femininity and sexuality. But he was special to her, the coitus wizard whose skill and perseverance earned her admiration and respect.

Sofia became a favorite pupil of the staff but many of the guest coach tutors gave her high marks in their post-coital reports. Once, during her junior year, the Housemother informed Sofia that she had been requisitioned by a distinctive guest coach tutor for a full day and night of sexual indulgence. Thrilled to be so honored, Sofia was meticulous with her sensual preparations, focused on securing more accolades from such a special gentleman.

A seasoned coach tutor inspected her final preparations, noting a few details: his finger detected day old pussy stubble that needed a closer re-shave, big gold hoop earrings instead of jeweled baubles and locking buckles for the high heel straps to allude a petty bondage. But overall, he endorsed her preparations.

The appointed guest coach tutor entered the suite, closed the door and stood several paces in front of her, gazing down on her naked, submissive beauty. He tenderly invited her to look up at him. She let her focus travel slowly from his wingtip shoes, up his tailored wool slacks, and past the starched white dress shirt. She beheld his face and was mildly shocked but maintained her deferential pose and demeanor at the sight of her Uncle Miguel.

'Her ass and tits are so smooth and soft, yet firm and supple' he mused.

Becoming impatient to feel her marvelous boobs squashed against his chest or swaddling his stiff dick, her uncle twisted his face to her ear, sniffed her hair and whispered.

He squeezed one cupped breast for emphasis and told her to undress him. Sofia fell deeper into her compulsory role; ceding to the clothed man's mastery over her naked subservience. She followed his instructions, respectably helping him strip and store his tailored clothes. She knelt at his command and sucked his cock to erection but not ejaculation. He hastily pushed her into bed, a quick conjunction of their genitals and then he drilled her cunt with a frenzy that filled her with his first flood of sperm.

Even when he needed a break, he ordered Sofia to perform all the work herself until she triggered his bliss. She squirmed her supple body against his as much as possible; hands, nipples, kisses, caresses, whatever she could do to prove she was totally dedicated to his ultimate pleasure. It didn't matter their family relationship; he was the elite alpha male and she was the source and receptacle of his lust.

Eventually, inevitably, Father Daughter Weekend arrived, the event that dispelled the notions of immorality for true paternal incest. For her father, Tomas, and Sofia, it was also the weekend when the parent-adolescent pair evolved a particularly explosive sexual technique. After some exploratory coupling to establish trust and rapport, Tomas had goaded her into a studier type of fuck. He arranged her curvaceous body in missionary pose, cradling his hips in her saddle. Taking a cleansing breath for power, he touched his tip to her labia, pushed to seat his knob and then, in one long push, sank his solid erection entirely down her slick tight pussy.

After a brisk round table of dialogue, the two adults segregated the class into separate groups: ones that knew the feel of a real flesh and blood cock in their cunts and those who hadn't yet but needed to experience that sensation very soon. The six virgins formed a line at the front of the classroom. The others took seats to watch the proceedings.

Black high heels were the standard footwear; not too high to become an ankle injury risk but high enough to condition and acclimate the girls to modern fashion requisites. No leg hose for now. The hair and makeup styles could be anything within reason but pigtails and bright lipstick were also hits with visiting gentlemen.

With these dress code rules in mind, Ned stood back and surveyed the half dozen candidates from which he would select his first deflowering assignment.

"Hands at your sides, please."

Now the line of young virgin ladies stood bare from the waist up. Time for another judgement of breast characteristics. He told the first in line to push her thong down to her ankles by bending at the waist. She reach under the short skirt and did as she was told; she waggled her ass to get the tight panties over her round hips and ass. In so doing, she dangled and swayed her boobs from her horizontal torso. Each girl in turn did as she was ordered and Ned got past his first classifying task.

Having completed a cursory appraisal, he rearranged their order in line, from first to last. The attentive coeds, all different heights and ethnicities, modeled a variety of hair color: blonde, brunette, deep-black brunette, umber redhead, strawberry redhead. Interesting, Ned had not sorted then from short to tall, or by any distinguishing hair color. But it was obvious to the adult observers and attending experienced coeds that the line descended from the largest tits to the more moderate tits.

"Hello, little miss, what's your name?" he asked in an even tone of voice.

"Sofia from?"

Ned reached out and drew a finger around the edge of her left areola. The little circumference bumps puckered beneath his touch, texturing the border between her bronze nipples and her Mediterranean-derived light tan skin tone. A swipe across the center brought stiffness in her nub. He teased her right boob and caused a similar response.

"Yes, sir."

"My mother is a TWA graduate and has steered me away from the local boys, preserving me for my matriculation here. Virginity has been key part of my identity. And now all that's about to change; I'm just troubled about my future self-image."

"It was going to happen eventually. I promise to make it a memorable occasion. Come along now; we have things to do."

