What If? Pt. 13

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Chapter 39 - Fuck Buddies

"Jason is used to being the dom in his relationships. What is fascinating about you is that you're different. That is what will make you a good fuck buddy. You'll be a delightful change of pace. But in order to do that, as I see it, you have to be a little more of the aggressive one. You're going to have to seduce him into wanting to have you be his fuck buddy," said Ted.

"Maybe you could try e-mailing him with just a short innocent message at first, and if he replies, up the ante," said Ted.

When Carol told her Ted was, Connie concluded the conversation with, "Good luck. I'll get off the phone. You've got some e-mailing to do. He's not with a woman tonight, so you might get an answer right away."

Shortly thereafter she got a reply: "What a coincidence. I've been thinking about you, too."

C: What have you been thinking about?

C: Is that good or bad?

C: What was good about it?

C: What about me?

C: Do you like my body?

C: Would you like a picture of my body?

At that point Carol took a nude photograph of herself that she had in the computer and e-mailed it to Jason. It was one that Ted had taken of her in the playroom. She was standing in about a forty-five degree angle profile to the camera. She was oiled up, but had on minimal jewelry. She was wearing heels and one leg was bent, her hips cocked and one hand on her nearest hip. It was a hot picture. Then she wrote:

J: Excellent.

C: Does it make you want to fuck me?

C: I want you to fuck me. That's what I've really been thinking about. I'm thinking I want you to fuck me!

C: For real!

C: Ted's okay with this as long as we have the understanding that we just want to be fuck buddies. Our impression is that you don't want to steal me away from him, you don't want me to fall in love with you, you don't want to fall in love with me, but we really click when we're fucking so we'd like to get together every now and then just to fuck. We'd get together, fuck like bunnies, then you'd go back to your life and I'd go back to mine until we feel like getting together again.

C: Ted would like to watch us together some times and maybe join us for a DP some times. He really likes to see me fuck!

C: If you tried that it would be the end of our being fuck buddies.

C: That's right. And before you and I do anything together, I want to make sure Ted has a fuck buddy, too. I'm pretty sure that will not be difficult.

C: I'll keep that in mind. But what brought this on was a contest that we were in on Saturday. We were being exhibitionists. Ted had to masturbate first in front of a crowd and had a magnificent cum. Then he told me that he came to the image of you taking me to an all black night club, stripping me naked and fucking me while everyone else in the place was looking on. So when it was my turn to masturbate in front of the crowd, I thought of the same image, and came rather violently while I yelled out something like, "This is for you, Jason."

C: Speaking of being seen, do you know of a place where I could get a queen of spades tattoo? If I'm going to be your fuck buddy, I'd like a tattoo to tell the world.

There was a pause in the conversation here as Jayson looked up the name of a tattoo parlor that he would highly recommend.

C: I'll want the tattoo in a very private place.

C: Write it to me again just so that I know for sure. You are saying that you will be my fuck buddy, but will not be a threat to my marriage. Is that right?

C: This has made me so hot. I've got to get off the internet and fuck Ted's brains out. Good night, Fuck Buddy.

C: Of your cock in my pussy.

Carol printed off the whole conversation and handed it to Ted. "Now we have to fuck. Then we have to talk to Rose."

In the evening she went to talk to Rose. After a bit of small talk she got right to the point. "I think ever since the first time I saw you fuck Ted, I have realized that there is a certain 'chemistry' between the two of you. You just fit really well together, sexually. Yet you have always been respectful of our marriage. I appreciate that more than words can tell.

"So as Ted and I were talking, we decided that maybe it was time to move to the next step in trying to keep our marriage fresh and alive. And that next step would be for each of us to have a 'fuck buddy.' My 'fuck buddy' would be Jason, the man I have been talking about. As I said, I am positive that there is that same type of chemistry between you and Ted. However, different from Jason, I'm sure that if I died, for instance, Ted would ask you to marry him in a moment and you would say 'yes' before the sentence was out of his mouth. I can't offer to step aside to let you marry Ted. What I am offering is for you to become Ted's 'fuck buddy.' I still need to ask you to be respectful of our marriage, but I am saying that I think it is very sexy and will actually be helpful to our marriage by keeping it spiced up with some variety, if you will become Ted's 'fuck buddy'."

