Young Wife and the Rough Neighbor

After we married, my wife and I moved into our first house together. It was a small farmhouse that we were able to rent for cheap, with a nice yard, and the farmer's buildings and barn lots on 3 sides. Behind the house the barn lot gave way to a large pasture. We lived on a gravel road, and had few neighbors. An older couple lived in a nice home on the other side of the road from us, and their son and his live-in girlfriend occupied a mobile home a short distance down the road, at the base of a small hill. The older couple had retired and had some money, so they traveled a lot. We saw the son's girlfriend leave for work every day. The son must have had a job, but I never knew what it was. He was in his yard a lot, working on trucks and cars. I would wave when I drove past, and would usually get a wave or nod in return. He was a slender guy, seldom wore a shirt, had short black hair, a thin beard and stache, and a patch of hair on his chest. His girlfriend was on the skinny side, and very quiet.

The first few months were uneventful. Both of us found jobs right away, although not in the same location. We spent time fixing up the little house, mowing the yard, outing in a garden, and enjoying sex as only a new couple can. On weekends, Sandy liked to put on a bikini, and lay on a beach towel in the shade. I didn't mind, until I noticed the neighbor slowing down if he happened to drive by. He would ogle Sandy laying on her back with her ample boobs sticking up out her chest, barely covered by the tiny patches of fabric. I told Sandy about it, and she agreed to move her sunning into the back yard. Later I noticed that the neighbor, Jack was his name, would give a big wave if Sandy was in the car, but just the usual nod if it were just me.

"Uh, car battery's low, and old lady needs to go to the hospital. Can you give me a jump?"

"Is your girlfriend okay?" I heard her ask. He mumbled something about stomach pains. I finally got his attention off my wife, and we went out into the rain. We drove the short distance to his trailer, got out the jumper cables, and managed to get his car started. I got a curt thank you, and they drove off. When I got back inside my house, I grabbed a towel, and dried off.

"It wasn't a big deal, my bikini shows a lot more. Are you jealous?" she laughed. Her eyes were bright though, and I could tell she was aroused, so I forgot about Jack, and turned my attention to licking her clit until she orgasmed, then giving her a good fucking that left us both worn out.

After that episode, I started watching for Jack. If I was present, he would turn and go back to his trailer. If he thought I was gone, he'd hang around to see if Sandy was in the yard. I also noticed that if I would leave in my truck, I would see him in the rearview mirror, leaving his place and walking up to his parents home. I formed a plan to leave, hide my truck, and sneak back to see what he was up to. Saturday came, and it was hot. I could hear Jack at his place, running a saw of some kind. Sandy was in the back yard, lying on her beach towel with a book. I told her I had to run into work for a while, and gave her a kiss. I drove off until I was out of sight, and turned into a field road which led back to the farm. It brought me up to the back corner, where I parked and quietly slipped closer to the house. Immediately behind the house was a small shed, with the open side facing away. There were hay bales on both ends, so the view of the yard was blocked. I made my way into the shed, and found a small opening. Peeking through, I could see Sandy still engrossed in her book. She had removed her top, and was lying on her stomach about 6 feet from the shed. The sides of her boobs were exposed, of course. I got comfortable, and settled in to see if he would show up. I didn't have long to wait, as Jack walked around the corner of the house, and seeing Sandy, stopped. She looked up, squealed in fright, and got up on her knees. She tried to cover her tits, but not before giving Jack a quick look at them.

"Oh hell, I wanted to make you to sit up so I could see those big titties." he laughed, and walked over to her towel, and sat down. He was shirtless, as usual, with worn out sneakers, and sweating in the heat. He had two bottles of beer in his hand.

Jack gave her a big grin, and held out one of the bottles to her, with the cap still on it.

"Well, how about it?" Jack asked impatiently.

"How about showing me your boobs?" he said. The asshole got right to the point, I thought.

They sat for a minute, sipping their beers and eyeing each other. Sandy had sat back on her heels, while Jack was leaning back on his elbows facing her, his knees spread, showing his crotch to her. His package made a sizable bulge, and I saw Sandy drop her gaze to it, and lick her upper lip.

"He had to go in to work, and said he would be a while." she replied. Oh shit, I thought, why did she tell him that?

"You don't give up, do you?" Sandy said, shaking her head and taking another pull from the bottle.

Sandy stopped, lowered the bottle, and looked hard at Jack. "What night was that?"

