What If? Pt. 14

Chapter 41 - Mix and Match

Because Ted and Carol could not have children, they did not feel so bound by this constraint. While Ted and Carol would not have liked the idea that they "used" other people, the fact is that they brought other people into their sexual relationship for the purpose of keeping their relationship vibrant and fresh. It brought variety into their marriage that they otherwise would not have experienced.

There were several appeals. Pornography was something that they enjoyed. It provided visual sexual stimulation. There seems to be evidence that strong emotions attached to any stimulation greatly enhances the effect of the stimulation. So when watching pornography which features people with which one has no emotional connection, there is some stimulation going on. But if the pornography one is watching has the additional element of featuring one's husband or wife, with whom there is a great emotional attraction, the stimulation is greatly increased by the emotions that accompany it.

There was fear. It's related to jealousy but not the same thing. Again, in their choice of partners they tried to control for fear, but there was never a guarantee that either Ted or Carol was immune to ever being seduced out of their marriage by someone whose skills at seduction or intent to seduce they had seriously underestimated.

All these things combined fueled the life of their marriage. Sometimes they even experimented within these extramarital partners with whom they played. Some times Ted and Rose would double date with Carol and Jason. There was a fair amount of controlled jealousy there. It upped the ante by more than they thought it would when Jason asked Rose to dance with him for the first time. There was a time that Jason fucked Dorothy while Karl fucked Carol. That really heated up the night.

These extra marital events were more the exception than the rule. Ted likened it to going to a concert - Carol thought it was more like going to an amusement park. In any case it was great fun when you did it, but you wouldn't want to do it all the time. Over the next few years a few more young guys were brought in to join with Ted in fucking Carol until she was all fucked out. But besides

However, two more people are worth mentioning. To get to the first one, we need to go all the way back to the time when Carol had suggested that they open a Day Care for their employees. After all the study had been done on this and it was handed over to HR for implementation and shortly before the Day Care was opened, anyone interested was invited to help decorate the rooms that would be used. Mrs. Wainwright took great interest in this project, and came down to help with the decorating. When she met Carol, Carol was in her "grubbies" - old clothes from her "industrial size" days. Mrs. Wainwright thought that this daycare was a great idea, and because Carol had thought of it and did all the spade work necessary to make it a reality, she was favorably disposed towards her right from the start. They worked well together. Mrs. Wainwright was also one of those people who was uncomfortable with long periods of silence. Carol, on the other hand, was a good listener, so Mrs. Wainwright kept on talking incessantly in a stream of consciousness as random thoughts came to mind.

While Carol and Mr. Wainwright kept most of their interaction professional, nevertheless he did talk a little with Carol about Ted when Ted was courting her. During that conversation it came out that Ted was a diesel mechanic, but had roots in automobile mechanics. This fascinated Mr Wainwright, because, for sentimental reasons, he had kept the first car he had ever owned. He drove it only infrequently, but always wanted to keep it road worthy. He tried to maintain it himself. The older the car got, the fewer mechanics there were who were used to working on an ignition system that used points and a condenser (for instance). So Mr. Wainwright would sometimes give Ted a call about his car if it didn't seem to be running right. A few times he took it over to Ted's house where Ted had a full set of tools and some diagnostic equipment.

But Carol did not connect these dots for years. Not until after she and Ted had gone by air to southern Florida for a vacation in which Dorothy was the Cougar to Ted's Cub, and Karl was Carol's

It was Carol who had connected the dots not too many weeks earlier and who had discussed this with Ted. Mr. Wainwright was a good man. He was one generation older than Carol, about the same age as her father. He took care of himself, going to a gym faithfully. His wife, on the other hand (she had seen pictures of her in her younger days) had let herself go. She still tried to use makeup on her face effectively and had her hair done regularly, but had put on pounds, most of them in all the wrong places. If it was true, as Carol deduced from Mrs. Wainwright's monologue in the Day Care, that Mr. Wainwright was not getting any sex from his wife, that would be a shame. He deserved better than that. But Mrs. Wainwright had also said that as far as she was concerned Franc could take care of his needs himself any way he saw fit as long as he did not take time away from his home and family. And she didn't want to know what he did to take care of himself. She didn't care.

