Toy Continues His Journey Ch. 01

So Jeff and I had been trading blowjobs for awhile when one day we were hanging out and he asks if I want a blowjob. "Sure" I replied. I mean, who wouldn't jump at the chance for a blow job?

Well, I was more than a little startled by this turn of events but I was a little curious too. I had always had a few kinky (by my then vanilla standards) fantasies and wondered if this could be a great chance to explore. What really made my mind up though was the raging hard on in my shorts. Letting my dick run the show for the moment I stood up, slid my shirt over my head, my shorts down, and knelt in front of my best friend.

"Pet look what I have for us to play with." At the sound of his voice she looked up and smiled.

My jaw was starting to ache but at this point I was so turned on by what was happening I didn't want to stop. I gave my jaw a break by licking more and sucking less. I swirled the head of his cock making sure I licked all the precum oozing out. I licked the length of his shaft and fondled his balls with the hand that wasn't in pet's sopping wet pussy. I couldn't believe how wet she was and it occurred to me that I had an opportunity to try something my wife wouldn't. Making sure I was gentle and didn't go too fast I slid a third and then the fourth finger in her. She was starting to buck and moan now. Evidently she liked what I was doing so I carefully started to work the rest of my hand in. Her wetness helped a lot as I couldn't add any lube with my lips and other hand busy with Master. In short order my entire fist was buried in her. She started bucking and moaning like a woman possessed. She was so wet her juices were running down my arm. My attention to pet's sweet pussy was interrupted by Master pushing my head down firmly on his cock burying the entire thing in my mouth so that his pubes tickled my nose and my chin was resting on his balls shooting his load so far back into my throat I had no choice but to swallow. When he was done he gently pushed me back pulling my hand out of pet in the process. She moaned in frustration and disappointment as she hadn't cum yet. I sympathized as my cock was rock hard and oozing so much precum there was actually a trail of it down my thighs.

Jeff paused before he says to me "Here's the thing though, I told Sally about what we've been up to lately and she's cool with it but she wants you to follow the same rules she has to." I knew Jeff and Sally were kinky but I didn't really have any idea what that really meant. It seems I was about to find out. "So from now on when you come here looking for some action I expect you to strip naked as soon as you come through the door and kneel in front of me. You are expected to do as you're told but don't worry - I wont tell you to do anything you don't actually want to do and nothing to harm you either."

He smiled down at me and said "Good boy. From now on your name is toy. Sally's name is pet and she is dying to meet you but first you need to get me ready." With that he pulled his cock out of his pants and thrust it into my face. I took the hint and started to suck him off. At this point we'd swapped blowjobs enough I knew what he liked and I soon had him raging hard. He pulled out motioned for me to follow him. He led me upstairs to the bedroom where he had another surprise waiting for me. His wife Sally (or pet as he instructed me to call her) was kneeling on the bed with her hands out in front of her, her legs spread, head down and her ass in the air. The only stitch of "clothing" she had on was a plain leather collar around her neck. She was a beautiful sight to behold with perfectly round tits that were a large C cup, nice round ass just the right size for grabbing hold of, and a thick dark mound of hair above her pussy . I didn't know it then but she doesn't shave or trim it at all, it just naturally stops around her pussy for easy tongue access. I wish some of the other girls I knew had been like that.

"Thank you Master" she replied. She seemed genuinely pleased to see me. Master sat down on the bed next to her and started rubbing her ass. He merely pointed at his cock but I got the message loud and clear. I dropped down on the bed between his legs and started sucking him off again. Pet was resting her head on his thigh watching me intently. It was obvious she was getting extremely turned on by the show she was getting. That was all the encouragement I needed. I tried every move I could think of or had ever seen in a porn flick on his cock. Pet turned and said something to Master. I couldn't tell what or hear his response with my ears between his thighs but pet turned around and started kissing Master and playing with his nipples. Her very swollen and obviously wet pussy was now within easy reach. I took the liberty of reaching out and playing with her lips. Getting no protest, I slid one finger in. I swear she was the wettest I've ever seen any woman. One finger slid in so easy I decided two would be better so I added another and started massaging her G spot with the two inside her and rubbing her clit with my ring finger which was still outside. Not easy to do when you've got a mouthful of cock to worry about as well.

To be continued...

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