Worthy Prey

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Lysera let out a low grunt as she arched her broad back, feeling the sore and stiff muscles throughout her powerfully built Isiri frame stretch and then relax some, helping to work a bit of life back into her uncomfortable form as her Lessers went about her orders, clearing away the human dead and providing medical attention to their wounded as they set up camp for the night.

"What was?" One of her two Seconds, Tryi, queried, moving up to stand beside her First, Gatt-Rifle slung over one bare shoulder and her battle-armour already discarded to reveal the almost eight foot tall hulking beauty of her red-skinned body, all muscle, strength and power, the vision of primal dominance only enhanced by the sleeping giant of a cock resting plaintively between her sculpted thighs, though she still didn't hold a candle to the yet taller and stronger, Lysera.

"A battle that will be recorded in the annals, Lysera." The Second grinned, whipping her single braid of long black hair back behind her shoulder, standing tall and proud, shamelessly displaying herself and glad to be free of the discomfort and weight of her armour.

"Pah! You call this a battle Tryi? Over in seconds! No skill, no challenge, no thrill. A waste of my time." Lysera chastised, not bothering to keep her rage in check, even as other Lessers glanced her way, uncertainty.

Lysera snorted but relaxed her aggressive posture some, there was no sense in directing her rage at a valued warrior like Tryi, "You speak the truth there, Lesser. How many did we get?"

"Their condition?"

Lysera's grin broadened and she turned her head, glancing down to take in their bare figure of Tryi, admiring the warrior's prominent muscles, buxom chest and impressive length, "Do you plan on sating yourself, Tryi?"

Lysera's expression faltered and her back stiffened, an edge creeping into her voice, "We have wounded?"

Lysera felt the ball of rage within her once again demand her attention. She clenched her fists and scowled with such a ferocity that Tryi took a cautious step backwards.

Tryi's expression of uncertainty hardened in an instant to one of wounded pride and anger, the smaller warrior stepping forward, squaring up to Lysera as best she could, "I trained them both myself! Their strength and bravery have been proven on the battlefield times before and I will not have you so gravely insult my Lessers!"

Without hesitation and faster than the eye could follow she drove her fist into the chiseled abdomen of her Second, the speed and power of the strike such that Tryi was lifted briefly into the air before she came crashing back down to land on her back, the air driven from her as she folded her hands protectively over her abs, growling in pain and anger, red dust rising around her in a haze as she curled up onto her side, the muscles doubtless cramping as the echo from the force of the strike bounced around the cliff walls of where they stood.

She reached out her hand to the Lesser and nodded her head, "Take me to them."

Lysera grunted as she pulled Tryi to her feet, admiring the Isiri's ability to control her own anger and frustration, able to understand what had occurred and not to fly into a fit of rage from which Lysera would almost certainly have to put her down for good.

Lowering her hands from her stomach and straightening her back, uncaring for the dust that stained her red skin, she showed no weakness or sign of the pain that Lysera knew would be dominating her senses, as if she hadn't just received a blow that would doubtless have proven fatal if levied against one of the delicate humans. Lysera was further impressed.

Lysera walked in silence and with purpose alongside her Second, going through several mental exercises to collect and order her thoughts, forcing the ever-present ball of rage that fueled her strength to succumb to her training and not cloud her judgement any more than it already had. She knew it would only be to the detriment of her own honour if she was to throw further fire and vitriol at her own wounded warriors, especially when she had no proof that they had not fought to the best of their talents, as Tryi had suggested.

With the benefit of clear thoughts and retrospect Lysera understood that her mistake had put Tryi in a perilous position among her own Lessers, who might see it as an opportunity to rise themselves, an error Lysera felt duty bound to correct or at least recompense, if possible.

While the anger inside her writhed, demanding she turn her attention first to the two captured human women, each of them stripped of their armour, clothing and pride to be left naked and vulnerable, hanging against the rocky face of the cliff with bound wrists locked and outstretched above their heads as they stood captive and waiting. But she would have time enough for that soon.

As she approached she took in the sight, carefully assessing what she saw. Two of her Lessers, Fourths she knew, sat with their backs to the wall, one looking bored with a bullet wound in her thigh, so far unchecked and oozing a steady stream of crimson blood, the other with a deep cut across one cheek, a stormy expression on her face even as it too let crimson spill down across her neck and torso. Lysera felt a pang of regret for that Lesser in particular, though she didn't show it. A prominent scar given by a weak enemy would be a lesson she would have to carry with her for life, a constant reminder of her failing in both her own eyes and in those of her peers. It could make life tough among the Isiri.

"White One," Lysera spoke, inclining her head respectfully only to be met with a raised finger, a chastisement to be quiet as she worked.

