Transcendent Sensuality - 4

“We need to host a holiday party,” Karla announced to Kevin nearly two months after their last meeting with Julian.

“Well, Tom and Tanya, Don and Denise, Gary and Gloria, to start.”

“Well, those are the ones I thought of at first blush. I’m sure we can come up with others.”

“Jeremy and Jasmine,” she intoned. She smiled at that thought. Jeremy was a lanky, six-foot two, blond, landscape architect. His work with stones made his hands rough. Jasmine was a delicate, beauty with short black hair and dark eyes. She emphasized her Goth look by wearing mostly black outfits, black wristbands, painting her nails dark, and using very dark eyeliner. Her lips were full and painted dark red. The pair looked like opposites, but Karla knew they were devoted to each other.

Just reading Tom and Tanya on her guest list made Karla tingle. She couldn’t resist dialing her friend. She checked the clock to make sure she wouldn’t be interrupting anything. At 1:30 in the afternoon, she decided, Tanya would be available to chat.

“Aren’t you sweet?” Karla replied. “How’s tall, lanky, and stunning this afternoon.”

“Am I interrupting anything?”

“No you didn’t,” Karla challenged.

“You remember what I offered?”

“Kevin and I are putting together a holiday party, probably in early December. I was making up the guest list. You and Tom are on it, so I thought I’d call.”

“Honey, it’s worked for me. You know I love Kevin to death. Fact is, though, since we started our little escapades he hasn’t been able to get enough.”

“Let’s just say that I haven’t found anything that kindles my fires like the feel of a strange cock. Not every time has been glorious, but good enough to keep Kevin and me interested in each other.”

“It’s a delightful by-product. Initially, it was Kevin’s idea. But now that we’ve done it, I’ve become the driving force, you know? I’d be really disappointed if he made me stop.”

“So you haven’t talked to Tom about the possibility?”

“Well, duh! You can’t do it like that. The reason it worked for Kevin and me is because he suggested it. I don’t know if he knew I wanted to get laid like that, but after a little phony resistance from me, we’re great guns.”

“How about the ‘Do me a favor’ angle.”

“Like we talked about, yes. Then, you’re free to seduce Kevin.”

Karla laughed. “Honey, he’ll do what I ask him. I’ll beg him to do you. He won’t decline.”

“I’ll take care of Tom; whisper sweet nothings in his ear like, ‘It’s only fair, darling. You’re fucking me.’ I’ll keep him in line. Once he sees you with Kevin, he’s going to want you. He’s going to crave you. I promise.”

Karla laughed again. “What is it with you and Kevin? Both of you asking me if I really want to do this. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be setting it up.”

“Nope. It’s going to come as a surprise. But, I do know this. He’s crazy about you. It’s like a teenage crush. Nothing will make him happier than the four of us going out somewhere afterwards with you on his arm.”

“I doubt that. I mean, I’m sure I’m going to want to do Tom on a regular basis. You think you’ll want to continue with Kevin?”

“Take my word for it, he’s great. So, if you want it, and I want it, and I know Kevin will, the only question is Tom. You think Tom will want to fuck me more than once?”

“Is that going to bother you?”


Six couples confirmed attendance at the holiday party to be hosted by Kevin and Karla. Karla described it as an intimate little get together. Only she and Tanya knew how intimate.

The evening was festive. Twinkling lights and traditional music created an ambience of mature expectation. Karla insisted that Kevin dance with her in the cleared area to encourage the other couples to do the same. Soon, the floor was full of dancing pairs. Karla managed to slide into Tom’s arms as an orchestral version of “Let It Snow” began, and held him close, enjoying the sensation of pressing herself into him and feeling his involuntary reaction. She pulled her head back and looked into his eyes.

“I am,” he nodded. “This is lovely.”

“You’re going to embarrass me,” he protested softly.

Tom chuckled. “Well, you’re soft and warm, and you smell fantastic.”

“Best to attempt some level of decorum,” he replied with a grin. “But I’ll be looking forward to a lovely goodnight kiss.”

Karla’s eyes scanned the room and caught sight of Kevin dancing with Jasmine. He had his hands at her waist, but Jasmine had wrapped her arms around his neck. Her darkly-painted fingers were rubbing the hairline around Kevin’s ears. Karla saw Jeremy, Jasmine’s husband stiffly dancing with the much taller Tanya.

“Certainly,” Tom replied chuckling.

Tom eased toward Kevin and Jasmine and tapped Kevin lightly on the shoulder. “Her husband has absconded with my wife,” he joked. “Do you mind?”

