Chiara and Annie Ch. 04

This story is solely my property and may not be reproduced or published without my express permission. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and not-so-innocent.

"Bro? Sis? What the fuck is going on?" I asked my roommate Annie and Marc her 'brother' who I'd just finished having sex with.

I slapped Marc with all my strength and then got out of the bed and walked over to Annie and punched her in the mouth.

Annie touched her bloody mouth and looked down at me.

I stalked around the room like a caged tigress. "You expect me to believe you? When did you plot this thing out Annie? The day we met? Last week? Christ I feel like such a fool!"

I pouted but sat back down on the bed. Marc tried to put his arm around me but I brushed it off.

I looked from Annie to Marc. Marc looked hopeful, Annie looked like she was dead. I moved toward Annie and knelt in front of her. Now I was crying too. I couldn't see my dear friend hurting like this.

"No Kiki, I deserve what you did. But you didn't deserve what I did to you. You and Marc both should hate me."

"I can't hate you either Annie. You've been a great friend and have taught me so many things in the time we've had together. But I think you were right when you told your 'stupid brother' that it was a perfect fit." At this point I smiled at Marc.

"Oh I'm still mad Marc, you're both just going to have to make it up to me now," I replied.

"Oh yeah little brother," Annie responded.

Annie and Marc finally stopped and I was able to catch my breath. "You fucks are gonna pay for that," I growled at them.

Annie looked at Marc and I in our nakedness then said, "While it's great to see you both naked, Kiki is getting me hot but bro could you at least put your boxers back on? You've got a great package and all but really."

Marc and I snuggled up on my bed while Annie moved around to be more comfortable on her bed.

Annie and Marc exchanged a look, then Marc said in a quiet voice, "Kiki, would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"I'm very torn about this guys, I love you both. But I've got an idea that may work if you can play nice together." I said.

"Marc I will be your girlfriend in every way that implies. But, only if you accept my relationship with Annie too. I won't dump either of you for the other. It's all or nothing. Sorry guys."

After almost ten minutes of utter hell, Marc and Annie came back into the room. I sniffled and snuffled, wiping my nose on my arm. They'd come in with very serious faces, but when they saw the state I was in they both rushed to me, hugging and kissing me.

Marc held me in his arms and murmured reassuring words in my ear.

"Oh Chiara, we love you! We were just hammering out some details. We've agreed that Annie will have you through the week and I get you on weekends. At least until we move into our new place next semester," stated Marc.

Annie smiled at my confusion, "Marc knows someone who has a two bedroom place coming available next term so he put a deposit on it."

Marc and Annie laughed and Marc said "With one of us, you choose each night."

"The sofa turns into a bed," dead-panned Annie. Which caused us all to laugh again.

"Sure I'd like that Marc, but I think I need a shower first cuz someone made me stinky."

That broke us up again as Marc and I got naked and headed to the shower. I saw that Marc was hard and couldn't wait to get my hands on his marvellous cock. Once we were in the shower with the hot water streaming down our bodies I knelt in front of him and slowly licked him from root to tip. I stroked his cock as I sucked on his knob, feeling him grow even larger in my mouth. My small hand pistoned faster as I tried to get more of him into my mouth. I must have been doing something right because Marc was moaning and running his fingers through my short hair as he began to fuck my mouth in earnest. It wasn't long before Marc's body stiffened and he held my mouth on his cock as his ropey cum plastered the back of my throat. I swallowed as much as I could but some dribbled out from the corners of my mouth.

"God Marc, haven't you had enough?" I giggled.

"Well we have other things on our plate today stud," I said as I let go with my arms and legs. I dropped lightly to my feet on the shower floor. Grabbing the shower gel I began to lather Marc up and he lathered me up. We laughed and played under the spray, fondling and caressing each other until we were both squeaky clean. Drying each other was another adventure in foreplay. I loved Marc's hairy chest and body, it was terribly sexy, and Marc seemed enamoured of my tiny hairless body.

Annie wasn't in our room when Marc and I came out from the shower. I quickly got dressed in some jeans and a warm shirt while Marc changed back into his pants and shirt. After a quick kissing session we left my room and took a walk around the campus, chatting and sharing stories from our childhood.

I felt so safe in Marc's strong arms. I gazed into his sparkling black eyes and asked, "What?"

"I may have only met you last night but I've seen that look before Marc."

"How long has it been Marc?"

"How do you not talk to your twin sister for three years?" I asked.