At length and with no rush the White One rose and turned, one of her lower fangs broken and missing, her arms and face showing no shortage of the scars she had likely received during her youthful times in the Warrior-Caste.

"Thank you for waiting, Lysera," She spoke, her voice calm and soft, though she traded a glance with Tryi, reading more about Lysera's mood from the Second's expression than she would off of her directly, "...I assume you came to speak to the wounded?"

Lysera raised an eyebrow and looked down curiously towards the human who had spoken, her voice thready and weak, but her eyes bright, full of hatred and swimming in a lust to inflict violence on those who had wiped out her squad.

"What do you think of her Tryi?" Lysera asked, maintaining her eye contact with the human, keeping her voice soft.

Lysera grinned and lowered her hand from the woman, still holding her gaze, "I agree. She will be a fun toy. Tryi, I gift her to you. Until our return to Toutati, she will be yours and yours alone."

"White One, when will she be ready?" Lysera asked and heard the Equal of another Caste let out a thoughtful hum.

Lysera nodded sagely, making no effort to stop the dark glee from entering her bright azure eyes, "Tryi?"

Lysera stared down into the small, frail humans pretty little face, she could see her confidence wavering, "Destroy her with your cock."

Lysera raised herself up and moved away from the human, standing to watch alongside the White One as Tryi unleashed herself upon the former marine, grabbing her ankle and dragging her back with a cry to wrestle her in the sands, tearing away her remaining armour and cloth to reveal more sweat slick porcelain skin.

Several watched hungrily as the human cried out, screaming out her fury and lashing out with fist and legs, all to no effect as Lysera, standing in a good spot at the bottom of their legs, observed as Tryi's now hard cock bobbed and weaved, pressing against the humans toned ass as they wrestled, her huge balls in their deep red sack hanging low as she wore down the fight in her toy, subduing her prey.

Lysera chewed on her lip, watching as the now slick tip skimmed against the tight pink slit of the helpless woman's core, trying to find her mark, trying to sate her need for the pleasure and victory.

Tryi roared out her triumph out as she found her mark and the human screamed, her voice losing all words to merely become an unintelligent string of desperate and animalist noises, her legs twisting as she kicked at the sand, trying to find any leverage as the Second began to force her cock deeper into the girls pussy, the Isiri's pre ensuring she would 'fit', but doing little to protect the humans mind and senses from the shock of the unearthly invasion of her weakened body.

The word cut through her thoughts like a knife and Lysera looked over to the White One, scowling at the aged Isiri in sudden anger for having her entertainment interrupted. But as she looked away from the scene she realised she had been growling low, her cock half hard in her armour and her rage free and unchecked. Over the course of several long moments she tempered it, forcing it back into place and reluctantly she nodded her thanks to the White One. She had been losing control and it had been recognised.

Lysera spared a last glance for Tryi and her toy, noting that the none-too-gentle Second already had half her cock sunk into the girls stretched and pre-dripping pussy, one of her massive soft breast resting on the back of the humans head so heavy that the exhausted and wounded girl was unable to raise her face for the sand, forcing her to spit out mouthfuls after each frantically inhaled breath, making her screams and cries even less coherent as she was dominated and bred.

"Too quickly." She growled, frustration rumbling in her deep authoritative voice.

"This!" Lysera spat, casting her hand out in a vague gesture over the tight valley where she and her Lessers had made their ambush, "Two hours we lay in wait for our prey and what do we get for our patience?"

In response Lysera winced like she had been slapped across the face, raising a finger to scratch at a protruding lower fang.

Tryi seemed to lose a few inches of height, the pride draining out of her as she realised the truth in Lysera's words, "I understand the lesson. Though at least we got prisoners, is there not a victory worth mentioning in there?"

"Nine." Tryi nodded and Lysera grinned hungrily, hopeful.

"Six are men," Tryi started and Lysera nodded along, they would be sent to homeworld, Toutati for distribution and labour, valuable to her for their prestige only, "One of the women was severely injured and the White One is tending to her." Lysera nodded again, the White One was the only one of those among her compatriots that was not of Warrior-Caste, and not a Lesser, "The other two women are awaiting your attention."

Tryi smirked and shrugged a shoulder, "It has been too long since we took some of their women kind prisoner. I will spend time with them after you have had your say and I have spoken to our wounded."

Tryi turned her gaze onto Lysera and a cold chill visibly ran down her spine as she noticed her Betters new expression, "You... Were not made aware?"

"No," Lysera snarled, "I was not made aware that we had weakness in our ranks. Where are they?"

Lysera drew in a sharp breath and narrowed her eyes. While she could understand Tryi's fury at the harsh insult of implied weakness, for the Second to square up to her in the open like this, in full view of both of their Lessers was a challenge to her authority, and one she could not tolerate.