Sandy just grinned at him, and sipped her beer. "Oh, that night." she said.

"Think so do you?" Sandy replied. I didn't like where this was going, but I was caught up in the back and forth of the conversation, taken aback at how brazen Jack was, and also dumbfounded by Sandy letting the jerk talk to her that way. So I sat, and watched and listened.

My wife, Sandy, is a short and round bundle of energy. She has a very bubbly personality, and has a naughty streak that she saves for the bedroom. Her hair is a dirty blond shade, with greenish eyes. She is 5-3, and very curvy. Her tits strain against her 34D bra. They have a nice sag to them, but the brown nipples still turn up nicely. Her hips are wide, but her ass is firm, and with nice trim ankles and calves, she rocks a pair of jeans. Her tummy is soft, and below it is a very natural bush of pubes. I find her very sexy, and love the feel of her lush curves under me when we are having a hot sweaty fuck.

Later that summer, a storm was lashing the area. We were in bed, when a pounding at the door woke us up. I pulled on a pair of shorts, and went to the door. It was Jack, soaking wet, no shirt of cousre, asking I could give him a hand. I let him in the kitchen, and asked what he needed.

I saw he was staring past me, and turned to see Sandy standing in the doorway, wearing only her t-shirt and panties. She looked very hot, with her nipples poking through the thin material, and her tiny panties not quite containing her pubic thatch. Jack's eyes were gleaming as he took in her hot little body. I said I would throw on some clothes and help him out. I gave Sandy a look as I went in the bedroom, but she ignored me, and continued to stand in the door, letting Jack look her over.

I asked Sandy why she stood and chatted with a stranger in her underwear.

In the following days, I noticed that Sandy was wearing her bikini more often. . She'd hang laundry out to dry, work in the garden, and do other weekend tasks. It was hot, so I didn't think much of it, and I did like watching her boobs jiggle in the skimpy top. But then I noticed Jack the neighbor driving by, or walking up to his parent's house, more often than before. It was seemingly innocent, he'd check their house, or mow their lawn, but it also gave him the chance to stare at Sandy. One afternoon, I was in the barn lot, hidden from view, when I saw him walking up the road. I stood still and waited to see what he would do. Sandy was in the garden, in her bikini of course, with her back to the road. Jack got to his parents house, and stopped. As I watched, he stared at Sandy as she bent over, her round ass stretching the material across it. Jack just stood there, and started rubbing his cock through his jeans. Sandy turned, so she was sideways to the road. Her boobs hung down and swayed as she worked. Jack was still playing with himself, but when Sandy stood up, he turned and walked up to the house. She turned and saw him, but had not seen him staring, or rubbing his cock. She watched him open the door, and go in, then picked up her basket and left the garden.

"Shit, you scared hell out me, what are you doing?" she yelled at him. Her eyes were wide open, her hair was falling across one side of her face, and she was breathing hard. Naked except for her bikini bottom, she was an incredibly erotic sight.

"If you'll share those beers, I might think about it." Sandy shot back, with a saucy tone.

"Take the cap off, please." she said, trying to sound angry, but the smile on her face gave her away. Jack twisted off the top, and held the bottle out again. Sandy took it, and keeping one arm across her tits put the bottle to her lips and took a long pull from it.

"How about what/" she answered, with a smirk on her face.

"I said I'd think about it, and I'm still thinking." she shot back. Good girl Sandy, I thought, don't give in to the prick. If Jack decided to force her, I had a 2x4 ready to beat him senseless.

"Where's your husband?" Jack asked, never taking his eyes off my wife.

"Well, while you're deciding to let see your titties, we can get acquainted." Jack said with a leer on his face.

"I don't think you want me to give up. I saw how you looked at me that night." Jack replied.

"Don't play dumb, you know what I'm talking about. The night of that storm, when I needed a jump to get my car going is what I'm talking about. You stood there in a t-shirt and panties, with your nipples hard and sticking out, and let me look you over real good, in front of your husband to boot." Jack told her, his eyes hard.

"Yeah, oh." Jack grinned back at her. "I think you wanted me to see you. Well, I got a good look, and you do got a nice little body on you. I think you need me to show you what a real man can do for you."

"Yeah, I do, and I think you want it." Jack said. "I see you looking at my crotch, wondering if it's as big as it looks. Go ahead, unzip my pants and take a look. It doesn't hurt to look you know." he said with a big grin.