Jasmine released Kevin and looked at Tom. She smiled, her teeth gleaming between the dark lips. “He won’t hurt her, you know,” she cooed.

Kevin stepped back and turned in time to see his wife approaching.

“Thank you,” he grumbled softly.

“Did you see her suck my earlobe?” he asked. He gave a little shudder.

“Hmph,” he growled. “I’m not sure I could stand the screaming and scratching, not to mention the hair everywhere.”

“Really,” Kevin said in astonishment.

“Do you?” he asked. “I don’t suppose I’m permitted to inquire.”

“And who, might I ask, has gotten you so excited?”

The couples began to make noises of departure, claiming babysitters and children, a weekend of chores ahead, and work-week fatigue. Karla managed to steer Kevin into the arms of Tanya, pleading the necessity of hostess duties as the guests departed. When the final couple left, Karla turned to see Kevin still enfolded in Tanya’s grasp as Tom sat smiling in an easy chair.

Tom rose and felt himself enveloped in Karla’s warm arms. They swayed easily to the music, Karla pressing her breasts into his chest. After a few moments she whispered into his ear.

“Well, there is your husband and my wife,” he chuckled. “They might object.”

Not giving Tom an opportunity to answer, Karla pressed her lips onto his. She opened her mouth and let her tongue explore his lips, feeling his hardness pulse.

“Oh, dear,” Kevin replied with a sigh. “Perhaps they’ve had too much. What should we do?”

“You want me to kiss you?” Kevin asked.

“Tanya, darling,” Kevin said in a low, breathy protest. “You know I adore you. But, I’m afraid we can’t do this.”

“The body is willing,” he answered, “But propriety says…”

“I know you’ve been letting her fuck other men. Tonight we’re going to make sure you get laid, too.”

“What agreement?” Karla asked, releasing her lip-lock on Tom.

“She knows,” Karla said. “And she’s right. It’s hardly fair that I get laid and you don’t. So, tonight we’re both going to get laid.”

“Darling,” she cut him off. “Do you mind if I fuck Tom tonight?”

She looked in Tom’s eyes. “Do you want to fuck me tonight?” she asked breathily.

“Tanya?” Karla went on. “Can I fuck Tom tonight?”

“You mean that, Tanya?” Tom asked with astonishment in his voice.

“Then,” Karla urged, “Would you please take my husband and give him the fucking he so richly deserves and desires.”

“Shut up, Kevin. I want to get naked and nasty with you. Please!”

“But Tom,” Kevin began. “He’s got to have something to say about this. Besides, Karla, we haven’t ever disussed…”

“All right,” Tom exhaled. “Go ahead, the two of you. If this is what you want.”

“Thank you, Tom,” Karla whispered. “I’m going to love you so good.”

“Don’t you want to fuck me, Kevin?” Tanya purred.

“What is the question?” Karla asked in a voice just above a whisper.

Karla turned her back to Tom. “Unzip me, darling,” she directed him.

“Okay,” Kevin said, unwilling to argue. “Who are you thinking of inviting?”

“Doesn’t sound too heavy a guest list.”

The sun beamed through the small kitchen window and cast rhombic squares of light on the list that Karla generated in her neat, feminine hand. She sipped at her coffee, checking the contact list on her phone.

Her targets for the evening were Tom and Tanya. Tom could have been a double for his namesake, Tom Hanks, as he had appeared in the 1990s. Karla counted Tanya as one of her best friends. They shared everything. Tanya was aware of Karla’s proclivities when it came to her escapades in extra-marital sex. She expressed her envy of Karla’s daring and Kevin’s acquiescence and assent. Stunningly blonde with an amazing figure, Tanya was nearly six-feet tall. She wore the highest heels in which she could maneuver. Unlike other tall girls Karla knew, Tanya had none of the sloped-shoulder stoop that afflicted them. Tanya accentuated and gloried in her height.

“Hello, gorgeous,” Tanya’s voice came through the Bluetooth.

“Good. What’s up?”

“Not really. Doing laundry. Got myself off during the spin cycle, so I’m pretty mellow.”

“I did,” Tanya confirmed. “Got to do something to make up for Tom’s indifference lately.”

“I remember.”

“So you think your plan would break us out of our rut?”

“What about you? How are you feeling about it?”

“So that’s what this is all about?”

“Well, if it works for you, I’m glad.”

“Yeah. No, I haven’t. ‘Tom, darling. Do you think it would excite you to see me fucked by some guy?’ No, I don’t think he’d react real well to that.”

