Uh Oh, Mom? Dad? Ch. 03

Kari's father had been out of the picture for fifteen years and she didn't know where to find him to even consider an invitation to her wedding. Kari's mother, however, was still close to her daughter and when Kari called her she was surprised and upset.

"I've not only grown close to Dan but also his parents," Kari explained. "They've accepted me and now they consider me family," she said.

"We're having a small wedding at Dan's parents," Kari replied to her mother. "Just a few friends and family."

"You can stay at mine and Dan's apartment," Kari said. "We're going to be staying at Dan's parents."

"Yes, we are going for a week to a resort near Cancun, Mexico," she told her mother. "It's our wedding present from Dan's parents."

"They are," Kari confirmed. "See you in a few weeks," she said to her mother.

"Love you too," Kari responded.

After the short civil ceremony, the fourteen guests, Dan, Kari, Alice, Chloe, Dan's sister, and Carl sat around the living room and patio with plates of barbequed steaks and chicken, a variety of salads and chips and salsa. It was a very informal setting, the bride, herself, wasn't even dressed in a formal gown. Kari wore a sexy, low cut sundress. Dan, the groom, wore shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

"Bill, Janice, let me introduce you to Patti, the mother of the bride," Carl said and they all shook hands.

"I have to agree with that," Bill chimed in.

Carl went about introducing Patti to their other guests. Ed and Cindy, the older couple who also had partaken in the erotic encounters on Valentine's Day at the hotel, were sitting on the sofa in the living room with Kari. Kari took over the duty of introducing her mother to Ed and Cindy from Carl.

"You are as beautiful as your daughter," Ed complimented.

"And the resort is still going to charge me the full amount. They don't accept cancellations within a week before," Ed lamented.

Patti had a perplexed look on her face wondering what this was all about. 'Are these other people going with my daughter and her new husband on their honeymoon?' she thought. Then her face revealed her shock when she heard her daughter's suggestion.

"Kari," Patti quipped at her daughter. "I don't understand what's going on here," she said blushingly.

Kari had taken out her phone and showed her mother the online brochure for the resort. "See here it says they have a clothing optional night club, a thirty person rooftop whirlpool, a secluded beach and sex is permitted in certain common areas of the hotel," she read from her phone.

"Yes," Cindy answered. "Ed and I have been there several times. We really enjoyed the voyeuristic, exhibitionist atmosphere."

"And all of you are swingers? Including my daughter and her husband?" Patti questioned.

"So, who all is going?" Patti asked.

"Oh my," Patti sighed. "I'm having a hard time taking this all in," she confessed. "You don't mind your husband sleeping with another woman?" Patti asked Cindy.

"Well, I only brought enough clothes for the weekend," Patti said trying to find an excuse. "I can't go home and pack."

Cindy, Ed, Carl and Kari now had their eyes staring at Patti waiting for her response.

"Yea" Kari shouted before planting a kiss on her mother's lips which took Patti by surprise.

"Over at Kari and Dan's apartment," Patti answered quizzically.

Cindy threw off her clothes. The three of them were naked now. Cindy took Patti by the hand and placed it on Ed's growing penis.

"Oh god. I forgot how nice that feels. It's been so long since I've had a stiff hot cock in my mouth," Patti said. Cindy noticed that Patti was now rubbing her clit while sucking on Ed. Cindy slid two fingers in Patti's vagina, she was already sopping wet.

"Ohhh...," Patti moaned. Ed moved his tongue to the upper part of Patti's vulva, uncovering her clit which was protruding out. He licked it gently, then flicked his tongue on the love organ sending waves of pleasure through Patti's body.

"Doesn't that feel beautiful?" Cindy spoke softly in Patti's ear.

"Ed, go slow," Cindy instructed her husband.

Ed started fucking Patti now with a steady rhythm. "Uh," Patti moaned with each thrust in. Cindy brushed Patti's hair with her hand as she watched her husband skillfully fuck Patti to multiple orgasms.

""No," Patti cried out. "Cum in me." Ed kept going and a few thrust more he was pumping his sperm in Patti's cervical opening. Patti's entire body rocked with an explosive climax.

Both Ed and Cindy, with the taste of the two lovers on her lips, kissed Patti passionately.

"Wonderful," Patti whispered her response.

It was a short flight from Tucson to Cancun. The group of four couples took a shuttle to the region's Riviera Maya where the resort was situated. Everyone packed lightly with the anticipation of spending most of their time there naked. Each couple checked into their respective rooms and decided to meet up again for a drink once they were settled.

They made their way to the rooftop hot tub where they found several couples relaxing that afternoon. Although sex wasn't expressly permitted in this area, no minded the couple, the man sitting on the edge of the pool and his female partner sucking away on his cock.

"Sure," said Alice. The four couples settled in the massive hot tub.

"I never imagined anything like this existed," Patti responded. "Not even in my wildest imagination."

"Anyone here think they will be brave enough for some BDSM?" Dan blurted out cutting short the conversation intended to reveal Patti's inner fantasies.

