'anal sex' stories

The Hedge Pt. 05

Martin Baxter returns and stalks Sharon to get to Ashley.

Categories: Consensual, Group, Anal, Toys, Love, Violence, Hospital scenes. * 50a. It is mid-August, the big gates open and a young man walks through them and the gates close behind him, he didn't look back. He's wearing a loose black hoody, baggy jogging pants, trainers and carries a sports type bag. He takes a deep breath and slowly exhales, then he checks a small map, turns...

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Root and Barbara's Surprise Guest

Luther and Barbara are joined by another family member.

Brief Backstory: The setting is Middle America in the late 1970's and Lute (The Root), our hero, is a well-hung 18-year-old who has just finished high school and is vacationing with his family at their lake house. As a lead-in to this story, check out "The Root and His Aunt Barbara". And per usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults. * After watching...

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Lynn's Fantasy

Lynn finds a way to get all her desires fulfilled.

_This story developed from an email conversation with a reader who provided me feedback. She wrote me, "I'm a happily married woman. But I crave sex with older men. I'm 44 but would love the feel of an older man on and in my body." During the course of our conversation she also wrote that, with her husband, she likes anal and rough sex. I asked her if she would ever consider a threesome with her...

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Jack Hammer Ch. 02

Jack hammers a big black stud.

West Campus Condos was a big new three-story building occupying most of a city block near the central UT campus. Jack stopped at the parking garage entrance and punched in the code the condo manager had given him over the phone. The bars swung up and he pulled into a visitor parking space. The elevator doors opened as Jack was reaching for the button. A tall black man in his early...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 03

Grant finds his mom enjoying herself, decides to help out.

"You know, Carrie," Grant said as he squeezed his sister's bare bottom after pounding her in both her pussy and her ass, "I think I like virgins. Can you send me some more?" Carrie pried herself out of his grasp and looked him in the face. "What the hell are you talking about?" she said hotly. "That slumber party," he said dreamily, his face breaking out in a smile that Carrie...

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What If? Pt. 11

One couple's alternative to vanilla sex.

Chapter 36 - It Never Rains . . . During the preceding winter when Jean and Carol were having their implants, the actual sexual activities involving other people had slowed down quite a bit. Larry was invited over at times when Carol was fairly well healed from surgery to join Ted in giving Carol a night of pleasure that would leave her all fucked out. Sometimes he would be invited over to...

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Master PC - NYC Edition Ch. 10-14

So much work to do at the café.

Ten At the coffee counter, the barrista, Hannah, was fiddling with the pastries. She had on a summer dress that hung low on her chest revealing an ample cleavage. Her skin was pale but creamy. She didn't appear to be wearing a bra, as evidenced by her prominent nipples. She also seemed to have a little roundness to her, as if there might be a smudge extra cushion to the pushin', which...

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Golden Birthday Ch. 06

She gives her father her ass.

As our lips press together, I know my angle isn't quite right and still learning so much. His tongue presses into my mouth and I lose my breath. I reach for the spot that feels so wonderful in my hands and he is reaching for the same areas. This all feels so wonderful and I'm glad I waited for him. I feel him hardening against my flesh and I squeeze him as he is doing to me. My body is...

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Out of Character

Maya goes out for a night and does something she never does.

I made a last adjustment to my rear garter, the one that always pops off the stocking whenever I bend over because my big ass is just too much for it, and flapped my hand in front of my face to cool off. Struggling with it always gets me flushed. I survey myself in the mirror: black stockings with vertical stripes disappearing into my cute new cream Mary Jane heels, a black satin garter belt and...

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Golden Birthday Ch. 05

He moves in and she gives him her ass.

Our lips press together and there is a thrill in the awkwardness of how she is keeping her head. In this, she is every bit as lacking in experience as everything else. My tongue presses into her mouth and starts to explore as our hands search out our bodies. Becky's hands reach for my ass and I sigh into her mouth, while my hands explore the same area on her. My shaft is hardening between...

