'exhibitionist' stories

Hierarchy of Needs Ch. 05

Jacob watches his sister perform.

You'd think that once I found her username, I'd be happy. And don't get me wrong - it definitely put a smile on my dial. It cheered me up more than the time I'd actually managed to beat one of Ashley's test scores (a rare occurrence - if I didn't know from personal experience how damned smart she was, I would have sworn she was sleeping with the teacher). But happy isn't the same as...

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The Devil's Cuckoos Ch. 04

Shee continues to seduce Erica and corrupt Mike.

The Lair of the Incubus Part 2: Erica's Perspective: Erica was quite pleased that she had got Mike to come to this place at all. She hadn't nagged him into coming to that place but she did manipulate him into doing it to a certain extent. She knew deep down that Mike didn't really want to be here. She thought that Mike couldn't fail to see her flirting with other guys and that it...

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Investing Time Ch. 03

Brian opens up about his past and plans for the future.

This story is a continuation of Counting Pennies by Vix Giovanni. Please be advised this story is part of a series with incest content. This is fiction. All characters are over 18. All rights are reserved. "No worries, bruh. Um. Let me call you back in, like, five, cool?" My phone rang about a minute later with a 646 number I didn't recognize. But I answered right away in case it was...

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I Love an Audience...

Jerking off for 2 lesbians and her mom to score some pot.

Not much talking in here, but this IS how it happened. As I shoveled another forkful of the best tasting spaghetti salad I had ever tasted into my mouth, I made a quick survey of my surroundings. It was summer outside, and the sun had set on the oppressively hot day, the AC inside was like stepping from a balmy outside into a welcoming refuge. The three women in the room all were engrossed in...

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Path to Graduation Ch. 01

Young couple start to explore their kinks with some help.

I was running late as I made my way across campus. Luckily my room was on the ground floor so I could nip in and grab the book I had forgotten for my next class. My girlfriend had been feeling a bit unwell so skipped the classes this morning asking if she could stay in my room rather than make her way back to her own block. As I got to the exterior door I patted my pockets and realised...

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Teaching the Cub Ch. 05 - Date Pt. 01

Tim and Tina go on a very exciting first date.

I felt guilty the morning after having sex with Tina's Mom Sophie. Especially since earlier that very same night, not only had I lost my virginity to Tina, but we also officially became a couple. I thought a lot about confessing to Tina what had happened with her mom, but I was afraid of how she would take it. We hadn't even been on our first date yet. That thought distracted me from my...

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Eight Inches Predicted

A snowstorm strands friends. Joanie & Jackson fall in love.

A ski trip of six friends becomes sexy towards the end. Joanie falls in love. ** A group of us decided to go skiing, up in Vermont. Vermont has some great ski resorts, and while snow amounts had not been measuring up to the historical standards, this particular year the ski areas had received a lot of snow. I guess there was pent up demand for a good year to ski, and...

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Trucker Ch. 07: Sacramento 02

The end of the road.

Cody was hung over again, and Hal dared not rouse her. She lay curled against Hal, her warm, soft body pressing into his, but with her head sandwiched between two pillows. "Not again," he thought. He checked the clock, and looked around the room. The laptop and hard drive sat on the table across the room. Cody's cheergirl skirt and top lay on the floor. The bed was a mess from Hal and Cody...

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College Games Pt. 01

Girlfriends look for ways to spice up their relationship.

First part of a newer story I've been working on. Hopefully you enjoy. Comments/suggestions always welcome! ***** I hear my iPhone start to buzz beside my bed and I know it's time to wake up. It's week two of college and I'm still struggling to get into the routine. High school was so much easier, the same schedule every day. Now every day was different and I...

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Savana, Robert and Trevor Pt. 04

Hot wife finally fucks in front of husband.

Robert moved down the bed slowly, finally resting between my opened stocking clad legs. His warm breath was drifting sultrily over my just fucked shaved mound. His breath was stirring my erogenous zones into life as he looked up to my smiling face. Extending his tongue, he slithered the wet warm tip all around my shaved mound, tantalisingly slow, ensuring my sexual nerves were appreciating his...

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The Island Ch. 01

Just Another Day of Lisa Stingray.

