Transcendant Sensuality - 9

As they settled in the first class cabin of the jet taking them home, Karla lifted the cuff of Kevin’s jacket, slid her hand underneath his and intertwined her fingers with his so his hand lay atop hers.

“You’re my master,” she whispered to him.

“Okay,” she nodded, her auburn locks waving forward and back. “But you’re the one who decides.”

She lifted her hand and brought his to her lips, kissing it tenderly. “It always seems to go better when you decide, though.”

She nodded. “I am. What’s incredible is that after all that happened, it still aroused me.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

She looked into his eyes. “You know I’d do anything for you and with you. It’s just that it’s so cramped in there.”

She eased her other hand atop his and stroked it. “I just want you to know how much I love you.”

“And how grateful I am for everything you do for us.”

“I mean everything. You’re kind, supportive, generous and understanding. You constantly come up with ways to make our lives fun and interesting.”

“You definitely know how to make me happy.”

She laughed softly. “Let’s just say that I love what happened. It was pretty amazing.”

“Honey, I’ve seen you with Tanya and Jasmine. I think I’ve got a pretty good idea.”

“You mean you didn’t like Tanya and Jasmine?”

“You have to understand, Kevin. I need that. I need to share what I’m getting with you. Otherwise, it just doesn’t seem fair.”

“So, we have to have a pact, I think.”

“We can do both. I will do the Teds and Julians for you. But you have to do the Tanyas and Jasmines for me.”

“And Alex. That’s more pragmatic, though. She needs a lover who won’t try to take advantage. You’re perfect as a friend-with-benefits for her. And it delights me to be able to share you with her.”

She nodded. “Even this weekend, while I was feeling Ted inside me, the image of how you and Alex look together flashed through my mind. It heightened my excitement.”

Karla chuckled. “I think I’m beyond real guilt at this point. I find myself concentrating on what feels good and what could feel even better. That’s why I need you there. Having you there, watching me, wanting me, and finally engaging with me makes everything so much better.”

“That’s silly,” she replied. “Wouldn’t it be better to just go with needs and desires?”

“Both,” she said with decisiveness. “We’re partners.”

She paused, thinking over the events of the past weekend. “Yes, my darling. You’re the boss. I know if I ask you, you’ll honor my request. Ultimately, though, you get to decide.”

“And that’s why this is such a great partnership. The boss and the goddess. What a team!”

“Look down my dress,” she whispered forcefully.

“What are you doing?” he asked softly.

“You’re kidding,” he replied in a low voice. “You’ve just had a full weekend.”

“What’s coming up?”

“Karla?” His voice held a stern tone of warning.

“You know surprises make me uneasy.”

“Tell me, then.”

“Karla,” he warned again.

It was Kevin’s turn to sigh, in spite of the arousal he felt stirring his member. “I doubt you’ll ever be satisfied.”

Karla sat astride her husband, his cock lodged deep inside her.

“I remember,” he replied with a smile.

“No. I just thought how beautiful you looked.”

“I don’t think that. I just think you’re sexy. I think you like sex. And I know I enjoy watching you while you enjoy it.”

“You know,” she said in a throaty rasp, “In spite of the thrill of the others, there’s always something special and wonderful about having you inside me like this. I could just stay like this for hours.”

“Hmmm,” she hummed, rising off him and falling back down to absorb him again. “And I do like feeling the movement inside me.”

She continued to move easily on him as she talked.

“Oh. So you’ve decided you do want to go.”

“What does that mean?”

“Sounds kind of like an orgy.”

“A pajama party?” Kevin asked, sounding doubtful.

“Everybody comes to the sexy Halloween pajama party dressed in their sleepy clothes. The sexier the better. Then we turn them loose with one another and give them random pairings. There might even be the option of doubling up.”

Karla smiled sweetly. “It’s a weekend party, darling. Starts Friday night and goes all day Saturday. If they want to leave Sunday morning, they can.”

“Too bad Julian can’t make it.”