There was a knock at Marc's door and one of the guys poked his head in. "Dinner's ready, love birds. Another masterpiece according to the chefs!"

I was surprised to see that there were only two places set. There were candles and beautiful place settings of china and silverware.

Marc laughed too, "A past brother's mother donated it."

"I had nothing to do with this Kiki, the boys must've set this up. Now that the frat's most eligible bachelor is taken I guess they wanted to impress you so it would stick."

Joe and Den started serving us the most amazing dinner I'd ever had. I can't even remember everything we had, all I know is that it was all delicious. I felt guilty eating such a lovely dinner while Marc's brothers ate who knows what. After dinner I thanked our chefs by giving them each a peck on the cheek which caused them both to grin.

Marc walked me back to my room, holding me protectively around the waist. When we got to my door he pinned me to it, kissing me like it was the last time he'd ever see me.

Marc grinned back at me, "believe me, I plan on kissing you every chance I get, pixie girl."

I walked into our room and leaned against the door, breathless and flushed from kissing Marc. Annie looked at me and grinned. "You're totally in love aren't you? Less than a day and you're head over heels in love!"

Annie smiled warmly at me, "I'd do anything to make you happy Kiki, I love you so much. It makes me happy knowing you and Marc are happy. Now hopefully he'll forgive me for what happened at our grad."

"You might not like what I'm about to tell you, and please don't tell anyone else what I'm going to say."

"Trust me, this is really bad. Worse than anything I've ever done in my life." Annie took several deep breaths before continuing. "The night of our grad Marc and I had both been drinking pretty heavily. Somehow we both ended up in the same hotel room and passed out. A couple of hours later I woke up and was horny as hell, it was dark and all I could see was another warm body in the bed with me, I didn't care that it was my brother. I stripped off his pants and boxers." at this point Annie paused, almost afraid to look at me.

"No I have to do this. When I got him stripped down I jerked him off and sucked him until he was hard. Then I straddled him and impaled myself on his cock. I rode him for like five minutes before Marc fully woke up and grabbed my hips and started thrusting into me. We went at it like animals, there was no being gentle about it we were rutting animals. We fucked like that for fifteen or twenty minutes, changing positions and clawing and biting each other until we both came several times."

"He turned on the light and saw me lying next to him with cum dribbling from my well fucked pussy. Well he freaked out, I tried to talk to him and calm him down but he wouldn't listen. He just grabbed his clothes and buggered off."

"So basically your family are nudists, and you and Marc had sex when you were both drunk. Anything else I need to know?"

I kissed Annie and brushed a few stray hairs from her face, "Well I'm glad you made us cross paths love, I can't say I really understand your and Marc's attraction for each other because I'm an only child but regardless I still love you both."


Marc looked at me nervously and said, "I should've told you last night. God I'm such an idiot. I'm so sorry Chiara!"

"You fucking manipulative bitch! Do you think I'm a plaything that you can wrap up in your lies?"

"I deserved that," she said. "But Marc is as much a victim of my machinations as you are. Don't be mad at him."

"Kiki STOP!" Yelled Annie. "I'm going to be totally honest okay? Just sit down and listen."

"Kiki I fell for you the day you walked through that door. I thought, no I hoped like hell that I could convince you to love me like I loved you. Unfortunately for me you couldn't feel for me the way I felt for you. That's when I knew you were the perfect girl for Marc, you're smart, funny, pretty as an angel and just the sweetest little thing. So I started setting things in motion for him to meet you at the Halloween party. But I screwed that up too and I'm sorry. I know you hate me but maybe one day you will find it in you to forgive me. I was just trying to look out for the two people I love the most in this world." Annie wiped her tearing eyes and sat on her computer chair, drained of life.

"Annie please don't cry. I'm so sorry for what I did!" I held her tight then kissed her bloody mouth, tasting her blood on my lips.

"Sis, this is probably one of the lowest things you've ever done. But your heart was in the right place for once, and if you hadn't done the things you did, I don't know if I would have ever met Kiki. Even though you've burned me a million times in the past, I can't hate you this time," said Marc.

Marc looked surprised at my last statement. "So you're not mad Kiki?"

Marc grinned at Annie, "I think I may be in trouble sis, could you get my back on this?"

That's when they both pounced on me. Annie went low and Marc went high. We fell back onto Annie's bed, Marc was tickling my ribs and along my back. Annie tickled my hips and behind my knees. I was gasping and giggling uncontrollably, they had me completely at their mercy.

