'brother' stories

The Odd Family

There is something really odd about them...

Ceri set her mouth into a firm line that showed her determination. She wanted to get a nice present for her father's wedding and she would do anything to make sure it happened. The problem was that the eighteen year old did not really get enough pocket money, and didn't have any saved. With her dad and Jilly setting the date for just four weeks away she needed a speedy resolution to match their...

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Party Fun with My Brother Ch. 01

Brother and sister find love through lust.

First part of a three part story, thanks to Tigersman for editing. * Julia Bradley was an attractive young woman at twenty-seven years of age; she inherited her looks from her mother. She stood at 5' 7" with long black hair, a small waist and hips, and a beautiful face with a small nose. Her best asset were her breasts at 36D with no sag. Julia had many admirers that she turned down...

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Brother and Sister Love Pt. 02

From incest to group sex.

As we move forward some 7 months, my sister Leanne and myself had pretty much been fucking whenever we could. Unfortunately it wasn't a daily occurrence but it was frequent enough. She was 18 and I was 20 at the time and our mother knew about it and told us to keep it low key. One afternoon after our 'after work-after school' fucks my sister turned to me and said. "Hey. I have two things....

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Helpful Hannah Ch. 07

Hannah lets her brother help.

Later that night, my brother suggested a trip to the cinema, to check out the new Transformers film. To everyone's surprise, Mom and Dad were able to come as well - they're normally too busy to hang out with us, the whole family happened to have the night off. I sent my boyfriend a text, but he wasn't able to make it. Normally I'd just go the movies in whatever I was wearing around the...

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Akash and Sanjana: A Sibling Getaway

Two siblings reconnect by spending a trip together.

Akash impatiently took a drag from his cigarette and looked at his watch. "She was supposed to call me after she landed," he thought to himself. He paced around the monitor, which said that her flight had landed. And yet, 20 minutes since then, there was no sign of her. Akash always hated waiting. He'd gotten used to it at this point. He was always the punctual one in the two....

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Little Sister's Big Butt Ch. 03

A graduation party to remember...

_Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. Anal sex is a major theme in this story, so you might want to consider reading something else if you're not into that sort of stuff. This one even contains some double anal action, so consider yourself doubly warned as far as butt stuff goes. Don't expect realism and you won't be disappointed when you...

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Limits Ch. 08

Lucy's brother cums on her tits.

Session B20: I have absolutely no idea what woke my sister up. In the past, she'd only woken up when I told her to do something that she wouldn't do...I hadn't even been in the middle of an instruction, just setting up a scenario. After a few days of constantly questioning myself, I decided to focus my mind on something else. I decided to play with Marcie, instead. Marcie had become...

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Educating My Little Sister Ch. 01

My little sister wants to learn how to fuck.

I was a senior in college and my princess baby sister was a freshman at the same college. We always got along but I also thought Mom and Dad spoiled and pampered her. They also overprotected her, so she was a little naïve to the ways of the world. Not to mention, she wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Nonetheless, she was a good person and I was her big brother. She had always looked up...

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Family Business & Sexual Adventures

Brother's girlfriend takes his virginity.

"Baby, we getting together Saturday?" Jim asked his girlfriend Jan. "Sure. You got something in mind?" "Well, my brother has his eighteenth birthday. You know, he's kind of shy, not like me." "That's for sure. And ...?" "You like him don't you?" "Yeah, he's even better looking than you," she said with a smirk. "Of course, you're both studs. But he is rather shy."...

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Helpful Hannah Ch. 06

Hannah goes shopping, to help fulfill her brother's fantasy.

I stayed at my boyfriend's house that night but woke up early, feeling strangely anxious. What if my brother is ready to cum, and I'm not there to help him? A glance at the clock told me it was only just 6am, but I knew I wasn't going back to sleep - not when my brother's pleasure was at risk. Rather than waking my boyfriend up, I left a note and called a cab - less than half an hour...

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A Cousin Fantasy Come True

From friends to more, the sexual relationship grows.

It's often said that cousins are the first friends you have and it's a friendship that lasts a lifetime. But in a world of dispersed families, sometimes you don't know your cousins while growing up. Veronica is almost 18 years younger than I. We connected as friends when she was in her mid-twenties, living several states apart. It was a story of getting to know one another online and sharing...

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Hierarchy of Needs Ch. 04

Jacob adjusts his sister's sluttiness and his own jealousy.

It took me far too long to realize what I'd done. When Ashley came home that night, I almost did a double-take at what she was wearing. It looked like she'd strategically ripped her shirt to show off as much as possible, and it was clear that she wasn't wearing any underwear...but to my surprise, as soon as walked through the door she blushed and went into her room to change. For the...

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The Boys Do Debbie Ch. 01

A brother and sister begin an incestuous relationship.

_A semi-autobiographical telling of brother and sister incest. All involved are 18 or over. Debbie and the Boys, one hot summer afternoon... _ * Franklin and I were lying on our stomachs watching my sister who was on the other side of the pool on a sun-lounger. It was a perfect day and we were enjoying the scenery... her magnificent tits that were hardly covered by a tiny bikini...

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Limits Ch. 07

Lucy's brother talks about masturbating in front of her.

Session 19: "I start to jerk off again. What do you do?" "I...I..." There was a slight struggle to her voice, like repeating the action was somehow worse than agreeing to it, but after a worrying minute or two of twitching, she settled down, and spoke in her familiar, almost soothing monotone. "I masturbate as well." "You can hear my breathing, you can feel every movement...

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Are these things planned somehow?

A holiday that brings siblings closer.