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FUTA Pharmaceuticals Ch. 05

Fortune favors the bold.

Chapter 5: Fortune Favors the Bold A/N: Quick note. Text in italics are thoughts (inner dialogue) by Annie. ***** I think it's been a week since we first got introduced to our cell, but the days stretched on and on. The relentless humiliation, degradation, and sex did wonders to blur the passage of time. Lilith and I were still trying to be strong for the other girls...

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Parallel Thinking

Protagonist fulfills her fantasy of having an affair.

Life is supposed to be full of adventure. That's what Marcia Bridges always thought. Ever since she was a girl, she had been obsessed with the seemingly endless opportunity to explore life's great unknowns. To go somewhere she had never gone. To eat something she had never eaten. To love someone she shouldn't be loving. Tomorrow was always brings opportunity, but for Marcia Bridges, tomorrow was...

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Best Friends' Friday Night

Two best friends share a magical night.

David picked up his phone to look at the text message that had just come in. It read "I'm here." from his best friend Brandon. David and Brandon had been best friends for as long as he could remember. They did everything together, and when one got interested in something that the other didn't want to participate in, they still went along and cheered the other on. Brandon was 6' 1" and 185. He was...

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JoAnn Shops for Lingerie

Hot wife chooses a cock to go with her lingerie.

_I had previously told you the story of my Hot Wife's experience while shopping about eight months ago. She was being watched by a peeping Tom as she tried on dresses and sportswear at her favorite Kohl's. It was the perfect opportunity to fulfill one of her fantasies; being picked up in a public setting by a handsome man. I gave her a hall pass to do what her gut told her only requesting she...

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Schoolgirl Uniform; Jenny Ch. 02

Daddy takes her again.

This story involves the forced – yet ultimately embraced – sex between a father and daughter. If you do not like these types of stories... please move on to something you do like. However if such stories are something you appreciate – realizing they are mere fiction and fantasy – please enjoy. * Jenny lay where her daddy had left her; atop her bed with her legs hanging over the...

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So My Dream the Other Night...

A dream, with a lover.

We were kissing and fooling around with each other on the bed for a while, we slid your panties off first then kept kissing as I fondled with your pussy. As the intensity grew you wandered your hands below and found my rock hard cock... which you then took out of my pants as I lay on my back, you were smiling up at me as you fondled and teased it for a little bit then wrapped your moist lips...

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Conjoined Twins - Two in One Ch. 05

Conjoined female twins and grandmother fall for same man.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * As Sarah and Tom Engel made their cuckolding plans for hired hand Tony, big-dicked Tony continued to plow and inseminate the common vagina of their conjoined identical twin daughters secretly at least a couple of times a week. Tony's endurance and sex-drive proved impressive. In particular, Maria savored the...

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Johnny's Mom Pt. 02 - Mandy

Johnny finds his sister and the family unites.

This story is a continuation to 'Johnny's Mom' which you should read first to understand the context of the characters. **** It helps being tall, big breasted and blonde when pursuing a music career in Nashville. It doesn't hurt to be sexually aggressive either. Swallowing hot sticky cum helped her voice be recognized. "I'm almost... going... to cum," Bill warned. Mandy...

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Just Friends

Roz massages Eddie's prostate with her replica cock.

Greetings all; the characters in my stories exist in my head, but there might be real life inspirations for some of them. Who knows? In this story I take a relationship that actually existed and flip it upside down, turn it inside out, then I reverse engineer it. My characters Roz and Eddie are friends that share a very special benefit. Their friendship spans two husbands for her, and...

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The Roommate

A man is stunned to find out his roommate is now a t-girl.

In hindsight, I should have seen the path I would eventually end up on. The signs were all there when I was younger. It's hard to see the truth about something when you're in the early stages of it. My name is Denise Christensen. While I may have been born a boy named Ander, my life is now lived as a woman with ... more. This is the story of how that change unfolded. To understand how...

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Husband and Wife experience their first bi MMF encounter...

