Kitten Ch. 08: Pussy Jewelry Later

This is an alternative ending to Kitten's Pussy Jewelry adventure. Being new to all this, I hadn't planned to end this story this way, but liked it better so I went this way. I apologize for the lack of continuity between this and the preceding story.

After driving away from the curb where Kitten had been getting her pussy Jewelry removed and reinserted by John and his three friends, and having to leave because she shouted, loud enough for all in the town to hear that she wanted to be fucked, I attempted to soothe Kitten by offering her an ice cream cone.

She asked if she could remove her dress and flash the guy in the drive through window.

She calmed down a bit, took off her traveling dress and sat up in the seat as we pulled into the drive through.

The young woman smiled at me and said, "Vanilla, two scoops."

When Kitten saw the woman's eyes light up, she said, "What do I want? Hmmm, I want whatever you have that would make me smile, in whatever flavor you have to offer."

The young woman said, "Well hello you beautiful creature," looked at me as if to say,"May I" and I smiled and nodded my head in approval.

I said, "No, just visiting." I told her we were staying at the Holiday Inn Express.

Kitten looked at me and said, "Sir, may I?"

"But Sir this is a woman, and Girl really needs something right now, and Girl want her soooo bad!"

Kitten replied, "Girl is SO SURE! Thank you, Sir." She took my hand in hers and kissed it and caressed the back of my hand with her face.

The young woman replied, "My name is Katie, and you are beautiful!"

The young woman handed us our cones and said, "On me."

We waited in the parking lot for the young Dairy Queen woman to get her stuff together and follow us in her car.

The DQ woman, I say woman, but I thought she looked no more than 21 years old, certainly more than 18, climbed out of her car and approached Kitten and me.

I quietly breathed a sigh of relief...She and Kitten hugged and kissed each other's lips before we entered the building by a back door.

The doors opened, and the girls broke the kiss. We walked out of the elevator. Our room was all the way at the other end of a very long hallway.

Katie paused for a second, looked at me and took off after the nude Kitten, running toward the end of the hallway and our room. Katie passed Kitten, then realizing she didn't know where she was going, slowed and followed Kitten, both of them holding hands and laughing hysterically!

Kitten was laughing and grabbing at Katie's clothing. Katie was a little embarrassed for a second. She looked around, shrugged her shoulders and peeled off her teeshirt and sports bra, throwing them on the floor. She looked around again, seeing nobody, she peeled off her shorts and red bikini panties, throwing them on the floor in the shirt, bra pile. I was astounded by her body!

What an absurd sight! Two beautiful young women nude in the hallway of a Holiday Inn Express, waiting for me to swipe the key card so they could get out of the hallway before someone saw them nude and groping each other...or because they couldn't wait to get to the bed and get at each other. The latter was my guess.

All was well.

I picked up the pile and put it to my face and inhaled Katie's incredible aroma! I absolutely love the aroma of a woman's body, especially at the end of the day, before she has showered. Not a big perfume guy.

No worries! The girls had stripped the covers and top sheet off one of the king size beds, the first one they got to, and crawled onto the bed, legs, arms and bodies, intertwined like an octopus attacking a meal! Their mouths were pressed together, tongues licking all over each other. They were groping and humping each other, the likes of which I had never seen before!

They were very busy exploring each other's bodies. It was as if they wanted to touch each other all over, to feel every part, to explore every mound and valley, to suck every nipple, squeeze every breast with an urgency I had never before observed! They were grunting softly, squealing, Kitten growled. Katie was saying, "yes, oh yes oh yes yes yes," as Kitten explored between her legs. Kitten is generally subservient with everyone, but in this situation, she was taking charge!

If you read about her Pussy Jewelry experience, you'll remember that Kitten had been fingered by John first, who had removed her pussy jewelry, fingered her pussy to orgasm, and pushed her jewelry back deep into kitten's pussy. Kitten had asked me to let John fuck her, as she was on fire at the time, but I said no because I was saving that until later.

However, during the process, Kitten screamed for someone to fuck her! She screamed so loudly, that everyone scattered, because we were afraid someone would call 911 and report a rape, or something. Remember, this was a very small, sleepy little fishing village.

She was confused, her body on fire, expecting to get the fuck of her life, disappointed, she began to cry.

When she hooked up with Katie, I had to call John a little later and stop the gang bang and promised him and the others to have it at a later date. They were naturally disappointed, but said they would hold me to my promise. I said it would happen.

As I sat there watching, the girls were settling down a bit. Some of the initial urgency fading.

As Katie rose up on her knees to move between Kitten's legs, I had such an urge to fuck the dark haired woman! Her hips were wide, her ass round and firm, and jiggled a little bit with movement. As she moved between Kitten's legs, I watched her heavy breasts sway back and forth. She placed her hands on Kitten's hips, lay her body down, placed her face at Kitten's pussy, and started licking with a vengeance.

