'daughter' stories

My Best Friend's Mom Pt. 02

Busty mom and daughter are fucked hard by son's friend.

It was Saturday and Jack Cooper knocked on the door. He was standing outside of Simon's house. Simon and Jack had been friends for as long as they could remember. The last time Jack was here, he had fucked Simon's busty mom, and he was determined to do it again. The door opened, and Jack came face-to-face with Simon's older sister, Amy. She was only slightly older than the two friends,...

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Victoria the Magnificent

Victoria finally gets to marry her daughter's ex-husband.

'I'm going to marry your ex-husband' Sara couldn't believe the words coming out of her mother's mouth. It felt like a dagger had pierced her chest. What on Earth was she talking about? She figured that her mother had invited her over for breakfast to discuss something trivial and unimportant. But, the bombshell couldn't have been bigger. Victoria positioned the chair close to her daughter and...

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Freakiest Friday

Switching bodies with your daughter leads to fun in bed.

You saw the movie, "Freaky Friday?" Well, I lived it, and it was freakier than ever the movie suggested. Me and my mom changed bodies. Can't exactly explain how, but it happened. We both screamed. Looked at each other, and screamed some more. Went to the mirror, and screamed even more. There I was, in my mother's body, screaming. And her, next to me, in my body, screaming so I could barely...

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She is as Horny as I am Ch. 05

Everything gets out in the open...

Marie came downstairs wearing a light blue blouse and no bra, and jeans shorts with no panties. She wanted to appear casual, but not overtly sexual since she wasn't sure where this was going. Angie was wearing a t-shirt and loose shorts, and instead of thinking about the movie, she was thinking about how she couldn't wait for Josh to sneak in her room later tonight. Between Josh, Chris, her...

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Skye's Desire Pt. 01

Skye seeks oral pleasure.

Skye had survived high-school with her virginity, but lost it during her first year at university. She and her boyfriend had dated for almost three months and had progressed from making out, to petting and to masturbating each other. She hadn't planned on intercourse, but the night was so romantic and one thing led to another. It hurt a bit and ended before she had time to enjoy it. For the...

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Taking Lauren's Measurements

Mother gets carried away taking her daughter's measurements.

Even though she doesn't work as one, my mother is a really good dressmaker. So instead of buying a really expensive new dress for my friend's wedding, I asked my Mum to make one for me. Because she hadn't made me a dress in over three years, she thought it was a good idea to get all my measurements again. Thankfully, that afternoon the house was deserted -- my father had gone to meet with some...

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Rachel's Crossdressing Daddy

Daughter accidentally discovers her father's kinky secret.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. *** Hey, my name's Rachel and my story is a bit of an unusual one. Let's just say that one spring day, my whole world was turned upside down, but I loved every second of it. Just a little about my family: to this day, my parents are happily married. Mum is a loving woman, generally supportive, pretty, and lots of...

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The Women in My Life Ch. 04

Catching my daughter with her stepbrother.

I woke up Monday morning to an empty bed. Ellie had probably already left for school, and I could hear the water running from the bathroom. As I left the room, Brandi crossed me in the hallway. We shared a quick kiss as she headed downstairs to leave for work, and I did the same after taking a shower and eating breakfast. Work went smooth as usual, and I managed to get quite some work done....

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The Women in My Life Ch. 03

Anal adventures with Brandi & Ellie.

The rest of the week was filled with sex whenever I had some spare time with Ellie, Brandi or both of them. Of course, we had work, and my daughter had school, so it wasn't a 24/7 thing. Ellie went back to her mother's house on Friday, and our life turned back to normal for a while. There was still the desire I had for my daughter, but that didn't stop me from enjoying life with my beautiful...

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Samoan Pride

Mother and daughter test the boundaries of unconditional love.

Tamina Auva'a sat at the kitchen table nursing a hangover. Her head was in her hands and her eyes were closed as she concentrated on stopping the pain. The hangover wasn't the only pain she was battling, though. Something happened last night, something she never dared dream, and now that it had, there was no going back. She had fixed herself a bowl of ice cream in an effort to make herself feel...