They mimed the 'Ooooh we're scared' faces at me then we all cracked up laughing.

Marc blushed and quickly slipped his boxers back on while I put my shorts and tank top back on as well.

I looked at my two lovers and asked what I thought was the obvious question. "So how are we going to work this out?"

I seriously thought about it for a minute, how gentle and caring Marc had been last night and today. Then I thought about Annie and how she'd taught me about loving another woman, and how wonderful that could be too.

"Well what is it?" they said in unison.

Marc and Annie shared a look then they both got up and went outside. My heart sank as I thought that they'd decided that I wasn't worth the compromise I was offering. I began to cry and feel totally miserable about losing them both to my own selfish needs.

"Kiki why are you crying baby?" Annie asked with deep concern.

I wiped my eyes again and said, "I-I thought you guys didn't want me when you both left like that."

"New place? I don't understand," I said hesitantly.

"Okay so it's a two bedroom, where do I sleep?" I asked.

"What if I don't want to sleep with either of you?" I asked.

After we settled down again Marc looked at the calendar on our wall and reminded Annie that it was still the weekend and he still had dibs on me. Annie asked us if we wanted her to leave. Instead Marc looked at me and asked me if I'd like to go for a walk then head back to his frat house for dinner.

"Mind if I join you Kiki? I got cootch smell all over me."

When Marc was done he lifted me up in his arms and I wrapped my arms and legs around him. He took my mouth and his tongue swirled around inside, tasting his own cum from me. I smiled at him as I felt his cock bumping my bum.

He nuzzled my neck and said, "Never get enough of you, little one."


We eventually arrived at Marc's frat house. As we entered there was as resounding cry of "Kiki!" from the guys in the common room. I grinned and blew kisses to them all. Marc laughed and led me to his room. I was surprised to see that it was the room Marc had taken me to last night. We sat on his bed and chatted some more while we cuddled. Marc told me I was in for a real treat tonight, two of his frat brothers were studying to be gourmet chefs so we'd be eating like royalty.

He grinned and said, "Oh nothing."

"You really wanna know Kiki? Well I was just thinking that this was the best fuck-up Annie's ever had. I definitely have to thank her for this one. What's even better is that somehow you, my little imp, have gotten Annie and I talking again."

"Three years now. At least since we graduated high school, Kiki."

"It's easy when Annie's your sister. But now I see that maybe I was wrong to shut Annie out of my life. There are so many things we used to do together that I really miss. She was always the life of every party we went to, and she's got a wicked sense of humour. I've missed even just hanging out and doing nothing with her."

Marc and I got up and headed to the kitchen to get some of whatever chefs Joe and Den had cooked up.

I giggled at what I saw, "So you belong to a fraternity that has Royal Doulton china? How froufrou is that?"

"You set this up didn't you?"

"Well so far so good loverboy."


When I caught my breath I smiled up at him, "wow, you can kiss me like that anytime."

"Well you've got three or four more chances right now loverboy." I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him to me.

I ran and jumped onto our bed and squealed and giggled. "Oh my god Annie, he's totally amazing! Thank you so much for hooking us up!"

I snuggled up to Annie and asked her what happened and if it was what caused their falling out. Annie looked at me nervously then looked away again.

"Annie I think you're being overly dramatic, but I promise not to tell anyone if it makes you feel better."

"Annie you don't have to do this love. I can see you're not very comfortable with this." I said as I gently rubbed her arms.

I was shocked to say the least, I didn't know what to say. I sat quietly for a minute then asked Annie how Marc found out it was her that he'd just had sex with.

"You've got to understand Kiki, my family's not shy about nudity, Marc and I have seen each other and our folks naked thousands of times. I used to tease him whenever he got a hard-on around me when we were younger. I thought it was cute that he got excited by being near me."

"Kiki I love Marc, probably a lot more than a sister should love her brother. I know having sex with Marc was wrong and I could make excuses for what we did 'til the cows came home. But I can't deny that it was probably the best straight sex I've ever had. I would do anything to make Marc happy, even throw my cute little roommate in his path so he could save her from his evil twin sister. And it's not like we're always hanging around naked at home, although we have done that before, its just that if we see each other naked it's not a big deal."

Annie smiled and kissed me, running her fingers through my short hair. "Kiki you are amazing, most people would be totally freaked out by what I just told you, yet you just take it in stride."