“I don’t think I can plant that idea in his head without him getting suspicious.”

“’Do me a favor and screw Karla for me?’ Is that what you mean?”

“The only problem is, what if Kevin declines?”

“What about Tom, though? What if he goes ballistic?”

“You sure you want to do this?”

“Are you going to tell Kevin beforehand?”

“So we’re not going to do this once and then quit?”

“Unless he really sucks at it.”

“Probably so. Yeah. Once he crosses that first threshold, I’d say he’d be all in.”

“Oh, hell no! We’re not stealing them from each other, just enjoying them on the odd occasion, right?”

“Sounds like a plan. Makes me wet to think about it. I’m going to have to do another load of laundry.”

They began arriving at seven on the Friday evening of the event. Karla and Tanya had worked together to set things up, supervising the caterers, and making sure the bar was stocked. Tanya finally left at five-thirty to clean up, change, collect Tom, and return. The invitations had firmly stated “No Gift Exchange Planned”. It was simply an opportunity to socialize around the holiday season.

“Enjoying yourself?” she asked easily.

She pulled him close and whispered in his ear. “You and Tanya are so dear to us. Thank you for being here.” She emphasized her point by rocking her hips forward and feeling the swelling in his trousers.

“Uh-uh,” she denied. “You don’t know how good it makes me feel to know I can still arouse a man. Besides, I hope it’s a natural reaction.”

She pulled her head back to look at him, her eyes glistening with excitement. “I would so love to kiss you right now,” she whispered. “But I doubt the others would understand.”

“Hmmm,” she hummed, pressing back into him so he couldn’t see the devilish smile she was unable to restrain.

“As much as I hate to do this,” she whispered in Tom’s ear, “I need you to rescue Kevin. Would you cut in and dance with Jasmine while I reclaim my husband from the Goth destroyer.”

“Thank you, darling,” she said, planting a soft kiss on his temple. “I promise our night is not over.”

“Not at all,” Kevin said, relieved to be release from the obvious attempt of Jasmine’s seduction.

“That may be true,” Tom chuckled, “But fair is fair.”

“Welcome home, my love,” she grinned at him, gathering him into her arms.

“Oh, nonsense,” she replied. “You were loving it. I can feel your boner.”

“Oh, she was definitely trying to seduce you,” Karla grinned.

“Why darling,” Karla cooed. “I have been led to believe she’s completely bare down there. Smooth as a baby’s backside.”

“Perhaps at some time in the future I’ll let you have a taste of that forbidden fruit. But I have other plans for tonight.”

“You’re not,” Karla said. “But as a hint, I am soaking down there. I just hope my arousal isn’t too noticeable.”

“You’ll find out soon enough, my darling. For now, just press that rod against me so I can keep you in the same state.”

“Come on,” she beckoned her friend’s husband. “I told you that our night was not over.”

“Everybody’s gone,” she noted. “Do you suppose we could have that kiss now?”

“Should we ask, or just do it and see what happens?”

“Karla and Tom are kissing,” Tanya whispered to Kevin.

Tanya looked at him and smiled. “I think we should get even.”

She nodded. “I think it’s only fair.” Her lips descended on his before he could answer.

“I can feel you, sweetheart,” she replied breathily. “I know you want me.”

“Oh, fuck propriety,” Tanya breathed into his mouth before pressing her lips to his and driving her tongue between his teeth. When she released him, she continued to speak into his mouth.

“But, that’s not our agreement,” he protested more firmly.

“You told Tanya about our trips out of town? That agreement.”

“Karla,” Kevin protested.

“I don’t, if that’s what you want. But it’s a little more complicated than normal.”

“It’s, uh, an intriguing idea, but I don’t want to cause any trouble between the two of you,” he replied warily. “And then there’s my wife.”

“Yes,” Tanya replied emphatically. “Yes, you can.”

“Of course. Get laid. She’s not going to keep you just borrow you for the night.”

“Now wait a minute,” Kevin started before Tanya interrupted.

“Yes, Kevin. Please,” Karla chimed in.

Karla pressed her lips to Tom’s ear. “Tell him yes. Tell him you want him to fuck Tanya so that you and I can fuck.”

“Thank you, Tom,” Tanya said gratefully. “I love you.”

“Now wait a minute,” Kevin continued to protest. “Karla, we didn’t do this so I could get laid.”

“That is not the question at all,” Kevin stated irritably.

“I,” he began. He looked at the floor. “I don’t want to be unfaithful to you.”

“Are you sure?” Tom asked her.