Transcendant Sensuality - 8

“There’s a bartender in your lounge by the name of Ted,” Kevin spoke into the phone. “I don’t want any personal information. I just want to get a message to him.”

“Okay, fine. Just write this down, and if a bartender named Ted happens to be employed there, pass him the message. The note should say that Kevin Williams, husband of Karla Williams would like to speak with him. Then write down this number.” Kevin rattled off his cell phone number. “If there is a Ted in your lounge, he will remember me and my wife. He’ll be glad to hear from us. Just tell him to call at any time.”

“He’s not in any trouble, Clarice. I promise,” Kevin said, checking the notes on his little pad and speaking with a smile that he hoped would come through the phone. “So, if you don’t mind passing him the note, that would be great.”

“Thank you, Clarice. I do appreciate your concern and assistance.”

“After I hear from Ted,” he said. “We’ll be in touch then.”

“You, too, Clarice. Goodbye.” He pressed the button to end the call and cursed softly. “Goddam bureaucrats.”

“Gone to work, thank god,” the tall, blonde responded.

“You remember how I used to say we’d gotten into a rut?”

“He’s trying,” Tanya paused. “We’re trying different things.”

“I let him tie my hands behind me. Not rough, you know. He’ll use a tie or something like that. Then, he has me kneel down in front of him and suck his cock.”

“Yeah, it is, a bit. Then, though, he fucks me from behind. He’ll lean over and sort of growl, ‘You’re MY goddess!’. He’s not nasty about it. It’s just unusual.”

“The other night he tied me like that, put a blindfold on me and led me out onto the back deck. It was dark, kind of. More like twilight. Then he pulled me down on top of him and ate my pussy on one of the loungers. I was, like, sitting on his face, kneeling, and he made me come three times before he quit. Then he fucked me out there.”

“I was afraid the neighbors could see or hear.”

“I don’t know. We never did that shit before.”

“I just,” Tanya paused. “Look, I like to fuck as much as the next girl. Sometimes, though, I just want him to make love to me.”

“He keeps telling me he’s going to send me to suck and fuck Kevin.”

“That’s not,” she stopped. “I love Kevin. I love the two of you. I don’t know. It just makes me feel like meat.”

“You fucked Jeremy? Oh, my god! How was he?”

“I bet he would. Huh. I just never thought they’d, you know…”

“No shit. A threesome? Just the two of them and you? Where was Kevin?”

“You sent Kevin to screw a friend of yours? And you had a threesome with Jeremy and Jasmine?”

“So what should I do?”

“What about you? What would you do if he sends me over?”

“Doing what with me?” Tanya asked suspiciously.

“You’re joking,” Tanya said, her voice dripping with skepticism.

“I didn’t know you were a lesbian.”

“I don’t know,” Tanya replied. “I never did anything like that.”

“Well, after hearing that, it doesn’t seem like Tom’s gone too far off the deep end, does it?”

“Even Jasmine?”

“You make it all sound so normal,” Tanya exhaled.

“Oh, I don’t know. The fact that we’re swapping out, screwing each other’s spouses…”

“Okay,” Tanya sighed. “It’s just…I don’t know. This shit with Tom. I mean, I love him and all. But some of this shit is getting scary.”

“It was kind of hot, you know. Being blindfolded, I never knew where he was going to touch me or lick me.”

“On his face? Oh, yeah.”

“We going to swap again?”

“We won’t tell them that, though, right?”

Karla wore red when she swayed into the hotel bar. She eased up onto the barstool and displayed a long expanse of leg as she laid her small clutch on the bar. Ted looked down the bar and recognized her.

“It’s Karla, Ted. You remembered me,” she noted with a grin.

“You remember that, too? That’s impressive.”

He busied himself with a glass, ice, and a couple of bottles. He placed the drink on the bar in front of her on a cocktail napkin. Karla sipped it and nodded.

“There’s a table right over there,” Ted indicated with a nod of his head.

“Where’s Mr. Williams?” Ted asked.

“Doesn’t he usually sit here to make sure you’re safe?”

“Did you know he called here and left a message for me? We talked just the other day.”

“He asked me if I had a girlfriend.”

“I’ve been seeing one of the desk clerks,” he said in a low voice.