Sofia had completed her freshman curriculum, gaining an intermediate understanding of the male and female anatomy, genital and other erogenous zones, stimulations and male emissions. But this would be different and her misgivings grew as they got closer to Ned's quarters. Her eyes watered and a single tear streaked down her cheeks; Ned perceived a few suppressed sobs. He was not immune to her reactions but knew the best course of action was driving straight ahead and getting her through the life altering event. The new world beyond would be filled with pleasures she had yet only dreamed of.

Ned gathered her gently in his arms, carried her to the bed and laid her on the sheeted mattress. He posed her, spreading her thighs wide, elevating her knees and resting her head on a shallow pillow. He found a tube of sticky lubricant in the night stand and handed it to her.

Sofia nodded. Ned watched her squeeze a small pool on her palm and curl it around his softness. Her gentle strokes worked their magic; Ned got longer, stiffer and fatter in her hand. He paused her penile massage at the optimum time.

"It will help you get past the angst if you are the one to place me. Confirms your commitment to the poise curriculum. Go ahead."

She continued to twist about but Ned overcame her feeble physical objections with mild force. He inched his knob inside her, little push-pulls to ease and lubricate the moves. Her shifting lessened. He felt the maiden constriction several inches down and braced for breakthrough.

She did and Ned pressed hard, made a bump or two, felt a yielding and slid all the way home. Sofia sobbed out her emotions, whether from a sense of pain or a sense of woe over the irreversible act. He rested for a minute, letting her tight passageway gradually swell to accommodate its manly intruder. Ned was only started and spoke softly to the brand new woman cradled in his arms.

He got no response and went ahead anyway. He drew back and pushed in, medium strokes to start. She stopped struggling and Ned dwelled on the pressure in his groin, willing his body to speedily finish its wholesome chore. His prostate cooperated and he grunted a generous volume of sperm into her womb, her first feel of the manly essence that would pour time and again into her feminine receptacle.

Sofia was his until morning and he liked the time he spent in bed with her. He played with her breasts; he loved breasts in general but hers were really magnificent. He fucked her twice more during the night, lubing generously to avoid causing her soreness. Sofia was more willing each time, having found human coupling less hurtful and more agreeable with each subsequent experience.

His thoughts turned to this evening; there would be another new coed to transform, and another each of the following days and nights, until he completed his half dozen assignments.

Sofia blossomed at TWA, dedicated to amassing the curriculum proscribed expertise over the course of her training. She had endured freshman year, an endless ordeal of technical celibacy. She had studied male and female erogenous anatomy, faced and felt the body's orgasmic responses to sexual stimulation. She was still a vaginal virgin, until sophomore year.

Ned had been her first in other ways. Just a week into her junior year, he was the first man to push his dick past her tonsils, introducing her to deep throat oral sex. Other guest and staff coach tutors would exercise her lips and throat but when the time approached for her junior to senior evaluation assessment, Ned returned to confirm that she had attained the required skill and dexterity for oral male satisfaction.

Her sister coeds volunteered to help for the special occasion. They advised her on the tone of the cosmetics: dark eye shadow and liner, two toned nipples, a rosy labia gloss, fiery red lipstick and nail polish. She did up her hair perfectly, applied the flawless face and erogenous zone makeup, picked out exotic jewelry and sequin-adorned high heels, and daubed musky perfumes in the right places. It was an all-out effort to display her best feminine qualities to the VIP elite alpha male.

At the appointed time, she respectfully squatted in her heels in the center of the guest coach tutor's suite, outfitted as a romantically themed setup. She faced the door, her gaze down and her hands, palms up, resting on her spread thighs. Her biceps indented the sides of her generous breasts, pushing her pointy layer toned nipples forward and closing the cleavage, suggesting a cozy cock cuddling tunnel. Her pussy was budded open between her thighs, a dewy pink flower enticing the male to affect its pollination.

He bade her stand and she rose to present her full magnificent glory, eyes downward in respectful easy pose. He walked completely around her, staring down at her nakedness, a palm tracing her bare hips and ass like he was circling an inanimate marble column. He stopped behind her, reached around to cup her breasts.

She stood still throughout his tactile inspection, letting the alpha male handle her, acknowledging his dominant prerogative. She was flattered by his attention; it fueled an emotional boost to her sense of self-worth.

"I have been waiting a long time for this moment. You look, and feel, exactly as I imagined you should when I ogled you at all those family get-togethers. I now I get to do everything I've ever dreamed of doing to you. But even a full day and night may not be enough time. We'll see... Let's get started!"

Sofia obliged his every wish and whim throughout the remainder of the designated day and night. Uncle Miguel was voracious; his unfaltering fortitude drove him to use her mouth, tits and cunt to provoke and tame his insatiable libido. Sofia, his sister's grown-up daughter, struggled to keep up with her uncle's energy and ego.

He was hooked on her sensuality and returned on other occasions for additional private sessions and Freewill Weekends. She came to know her uncle well, learning new ways and techniques to please the older man. He was gracious with her contentment, giving her permission to orgasm, ideally before he did. He liked the way her autonomic contractions stimulated his sensitized erection before he jetted his seed inside her warm wet womb.