'exhibitionist' stories

Short Stories - She's the One Pt. 01

Who's that girl on the dance floor. "Adam" meets Eve.

It's started with any night out with my mates Ben and Daniel. It was a Saturday night and we were headed off to another night spot in downtown. As usual, we were hoping that we will meet some girls to have fun with. But personally, I would like to meet maybe someone more special. Yes a night club is not the ideal place to meet that nice lady, but we up to having some fun no matter what happens....

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Mandy Pt. 04

Another sexual journey by train.

Mandy found herself with a month working on local services, well not so much as local but trains where the journey time was no more than two hours. These were the ones she didn't particularly like as the ability to meet other sexual partners was limited. Today had been a long day and Mandy was now on her last trip of the evening. It was the last commuter/office worker train and was due to...

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The Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 06

He has her touching herself at dinner and more, much more.

Taking Rana Out When Mark originally enrolled at the University of Nebraska, he wanted to be an architect, but had not decided on which aspect of the field he wanted to major in. That of course, was one reason he chose Nebraska, for it offered several diverse fields including urban design, historic preservation, building sciences, or acoustic design. Now Mark had almost completed the...

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Sarah went to Work at a Hotel

Sarah works at the hotel and meets a couple with a surprise.

By now, I had been working as a maid in a hotel for a few weeks. It was an LGBTQ friendly place and so I got to wear my French Maid's outfit while working. I loved walking around being seen dressed as a girl and not just dressed as a girl but wearing a sexy maids outfit. I knew that my suspender straps showed and I loved to show glimpses of my panties. The pay was good but the fringe benefits were...

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Cinema Fun

What's done in the cinema, stays in the cinema.

Amber walked to her car with a smile, her heart racing. She couldn't believe what she had just done. It was so dangerous, so risky, so unlike her... yet so satisfying, fulfilling, and exhilarating. She grabbed some napkins from the glove compartment, and began wiping the mixture of cum that was slowly dripping down her thighs. She started her car and began the journey home. Looking out the...

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The Neighbor Ch. 03

Addie watched Brodie this time.

It had been three days since Addie had woken from her sleep with a salty taste on her lips and the vague recollection of Brodie standing over her, cock in hand, shooting his hot cum all over her tits. She'd checked the next morning, but if there had been any cum on her, she must have wiped it off in her sleep. She'd chalked it all up to a dream, one she wished had ended in Brodie filling her with...

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Voyeur gets Voyeured Ch. 11

Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves.

I called Anna's sister, Frankie, while I drove and told her I was coming to the city for a couple days. I knew she had a two-bedroom apartment and I asked if I could use her spare bedroom. I needed to talk to Frankie about my plans. For whatever weird reason, talking to Frankie was like talking to Anna. They looked alike and their personalities were the same. I can't even begin to explain why I...

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Dare Me Ch. 01

Brandon accidentally hypnotizes himself to accept ANY dare.

That damn website ruined my life! I had been minding my own business, reading fun and raunchy stories on my favorite site when an author linked out to a site. I won't share it because I don't want any of you to fall into the same trap. But no one warned me. I had been hard and sleepy when I clicked the link originally and have to admit the swirling colors were really nice to look at. I didn't...

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Sister Sarah Ch. 07

A morning with a visitor before leaving for the airport.

I woke up hard as a rock, and leaking precum like crazy, as was typical when I have an erection. Sarah was nowhere to be found, but I smelled coffee brewing, so I knew she must be close. I crawled out of bed, and went to take a piss in hopes my boner would subside. Alas, it did not. Thinking of my sister being somewhere in my house, and naked, had me still aroused, so my piss was challenging at...

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Memories of a young writer.

I don't really remember the day that I turned 18. I don't know why. Perhaps, at the time, it was 'just another day'. However, I do remember, in some detail, a number of things that happened in the year following my 18th birthday. For example, sometime soon after I turned 18 I moved to London. I was born, in an old farmhouse, on my grandfather's farm, on top of a hill in The Cotswolds....