"I have a client, who's also become my friend, who makes intimate films for couples so they can have their own personal porn flicks. I could arrange to have him come over and film us if you think you might like that." She said, almost asking permission... We'd often enjoyed watching some soft porn before we made love, and actually the porn we'd watched lately was not that soft. It wasn't...

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Goldie Lock and 7 Small Men

Confused fairy tale with porridge and a queen.

Goldie Lock was a very plain woman with long black hair. Mr and Mrs Lock had named their dark haired daughter Goldie because they were fans of Goldie Hawn, and because they were stupid. Now she was lost in some woods and had just discovered a cottage. Meanwhile, at Palace Street police station, Detective Superintendent Queen showed her crime file to Detective Sergeants Hunt and Man, and...

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Orc Relations

An incident changes the relationship of Orc mother and son.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * Chapter 1 The forge roared with heat. The anvil screamed under the hammer. Fiery sparks flew in every direction, as red-hot steel was being shaped into a rugged blade. "Pardon me!" Helzan paused, her hammer suspended at the top of her swing. Frowning, she tore her eyes from her work and looked...

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Chase Goes to College Ch. 03 Pt. 03

He dominates her ass!

_Author's Note: The following is a work of fiction. It may or may not contain characters based on persons living or dead and may or not may contain actions completed by these same persons who may or may not have lived. The world where this story takes place is an alternate reality where sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies do not exist (nod to BusyBadger). This is...

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Christmas Gift Like No Other

Nephew and Niece seduced by their sensual Aunt.

AUTHORS NOTE: This is a Winter Holidays Contest 2018 submission, so please vote. Thank you! INVITATION AND ARRIVAL Trisha Collins had been sending Christmas gifts to her niece Fiona and her nephew Gust for over 18 years. Now that they were both in college, she had a special present for them. She would invite them to spend Christmas break with her in Colorado. Trisha was 35 years old and...

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When the Wife's Away

Two older males discover each other, for pleasure.

A bi male story of pleasure. About 3 months ago I was on the phone to my friend Douglas. We're both in our early sixties and our families have been friends for almost 30 years. During the call, I mentioned that my wife was going to stay with her family for a few days. Doug suggested that he might visit for a few days and bring some wine down. His wife couldn't make it because she was still...

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A Capitol Couple Pt. 04

Jake and Stephanie get dirty at their London hotel...

The flight touched down at London Heathrow at 10:10 AM. After a ten minute taxi to the gate, Jake and Stephanie disembarked. They said goodbye to the lovely flight attendant and made their way to customs. After clearing customs they made their way to the baggage claim. Stephanie stayed back as Jake moved into the crowd to retrieve their bags. Several minutes later Jake emerged from the crowd with...

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The Club

Can you find love in the club?

I wanted so badly to be able to post this for the Sharing is Caring anthology but life decided to kick me in the teeth. So here it is, Better late than never. There is explicit swinging action going on in this tale so you have been warned. Ahaz ================= I was putting my robe back on after taking care of the full condom. The girl I knew as Debbie gave me a nice kiss on the...

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The Invitation Ch. 05

She makes a discovery that changes everything.

I decided there had been enough calls to Leo, since he would always find some way of twisting whatever I suggest. It would be nice to know what he has planned for us, but I am as in the dark as everyone else. The phone rings and Luke picks up the phone to determine what course of action we must take next. My twenty-one year old son's green eyes do not show any hint as to what he is hearing as...

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The White Girl - Getting Engaged!

Sexual nymphs get engaged to be married.

Author's Note: It is highly recommended that before you read this installment that you review the first chapter of THE WHITE GIRL to better understand the characters, their situation and the surprise ending. ATTENTION ALL READERS WHO SELECT MY STORIES AS THEIR PERSONAL "FAVORITES", I WOULD ASK THAT YOU REMEMBER TO "CLICK ON" YOUR SELECTION FOR A RATING FOR ALL OF MY STORIES, PLEASE! *...

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