Transcendant Sensuality - 15

“I’ve ruined it.”

“What have you ruined? We can buy another, whatever it is.”

Kevin folded his paper. “Sometimes the workings of your mind escape me,” he admitted.

“We’ve moved beyond that, to be sure,” he acknowledged.

He shook his head. “What? Why are you sorry? Haven’t you enjoyed it?”

“Well, not since Halloween.”

“Have you talked to anybody else about this?”

Kevin chuckled. “So Taylor’s not sharing?”

“What about Jasmine and Tanya. Have you talked to either of them?”

“Because you don’t feel the same excitement?”

“It’s the same for me, darling. I still get to watch you.”

“Like CJ? That didn’t work well.”

“It isn’t like that at all. First of all, none of your lovers are taking you for granted. They’re respectful, well-mannered, and, dare I say it, love the fact you are who you are.”

“Second, it sounds to me like you’re the one missing the thrill of the unknown. Will he or won’t he? Will it be good, bad, or indifferent? How will it be different from the others?”

“Okay, look. Remember the last time we were in Chicago. Remember how worked-up you were before the knock on the door? You didn’t know for sure if he was even going to show up. When he did show up, you still were on edge about what would happen. You took charge, like you always do and everybody behaved up to expectations. Remember, I was there.”

“So,” he continued, “I remember distinctly and with great joy the long, unmistakable moan of satisfaction when he finally entered you. Exhilarating for me. But for you, I think, it was the release of all that tension you’d built up. And that, I think, my darling, is what you’re missing.”

“Not in the same sense you do. I’m delighted when I hear that distinctive moan. Remember, this has always been about your sensuality. Listening to you as you have your experiences is nearly as satisfying to me as watching you.”

“I disagree. You see, I can still see and hear you, in most cases. And, because I’ve heard it before, I can tell when you’ve been penetrated. That brings to mind images of past couplings I’ve watched and I see your face, your posture, and everything about you that make you the sensual being you are in the throes of rapture. When I hear that particular sound, I see the penetration and its effect on you.”

Kevin nodded slowly and smiled tenderly. “Almost every time.”

“I’m sure it’s involuntary. It’s one of the elements of your sensuality that impassions me, and encourages me to continue down this road.”

He laughed easily. “I said it was one element. One of many.”

“We have all the tension we need. We create our own. And the sights and sounds of you as you engage the members of our group seem to be evidence of that.”

“Hardly,” he chuckled.

“It has never been about the uncertainty, my love. It has always been about you.”

“That’s why you need to go to Argentina.”

“Why not?”

“But I will know, my darling. I will know and be thrilled for you.”

He grinned. “I have images. After the Halloween Party I have thousands of images.”

“Of course I was watching you. I love you. Your delight is my thrill. Your passion is my delight.”

“My favorite?”

“We were in the in the family room. I was on the floor, leaning against the couch, enjoying the oral attentions of Jasmine. I could just see you over her back. You were kneeling on the carpet. I could see two male hands covering your breasts, caressing, squeezing. Your hair was draped across your right shoulder. I could see your face; well, half your face. The hair hid the other half. Your eyes were alternately closed and then open. When they were open, there was a distant glaze. Your mouth was slightly open as you gasped. You’d close it and moan, looking up at the ceiling. You were rocking back and forth, lifting slightly so I could see just a glimpse of the hard cylinder you were riding. You had your hands pressed into his chest.”

“I don’t know. It didn’t matter. What mattered was the look of complete sexual abandon I could see on your face. You were on another plane; feeling rather than knowing, and moving on him to provoke simulation.”

“I don’t know. We never made eye contact.”

Kevin chuckled. “No darling. Well, she had some effect. But in reality, you made me come. Watching you enthralled, enraptured and absorbed like that made me come. Poor Jasmine was just the recipient of my reaction to seeing you. She may have even been surprised.”

“Have you been trading notes?”

“That’s going to make me self-conscious.”

“And Buenos Aires?”

“You can’t imagine how much,” he grinned.

“I don’t expect it will, my love. The who is not the point.”

“Well, there’s Julian. It’s been months. I know you love him.”

“I understand completely. Then, there is the knowledge that you will come home energized. One thing I’ve learned about you is that the more sex you have, the more you want.”