"Yes, he does, but somebody had to take care of the children and I thought that if I came that would leave no doubt in your mind that I am all for this 100%."

"No, not at all. There may be times that I go out with Jason and Ted stays home with the children. There may be times when you just need to fuck and you call up Ted and he takes care of you on the spot," said Carol. "We don't have all the details worked out, yet. Jason wants to be my fuck buddy. I want to be his fuck buddy. But I don't want to have a fuck buddy without Ted also having a fuck buddy and I think the two of you have actually had that chemistry between you long before I ever met Jason."

"I'm not going to. I'm hoping to be very public with it. That is part of the thrill - being so naughty. I think Ted will be proud to have you be his fuck buddy and will gladly take you out and show you off just like he enjoys taking me out and showing me off. In fact, that's what brought this to a head: Ted's fantasy of Jason taking me out to an all black club (Jason is black) and then stripping me naked and fucking me in front of all of his friends in that club. I still wet my panties every time I think about it."

"Wait for Ted to call you and ask to see you and ask you to be his fuck buddy, ask him whatever additional questions come to mind, and give him an answer. But if it's 'no', be gentle. He loves you - not as a wife, but as a very special person. I'm sure he wants you as a fuck buddy."

Carol agreed to that.

And that's what happened. But sex with Rose was not always going to be vanilla sex. She also wanted it hot, horny, raunchy and dirty. They talked a little bit about that at the dinner table as they ate a piece of chocolate pie topped with whipped cream before moving to her bedroom. But they didn't just fuck in the bedroom. She insisted that they fuck in every room of the house, even the closets and Diane's room (but not her bed). They fucked in the basement and out in the garage. She did not cum in all those places but they fucked in every place but the back yard and the crawl space in the attic. And she had plans for the back yard.

"That's great," replied Carol. "He's all yours. I've been thinking of having a fuck buddy ceremony with Jason, myself."

"I figure when you got married you probably had the church and the vows and the stuff like that. Am I right?" she asked Ted.

"Well, I'm thinking that fuck buddies is more raw and more animalistic. So I want to become fuck buddies in a primitive, raw, animal way. I want to strip here in the house and then go into the back yard completely naked (it wasn't too cold out yet, fortunately), and then I want us to mark one another like animals. You try to piss on my tits and pussy and ass and legs and I will try to piss on your cock and balls and ass and legs." That was Rose's plan and they executed it with great glee. It was dark outside, but Rose did not have a privacy fence. They just hoped the neighbors would not see, but the excitement of the possibility of getting caught just made it more naughty and sexy and fun. When they had drained every drop of piss out of themselves in marking one another like dogs, they went back inside and took a shower together. They dried off and went to bed in Rose's room. Ted remembered what her favorite positions were from back at the time they were giving lessons to her and Steve, so brought her to climax until she was exhausted from coming and then Ted blew a huge load in her pussy.

"For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health until death parts us as far as I'm concerned." said Rose. "You make me happier as a fuck buddy than a lot of people experience being husband and wife. I'll take that, treasure it and be happy with what I have."

behind the thong underwear he had been wearing. On top of the thong was the note: "I love you, Rose. Can't help it. I love being your fuck buddy." Then Ted quietly went home.

"By the way, I'd like you to wear pants that are skin tight at least around your thighs and abdomen. Make sure you wear underwear that will accent your package and wear a stretchy muscle shirt on top, and then just a sports coat over that. Once we're out on the dance floor I want everyone to see that beautiful body.

The children were brought back on Monday afternoon. Their grandparents stayed overnight in the guest bedroom before returning home on Tuesday. Tuesday evening after putting the children to bed, Carol approached Ted with the question, "How do we move forward on this 'Fuck Buddy' thing? I've been thinking about it and I'm pretty sure I want it to happen, but how do we get it started?"

"But how?" said Carol. She wasn't really asking. "I've been racking my brain trying to figure out the best way to move this forward and haven't thought of how to do it yet."

Carol thought about that for a while, and then got on the phone to call Connie. She would have Jason's e-mail. After Connie gave it to her she couldn't help saying, "You just want more of that cock and that body. I saw how he was looking at you and you at him the other night. Ted okay with this?"

Carol got on the internet and wrote Jason a simple note: "I've been thinking about you."

The conversation continued.