"I'm game to give it a try," Alice chimed in. Patti shot a glance at Alice wondering if she would really get in an erotic sexual situation with her own son. Patti still didn't know about the incestuous relationships in her new son-in-law's family.

"Really?" Dan shot back. "You would want to torture the cock you love so much?" he said jokingly.

"How about a little appetizer before dinner?" Ed teased Patti when they were back in their room. He wasted no time getting her on the bed and eating her delicious pussy. He quickly brought Patti to several orgasms with his mouth, tongue and fingers working her clit and inner pussy. They reversed roles and Patti began sucking on Ed's cock.

Patti alternately sucked, bobbing, and jerked Ed's cock. Ed warned Patti he was about to cum so she wouldn't be surprised. He let out a moan letting go his load in Patti's mouth. She savored the salty spunk for a moment, swirling it around with her tongue before swallowing.

"Do you sometimes taste yourself?" Ed asked. "Like lick your fingers while you're masturbating."

"Sometime this week you should get together with your daughter," Ed said to her. "You both have a similar taste and a creamy texture to your fluid."

"I'm sure at some point in the heat of a sensual session Kari will want you passionately. Just let things happen," Ed told her sincerely.

"Carl and Alice's room is down the hall on the way to the elevator," Ed said. "We should stop by and see if they're ready.

"Oh my god," Patti exclaimed at the erotic display of incestuous sex she was witnessing.

"I don't know if I'm ready for all of this," Patti said with a sigh.

"Oh Fuck," Alice screamed when she orgasmed from the sensation of Dan's cum splashing inside her pussy. Carl and Chloe weren't finished yet, they kept on fucking with Carl now on top of his daughter.

"I don't understand how they could get together and have sex," Patti said, puzzled.

"That's where Cindy and I met your daughter and Dan," Ed jumped in the conversation. "It was amazing to witness the passion between Dan and his mother. Like Kari said, we all encouraged them."

"But you hardly know him," Patti, Kari's mother, insisted. "Marriage isn't just about having a good time in the bedroom. I don't want you to make the same mistake I made with your father," she told her daughter on the phone.

"How are you going to pay for this wedding?" Patti asked her daughter. "You know I can't afford to help you."

"Alright," Patti conceded. "I will have to find a hotel nearby for the weekend," she added.

"Have you made plans for a honeymoon?" Kari's mom asked.

"That sounds wonderful and they sound like they are very good and generous people." Patti responded.

"Love you Kari," Patti said to end the phone call.

Carl played bartender while Alice made sure everyone had plenty eat. Everyone there except Patti, who lived in another town, knew Janice, the local morning anchor and Bill, who was a popular city councilman. Carl took a break from bartending duties once everyone had a drink to introduce Bill and Janice to Patti, Kari's mother.

"I can see where Kari gets her sexy good looks from," Janice said complimenting Patti with a smile.

Alice had relayed the entire encounter with her son Dan and Kari to Bill and Janice after the couple left the hotel on Valentine's Day night. Janice was amazed to find out that the young couple they had sexually enjoyed that night was their friend's son and his then girlfriend.

"Mom," she said. "These are our friends Ed and his wife Cindy." Ed and Cindy stood up and shook Patti's hand.

"Carl. Ed and Cindy have some disappointing news," Kari said while they were standing there in front of the sofa. "They can't make the trip with us to the resort," she said demurely. "Cindy's mother broke her hip and she needs to be with her in Phoenix when she gets out of the hospital."

"I wanted Ed to still go instead of sitting around at home," Cindy said. "But they have a strict couples only policy," she explained.

"Mom? Why don't you go with Ed," Kari said. "You work from home on a freelance basis so you can escape anytime you want. And besides, when was the last time you got laid?"

"I think that's a wonderful idea," Cindy said. "Ed would enjoy the company," she added.

"Sex in common areas?" Patti asked not yet having grasped the situation.

Noticing her mother still didn't get it, Kari told her, "This is a swingers resort, mom."

"Yes mom. Dan and I met these wonderful people at a swingers party," she told her not going into the detail that the party was thrown by Dan's parents.

"Carl and Alice, Chloe and her new friend Bob who couldn't be here today, Dan and I and I hope Ed and you," Kari answered her mother's question. Kari didn't know that Bill and Janice were going as well, they had to be discreet about their arrangements.

"Absolutely not," Cindy answered. "I usually like it most when I watch him, but I guess I won't be able to this time, huh honey?" she chuckled.

"Mom," Kari said looking at her mother. "This is a clothing optional resort, you won't need clothes or even a bathing suit. We'll go to the mall tomorrow and get you a couple of outfits for traveling and pick you up some toiletries."

"I've never done anything outrageous like this in my life," Patti said. "It sounds exciting and very naughty. Alright, I'll go."

"Where are you staying tonight?" Cindy asked Patti.

"Why don't you come home with us," Cindy offered. "You and Ed can get to know each other a little," she said. "And I'll get to watch," she joked.

