'daughter' stories

Right or Left? Ch. 07

Jeff, Wendy, Kyla & Jasmine's continuing incest tryst.

_I want to thank everyone once again for your support and encouragement to continue writing my evolving incest saga. The story continues with Jeff and Wendy (brother and sister) and his new girlfriend Kylah as they prepare the weekend before their upcoming spring break vacation. Backstory: Kylah's mom, Jasmine, spent the afternoon having sex with Jeff, her daughter's boyfriend and...

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Student Support Ch. 04

How many nubile young girls is too many? Good question.

_I'm sorry for those of you who've been kind enough to read thus far and have been waiting for too long for the next instalment. I'd also like to apologise to those who were hoping that the story wouldn't go in the direction it now does – but it seemed the inevitable next step, if perhaps stretching credibility just a little bit further than I'm fully comfortable with. Note however, it's only...

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Daddy Fuck Me Ch. 01

Daddy bends me over on my 18th birthday.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * It was the morning of my 18th birthday and I stood staring at my reflection in my full length mirror. I was on the taller side, almost 5'10, and had curves for days. Big and full double D's, a round ass, and a flat tummy. My light brown hair falling to the middle of my back and my big baby blue eyes staring back...

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Finding Ivy Ch. 08

Ivy helps Sara learn something new.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * Her cock was buried deep in her throat. She had been sucking herself off daily. She loved the feel of the hot cum spurting down her throat, and besides it gave her so much energy. She could stay up for days, and did not even need to eat. She had found she could live off her own body. Ivy was working hard...

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TAKE Pt. 02: Kyle's Story

Kyle's version of events.

Her face was buried in the laundry on top of the washing machine. His hand on the back of her head, holding it down. Wrapped in that beautiful silky hair, her auburn curls tightly wound in his fingers. His other hand held her leg up onto the corner of the machine. It was one of those older machines, he mused, the kind that opened on the top with the little spin dials. The only light filtering into...

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Victoria the Magnificent Pt. 04

Sara is sexually imprisoned inside the stranger's apartment.

Just as Sara was about to cross the threshold, a big hairy arm pulled her back and shut the door. It was Umberto. He immediately snatched the bedsheet covering her body to reveal everything. She was partly confused and partly terrified by the hungry eyes studying her barren figure. It felt as if they hadn't seen a woman like this in centuries. He did not look like his usual self at all. Sara...

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Tracy Wants a Daddy Ch. 05

Tracy and Tom get caught...

Hearing a car door slam wakes Tom realizing he and Tracy are still in bed together. "Damn, Tracy it's your mother, I need to get the hell out of here." he whispers to Tracy and he races to the master bedroom, jumps into bed and pulls the covers over his naked body, pretending to sleep. "Hi babe," says Joan "you still up?" "Guess I dosed off waiting for you." he lies. "All...

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Pleasing the Teen Futa Ch. 02

A mother deal with daughter's futanari friend.

Linda was lying in bed, thinking about how her life had changed in just a few days. She had been a faithful and good wife, and a respected mother. Always at her best behavior and never causing any drama or problems. Now? Now she felt like she was always walking around on her tip-toes, scared that people would call her out on her newfound naughtiness. She looked on her husband lying next to...

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Victoria the Magnificent Pt. 02

Victoria continues to play mind games with her daughter.

Halfway through the exit, Sara thought that it would be awkward running out of a restaurant crying your makeup off. Instead, she turned back and headed straight for the bathroom. As a woman walked out of one of the stalls, Sara quickly pushed past her and bolted the door shut. 'Rude.' the woman remarked. The merciless world was weighing down on Sara. Why was she here? Why did she allow...

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Tracy Wants a Daddy Ch. 04

Tracy tells a confession to her mother...

"I have something to confess." starts Tracy two days later while eating breakfast with Tom and her mother. For a moment, Tom thinks she is going to spill their secret before she continues. "I don't want to go away to college next month." "What!" her mother exclaims, "No college, you have to go to college." "I'm still going to college, I decided since money is so tight now I would go...