“But it is, Karla. I think you like to be sexually charged up and to demonstrate that is your natural state. And I love you for it.”

Making love with Kevin was like coming home. He’d been right in that assessment to, she acknowledge to herself. After getting eaten, fucked, immersed in sexual exultation, she craved his warm and loving embrace and the familiar feeling of him under her hands, in her mouth, and deep inside her. She could feel his love for her in those moments when they reconnected after her more visceral sexual explorations.

“I love you, too, my darling Kevin. And I desperately need for us to make love to one another right now.”

“I’ll go for you,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck. “But you have to fuck me first.”

“How was your date night with my husband,” Karla asked Alex over their lunch of pecan chicken.

“Really? I didn’t mean it that way.”

“I’m not jealous, Alex. Remember me? I’m the one who sent him to you in the first place.”

“My first date. Lovely man named Julian. You should meet him.”


“Oh, well. I just thought, you know…”

“By Taylor.”

“She isn’t really mean, is she?”

“So, he’s staying?”

“He’s a good bartender.”

“The original idea was that you’d see to him for me.”

“They’ve got their own, uh, situations.”

“I don’t want anybody to make any kind of real sacrifice just so I can take off for a week.”

Karla cocked an eyebrow. “Same situation. Who tends Tom while Tanya’s with Kevin? Same for Jeremy.”

Karla laughed. “Alex, you slut! That’s a great idea!”

“Three weeks from Saturday. Julian’s got a formal dance that night he wants to take me to. Even says he’s got my gown all picked out.”

“I sent him a little slinky something that really shows off my assets. Then I gave him shoulder to waist and waist to floor measurements. He says he’s got a marvelous seamstress who will put it all together.”

“You’d have to move to South America,” Karla grinned at her. “Besides, I’m not sure that you’re his style. He’s attracted to full-bodied, taller women with auburn hair.”

Karla shrugged. “You had your chance with Ted, darling. I gave him to you and you handed him off to your daughter.”

“She’s sharing him with you?” Karla asked in astonishment.

“That’s convenient.”

“So, he’s happy?”

“I’ve missed him,” Karla confessed.

“A little of both.”

“The thing is, that was kind of over-the-top. Sort of a once in a very long while experience. I’ve been thinking along the lines of something of a little more intimate gathering.”

“Well, think about this. Instead of one giant conglomeration of people, we have two. Tom and Tanya are virtually next door. So, they’ll hold a small gathering, and Kevin and I will host one. Folks are free to move between the two, but it wouldn’t be the mass of people we had last time.”

“Well, that would be okay. But, it won’t start out that way. I’m thinking of working with Tanya to plan it for New Year’s Eve.”

“Just Julian, darling. Get yourself some glamour shots taken so I can show him. We’ll see what he thinks of busty blondes who want to marry him. Meanwhile, I’ll set up the rotation with Tanya and Jasmine.”

Kevin looked up from his paper at his gorgeous, auburn-haired wife.

“I’ve ruined what we had. All the mystery, the sensuality, it’s all gone. Everything that we started this experience for is all gone.”

“The Halloween Party,” she explained gently. “That whole experience. We’ve all seen and been with each other. Now there’s no curiosity or exciting build-up. We’re just going to get together and screw. It’s nothing like what we experienced in Chicago.”

“I’m sorry for that.”

“There was edginess to the exploration that is gone,” she said softly. “I liked that. Now, it’s just, I don’t know. We just get together and fuck.”

“No. I think everybody got their fill.”

“Alex, a little. Taylor and Ted really are in love. She told me she can hardly pry them apart.”

“I didn’t ask.”

“That’s not the point, Kevin. It used to be exciting. I mean, I don’t hate getting laid by Tom, or Jeremy, or even Ted, if Taylor will let him. But it isn’t the same.”

“No. Because it doesn’t give you the same excitement.”

“How do I explain this?” Karla asked herself in frustration. “When we’d go, you know, hunting, there was always the possibility of the unknown. It was, like, strange and new, and we never knew what was going to happen.”

“Okay, but, now…I mean, you have to know. It’s more like just spread them and go!”

“This isn’t about them. I love them all, too. That’s not my concern.”

“Am I, do you think? I never liked the uncertainty, not really. I like the fact that the variety is here and only a phone call away.”