“Yeah,” she exhaled, increasing the tempo of her thrusts. “Couples take on someone else. Ted and I take on Tanya, for example. Tom and Jeremy together with Alex.”

“That’s your job and mine,” she replied raggedly. “Everybody gets to fuck somebody. And I get to fuck everybody.”

“About time,” she wheezed. “I’ve already had two little ones just thinking about it. I’m ready for the big one.”

Kevin looked at her and smiled.

Kevin chuckled. “No, I’m not. We’re partners.”

“We decide together,” he protested mildly.

Kevin smiled easily. “You’re thinking about this past weekend.”

“You’re aroused.”

“Thinking about joining the mile-high club?”

“I was kidding,” he admitted.

“I know that, sweetheart.”

“Everything? What’s everything?”

“Well, I love you, Karla. Your happiness is the most important thing in the world to me.”

“So, have you fallen in love again?”

“You were amazing,” he confirmed. “You’ll never know how exhilarating it is for me to see you like that.”

“The truth is, though, being able to concentrate on you far surpasses all other experiences.”

“No, it’s not that. But Tanya and Jasmine were distractions for me. I loved seeing you with Tom and Jeremy, too, but the necessity to attend to Tanya and Jasmine shifted my attention away from you.”

“I know, I know,” he conceded. “And I do that because I know it’s what you want. But being able to focus on you and your sensuality is simply exquisite.”

“A pact?”

“And Alex?”

“Does it really?”

“Or quashed some of the guilt?”

Kevin nodded slowly. “Okay. So, a pact. Should we keep score? One for one? Two for two?”

“Whose needs and desires, Karla? Yours or mine?”

“But I’m the boss?” he asked.

“All right,” he nodded. “But remember this, Aphrodite. You’re the goddess. You will not be denied.”

After the plane had touched down and taxied to the gate, Karla stood up and straddled Kevin’s legs, placing her hands on the back of the seat.

Kevin looked. He saw the swell of her breasts captured by the miniscule brassiere she wore beneath the V of her dress front. The aroma of her perfume infused the space between them.

“Tantalizing you,” she murmured back. “Giving you a glimpse of what awaits you when we get home.”

She nodded, her hair brushing along his cheek. “Yes, I have. But I’ve been thinking about what’s coming up and I want you to crave me.”

“You’ll like it,” she said decisively, easing away from him.

“What?” she replied innocently.

“It won’t be a surprise, darling.”

“When we get home. After I’ve had my way with you.”

She sighed and leaned to murmur in his ear. “I want to feel your tongue in my cleavage, my love. I want your lips and tongue on my nipples. When you’ve satisfied me, I’ll tell you what I know.”

She kissed him in front of his ear. “I know. But I do love the effort when you try.”

“Do you remember me sitting on Ted’s cock like this?”

“And did you think what a marvelous slut your wife was?”

“I am a slut, though, you know.”

Karla leaned forward, effectively pulling herself to the end of his member. She kissed his forehead tenderly. As she sat back on him, his cocked eased into her welcoming depths.

Kevin chuckled. “No, you couldn’t. Eventually, something will start to be uncomfortable. You’ll get a muscle cramps or something. Then it would turn horrid.”

“Are you ready to tell me about this surprise? What sort of diversion has formed in that little deviant corner of your mind?” he grinned at her.

“I’ll have to get another Brazilian wax before I go to Argentina.”

“I think it would be fun. But first, I want to bring Alex into our little group of eccentrics. And Ted, too. I want to expand the opportunities for everybody in our group.”

“I think it would be fun to set up everybody in random pairings with anyone they want to screw.”

“Not an orgy, darling. A pajama party.”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Karla whispered, enjoying the stimulation of Kevin inside her.

“Yeah, that definitely sounds like an orgy. Then everybody goes home the next morning?”

“I see,” Kevin said with a little gasp as Karla increased the speed of her movements on him.

“And this doubling up?”

“Sounds complex,” Kevin gasped. “What happens if somebody gets left out?”

“You’re going to make me come,” he warned.

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