Kitten squealed and said, "Oh yeah, oh god! oh god!" Both were moaning and squealing! Kitten was holding Katie's head with both her hands, pulling her mouth deeper between her legs.

I walked around behind Katie, who was lying on her stomach between Kitten's splayed legs, with her legs wide open, beautiful round ass in the air, trying to push her face deeper into Kitten's pussy.

I saw the most beautiful light brown pussy lips between Katie's open and pushing legs. Her inner lips were pink and brown, and when they opened as she moved her legs apart, showed me the most delectable bright red, soaking wet incredibly inviting cunt hole! Katie's hole was opening and closing as she flexed her Kegel muscles trying to masturbate as she was fingering and eating Kitten's gushing pussy.

I did not want to interrupt two women totally engrossed in each other. I masturbated to completion in about two minutes, catching my load in a washrag quickly pulled from the nearest towel rack.

I had seen Kitten squirt before, but not like this!

I was laughing so hard at the surprised expression on Katie's face as she looked at me astounded, half smiling. I guessed she had never seen anything like that in her young life. Hell, I had never seen anything like it in all my years. If I had it on videotape, I could have made a fortune selling it on the porn market!

Kitten was in the throes of aftershocks, and couldn't have cared less if the hotel had collapsed. She was completely within herself, jerking and grunting as each aftershock hit.

Katie crawled up over Kitten's body, her legs around and under Kitten's upraised legs, her weight on her elbows. Katie wrapped her arms around Kitten's head intertwining Kitten's hair in her fingers kissing her face all over. I was looking at two of the most beautiful pussies I had ever seen and they were stacked one on top of the other, wide open, waiting for me to push my cock into them, one then the other. There I go again, thinking with my little head!

Kitten was still shaking and her eyes were still rolled back in her head. Kitten was panting, "oh, oh, oh!"

Kitten relaxed and let go of the sheets that she had nearly torn off the bed. She took a deep breath, blinked her eyes, like a boxer who had just been punched in the head and said, "Oh my god Katie! What did you do to me? I have never felt anything like that in my life! I have never cum that hard! Oh my god!"

"Sir, can we take Katie home with us?" I smiled.

Kitten stroked Katie's face and said she was sorry for soaking her.

The girls lay there, talking quietly, touching each other's faces, moving hair, kissing softly, sweetly. Katie rolled over, off of Kitten's quivering body.

Kitten was exhausted after hitting such a sexual high from the guys fingering her, then suddenly having to come down, then meeting Katie and having the orgasm of her life. The little girl had had a big day.

"Dream on, old man," I thought to myself as I reached down and gave my very hard cock a squeeze. I really didn't know if Katie was bisexual or a lesbian. I supposed I would find out in due time.

Kitten loves vanilla soft serve ice cream in a cone. I told her we were going to drive through the local Dairy Queen.

I of course said yes.

Expecting to flash her nude body to some cute young guy, Kitten was briefly disappointed to see a young woman in the window. The young woman looked first at me, being closest to her and asked what l would like to order. I said, "I would like a vanilla cone, two scoops."

Then she looked past me and saw Kitten sitting in the passenger seat, nude, right leg on the dash, left leg on the seat, foot on the floorboard, shoulders back, breasts proudly displayed. Her eyes lit up in surprise! She said, "Oh my god! Now my day is perfect!"

I was aghast! I had never heard Kitten speak that way to anyone!

The woman said, "Are you folks from around here?"

She said to me, while staring at Kitten, "I don't suppose you would like some company? I am off in ten minutes, and would love to explore the possibilities."

I said to her, "Kitten, you know my rule about playing with people I don't know."

I was attracted to the young woman as much as Kitten was, even though I didn't figure I would be participating in the sex. I said, "I suppose so, Kitten if you're sure."

She looked at the woman and asked her name.

"I love the name Katie! I'm Kitten."

I smiled and handed Kitten her cone and thought to myself..."Yes, that's exactly where Kitten will be in a very short while!"

We arrived at the Holiday Inn Express about 11:15pm. Things were quiet in the parking lot. Kitten had put her dress back on before we arrived.

I asked her age, she said, "I'm 23 as of last Thursday."

Our room was on the second floor, so we went to the elevator, pushed the up button and waited. The doors opened, the elevator was empty, we went in. I pressed 2, the doors closed. Kitten and Katie were holding hands and rubbing each other's arms, then they kissed. It was a long, deep kiss with closed eyes and lots of tongue! Both were breathing hard through their noses holding each others' face in their hands. These ladies were on fire! I watched as their hands roamed over each other's bodies.