In the meantime, Ted would not be suffering too much, because Rose would be glad to come home to Ted and do some role playing herself - that of being Ted's sexy wife. She would come home to Ted's house. She would be dressed pretty sexy already from work so would either wear those clothes or put on something sexier, would make supper and help put the children to bed and spend the rest of the evening having some pretty wild and crazy sex with Ted. A few times Diane would come over to babysit and Ted would take Rose out to a club or concert to show her off.

Ted checked the timing and made some adjustments to the carburetor. "Let's take it out on the road," he said. He threw on a pair of shorts he had there in the garage that also had his wallet in a pocket. Then he threw on a "T" shirt. They took the car out on the road and it ran smooth as silk. They came back to the house and Ted said, "Let me show you a room I've been working on. I call it our play room." He took him downstairs and into the playroom. He took off the shirt and shorts, then

"Have a seat," said Ted, and he directed him to a sofa that was placed in a position where he could see many of the screens. Carol had been putting the children to bed. Then she got herself ready, putting dramatic makeup on her face, taking off her thong and putting jewelry on her tits and her labia piercings. She had put rouge on her major lips and was now wearing a pair of red stripper heels. She came into the playroom, went to the stripper pole that Ted had installed and did two rotations around it before walking over to a bar stool that was set opposite the sofa Ted and Franc were sitting on.

She then went on to tell him what she was offering. If they went away on business, if he wanted to, she would board the plane with him wearing her conservative business clothes. They would travel together and check in at the hotel. Carol would book herself in the smallest and cheapest room the hotel had. She would not be staying there. If they were to go to a business meeting and Mr. Wainwright wanted her to continue to wear the conservative business attire, she would. But if he would prefer that she dress up as the slutty blonde bimbo he had brought along for his own pleasure, she would prefer to do that - his call. The same would be true if he chose to take her out to dinner after their meeting. If he would prefer her to wear her conservative business attire, she would. But if he wanted her to, she would dress as his slutty blonde Bimbo. But then, no matter how he had her dress during the day, when they were to retire to their rooms, she would come to his room and spend the night with him.

In a society where the primary purpose of sex is to have children, it seems that monogamy rules. This may be necessary when one considers that right now in our society children are often home for 18 or more years before flying the coop. Monogamy seems to provide stability for this long-term task of rearing children to adulthood in a continuous nurturing environment. The price that monogamous people pay for their stable home is a marriage that often grows stale and lifeless.

I would imagine the majority of monogamous people who would look at Ted and Carol's marriage would not approve of what they did. But Ted and Carol did not have children. So if they miscalculated by bringing others into their marriage, it might destroy their marriage but there would be no children suffering from their mistake. Those people who are monogamous and properly so for the sake of their children and their family probably do not understand why anyone would want to put their marriage at risk just for the sake of variety. There was more than just variety.

Then, in Ted and Carol's case, there was the emotion of jealousy. Jealousy is a rather strong emotion. Neither Ted nor Carol would try to kid anyone that when they saw their spouse receiving and giving sexual pleasure with someone else that there was no jealousy. There was. They kept it in check, and when their spouse returned to them the emotion connected with the jealousy was transferred to the reunion with their spouse and the great relief they felt when their spouse was safely back in their arms. Pillow talk about their infidelity allowed them to relive that emotional relief.

And then there was the variety. No two cocks are exactly the same, or vaginas. Nor are a person's style of foreplay, or their movements during intercourse or their favorite positions or how they spend the time after climax with their partner.

One of the hottest nights was when Jean and her Fuck Buddy, Ralph went on a double date with Carol and Jason, except that they exchanged partners in the middle of the night. Before the end of the night Ralph had fucked Carol in the playroom in front of Jean and Jason, and Jason had fucked Jean in front of Carol and Ralph. This spurred some rather intense feelings that led to really hot sex when Jason reclaimed Carol and Ralph reclaimed Jean. And during this time Ted and Claude were watching what was going on, so that when Ralph and Jason left there was an even more intense coupling as Ted took back Carol and Claude took back Jean, both of them in their respective marital beds.

Jean and Claude, Connie and Terry, Jason, Rose, and Karl and Dorothy, and a few of the men Carol had taught how to fuck, no one else was needed in this circle of intimate friends.