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My Girlfriend Knew Before I Did Pt. 01

Teen couple visits the spa.

--I'd just turned 18 and I was in the perfect relationship. Cassie, my girlfriend, was also 18 and had the most perfect petite body with red hair. 5'1" and 105 pounds, with perky little B cups and a tight firm ass. We had a lot of fun together, not to mention the sex was great for me. -- It was December of our senior year when I decided to spice things up a bit. I let Cassie know I'd made...

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Short Stories - Sex Therapist Pt. 02

Therapy is more interesting when it involves another woman.

After the interesting time spent with Dr. Pieris last week, I was keen to see her again. I tried to arrange another appointment but she was booked up. So it was going to be the following week. But by that time, I was more than keen to see her. When the day came, I was hot and horny. I found out her first name. It was Anita. But when I meet her again, l called her doctor. I wanted us to play...

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Poker Night

Poker party exhibitionism turns into more.

My wife Mary and I had a young man named Scott who did yardwork and light repairs around the house. As part of my ongoing project to make Mary more of an exhibitionist, we started letting Scott see her scantily clad then, eventually, nude. Over a period of many months we incorporated him into our sex lives and he got to have sex with Mary. Eventually he got a good job and moved out of state. He...

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Best Friend's MILF Ch. 04

Getting caught leads to a double reward.

Much props to Dean (dmarqt2000) for helping with this chapter and many others. * Opening my eyes, I was lying in bed, which reeked of sweat and sex with dried cum everywhere. Mom wasn't in the room. Not feeling fresh, I decided to take a shower before Mom wanted another round of sex. Entering the master bath, I began showering off the layers of sweat and sex. The door opened and...

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Conquest Ch. 01

A girl's mission to own her teacher begins.

[All characters appearing in this work are over the age of 18. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.] * Chapter 1 She decided the best move was to stay after class and speak with him. She felt confident that her effort throughout the past month would soon come to fruition. She could...

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Voyeur gets Voyeured Ch. 10

Jack realizes he's falling in love with Donna.

Eddie was anything but a master of the English language but his personal take on my erotic reverie about Donna and Anna as the same person had powerful implications to me. Sylvia had told me that Donna was falling in love with me and Donna herself, while acknowledging our short dating history, said that 'the heart knows what the heart knows'. Now my analytical mind was asking, ' _Could Donna be...

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Fucked Mercilessly in a Bathroom

A man is raped in public and can't help but love it.

It's a dark, hazy night in the lower east side of Manhattan. You pull your jacket tighter as you watch the orange glow of the streetlights glimmer in the misty rain. You take a pull from your cigarette and stand in line outside a music venue you've never been to before, waiting to get inside to see a punk band that your coworker, Andrew, wouldn't stop raving about until you gave up and bought...

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The Nude Beach Adventure

Jenna and Stan enjoy sexual pleasures with Don, a stranger.

I was nude on a naturist beach on the east coast of Australia. There were a few nudists near me but I became aroused when I saw a lovely nude girl close to where I was sitting. Like most nude ladies on the beach her pussy was shaved. I didn't mean to get a slight hard-on while still on the beach but it happened to me regardless, man she was beautiful. I needed to masturbate to reduce this...

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First Time Posing Pt. 05

Tammy's parents pay her a surprise visit on family weekend.

Tammy was thinking about what Jamie had said. "I am getting closer to the realization that I will have to model with my legs spread, showing my very intimate being to keep my scholarship, but I don't know if I can overcome my conservative upbringing to model erotically." The young woman remembering the medical exam was still upset with Jamie. "What Jamie did to me when I had to go to the doctor's...

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An Oktoberfest Tale

An incomplete incident finds completion in my fantasies.

I have known Winny since the first day of engineering. We were the first two people at the bus stop but to say I was smitten wouldn't be right. She was charming, would laugh at the silliest jokes, had a very cute dimple and despite her short stature, had an extremely desirable body. There was little to not like about her but then again, I had grown up in an all-boys school and despite an...

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The Shop Ch. 03

The mysterious erotic dreaming continues on the dance floor.