“Yeah. She’s gorgeous.”

“I don’t think her husband would like that.”

“No, ma’am. It’s a diversion, sort of. She likes, you know…”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I like it. But it’s kind of frustrating, you know.”

“Sort of. Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

Ted grinned at her. “Thanks. Excuse me for a minute?”

Ted eased down the bar and served up the drink requested by one of the few patrons still in the bar. He returned to face her.

“Hmmm,” she replied. “Okay. Not so good, really.”

“Isn’t that breaking the bartender’s code or something?” she asked with a low laugh.

“He is a jerk,” she agreed. “If he wasn’t a jerk he wouldn’t have said anything. So, you know what we do when we’re here?”

“You think it’s disgusting?”

“You need to understand, Ted. My husband encourages me. He likes to see me immersed in sensual experiences.”

Karla laughed lightly. “Oh, not to worry. I’ve already made my choice for tonight.”

Karla nodded. “I am having a drink with my choice for tonight.”

“I told you that you could deserve better than Mrs. What’s-her-name. And you’ve already met my husband. So, when you’ve finished your shift I’d like you consider joining us.”

“He’ll be there. But he’s not gay. He won’t touch you. It’ll just be you and me.”

“He’ll be there. He just sits in a chair and watches me get laid. Are you up for that?”

“You’ve been screwing a married woman, Ted. The difference is that my husband approves. I know your shift ends at midnight. I want to know if you’ll come to our suite and have sex with me.”

She took her right forefinger with its long, red nail, and placed it under his chin. “I’ll bet you’re one hell of a kisser, Ted. If there weren’t people around I’d lean over this bar and kiss you just to find out. I want you to come to our suite, kiss me, let me kiss you, and then try to screw each other into oblivion. I want to feel you in my arms, feel you touch me, let me touch you, taste you, and feel you slide inside me and make me moan in ecstasy. Please tell me you’ll do that for me.”

She nodded slowly. “At some point I may involve Kevin,” she said softly, “But it will only be me. I promise you. You just concentrate on pleasuring me and I’ll take care of Kevin. Believe me, Ted. It will be a night you’ll remember forever.”

“And you don’t know how it will all work out, right?”

“It will be great, Ted. We’ll be so good together. It makes me moist just thinking about it. So, please, Ted. Do this for me. I really, really want you to fuck me.”

“I’m not allowed to confirm anyone who works here,” the mature female voice intoned.

“I have the note, Mr. Williams.”

“I have the note.”

“Would you like to book a room, sir?” she asked.

“Have a nice day, Mr. Williams,” she said.

“How’s Tom?” Karla asked Tanya as they drank coffee in the breakfast nook of the later.

“What does that mean?”

Karla nodded and grinned. “No more rut, huh?”

“Oh, really? What kind of things?”

“That sounds kinky.”

Karla smiled. “Sounds like you need some relief.”

“Sounds hot!”

“Maybe that’s what made it exciting for him.”

“Do you hate it?”

Karla smiled tenderly. “It’ll come back, sweetie. He’s just gotten charged up, you know? From us being together?”

“That wouldn’t be so awful, would it?”

“You’re not meat, sweetie. I think I know what’s going on with him. Same thing happens with Kevin. He got so charged up watching me fuck Tom, and Jeremy…”

“He was good. You ought to do him. I bet Tom would love doing Jasmine.”

“In fact, I had a threesome with the two of them. It was incredible!”

“I sent him off to be with a friend of mine who needed to get laid. Alex.”

“Yep. So, anyway, Tom just really gets off seeing you fucking Kevin. That’s probably why he wants to send you to him. He thinks it would be really hot to just imagine what you guys would be doing.”

“Challenge him. Tell him: ‘You would send your goddess off to be fucked by another man?’ It’s a win-win. Either he will, in which case you get to screw Kevin again. Then he’ll want to hear all about it. Or, he backs down and worships you, driving you to the heights of ecstasy.”

Karla laughed. “I don’t know. Couple of options. I could stay and the two of us could gang up on Kevin. He’s never had a threesome. Or, I could come over here and fuck Tom’s brains out. Although, I kind of like the idea of the threesome. Jasmine and I came up with a new kink that’s kind of fun. I wouldn’t mind doing that with you.”