Lysera turned her eyes away from the stricken Tryi and looked around instead at the other Lessers who had witnessed the exchange, challenging each of them in silent turn to meet her steely azure gaze. None did. Her authority and dominance had been swiftly reassured among them. In their eyes now this Second was yet too young and too inexperienced to challenge her and, more importantly, they saw that Lysera had not yet begun to succumb to the detriments of age or wounds accumulated. All was as it should be.

Tryi scowled for a moment but realised quickly what her Better was doing, allowing her to save face among the Thirds and Fourths of her peers. After what had transpired, such a brutal put down would only encourage Tryi's own Lessers to attempt and move up through the ranks through her and she would have to tread carefully for a few weeks.

"You are a strong Second," Lysera reassured and Tryi nodded her head once, appreciative of the praise, though she remained bitter about how it had come to her.

"Thank you, Better." Tryi responded shortly, forcing herself to be respectful, "This way."

With her thoughts ordered and the silence between them stretching as they walked, Lysera mentally dissected the confrontation with Tryi. She had in both anger and error insulted her and, despite Tryi being the younger and less experienced of the two Seconds under Lysera's command, Tryi had conformed to honour and challenged her Better despite the obvious difference in their abilities.

Lysera was led to a sheltered crevice naturally worn into the rocky earth of the red planet on which they stood. While one wasn't raging now, the planet had shown its willingness to throw unpredictable and biting sandstorms at the invaders and Lysera had learned to respect that, camping in sheltered spots even when all seemed quiet and the weather clear.

She stepped passed them, not so much as sparing them a glance for fear that the look of their small supple bodies, helpless and awaiting her, would interrupt her focus on the wounded.

She also saw a human woman, laid out on her back, most of her armour cut away to reveal a nasty wound on her right arm. Even with her limited knowledge of the craft Lysera could see enough of the woman's blood to deduct a major, perhaps even life-threatening injury had been sustained. The human woman was conscious but pale and clearly exhausted, her fair hair dirty and lank with sweat.

Lysera breathed in slow through her nose and out through her mouth, staring at the back of the White One's head, eyes focused on one of the women's long white braids, betraying her age. It annoyed her to essentially be told to shut up by one as weak as the White One, but everyone knew that the service the White Ones performed on both their own wounded and those of the foe were essential to the Isiri on a whole, so she waited patiently and practised her breathing while the wound was stitched and cleansed.

The White One paused for a moment, eying Tryi's abdomen with some suspicion, though she remained silent, instead bowing her head respectfully towards Lysera as her once white robe, now stained with the human's blood and the red sands of this planet, flapped loosely in the breeze against her slender and unmuscled form.

"Fucking... Isiri scum..."

After a moment's hesitation Lysera squatted down beside the human, letting an unpleasant smirk settle on her expression as she reached out, running a hand across the girls face, feeling her skin, soft, but cool and clammy with sweat, the human didn't flinch or look away, merely glaring and gritting her teeth.

Tryi stepped up and looked down, pursing her full lips as she drank in the sight, "She is in a sorry state, but she is strong, good muscles for one of their warriors. Wide hips. And a fire to her. She will be fun once she recovers, I think. A fighter maybe."

Tryi let out a low hungry growl and Lysera felt amused as the human, pasty white from blood loss, managed to somehow blanch further at the news. Lysera could've left it there, but the human was still looking into her eyes, trying to appear brave and confident by refusing to look away first. A mistake.

"Well... So long as her arm is not toyed with and her wound does not open, I see no reason as to why she is not ready now, though she may fall unconscious." She replied, matter of factly.

"Yes, my Better?"

At the sound of Tryi's sudden and ecstatic roar of delight the human's eyes finally broke away from Lysera, instead focusing on the nearing Second and, far more desperately, the hardening length between her thighs.

After seeing to her now redundant outfit Tryi flipped the human over onto her stomach, laying atop of her, the Isiri using her massive frame to pin the human in place, trapping her like an animal to be rutted and all but entirely obscuring the struggling human beneath as she was mounted.

Despite the fire in her belly, the human simply didn't have enough energy to fight back for more than a few moments and Lysera felt her heart rate creep up as Tryi lined up the tip of her pre-cum dripping cock with the humans tight breeding hole, preparing to drive it home and defile her.

She could hardly believe to look at the difference in their size that the human would be able to take Tryi's massive throbbing cock, but even since before leaving their Homeworld of Toutati and taking to the stars the Isiri race had long relied on others to carry and birth their young, the Isiri's viscous pre acting as a relaxant as well as a lubricant, increasing the likelihood that an Isiri could successfully mate with other, smaller species.


"The wounded." the White One said as if nothing had happened, extending a hand towards the two injured Lessers, the pair also onlookers of the new spectacle, envy and lust in their eyes despite their fresh still bleeding wounds.