OMG! I'm Naked in School! Ch. 03

It was late Saturday afternoon; the second week of the study was over, and Marty Thompkins, Carolyn's counselor was in front of his computer working the mouse and intently watching the monitor. Over the first weeks of the study, little by little the area around the counselor's offices had evolved into what looked like a media workstation. Even though the subjects of the study, whom the other students had taken to calling ' Nudies' weren't aware, most of the time, some unseen camera or a discreet observer was watching their every move. Along with the massive volume of the daily and weekly reports submitted by the participants, their families and the student body, the amount of data the counselors had to crunch was staggering.

A number of the items he was saving featured Carolyn. The one he opened now, Marty had videoed in his office just yesterday. As it began to playback, displayed on his monitor was a crystal-clear view of Carolyn sitting in front of Marty's desk, completely naked except for her study bracelet and a pretty, silver--blue bow in her hair.

If someone was to compare this clip to the video recorded during Carolyn's first interview, even a blind person could see the amazing difference to Carolyn's body language between the first days of the study and now. In this clip, it was obvious this very pretty, young woman sitting completely naked before her young, male counselor had grown much more relaxed about being naked in public. The way she held her head up so proudly with her shoulders squarely set, the confidence with which she spoke, and especially the way in which she sat up in the chair with her breasts so unashamedly bared, she displayed a level of comfort about her nudity, which simply had not existed a couple of weeks ago.

Marty froze the action and zoomed in. He sat staring intently for a while, his own excitement obviously growing the longer he studied the close-up view of the feminine intimacies between Carolyn's legs. Because of her diligence in shaving, Carolyn's plump outer labia appeared as bare as if she had almost no hair at all. The resolution of the camera appeared so sharp, as Marty zoomed in a bit more, even a few wrinkly folds of her inner labia were visible amid the darker crease centered between her legs. Working his mouse and clicking, Marty positioned the shot exactly how he liked it, then saved it, sending the compromising image of Carolyn to his private file.

On the monitor was a spider's eye view looking down from the ceiling into one of the school's science labs. From the position of the camera hidden up in a corner, it was possible to see almost the entire room. There weren't any traditional desks, only experiment tables with stools for the students to sit on, and behind the teacher's old, wooden desk hung a standard, periodic chart of the elements.

When the tall, lanky guy facing the camera began speaking to the others, Marty reached up, turning on the speakers.

The guy with his back to the camera spoke up. "Jeff, are you sure she's gonna show?"

A stocky guy, who was clearly Hispanic chimed in. "Man, I'll be pissed if she stiffs us. I cut class to be here."

With the others all laughing, Jesús fired back, "Fuck you, Darius!"

Sticking his thumbs in his pockets in an attempt to look cool, Jeff stepped around Jesús. "Hey, Karen. Glad you could make it."

The naked blonde ambled over to the classroom's large whiteboard, and once there, she turned about to again face the guys. "You said you wanted to talk to me in private, Jeff?" She had this almost accusational tone, as if she were daring him. "So?" Leaning back so her bare butt touched the eraser holder, she crossed her arms under her bare breasts. "What is it you want to talk about?"

Jeff was standing so close up in front of Karen, most people, clothed or otherwise would feel anxious about having their personal space invaded, yet Karen didn't even bat an eye. "Okay." She stared back at him. "Ask away."

Staring down at Karen's breasts, Jeff had this stupid grin pasted upon his face. Finally, he looked up and into Karen's eyes. "I heard something about asking you to be spontaneous. I heard that if I were to ask you to be spontaneous or forthcoming, you might do whatever I asked you to."

When he spoke up, he revealed a heavy Boston accent. "My name's Christian."

From behind, Jeff was almost breathing down her neck, and with Karen standing up so close up to Christian, there was scant inches between her and the guy in front and the one behind. Darius came walking around to stand on Karen's left, and Jesús moved over to her right. Standing naked in an empty classroom and now ringed in by four big, strong guys, amazingly, there was no doubt about who was still in control.

Christian swallowed heavily. "I don't know?"

Jeff nodded. "Damn straight!"

From his blank stare, it was obvious Christian didn't have a clue what she was talking about.

When she didn't resist, Jeff pressed in even more closely behind her, and while still giving her right breast a thorough groping, he now dropped his left hand down between Karen's legs.

Darius was quick to speak up. "Okay, Karen, I'll play."

Darius was so well--muscled, he was obviously an athlete, and the glow in his dark, brown eyes appeared focused upon the goal. "Would you be so spontaneous as to bend that sweet little ass of yours over on this desk and let me fuck your brains out?"

Without another word, Karen stepped over to the desk and leaned down, bracing on her elbows with her forearms down as she offered up her bare ass to both Darius and the camera. The only thing Karen had on; besides her study bracelet were her pair of pink Nikes. When she spread her feet wide apart on the floor, clearly visible to the camera, up amid the dark cleft below where her plumply rounded cheeks came together, her feminine lips were on open display.