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The Cabin with Daddy Ch. 02

A daughter continues to fall, as other relationships blossom.

This is 100% fiction. The author of this story does not condone any kind of illegal behavior. All of the characters portrayed in this story are 18 or older. This story is LGBQ friendly. Enjoy! * "What were you doing in there for so long?" Rachel asked her brother Will, as she drove them home. Will shifted in his seat. "He was showing me stuff." He was a bit nervous at the...

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The Inside Job Ch. 03 - Cabin Games

Mom makes one last attempt to bring the family together.

Cabin Games Samantha Decker woke up to find her naked daughter, Lenora, nestled next to her. One of Lenora's hands rested atop Samantha's far breast and her legs rested casually over one of her ankles. Samantha's husband, Dale, slept next to Lenora his back to her, wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. A bright blue silk sheet was intermixed between the three of them. Samantha reached...

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Southern Cross

She just turned up, and his life was never the same.

_My editing team is PapaKilo14, Dan, OldDave1951, GeorgeAnderson and Pixel the Cat. Harddaysknight is my mentor and gives me critical review. Sbrooks103x also gives me a pre-post read. Thank you, gentlemen, I love you all. This is a story I have on another site, but I wanted it in here as I rebuild my library. If you have read it, thank you, and you need not read, vote or comment. If not, I...

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The Inside Job Ch. 02 - Aftermath

The plan fails; so mom comes up with a new one.

Aftermath "It didn't work," Samantha Decker told her father over the phone. "I hoped the incident would bring us closer to together, but I think it drove us further apart." The incident to which Samantha referred was her decision to hire a stranger from the Dark Web to break into their home and then record the family having forced incestuous sex. Technically, it was forced on everyone else....

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Angela's Secret

Angela always takes things too far. There are consequences.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. Let me know what you think, And tell me if you think I should post #2 Angela's Secret: The Morning After. Enjoy! *** "Can you grab me another couple beers while you are inside making your drink?" Thomas asked with a smile, watching as the girl, half his age, climbed out of the pool. Angela...

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Tina's Daddy Takes Control

Tina's sulking over being dumped makes her Daddy mad!

_This is an old story (early 2000s I think, but maybe older) that I have copied from an old physical copy. I have plenty more to post, so hopefully people will like this even though it's maybe not quite up to my current standards of writing. I have made some changes from the original, but mainly just grammatical corrections etc... Please check out my later stories posted as Robert_Anthony...

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Three Generations of Lesbian Lust

An 18-year old discovers a shocking family secret and….

Summary: An 18-year old discovers a shocking family secret and.... Note 1: This is a NUDE DAY 2018 Contest Story so please vote. Note 2: A few Spanish terms are used in this story including: Abuela: grandmother Hija: daughter Nieta: granddaughter Coño: pussy (or cunt or twat, but not a polite term for female genitalia) Puta:...

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The Gift

Lisa wanted her Dad to be the first to share her Gift.

When Lisa was 19 years old her Aunt Suzy explained to her how powerful her gift was. Up until then she was walking around with power she didn't even know she had and didn't understand in the least how to use such power. Before I continue with this story, let me backup and start at the beginning. Just after Lisa's 18th birthday her Aunt Suzy came to live with them. Suzy's husband had surprised...

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Daddy's Lesson

Daddy teaches his daughter a lesson for not obeying.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * You know what it feels like, don't you? When you've done something wrong, but you keep pushing until you're caught, not when you're ready to confess? What can I say? We were having a great night! My girlfriends and me were out celebrating my eighteenth, never mind it was really the week before, never mind we...

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Enslaved by an App Ch. 17

The conclusion of the story as Matt returns with a vengeance.

_I want to thank all of you who have read this series. It's been a long journey. It started with Rebeccasm doing the art and is ending here. I have noted the few people who commented and said I went off on too many tangents and it was too unrealistic of a story line. I would like to remind you that this is a work of fiction and fantasy. Yes the women could not and should not be manipulated into...

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Scarlett Pt. 01

Rediscover the joys of sex with his older neighbours' help.