Author's Note: the first story from "The Island" series. *** Submissive orgasm denial girl has a specific outdoor workout. It was dusk when the girl entered the park and headed to the playground. At this late October evening, the park looked abandoned though there were enough lampposts and the illumination was excellent. The girl knew that there should be nobody here and strolled...

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Just Say Yes Pt. 09

Anne first hotwife threesome.

My husband and I work at a small precision engineering firm. Part of the success in turning the fortunes of the business around has been the partnership that we have developed with an engineering business based in Germany. We had the technology and capacity to manufacture some components for this firm, and as a result, the financial position of the company had significantly improved. It...

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Cody and Hal

Cody discovers what her new job is really about.

Cody had finished her hair and makeup for her server job interview. Her look was sweet and fresh. "Hal, what should I wear? How about this?" she asked, coming into the sitting room and turning around. She wore a cream blouse, and a knee-length black skirt with black hose and black pumps. "Very professional, Princess!" Hal answered. "Thank you!" she beamed. "But that's too...

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First Foursome Ch. 02

Bisexual couples no holds barred weekend with another couple.

I stirred in the bed, hearing the shower start. As I roll over to fall back asleep, the sound of quick footsteps catches my attention, and I turn to look in the direction. "BABY," Jamie yells happily, taking one more step and jumping, frog style, on to me. I bearhug her in the blankets separating our naked bodies. Swishing her hair out of her face, she plants her juicy lips on mine. I...

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Wife's Houseboat Fantasy

Wife fantasizes, teases and finally acquiesces on houseboat.

A few years ago my wife agreed for us to join 4 other couples on a 3 day houseboat trip. We arrived at Dale Hollow just after the July 4th weekend. The water was warm, clear and clean. It was just so inviting. We had a great group of couples on the trip. All of us fun loving active folks who were enjoying lots of sun, fun, food and drinks. We all snickered when, one by one, each couple would peel...

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First Time Working a Bachelor Party

Hot, nasty and dangerous.

It was decades ago when I was in my early 20's. I was in county again. Just 10 days which doesn't sound like much, but in my line of work, that meant I wasn't making money. I was concerned as rent looked like it might be late, and my land lord wasn't trading favors for funds now that his wife had learned what I did for a living. I met a gal out on the yard, and we got to talking. My need for...

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Living with an Exhibitionist Ch. 07

Coming Clean.

I expected things would change between Terry and me after our last encounter, in which the extent of my admiration of his body had become clear. But he was his same, funny and affectionate self. After I washed my face, we ended up on the couch watching basketball, him still naked and me fully dressed, and he used me as a backrest while I distractedly rubbed his smooth skin. I jerked off after he...

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Paige Ch. 23: PAPARAZZI

"Dear Diary...I get to be a Hustler honey. It sounds sticky."

"Wake your ass up." Lonnie Turner crept into his daughter's bedroom as she lay nude atop her covers, her rose colored pedestal fan blowing over her succulent body. It had turned out to be a warm night last evening. A hard swat on the ass, she yelps jumping into a defensive roll, feet poised to kick at him. "DON'T DO THAT." She stares up at him fearfully. "That was mean." "Damn! The...

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Sadie Outlaw Ch. 02: TEXAS FOLDEM

"Spaghetti Western my ass. Not enough sauce for my appetite."

"Time to wake up Sadie." Slapping herself in the face repeatedly shocked her as much as the strange scenery before her. Every single impact of her palm upon her face was barely felt. In her thoughts Sadie Outlaw had to still be dreaming. So where was her long list of dream lovers then? There was no way this could be possible, right? Time travel was only in bad sci fi movies. These assholes at...

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"Amateur Night"

A young woman is surprised by a 'pole'-arizing event.

"Here. You're wearing these tonight." I jump, not expecting to hear your voice, push the shower curtain aside slightly, and see the outfit you're holding up, stockings & panties included. "But Daddy...I already had an outfit..." "Shhh. Daddy has a special night planned and he wants his beautiful princess to dress the part. Let Daddy know when you're ready, Princess." I let out...

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Bus Girl - Late for Work

Bus Girl succumbs to newly discovered impulses.