Kitten looked around, saw no one else, looked at Katie, smiled, stripped off her dress and threw it at me, and said to Katie, "Race you!"

When they arrived at the room, they stopped to watch me slowly walking toward them down the long hallway, laughing and rolling my eyes. I had the only key.

Katie had long dark hair in contrast to Kitten's medium length purple hair. Katie's hips were wide, round, firm, and tapered beautifully to her muscular thighs. I didn't see her breasts until I got to the door with the key card, and I looked at both of the nude young women and laughed to myself.

I saw, as Katie turned to go into the room, her breasts! OMFG! She had, I guessed, 36 D breasts, heavy with brown aureola and very large, prominent nipples pointing skyward. I was breathless! They dashed into the room, and I looked around down the hall making sure we hadn't been seen by some unsuspecting tourist.

I saw Katie's clothes on the floor at my feet, the crotch of her red panties up and slightly stained, I assumed from her pussy leaking her juices during the day at work and especially during the drive to the hotel.

My knees got weak. Her panties were soaked! Katie's pussy smelled very much like Kitten's, an aroma that turns me hard instantly! My heart skipped a beat as I entered the room, hoping Katie had not seen me sniffing her panties. Dirty old bastard!

I closed the door, looked around the room, decided to keep the curtains open, since we were on the second floor. I watched the girls from across the room.

We had gone back into the poolroom, and three other gentlemen, whom I knew and with whom I had arranged this experience for kitten, noticed Kitten's pussy jewelry, and we went back out to the truck to let them pull her jewelry and finger her.

Kitten was so fired up sexually, that she didn't know what was happening when I pushed her into the truck, closed the door and drove away.

I was trying to console her, and came up with the Dairy Queen idea to try to soothe her and make her feel a little better until I could get her back to the room and surprise her with a visit from the four guys who had done the pussy jewelry thing with her. I had planned it to be her first gang bang.

Kitten lay down on her back, opened her legs wide, showing Katie her perfectly shaved, very pretty pink pussy and said, "Katie, eat my pussy!" Katie knew right then that Kitten was in charge. I loved watching the power exchange.

Kitten opened her legs wider and bent them at the knees to allow better access to her womanhood. I could tell Katie was fingering Kitten, hard and deep! I could hear slurping sounds as Katie sucked Kitten's clit into her mouth.

As I watched this, my manhood (little head) took charge and I thought how wonderful it would be to fuck Katie from behind while she was eating Kitten.

I could smell the aroma of Katie's wet cunt as she humped the bed trying to get some friction on her clit. I was instantly hard (I love the aroma of a woman when she is in need of an orgasm and it's on the horizon).

My adult then kicked in, and I realized that though I might be welcomed into that juicy, tender, meaty, begging to be fucked vagina at a later time, I would be interfering with the most beautiful sexual experience I had ever witnessed if I touched her right then.

Soon after I finished taking care of my very pressing need, I heard Kitten say, "I'm, I'm, I'm... Oh, god, don't stop, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh, please don't stop! I'm cumming! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaah!" Then...I...saw...Kitten...spray! Holy...Crap!

She sprayed Katie's face. Katie backed off, startled, and Kitten sprayed all over the foot of the bed, all over Katie's hair and her back and that beautiful ass! Kitten's hips bucked in the air, and she sprayed all the way to the end of the bed and some on the floor.

Katie had put her hand over Kitten's pussy as she was squirting, a reaction to the unexpected soaking. Kitten's juices were dripping off Katie's face, and she laughed nervously.

Katie composed herself. I saw her taste Kitten's ejaculate, and she smiled and licked her fingers again.

Time for me to get my stuff together and be the adult! "Shit!" I said to myself.

Katie shushed her and said, "Relax baby, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok."

Kitten wrapped her arms around Katie's mid section and hugged her tight. "Oh my god, Oh my godomygod! Katie, you are magic, and I want you for my own!"

They lay like that in each other's arms, kissing and cooing, Katie pushing Kitten's hair out of her face. They were talking quietly. I couldn't hear what was being said. It wasn't meant for my ears anyway. Kitten realized how she had squirted, and was embarrassed that Katie's face and hair were wet from her ejaculate.

Katie said it was the sexiest thing she had ever seen or been a part of, and she wanted more.

Kitten took a deep breath and rolled over to face Katie's supine body. Kitten moved her leg over Katie's hips, and her arm across Katie's chest. She snuggled her face into Katie's neck, and exhaled deeply. I could tell Kitten was nearly asleep. I thought it unkind of Kitten not reciprocate and give Katie a huge orgasm in return.

After about ten minutes, both were breathing heavily, sound asleep. I covered them with a sheet, but first, I took one last look between Katie's wide spread legs, and wondered what it would be like to eat that pussy, and finger her to orgasm.