Having been inspired by what I've read here I've finally got around to finishing this and any constructive comments are greatly appreciated. Also, thanks are due to a certain individual for their inspiration on a certain character in the story. They know who they are. All characters are over 18 years old. * This is our First Day, arriving in the morning of an early summers day. In...

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Helpful Hannah Ch. 05

Hannah and her brother take some risks.

I was halfway out the door when my brother stopped me again. The orgasm I'd had that morning had really taken the edge off, but I was still horny , and so I'd called my boyfriend and organized a visit. "Wait," he said, and I stopped. "What's up?" I said, checking my phone for the time. If I didn't leave in the next few minutes, I'd miss the bus. My boyfriend had this real thing...

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One More from the Attic Pt. 02

Daniel's parents drop a bombshell.

_The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home. This installment ran longer than I had anticipated. Because I thought it was really too long for a Literotica short story, I wound up...

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My Girlfriend's Little Brother

A straight college lax stud and his girlfriend's little bro.

Comments, questions, and feedback to my profile. *** A light snow fell on the campus as I exited the gym, walking briskly to Emily's dorm in my sweat-dampened workout clothes. She loved it when I came to her room unshowered. We'd be dating for nearly two years, but we still lusted for each other. She'd been busy yesterday thanks to finals, so we'd missed our nightly sex. As I...

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Long Trip to the Cabin Pt. 02 - Alternative

Brother and sister explore each other more deeply.

_Note: This is the first time I've done this. This story is a different version of that second chapter. While most people liked the roleplaying in the original second chapter (and so I'll leave it on the site), many of you didn't like the shift in theme. Here's a story that's more in line with what you were expecting. Also, while there isn't actual anal sex in this story, there are some teases. If...

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My Sister in Law

A story about happenings with me and my in law.

I haven't had a cordial relationship with my sister in law ever since I got her older sister pregnant. They did not have any parents left and my wife took care of my sister in law her whole life. I got married to my wife and my sister in law always felt that I stole her sister from her. Her name is Ann. Now Ann also got pregnant and got married but she and her husband split up and seeing that she...

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Coming Down on Daughter Ch. 03

Ashton craves more sexual attention.

The urge within Ashton was reaching a boiling point. She could tell. The toys she was wearing out were no longer satisfying her fully. Her pussy was aching to be filled by a throbbing dick, not a piece of plastic machinery. Her whole body ached to be touched. It had been nearly two weeks since she rode her dad in the car on the way home from the gym. Since then the only videos she made were the...

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Freedom and Consequences Ch. 04

Mom and Dad get home, story comes out.

(Disclaimer, all characters in this story are 18 years old, or older) *** I woke the next morning before her. I slowly pulled the blankets down to her waist and drank in her beauty. It was like a balm to my soul. The contrast of her dark beauty with the snow white sheets, her breasts slightly flattened on her chest, her stomach and navel just to exquisite to describe. Then there's her...

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Teen Wolf Step-Brother Pt. 01

Anna tries to deal with her step-brother's transformation.

"Oh, god, Brandon..." I moaned, as my brother stared at me, a wild look in his eyes. "We shouldn't be doing this..." He didn't reply, but as his hand moved higher and higher up my leg, his eyes turned red with lust. "Please..." I cried, not sure if I was begging for him to stop or keep going, and for a split second, I saw a bit of humanity return to Brandon's face. "I need...

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One More from the Attic Pt. 01

Daniel leaves for college, but the cameras are still rolling.

_The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home. This is the third chapter of the story that began with Into the Attic. In that story, Daniel used the cover of replacing the old...

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Brother and Sister Love

When kids get bored, shit happens.

I am the eldest male of a three kid family. My Brother is one year younger than me and my sister is two years younger than I am. My father was a foundation laborer who built up his own foundation business and my mother worked as a nurses aid. Both parents worked Monday to Saturday. Being the eldest, my parents would ask me to look after my siblings on many occasions. I was 20 years old...

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Brandon and Allison comfort one another in their loss.

————————Prologue———————— The funeral was on a Saturday, which she would have hated, but Brandon and Allison had no say in the matter. She had raised them, she had cared for them until the end of her life. Even after the Alzheimer's had stolen her mind and robbed her of all of her other memories, she had not forgotten that, had not forgotten the two grandchildren she had raised in the last two...

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Medieval Incest Stories 01

The Royals.

Author's Note: I'm so thankful that some of you like my work. I want to create a collection of medieval incest stories. Whether it be a princess and her brother or a Cobbler and her cousin. I'm also thinking of adding mythical people/creatures. As in Elves, Mermaids, and many more. Every tale in this story will be different from the last, unless someone can convince...

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Freedom and Consequences Ch. 02

Linda is raped and Mike plans retribution.

(Disclaimer, all characters in this story are 18 years old, or older) * I'm kind of surprised when I get home and there are no lights on. Figure it can't have been a great party as it's only a little bit after 2:00. I don't know how to describe the rest of that night. It's like a flickering light something's are in total focus and others are just a barely remembered blur....

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Fucked Up Family Pt. 01

A family camping trip gets out of control.

Every so often, I work on a story and think, 'this is the most depraved thing I'll ever write.' Then, a few months later, I create something far, far worse. So here we are. There's some watersports going on in the upfront, but eventually it settles down to more wholesome pursuits. Everyone here is over the age of 18. * As James Campbell looked over his shoulder to back...

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Hierarchy of Needs Ch. 03

Jacob gives his sister a strong desire to show off her body.

I'm not a monster. Sure, I don't feel guilt any more, but that doesn't mean that I'm a sociopath. I still feel love, affection, happiness, sadness...since I stopped letting my conscience guide my actions, I've had to be a lot more thoughtful about what I do. For example I'd never do anything truly evil , and even without an automatic internal moral compass, I still have a strong...

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