J: The last time we spent together.

J: Good, Definitely good.

J: You.

J: Your body.

J: Very much.

J: Very much.

C: How's that?

At this point Carol decided to turn it up a notch.

J: Very much!

J: For real?

J: What about Ted?

J: Sounds like you are reading me just about right. I could live with that fuck buddy arrangement.

J: I'm kind of used to being watched, except usually I'm expected to humiliate the guy.

J: I understand that. You are not wanting to be another couple in my stable of submissives.

J: What brought this on? Have you been looking at pictures of our last get together with Terry and Connie? Speaking of Connie, she would love to be a fuck buddy for Ted, and I think Terry would let her because he fucks a number of the women that come to the gym. But neither Terry nor I can bottom out in Connie without causing her pain, where Ted can fuck her silly and she loves it.

J: Well I don't know of a black club where I could strip and fuck you in public, but it would really be sexy to take you out clubbing and to be seen with you dressed as sexy as you could be dressed.

J: You are one super hot bitch.

J: When you are ready, call XXX-XXX-XXXX and set up an appointment. I am so turned on by this that I'll arrange it that when you get the tattoo, I'll pay the bill. This guy has facilities that are clean and regularly inspected and he does a good job.

J: He'll love putting it there.

J: I would love to be your fuck buddy. I will not be a threat to your marriage.

J: Good night, Fuck Buddy. Sweet Dreams.

J: Of my cock in your pussy.

The next day, during her coffee break, she called the tattoo artist and made an appointment to see him. Jayson had talked with him already. The tattoos would be done later in the week. She would take a little time off of work at the end of the day and would probably also wind up being late coming home. She told Ted about coming home late, but did not tell him the reason. She wanted to surprise him with the tattoo.

"But now I've found a man with whom I have that same type of chemistry. It makes me appreciate even more how much you and Ted have worked to make sure that your 'chemistry' has not grown into something more that destroys our marriage. Now the man that I have 'chemistry' with professes to have no desire to ever get married, settle down or have a family. I have every reason, not only from him but from what I have heard from his friends that he is sincere and that he poses no threat to our marriage.

"Does Ted know you're here?" asked Rose.

"Does this mean that I'll only fuck Ted when you fuck Jason and vice versa?"

"Is this something we have to keep secret?" asked Rose.

"What do you want me to do?" asked Rose.

Shortly after that Carol left. Within minutes Rose's telephone was ringing. Ted was wanting to talk with her. She said, "Talk with Carol and see if you can't come over tomorrow night after the children are in bed."

During Rose's entire life as a single mother, she had never had the experience of a man coming home to her dinner table. There probably would be times, if they remained fuck buddies, that Rose would be glad to go out clubbing with Ted. But what she longed for was to be held in the arms of a loving man in her home, and fucking him in her bed. Diane would be going to night classes tomorrow. Rose was not just going to tell Ted that she would be his fuck buddy, she was going to feed him at her table and take him to her bed.

On Wednesday she called up Carol. "I'm not going to play the fuck buddy card too often or take advantage of you, but I would like to have kind of a fuck buddy ceremony with Ted on Thursday evening, if I may."

So on Thursday, another night when Diane had classes, Ted came over. It was leftover chocolate pie this time with the whipped cream, of course, (Rose was not one to waste anything) and a large mug of tea - the second one of the evening, actually. Rose had one waiting for him as soon as he entered the door. But then came the fun.

"Spot on," he answered.

"I guess I've made you mine inside and out," he said with a very contented smile on his face.

They snuggled until Rose was sleeping. He wasn't sure he should do it, but then realized that even if he would not write it, it would be an expression of his true feelings, so he might as well be honest. He went to her dresser and swiped a pair of her thong panties and put it on. Then he left

Jason's initiation into being a fuck buddy was quite different. They were living in a part of the country where an interracial coupling was not always easily accepted. He would dominate white women or white couples but it was always in a private place. If they went out to a club, it would be a predominantly black club in a predominantly black neighborhood. So Jason was concerned that Carol would try to keep her relationship to him pretty much under wraps. He was surprised to hear that Carol was hoping that their first "date" would be at a high school reunion. He was free that night and expressed a willingness to go even though he would not know anyone there. "Oh, Ted will be there with his fuck buddy, too, so you will know at least two people.