“Well, with Jasmine, Jeremy fucked me from behind and she lay up against the headboard. So, I ate her puss while Jeremy was fucking me. Later on, she returned the favor while Jeremy did her.”

“I’m not. I liked it. Both ways. I wouldn’t mind doing you while Kevin pounds me. It’s kind of hot feeling those thrusts transmitted through the body. It’d sure blow Kevin’s mind.”

“Don’t be silly, Tee. You should know I’m not. I like cock too much. Besides, remember when I was licking Kevin’s cock while he fucked you? Well, I had my tongue in your pussy a couple of times. I just found out with Jasmine that it’s a pretty hot thing to do.”

“Neither had I,” Karla chortled. “But if you don’t want to, that’s fine.”

“He hasn’t, sweetie. I just think we’re all trying new and different things. Tom loves you desperately. He’d never do anything to hurt you. I think the same thing goes with all of us. Nobody wants to hurt anybody else.”

Karla laughed. “She’s a pussycat. She loves to suck cock, get fucked, and even eat a little pussy if the mood strikes her. In spite of the Goth look, she’s hardly one for whips, chains and pain. The worst she’s done is pressed my clit against her teeth with my tongue. Sent me soaring.”

“It is normal, honey. We’re having sex together, getting off, and having a good time. What’s not normal?”

“Hell, that’s just variety, baby! Spice of life and all that. It’s fun! On top of that, it opens up other avenues for exploration. More fun! You can tell me you weren’t into it, but I saw you. I heard you.”

“He’s not going to hurt you, Tee. He’s just seen you with Kevin and has come to realize what a goddess you really are. He’s trying to work out how to control his goddess so she doesn’t escape.”

Karla grinned. “You enjoy the ride?”

“Okay, look. Kevin and I are going to Chicago for the weekend. When we come back, we’ll have a sit down with you and Tom. Would that be okay?”

“How about I send Kevin home with you and you leave Tom with me for a couple of days and nights? That sound like a plan?”

“See? You’re catching on just fine. They love being ordered to go fuck somebody else. It’s like you’re giving them a gift. It’s also like you’re making them the gift. They’ll make noises about being faithful, but the truth is, they’ll get hard just thinking about it. You just follow my lead.”

“Mrs. Williams, isn’t it?” he said with a grin as he approached.

“Give me a second and I’ll get you a drink.”

“You’re a memorable lady,” he smiled back at her.

“You do good work,” she said.

Karla smiled broadly. “You even remember the routine. But, no. Tonight I think I’ll just stay here at the bar.”

“He’s in our suite.”

“I’m safe, Ted.” She gave him a little smile and sipped her drink.

“I did know. We wanted to make sure that you were here. You’re the bartender we trust.”

“Well, do you?”

“Is she pretty?”

“Is she your girlfriend?”

“Then he’s a fool. Are you in love with her?”


“And is the sex good for you, too? And please stop calling me ma’am.”

“Because she isn’t free,” Karla told him, rather than asked.

Karla sipped her drink and looked at him. “You deserve better.”

“Of course,” she replied. “Do your job.”

“So, how did it go with old Cavanaugh?” he asked with a grin.

“Can I tell you a secret?”

“He’s a jerk. I don’t care. He said it was great.”

“Yeah. I kind of figured it out.”

“No, ma’am. Sorry. No. Not really. I mean, everybody’s got their thing.”

“Well the pickings are a little slim in here tonight.”

“You have? I mean, usually you ask somebody to join you and have a drink. Then you introduce him to your husband and you leave.”

“Who? Me? You’re kidding me.”

“Are you serious? Who’s us? You mean your husband?”

“But he’ll be there, right?”

“I’m, uh…Wow! I mean, you’re a beautiful and classy woman, Karla. But, I mean, you’re married, and…”

Ted looked into her eyes, shifted his gaze to her lips, and looked at her hair before locking eyes with her again. “You’re serious?” It was more a statement than a question.

“And Mr. Williams is just going to sit there and watch us do all that stuff?”

Ted looked at her for a moment. “I really would love to, Karla. You’re a beautiful, classy woman and I’d love to be with you. It’s just that this is such a surprise, and…”

“I guess.”