Karen was looking back over shoulder. "Ooh, Darius," she positively purred. "You really do know what I like, don't you?"

The others anxiously crowded in. Fortunately, the three guys stood positioned to the opposite side of the camera's secret vantage, providing an unobstructed view of the action as Darius gripped Karen firmly by her hips. As he pressed forward, it wasn't necessary to see the actual penetration as it was visible in Karen's reaction. With her elbows down upon the desk, she skidded forward, knocking some papers from the desk as Darius slid himself all the way inside her.

"Fuck her, Darius!" Jeff broke the heavy silence. "Give it to her, man! Fuck that bitch's brains out!"

Marty couldn't believe what he was seeing. Ever since this recording had first come to light, it had become the subject of all the underground gossip of the counselors and observers. It had created such a stir; Professor Robinson supposedly had confiscated it, but apparently not before someone had made copies. Professional pornography is usually composed of some tired formula. No matter what the producers do, it's almost always the same old thing regardless of the setting and participants. Yet the scene Marty was watching on his monitor was something else entirely. This was real. Perhaps the view came from a secret camera, there was a covert intensity to it, exciting and alive, a Peeping Tom's view of spontaneous, real--life sex.

The sensation of their excitement wasn't in just what could be seen; so much was captured in the sounds. There were the eager jeers and catcalls of the other guys, the sounds of Darius' powerful breathing, the slapping of flesh to flesh, and Karen's guttural grunts and breathy moans. Occasionally, it did sound like the dialogue from some cheap porno flick, as Karen would look around, huffing and puffing and call back over her shoulder, "Yeah! Oh yeah! Fuck me! That's right! Use your big, black dick, baby! Don't ever stop! Just fuck me and fuck me and fuck me 'til I cum!"

With a quick tap of his finger, Marty clicked his mouse; stopping the replay on the monitor. Then ejecting and removing this flash drive from his computer, he quickly inserted another. It appeared he was searching for, then copying specific items, because when he moved through the thumbnails, he would occasionally stop, then open the drop down File menu, and finally save clips of recordings or picture files in a file folder on his flash drive titled: Marty Personal.

The scene he was watching was a full frontal shot of Carolyn videoed from an angle behind Marty's left shoulder. Sitting in a traditional wood school chair, Carolyn' soft brown hair was down lightly around her shoulders and the blue of her eyes was bright and vibrant. Even without the benefit of a pushup bra, her breasts stood up firm and full. Whether it was a bit cold in the counselor's office wasn't apparent in the video, but the tips of her pert and pink nipples were standing up as stiff as stiff could be. Though it wasn't possible to see Marty's face, it was entirely obvious his attention wasn't upon Carolyn's eyes.

As Marty watched his monitor, Carolyn shifted in her chair, and as she reached down without even thinking to scratch her ankle, her knees came apart. From the angle provided by the camera, almost as revealing as a beaver shot on a porn site, Carolyn's most intimate secrets tucked between the spread of her thighs were momentarily completely exposed to view.

A few moments later, when Marty got up and raised his arms toward the ceiling until he was stretching up on his tiptoes, the bulge in the front of his pants revealed his reason for doing this when he was in the office alone on a Saturday afternoon. After a minute or two of stretching, he walked over to his office door, unlocked it, and looked around the main office. Not seeing anything other than empty desks and chairs, he closed and relocked his door, then hurried back to his monitor. Producing a fresh thumb drive from his pocket, Marty inserted it very delicately. Once it loaded, he scooted up close to the monitor, quickly scrolling through the files. When he found what he was after, he scooted in even closer, then unzipped his pants.

A male student dressed in blue jeans and a t--shirt walked into the room. Almost immediately, three more male students followed him in. They all met up at the teacher's desk, high fiving. Clearly, something was up.

Marty was just quick enough on the volume to hear, "This is gonna be so good."

Jeff crossed his arms and leaned back. "When I talked to her before lunch period, the bitch told me she'd meet me here for sure."

The guy to his left, a well--muscled black guy, playfully shoved the Hispanic. "Shit, Jesús. Seems to me like you've been trying to graduate since back when I was a freshman. Like skipping one class will matter."

Suddenly, all four looked over to below where the secret camera was hidden. Just a heartbeat later, looking down from above, a completely naked blonde girl came walking into view. Sashaying her hips, she strolled up to the four and stood with her back to the camera. "Hi, guys."

The picture quality was definitely high-definition, yet the sound was tinny and echoey. The microphone obviously wasn't nearby, and with Marty having turned up the volume of his monitor's speakers so loudly, the sound quality had this underlying buzz along with the empty echo every time someone spoke. Perhaps the amazing quality of the picture on Marty's monitor was because of the extra light coming in through the row of widows at the back of the classroom, but the view into the science lab looked more like reality than video.