Author's note: Late For Work, is the prelude to Bus Girl. An anonymous commenter requested Bus Girl's point of view. I'm not a grandpa but I have one who would have scolded me. * I'm twenty-four years old and had never dared to leave the house without wearing panties. This morning when I opened my underwear drawer, I found only clean socks and bras. Barefoot and bottomless, I...

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Spying on My Girlfriend

A man spies on his girlfriend as she cheats with her student.

EVERY CHARACTER IS OVER 18 YEARS OLD "Which bathing suit should I pack?" my girlfriend Lori asked. I stuck my head out of the bathroom. In one hand she held a modest one piece bathing suit and in the other she had what could only be described as a bikini. I couldn't help but laugh. "I'm sure your students would love that one," I said as I pointed to the bikini. "You have no idea how...

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The Joy of Sex in Public

Our intrepid little exhibitionist club takes it to a new level.

_Author's Note: This story can stand on its own, but the characters and plot will make more sense to you if you read the previous 2 stories, "Erotic Surprise in the Park", and "My Voyeur Love Returns", in that order. I probably should have given each story the same title, with chapter numbers after each, as so many Literotica writers do. But I didn't originally think this would be an ongoing tale....

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I Can't Stop Teasing Guys Ch. 05

"Over the top. Yeah I'm officially a slut."

"Bright eyed and bushy tailed my Saturday morning was off to a excitable start. I ate a light breakfast of a piece of toast with Nutella spread over it, and a small glass of OJ. I was eager to get my shopping day started. After a restful night to recover from Patrick and my future stepfather David's using me, I now had a $1000 dollars to blow. OMG! Who knew I could make this much money just for a...

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I Dare You

Saucy April Fool Truth-or-Dare pranks w exposing penalties.

Knowing when to keep quiet, I watched Sue shower and dig out her bejeweled butt insert. Eyes twinkling, she asked me to install it, slowly. Gentle, twisting insertion gets her dizzy and horny. Once it was in, I stripped, then filled her other holes—gently and slowly at first, then quick and hard as she preferred after she began to flush pink from her pussy to her forehead. After filling her with...

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Savana, Robert and Trevor Pt. 03

Exhibitionist slut wife brings it home.

Trevors car pulled around the corner from my house. We parked up away from any obvious street lights and turned to each other, like any other couple parking up in a lovers lane. Trevor placed his right hand behind my head, gently pulling my face toward his, as we began a very slow passionate kiss. My pussy began tingling immediately as his soft delicate lips brushed lightly against my own....

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Cross Dresser Escort Swallows Cum

Arresting deepthroat window sex exhibition ass in panties.

The sun felt good on Don's suit and tie. The breeze tussled his well trimmed hair which fell back into place thanks to his hair spray. Smelling the fresh cut grass and the blossomed flowers he pleasantly gazed about the well kept city square. Charismatically he smiled at other walkers whether dressed casual, or in business attire. City traffic noises were calm and he could hear song birds...

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Voyeur Lap Tease

Two girls, one guy, and he can't touch.

Lou and I stepped out of the SUV and stretched against its jet black frame for a moment, loosening the knots that had accumulated from riding in it for the past 4 hours non-stop. We'd driven to our mutual friend's home, and were eager to not let a single second be wasted of the evening. His roommate was out of town visiting family, and he had no work the next two days. Exactly the kind of evening...

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Living with an Exhibitionist Ch. 06

Barber Shop.

I was half awake when I heard Terry calling me from his room. I had not been in there since the first day, figuring it was the one place he might want some privacy, but he rarely shut his door. I wandered in and he was naked and hard again, dick in hand. "Had morning wood, figured you'd like another show," he told me. That seemed a little presumptuous, but fuck, he was hot. He had his legs...

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Are You Staring at My Ass? Ch. 01

Friend catches me staring with unexpected results.

"Are you staring at my ass?" I was sitting in my friend Charlotte's tiny kitchen while she made us a meal. Charlotte has possibly the nicest behind I have ever seen. Someone who is as tall and skinny as Charlotte has no right to have such rounded and firm posterior. But she does, and I was staring at it. Clearly this had not been the first time that I had stared at her ass, I had been...

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