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Tanya 3.1.0: Stepdaughter

Tanya's unexpected stepdaughter gets caned. And canes her.

Tanya's life has been upended. She has a stepdaughter. An 18year old stepdaughter. And she's gonna live with them. Tanya felt angry with Jimmy, yet knew it was the right decision. 18years earlier they had had a threesome with a tribal woman on a trip. Mohini, she called herself, the Enchantress. And they were enchanted with the woman with quirky beliefs. They had not thought about it for a...

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Webcam Daughter

Lactating daughter, curious mother, reluctant father.

Bill and Melinda went to bed that night with a laptop. They were about to engage in their new favorite activity; performing oral sex on each other while watching live webcam porn. They had an account, so they sometimes liked to chat with the performers and often tipped generously. Melinda had the pleasure of going first. With her head propped back against the pillow, she laid the laptop on...

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Daughter pushes daddy to try new discipline techniques.

"She was caught doing what?" "Where did she even get the cigarettes?" "No sir. I don't expect you to know. It was rhetorical." "Yes Sir. Thank you for not expelling her. I appreciate the phone call. I'll definitely be dealing with her once I get home from the office." "Mhm, you have a nice evening as well. Thank you again, Sir. Bye." "Fuck, fuck fuck... What am I...

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The Substitute Ch. 05

Concluding Chapter. Independence Day Picnic events.

All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old ****** When the last firework popped, and all the colorful cinder sparks had fallen away, Mary McGuinness squeezed her little cunt a final time around her father's softly retreating prick. She imagined drawing its ultimate fizzling drops. Instead, Jock's cock jumped, as he flexed within her grasp, and delivered up another...

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The Unexpected Escort

I hire an escort - and find she is my daughter's best friend!

It all started one evening when I was surfing the web. Well OK, searching rather than surfing, I was looking at pictures, gifs, movies of young girls, 18, 19, maybe a little older, nothing too weird. I was looking to feed my fantasy for young girls with older guys, guys my age, mid 40's. I'd had a few beers, a couple of glasses of malt whisky, and I had settled down at the computer to indulge my...

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The Substitute Ch. 04

Mary and Isabel bid Trotter good night; Jock wakes Mary.

All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old ** Jock McGuinness wrote the small slam score under the 'They' column on his notepad and tallied the rubber. He looked across the table at Mary, then left and right to Isabel and Ted. With a congenial smile and a breezy voice, he announced, "Well, you skunked us THAT time." Just then the Kienzle mantle clock in the parlor set off...

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The Daughter Club Ch. 01

These girls do more than book club.

"Omg!" Hannah gasp. "It was like 9 inches!" Shelby exclaimed measuring it with her hands. "What did he say when he saw you?" Kim asked as she threw another chip into her mouth. All four girls sat around Carrie's living room. The clock read nine and their meeting was almost over. "Nothing he just stared and, I think it got harder." Carrie rolled her...

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The Substitute Ch. 03

Mary's father gets a confession; Her mother gets flowers.

All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old. *** Eighteen-year-old Mary McGuinness opened her eyes. During the night, she had turned over onto her right side and now lay nose-to-nose with Edward Trotter, the thirty-year-old high school math teacher who had providentially substituted for Mary's ailing English teacher on Friday afternoon. His soft warm regular breath tickled her upper...

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Volleyball Daughter

Tight volleyball uniform gets the best of Daddy.

I live in southern California and I am in the visual media business. I do some acting along with being a personal trainer. I have been divorced about 10 years and I have two daughters from that marriage. My oldest daughter Karla, is a freshmen at college that is being paid for by a full volleyball scholarship. While in college, Karla lives with me to save money. If you have never been to a girls...

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Viral Pt. 04

A Family is reunited preparing for additions.

All characters depicted in this story are fictional and over the age of 18. * Frank and Sasha had been searching hallways and various staff doors for about 2 hours now and the only thing they'd managed to do is steal a couple of staff jumpsuits to change into from a supply closet. They had even passed an unsuspecting maintenance guy in the hall and said hello without any incident....

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Daddy Visits Tiffany at Work...