Patti was finishing a glass of wine in the living room of Ed and Cindy's house, when Cindy suggested they should call it a night and go to bed. Nervously Patti followed them into their bedroom. Cindy began to help Patti out of her clothes while Ed stripped his off quickly. Patti stood their staring at Ed's genitals. She had never seen an eight inch cock except in the porn she occasionally watched while masturbating.

"He's really yummy," Cindy said as she fell to her knees and licked Ed's balls and then up his shaft. "Here try some," Cindy said pulling the nervous woman down to join her. Patti licked the head, her tongue swirling around the purplish bulb. Then she put her lips around Ed's shaft and slid down on him as far as her mouth to take him in. Patti bobbed up and down several times before releasing him.

"Let's get comfortable on the bed," Cindy said to her husband and Patti. Cindy pulled the sheets down and gestured Patti to lay down in the middle of the bed. Ed parted Patti's legs, he went to taste the womanly nectar that was shining on Patti's vulva. Delicately his fingers parted Patti's outer lips, he thrust his tongue inside her.

"Ahhhh..," Patti moaned some more. Her hips bucked up and her legs squeezed Ed's head as she gushed all over his face, climaxing for the first time in many years.

"Oh god yes," Patti replied.

Ed rubbed the tip of his cock several times up and down the outer lips of Patti's labia, with increasing pressure to separate them, before penetrating her tight pussy. Gently he pushed stretching Patti's vaginal walls. The immense pleasure, the feeling of being filled, touched off another, lighter, orgasm.

Cindy noticed the familiar expression on Ed's face that he was about to cum. "Better pull out honey," she told her husband.

Ed pulled out and moved out of the way so Cindy could savor the mixture of her husband and Patti's juices. Cindy relished in the role of clean-up. Cindy wrapped her mouth around Patti's vulva and sucked while her tongue lapped up the fluids excreting Patti's pussy.

"How do you feel?" Cindy asked the woman who just had been fucked for the first time in many years.

Ed was the lead tour guide to get the others familiarized with the resort. He had been there several times before with his wife Cindy, who was now tending to her mother in Phoenix. They peeked in on the common areas where public sex was permitted. The one room was furnished with swings, racks and other equipment for BDSM play. When they looked in the group saw two middle-aged men with their wrists bound to a rail above. One woman was flailing her partner's cock with a whip, the other was running a vibrator teasing her partner's bound cock and balls.

"Shall we relax a little?" Ed asked the group.

"What do you think so far?" Kari asked Patti, her mother.

"So what are your wildest imaginations?" Carl prodded.

"You know I will," Kari spoke up.

"I'll do it if I can tie you up and torture your dick," Chloe laughed directing her comment to her brother Dan.

The four couples laughed and joked for a half hour and then made their way back to their rooms to get ready for dinner.

"I've never tasted cum," Patti confessed. "Not even accidentally," she said to the older man she was sucking. "Can you cum in my mouth? Please?" she pleaded.

"That was different," she commented. "I got a hint of it the other night when Cindy kissed me after we fucked and you came inside me. I never thought I would like it but I do," she concluded.

"No," Patti replied. "I guess I've always been a prude about sex," she said.

"I've never been with another woman. I don't think I could with my own daughter," Patti said.

Patti sat there and reflected for a moment. Ed suggested they throw on some light clothing and head down to the restaurant in the resort where they had reserved a table for eight.

Ed and Patti walked down the hallway and knocked on the door to Cal and Alice's room. A moment later the door opened and it was Kari who invited them in. Patti stood in awe of the scene in front of her. Carl was lying on his back in the king sized bed with Chloe, his daughter riding his cock. Next to them in the bed was Alice on all fours being fucked from behind by her son Dan. Bob, Chloe's friend sat on a chair watching and jerking himself off.

"They are the coolest family on the planet," Kari said to her mother. "That's why I wanted so much to marry Dan, so I could be a part of them."

"Just let go of all the shame and other bullshit you were conditioned to, mom," Kari said to her mother. "That's why we're here. To strip out bodies and our minds naked and enjoy the pleasure of our sexuality." Kari wrapped her arm around her mother and hugged her tight to her side.

Bob washed the mess of his own cum off his hands and put on his shorts and a tee shirt. Kari slipped her sundress off over her head. They joined Ed and Patti on the way down to the restaurant. The four of them sat down at the table they reserved and started out with a cocktail while they waited for Carl, Alice, Dan and Chloe to arrive.

"It was by accident mom," Kari explained. "Dan and I answered an invitation on a sex dating site for a swinger's party on Valentine's Day. We had to go anonymously and everyone wore masks and the room was very dark so it was all about touch and feel," she continued. "Later on after one of the couples left we could talk and reveal who we were and it turned out that the couple hosting the party was Dan's parents. Well, Dan had already fucked his mother so that barrier had been broken and we encouraged them to explore themselves further."

"I guess that is a taboo deeply engrained in me," Patti opened up. "I'll have to work on letting it go."