1 It's my birthday today. I sat in my small cozy room with my feet on the desk, scrolling away through the repetitive congratulatory Facebook posts on my wall from random people I have met at some point in my life. "15 minutes 43 seconds" announced a small notification at the bottom right corner of my screen before slowly fading away into the white background. The quick chat with my parents...

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The Inside Job Ch. 01: The Break In

A break in turns into a night of family pleasure.

When I originally wrote this story, I never thought there would be a chapter 2, let alone three. However, stories have to have a good beginning, middle, and end. The more I read _The Inside Job , the more I realized this was only a beginning. Therefore, I added the middle and the end chapters. The only problem after that were the mistakes. I hate there were so many mistakes that distracted from...

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Ricardo and Juliana

My son and I encounter a father and daughter on a nude beach.

When reading the stories submitted to the April Fool's Day contest it struck me that I'd never entered a Literotica contest. This, my entry to the National Nude Day contest is the result. I hope you enjoy, and would appreciate your support. As always, all story characters engaged in sexual activities are eighteen years of age or older. * * * The gym's Stair Master beeped; I'd...

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TAKE Pt. 01: Tyne's Story

Tyne spends quality time with her daughter's boyfriend, Kyle.

Tyne She shoved the last of the furniture over to one corner of the room. Sweating already. She glanced at her watch. 2 o'clock and still plenty of time in the day. The air conditioner was turned off, so it was just the infrequent breeze of the ceiling fan keeping her cool. The windows were open to help with the smell, but they offered no relief from the heat. Better to sweat than to breathe...

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The Best Therapist - Sparing the Rod Pt. 06

Brianna learns life is a series of rewards and punishments.

Characters: Nichole Adams, mid-30's. Roger Grisham, early 40's Brianna Grisham, 18 Miranda Gilford, 20's Scene: Dr. Adams's office. Brianna is bound to a straight-backed wooden chair, facing the back, her round buttocks and swollen, wet pussy hanging over the edge, bound by her ankles to the front legs of the chair, her wrists tied to the slatted back of the chair. She is...

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Tracy Wants a Daddy Ch. 03

Tracy and Daddy alone again.

Gingerly Tracy climbs down the stairs as her ass was still painfully sore from last night. As she carefully sat down at the kitchen table her mother notices. "What's the matter with you? Why are you walking like that?" "I must have slept wrong, my back hurts" she lies, glancing quickly at Tom hiding behind the morning paper. "Take some aspirin and be careful today, you don't want to...

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The Four Sluts Pt. 12

Sarah and Lauren go to college.

*Everyone involved in this story is over 18. * Sorry it's been awhile, hopefully the cobwebs are off. * "It won't fit in the back." Rick said. "Are you sure, it looks like there's room in the trunk?" His wife Enas was rummaging in the trunk of the packed mini cooper. "It's ok mom, I don't mind sitting on dad's lap." Lauren held her smile back. She was wearing a...

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Sarah Gets Her Way

Sarah finally gets the man she's always wanted.

All characters in story are over 18. If you are under the age of 18 please leave this page no as it is for adult readers only. * As i walk through the front door i drop my bag and kick my shoes off. I walk to the fridge and stand with the door open cooling my self down. The cold feeling making my nipples hard. I walk to my room stripping from my clothes. I shut and lock my door...

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Thicker Than Water

Part-time spec ops, full-time dom: Lyssa's daddy.

ONE I ejected the magazine and checked its contents. It was as full as it had been when I manually loaded it, round by one, forty minutes ago. Just a habit of double- and sometimes triple-checking things at times. Especially when the chips are down and you're taking risks left and right. But that was part of the job; it was all one big risk. Fortunately for us at least, the Agency didn't...

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Tracy Wants a Daddy Ch. 02

Tom continues exploring Tracy's new found sexuality.

It has been three weeks since Tracy and her stepfather Tom have been having sex. Every chance they have they are kissing, touching and engaging in mind blowing fucking. Despite being tricked to deflower her, Tom couldn't keep his hands off her now. He tried not to think about the fact she was his stepdaughter. He loved when she called him Daddy while they were fucking. What's wrong with me, he...

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