Jeff came swaggering over, dropping his shoulder and swinging his arm like a pimp ambling down a sidewalk towards one of his bitches. "I heard something about the study, and I thought you'd be the person to ask."

Sitting hunched over before his monitor, Marty could sense the tension. This was the infamous video clip everyone was buzzing about, and the girl was Karen Loeffler. In anticipation of seeing this, he'd pulled her file. Karen was from an affluent family, an honors student, and definitely not the type of girl most people would ever dream would participate in a study about public nudity. Yet there she stood without a single stitch to cover her luscious, young body. She was strikingly pretty, yet in the bitchy and aristocratic manner of someone who uses her daddy's money as a tool. The pink of her fingernails matched the pink of her Nike tennis shoes, and her shoulder length blonde hair shown with a lustrous sheen, which only comes from an expensive salon. Even her perfectly pinched little nose had obviously taken shape under the knife of a highly skilled plastic surgeon. Though she was naked and alone with these four guys, she exuded the haughty and arrogant air of someone who isn't used to asking twice for whatever she wants.

Karen squeezed away, sidling out sideways and leaving Jeff at the chalkboard. She walked over to where the other three guys stood, then gave each one a once over. After a moment, she reached out and tapped the guy to very left on the shoulder. "I already know these two guys." She tossed her head slightly to indicate Darius and Jesús. "So what's your name?"

Jeff had followed closely behind Karen, but she acted as if she hadn't noticed. "Tell me, Christian?" Her tone was saucy, almost snide. "Do you want to ask me if I'm willing to be spontaneous or forthcoming for you? And if you were to ask me, and I was to agree, what is it you'd like to ask me to do?"

"Well?" Karen stared at Christian as if daring him. "In what way would you like me to be spontaneous?"

"You don't know?" She mimicked coyly. "I bet Jeff knows what he wants me to do, don't you, Jeff?"

"So, Christian?" Karen reached out with a finger, lightly tracing it down the front of his shirt. "As a good Christian, didn't you hear you should do unto others before they do unto you?"

Jeff, though, was obviously ready to get on with the main event as he suddenly reached around to cup Karen's breasts with both his hands. Almost immediately, she closed her eyes, dropped her head to her shoulder, and let out with this deep, sultry sigh. Christian, standing less than a foot away was left watching in wide--eyed wonder as Jeff's fingers kneaded Karen's breasts.

While the others closed in to watch, Karen luxuriated in allowing Jeff to feel her everywhere, but then suddenly, she reached up and pressed her hands over his, holding him in check. Then lifting his fingers gently away from her body, she turned about to face him front on. "Whoa there, cowboy. We haven't begun to play my game yet. You still haven't told me what you want me to do." She was speaking teasingly like a pouty child. "You haven't even asked me if I'll agree to be spontaneous."

She instantly swiveled to face him.

Karen's eyes flashed, then she pursed her lips and let out with this delighted little, "Oooh!" Obviously overacting, but getting her point across, she cooed, "Why Darius, you sweet talker." She then cast a quick glance to the others. "You see. That's how to ask a girl to be spontaneous."

Darius passed a quick, triumphant leer to Jeff, then displayed his athleticism by stepping quick as a flash up behind Karen. Just as quickly, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, then stripped them down underwear and all to reveal a very formidable erection.

Dropping his right hand down to run his fingers up between the spread of Karen's legs, Darius drew open her lips and then slipped two fingers up inside her. In response, Karen shivered, wiggling her butt and letting out with a breathy little gasp. Darius, grinning for all he was worth, glanced back over his shoulder to the others, then drawing back his fingers, he brought them up under his nose and inhaled deeply.

Then slowly, and clearly enjoying every inch of the sensation, Darius slipped himself back out, and it seemed as if every the hips of other guy in the room moved back along with him. Yet he didn't quite slide his entire length all the way out of her. Smiling bright and wide, he closed his eyes, and once again slowly pushed his entire length all the way back inside her. Karen responded by spreading her feet even wider and visibly pressing her butt up and into him.

Darius didn't appear to need any coaching. He was already setting up a rhythm, slowly at first, then faster. In response to his quickening thrusts, Karen was tossing her hair and moaning, the swaying of her breasts even knocking more papers off the desk and onto the floor.

Unlike a porn queen, Karen wasn't acting at all; she was totally into it. Darius was vigorously pumping her, forcing her to grip either edge of the desk to lift up with her ass and fuck him back. Her breasts were swinging, and her lustrous blonde hair had fallen down around both sides of her face. As he worked at her and she pushed back, every now and then Karen would fling her blonde hair around and peer back over her shoulder at Darius. This girl wasn't just being bent over a desk and fucked. She was giving it back with an intensity all her own.