Wednesday morning I arrived at the coffee shop. Anna was already there in a corner, sipping her coffee. Her red curls were pulled back and she was looking down at the table. Her fingers held a gold pen that was tracing designs on the outside of a white envelope. As I brought my coffee to the table, she looked up and I noticed her hand trembled. I sat down quietly and simply slipped my...

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Short Stories - Sex Therapist Pt. 01

Trip to see Sex Therapist really fixes the problem? For who?

My obsession for things beautiful, in particular women was driving me the desire to "try out" someone different on a regular basis. This of course cannot be entirely healthy. There was a need for me to have things "checked out for good." It was at this point, I needed some advice from someone like a therapist. I was now in my late twenties. I needed to settle in a committed relationship. My...

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The Weekend Away Turns into a Night Pt. 08

Dan and Hayley's escapades continue.

Part 8 - The holiday nears its end. Parts 1 - 7 available through my profile. Please feel free to leave feedback and comments. This overlaps a little with part 7, but moves on to what happened after part 7 finished. *** Once everyone had boarded the small boat and headed off towards Stephen's huge yacht, Dan stood watching until he could see the girls start climbing...

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Minor Setback

A young man's secret fetish is revealed.

By this time in my life I had expected to have my own house with a mortgage and a career where I steadily advanced and much more than a few thousand in the back. My partner had made sure that none of that existed any longer. One year ago it was more than just a dream, until I got the letter from a lawyer and my partner vanished. He left with all of the company assets and could not be found....

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Julia, An Exploration Ch. 01 Pt. 01

Julia finds the desire to be seen.

Innocence Exploring Julia felt a little ashamed of herself. She didn't even know how to begin to understand where these feelings had begun to move her in to action. Or was it in reverse? Did her actions start and then the feelings followed? She wasn't sure at this point. Growing up a typical Southern girl in Nashville, she had always been the a-typical sweet girl next door. She went to...

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Emily's Bad Habits

Emily gets in trouble for public masturbation and urination.

As I looked in the mirror I appreciated my figure, my long legs, a somewhat shapely but not fat ass, a rather thin waistline and my perky C cup breasts, with a head of long blond hair to top it off. My pussy was adorned with a short neatly trimmed strip of public hair and already dripping in anticipation of what was to come. My name is Emily and I was 23, I had always liked the way I looked the...

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His New Year's Eve Gift

She's given as a gift at The Club's NYE gift exchange.

Thank you for reading my 2018 Holiday Contest entry. I appreciate your feedback and votes. Enjoy. *** My master dressed me in my favorite black lace garter belt before sliding black fishnet stockings up my lean legs and attaching them to the belt. He inhaled my scent as his nose neared my aroused cunt. I shivered with anticipation, wanting him to bury his face in between my...

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An Apartment with Benefits Ch. 22

A most unusual evening.

Chapter 22 A most unusual evening. We were gradually getting to meet all the tenants, Janet and Dave were the next on our list and they had invited us over to their place a couple of days later. This was the couple of whom I had the least expectations. They were a little older, and generally just looked a little... well... staid. However, whenever I had those thoughts it would come back to me...

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Wife's Hobby - Pushing Things

Wife goes farther than I imagined.

Wife's Hobby - Pushing Things Too Far? Jen and I sat on the couch in silence for several minutes after watching the video of Dee pleasuring herself in her car while some random guy watched just beyond the driver's side window. "That was close." She finally said. "What if he would have opened her door?" Out of nowhere I asked, "Have you ever considered letting another guy touch you?"...

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Molly Ch. 24: Dread Lobster

Sunburnt in all the wrong places. Cameras in all the right.

"I am so very sunburnt." Molly Indrabooty winces heavily at an aching rash of peeling skin. Within the confines of her bedroom she examines herself thoroughly in her dresser mirror. Completely nude at the moment learning swiftly that underwear or anything tight hurt like a bitch. She knew the possibilities when she and her family joined the Houser clan at sea on their yacht. Sex outdoors in...

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