“I remember,” she said with a grin.

Karla pondered a moment. “Don’t you feel that, though? That sense of relief?”

“See, that’s what I’m talking about. We don’t have that anymore.”

“I do that?”

“I didn’t realize that I did that.”

“If I didn’t moan when I get fucked we wouldn’t do this anymore?”

“So you don’t miss the tension?”

“So you’re not bored?”

“I was worried that you missed the uncertainty.”

“That kind of makes me self-conscious, though.”

“I can’t go to Argentina.”

“Because you won’t be there to watch me; to hear me.”

“You won’t know exactly, though.”

“You were watching me?”

“Tell me one.”

“Yes. Your favorite.”

“Who was it?”

“Did I see you?”

“Did Jasmine make you come?”

“Don’t worry about her. She loves to suck you.”

“A bit. She confessed sucking your cock was one of her favorite activities. Apparently you have the perfect girth and size for her. She said it reminded her of our first time together.”

“Don’t be. Just lay there and enjoy it. She does.”

“You really want me to go?”

“It might not be limited just to Julian,” she warned.

“What is the point, then? Why do you want to send me away like that?”

“In that special way, though.”

“That’s not true!” she sounded surprised.

Karla grinned inwardly. Kevin had proven to be exceptionally perceptive. She loved him with all her heart. She also loved to be admired, adored, desired, and scrutinized. She loved the feel of a body pressed into her, the bulge of desire pushing against her, the touch of craving hands exploring the forbidden regions of her body. Nothing excited her more than the feel of the smooth, warm hardness of and erection under her hands and on her lips. There was such power in sucking the essence from that hard rod, and the final, ultimate release and anticipation when it first penetrated into her welcoming depths.

She leaned toward him and planted a warm, loving kiss on his lips, realizing that the need for him had burgeoned within her.

“So, you’re going to Buenos Aires?” he chuckled as he stood up from his stool.


“You almost sound jealous. It doesn’t suit you.”

“I promised him if he got Ted a job that we’d have a date night. You were right there when I made that promise.”

“So what’s in Argentina, anyway?” Alex asked.

“Me?” Alex shook a fork at her. “Are you trying to hook me up with another one of your johns?”


“Yeah, well, I’ve been relieved of that duty.”

“They’re crazy about each other. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. Apparently, the old saying about opposites attracting is true. She’s a mean, mouthy bitch and he’s as sweet and gentle as a Teddy Bear.” She giggled. “Taylor calls him T-Bear.”

“Not to him.”

“He has to go back to get his stuff. But, yes. He’s staying. I appreciate Kevin getting him that job at the Carnegie.”

“Well,” Alex said after taking a sip of wine, “I’m not going to Argentina with you. Who’s going to look after Kevin while you’re whoring yourself through South America?”

“Why not Tanya or Jasmine?”

“Meaning, if either of them left to tend Kevin, their husbands would be alone?”

“Have you considered a rotation? Tanya one day, Jasmine the next, and then me?”


“When are you going?”

“Seriously? You let him dress you? Where did he get the measurements/”

“Holy crap, Karla! You’re making me cream my shorts here! Who is this guy and can I marry him?”

“Like you,” Alex spat in disgust. “Rather than short, blondes with great tits and an ass to die for?”

“Well, I do get the occasional opportunity, thanks to Taylor’s generous nature.”

“Every now and then. Apparently, I’m the trigger for some amazing reclamation sex between them. She sends him to me and we have a lovely time together. When we’re finished, he goes back to her and they fuck each other’s brains out until she’s satisfied that he really does belong to her.”

“By the way, the Karla Tongue Come has become famous at our house. He showed me how you did it, and I showed it to Taylor. It’s become a regular routine in our sexual repertoire.”

“I’d say! We finally got him past his reluctance to the mother-daughter thing. He’s so in love with Taylor he’ll do anything she asks.”

“Missed him, or missed fucking him?”

“Well, you haven’t had another orgy since Halloween. If you throw another, I’m sure they’ll show up.”

“Can’t be much more intimate than fucking each other,” Alex noted.

“Yes, it will,” Alex cautioned. “Eventually, everybody will collect in one place or the other.”

“Meanwhile, you’re jetting off to Argentina to ball the male population into submission.”