Twins Ch. 04

When Mom got home from work today she said, "I had a student/teacher meeting with my pussy flasher today. She wasn't flashing me. She was flashing my teacher's aide."

Angie and I sat there with our panty covered pussies showing. Mom laughed. "Thank you for your support," she said as she lifted her skirt and showed us her naked pussy. "I took my panties off before the student/teacher meeting in hopes of flashing my student."


I wasn't really interested in spending the afternoon with one of Mom's friends. Angie and Johnny weren't either.

Angie, Johnny and I looked at each other and said, "Yes, we're in."


Mom decided to go 100. We shaved everything. We even turned her over and shaved her butt cheeks and around her ass-hole. She could have been featured in an advertisement for baby oil.

Johnny came in just then and asked if he could help. Angie pulled her fingers out of my pussy and told Johnny he should let us shave him too. He hemmed and hawed and said "no thanks."

I got the shaving cream and lathered him up. Angie held on to his penis to keep it out of the way while I shaved him.

"Really? Promise?" Angie said, as she yanked on his cock some more.


Johnny came back after changing into his suit. My first thought was "now that's a pouch." The legs were cut real high like a thong and the front was a just pouch. It had ample room for a massive cock. It looked like the bottom half of a women's Speedo but with plenty of room for a cock. The back had a strip of elastic sewn into it that went from the waist to just below the balls. It created a seam down his butt crack that showed his ass cheeks to their best advantage. Mom said the style was called "ruched." We weren't sure if his suit was Greek, Argentinean, French or Icelandic, but he wore it well.

Tom and Jane were hot. I could see Mom staring at Tom's cock barely hidden by his Speedo. I was looking at Jane's camel-toe. It made me want to dive into her muff.

"I've never worn a Speedo," I told Jane. "Do you have one I could try on?"

I took my bikini off and handed it to Jane. "Here, you can wear this." I put on the Speedo while Jane donned my bikini.

"I know, isn't it great," she said. She ran her fingers up my pussy lips and stopped at my clit. Rubbing it gently she said, "And this is Pike's Peak."

"Most," said Jane. "A few girls on the team wear them a little looser but there are 2 or 3 that wear them even tighter.

I was getting seriously wet as Jane casually massaged my clitoris through the thin nylon of the Speedo. My hands were on my breasts rubbing my hard nipples. "If you don't watch out I'm going to mess up your Speedo," I moaned.

"Oh shit," I said as I arched my pussy up. "I'm cumming..."

"Mom, I'm sorry. Here, I'll flash you," Angie said as she lifted her skirt. "Me too," I said as I hiked up my skirt.

There we were, having a pussy flashing fest when Johnny came into the kitchen. Johnny said, "What's up?" When we told him we were showing support for Mom he dropped his pants and said "Can I join in the party too?" It was obvious what was up, Johnny's dick.

That afternoon Mom said that her friend, Suzie, had invited her over to her house for a pool party that Saturday.

"Suzie told me you wouldn't be very excited about hanging out with a couple old farts, so she told me her son, Tom, and her niece, Jane, would be there too." Mom said, "And they're both on the college swim team and they like to wear their tight Speedos."

Mom said, "Suzie thought the Speedos would do the trick."

We were in Mom's room getting ready for the pool party. We were trimming our pussy hair so we could wear our bikinis.

Angie and I shaved each other leaving a "landing strip" - a thin strip of pubic hair from the top of our pussies to just below the bikini line.

Angie jumped up and pulled Johnny's pants down. Grabbing his penis she led him over to the bed and pushed him down. "It'll grow back if you don't like it." He didn't put up much of a fight.

"Uhm, Angie," Johnny said. "If you keep yanking on my dick like that things are going to get messy."

Just then Johnny let loose a load of cum that hit me in the eye. Angie scooped it up. A second spurt hit me on the lips. I licked my lips and dropped the razor. I took the head of Johnny's dick in my mouth and sucked him dry.

Mom, Angie and I put on our bikinis. They were identical, but Angie and I had purposefully bought Mom's a size small so she would show off her pussy. And it certainly did that.


We were sitting by the pool having a glass of wine. I couldn't help but stare at Jane's nipples trying to poke through the Speedo's nylon material.

"I don't have an extra one here at Tom's house, but you can try this one." Jane stood up and stripped her Speedo off and handed it to me.

"Your Speedo is so tight it's giving my pussy a camel-toe the size of the Grand Canyon," I said. "And the back may as well be a thong."

"Do all the girls wear suits this tight?" I asked, trying to suppress my moans.

"Listen," Jane said. "Everyone thinks we're sluts if we wear tight clothes to school or work. At the pool, we can wear skin tight Speedos and no one thinks anything about it. Hell, its fun watching the boys get boners that they can't hide."

Jane said, "Good!' and pressed down a litter harder on my clit.

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