So it was not surprising that in the middle of the conversation somewhere she said, ". . . and after our last child was born I said to Franc (Francis Wainwright), 'No more, we're done having children, there's no need to be sleeping in the same bed.' He grumbled and complained a little bit and talked about being faithful as faithfully doing it and I told him, 'That's not the way I ever understood it. It has always meant not having anybody else and I'm not interested in anybody else. I just don't enjoy the act. We've had five children. That's enough.' Once in a while he gets cranky. At first I didn't understand. He handed me a book telling me about how men have needs. So I told him to take care of himself. He could use porn or read dirty stories and play with himself, whatever, I really didn't care, just so long as he did not take time from the family. 'Just don't tell me about it, I don't want to know.' So periodically he disappears into his office for a few extra hours every night for a few days, and then he stops being cranky and life returns to normal. Talking to my girlfriends, a lot of marriages have times like that. A number of their husbands start drinking. I'm happier with Franc just disappearing into his room late at night for a few nights. Know what I mean? . . ." and then she was off on a new topic. At the time Carol only thought "TMI."

Once Carol was close to finishing her training under the close watch of her predecessor, Judy, Judy told her that once in a great while, she might be asked to go on a business trip with Mr. Wainwright who would need her secretarial skills as he negotiated with others. Carol inadvertently made this even more necessary as she digitized more and more files which she could then pull up through the internet to her laptop. Carol also had become proficient at writing up contracts that usually passed the scrutiny of the attorneys with only minor revisions. So there were days that would find Carol and Mr. Wainwright at the airport early in the morning, landing at their destination later that morning, going into negotiations before noon, working into the early evening hours and catching the last flight home. But there were a few times when they had to stay a day or two overnight at a distant destination in order to get the job done before coming home.

Sugar Daddy. It was shortly after that that Franc had called up Ted to consult him about a problem with his car. The car was still running, just exhibiting a hesitation before accelerating. Ted told him to bring the car over.

As Carol saw it, Mr. Wainwright was very committed to his wife who he loved in all respects except for the sexual issue. He was also very dedicated to his children and grandchildren. He would be loath to sacrifice them by leaving his wife and family for another woman. So he would be a safe candidate to be yet another fuck buddy. The excitement to this would be the overnight stays in the hotel. Maybe they could even slip into the role play of him seducing this attractive woman as a one night stand at a time when they were both in a strange city, away from their spouse. It could be fun. Or he could be Sugar Daddy to her Sugar Baby. Carol could even call home and "lie" to Ted about being so lonely by herself in her room, when instead she was having this one night or two night stand with this older handsome stranger. Then, when she came home, she could tell him all about the time spent with her "lover."

So when Franc called up, Ted took a minute to talk with Carol, and they put their plan into action. It was warm outside, being summer. Ted and Carol were wearing thong swimwear when they got the call. They decided to keep it on. The children were still up and awake, but were used to small swimwear on them, on Claude and Jean and on Rose, who frequently visited them at the house. That's as far as it went in front of the children. There was never any fondling or sexual activity in front of them and no nudity either. When Mr. Wainwright pulled into the driveway, Ted opened the gate for him and asked him to pull up to the open garage door. He closed the gate once the car was in. Mr. Wainwright was a little uneasy with Ted dressed like that. Previous times when he had come over to the house, Ted had put on "civvies" as he called them so as not to reveal any of their lifestyle to Carol's boss. Shortly after the hood was open Carol came out with glasses of iced tea for both of the men. She, too, was wearing a thong swimsuit. This was the first time that Mr. Wainwright had ever seen Carol in other than her professional work clothes or those "grubbies" she had used when decorating the Day Care. He was totally amazed at what he was seeing. "Let me know if I can get you anything else," she said as she walked away wearing high heeled sandals on her feet and swaying her hips.

went to a control console. Shortly, the screens that were on the wall lit up. They were like large screen televisions, but were not driven by television stations. Instead they were driven by a computer system. The screens came to life one by one. A video of Carol doing a strip. A picture of Carol in a display suit. A picture of Claude and Carol naked and french kissing. A video of Ted and Jean, Claude and Carol having sex at the same time on the mat in the play room. A full frontal picture with Terry and Jason, the two men obviously aroused. A picture of them split roasting her. A video of her riding Jason cowgirl fashion. A video of her father fucking her doggie style, and that one had the audio turned up on it so you could hear her urging him on, "Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me, Fuck me!"

"As you can see, there is life after work," she began. She related the conversation she had with Mrs. Wainwright in the Day Care. Then she shared her conclusion. She did not ask Mr. Wainwright to confirm or deny, to agree or disagree.