Daddy Daughter play.

Part I When Paul turned 47 signed up for an adult fetish website hoping to find a sexy younger woman who would be into role playing some daddy/daughter scenarios. One day Tiffany added him as a friend and liked a few of his pictures. Why was this significant? Well, she was the first person to request his friendship! It turned out that Tiffany actually lived close to Paul. She's 21 yrs...

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Sam and Janna Ch. 01

Sam has to pick his daughter up after her heart is broken.

Sam's phone trilled in the darkness. It was 4am and he had only just fallen asleep; after his wife had left being alone had always been difficult. He'd stay up late watching football -- anything for some noise in the house. He groped in the covers to find the phone, wondering who of earth could be calling him. It was Janna's number; suddenly Sam was wide awake, heart pounding, nauseated from the...

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The Secluded Bench

John takes his mother-in-law on an outing.

Caroline, Joanne's mother, my mother-in- law, and I had never really hit it off, not since Joanne and I started going out together some eight years ago. The problem was that Joanne's father had deserted them long before we met and it seemed that she just had a down on men. When we eventually decided to get married Caroline wanted us to live with her so that she wouldn't be on her own. I told...

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Replacing Mom

A Sequel to Filling in For Mom. Greg & Mia go hiking.

A big thanks to allaboutne for editing this and Rflame for his idea for a sequel. _This is a sequel to Filling in For Mom. Here's a quick recap if you'd prefer not to read the original story. Mia overhears her dad (Greg) complaining about his awful sex life to her mom (Megan). She decides to step in and take care of her father's sexual needs. Greg tries to control himself but eventually...

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Punishing Cat Ch. 02

Cat returns home after a confusing day and is punished again.

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks were caring Christian parents. They had sent their only daughter Cat to the strictest non-boarding catholic school they could find (moving half way across the country to enroll her). They both cared deeply about the wellbeing and happiness of their daughter and believed the only way to make her truly happy was to train her to be a studious and law-abiding member of the catholic...

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Stepdaughter Bonus Ch. 04

Stepfather continues sexual affair with stepdaughter.

After meeting my nineteen year old stepdaughter Nicole in California for a weekend, things had become far more complicated. What was at first just raw sex with a teenager had become so much more. I could not stop thinking about her, and I knew she felt the same about me. We called and emailed throughout the day, and Nicole continued to send me nude photos of herself which only made me miss her...

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Vignette - Blue Valentines

A harsh assault awakens the spirit of Mel's mother in her.

My God! Why is he doing this? The touching seemed so harmless when it began. Feathery strokes floated up and down my bare arm, just shy of tickling. I shivered when his fingertips raised delicious goosebumps. I smiled at him, and he smiled back, giving me a funny look. Soon I understood why. It wasn't a typical Friday night. I would have been on my usual date with Justin, but he...

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Vicki Loves - Ch. 02: Jeannie

Mother and daughter connect on an all new level.

Chapter 2 - Jeannie ...wherein the best is made of a tight spot, a new school-day awaits after a poor night of sleep, and a party leads to unexpected delights. Even over the loud spray of water, Vicki could hear the glass shower door thump shut behind her. Understandably startled, she was about to turn around when she felt the familiar and reassuring soft, small hands of her...

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Vicki Loves - Ch. 01: Vicki

Introducing our busty young heroine.

Chapter 1 - Vicki ...wherein an altercation is avoided, a proposition is offered, and an afternoon doesn't go entirely to waste. Vicki Tate should have been home hours ago, and she was not happy about that. It wasn't her fault that stuck-up bitch Kimmy Lustergaard had purposefully tripped her as she was walking to her final class of the day. It wasn't her fault that Kimmy's...

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Had to have Indi

A daddy just has to have his little girl.

Indi was... beautiful. Her amber hair was long and straight, her skin alabaster. Despite my bitter divorce and her mother forcing her to live with me, she was still radiant. She had this curvy figure - wide hips with a tiny waist to match it - that made me imagine forcing her on my dick, gripping her waist for balance. She wasn't just beautiful, she was sexy. My daughter had a laugh they made me...

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