'forced' stories


He clicks her photos, but you decide whether he gets caught.

I wrapped up taking the last batch of photos by sunset. Flipping through them, I made sure that had a scale displayed clearly next to the cracks in the metal. These were the subject of an assignment -- and hence, of my photos. The fading light made it impossible to snap any more decent ones. After a whole afternoon of suburb-hopping to find rusting metal, I figured it was time to head back. I...

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Free Use Leaders Rise to Power Ch. 01

New laws classify women for free use by men. Meet Ashlee.

A dark revolution happened in 2020. You don't need to know all the details, but many powerful men fed up with feminism somehow won control in America. They enacted the Female Role Act that stripped women of the rights over their bodies. I will introduce you to Ashlee. At the beginning of this story, she is 18 at the time these new laws passed. First you need to know what the new laws...

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One Other Time

Forced by a stranger at a club.

This story happened less than a year after the events with Richard ended. I was at a club a few years ago. I don't go to many clubs, I'm just not a club girl. I'm more of a "pub girl," or if I'm going to drink, then I'm a "drink at home with friends girl." This night I was dragged out by some friends who wanted to party, so I begrudgingly went out to the club with them. I was wearing...

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Robber Gets Feminized

Androgynous robber takes on more than he can handle.

It was late at night and I was coming home from a long jog. I am part of the Marines, so it is essential for me to stay fit. Gotta serve the country when I am called from the reserve. Even though it was cold, the warmth from the workout was warming me a bit. Minnesota so far has been great for me despite the cold. The skyways in the city are awesome and being an outsider I am really optimistic...

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Dare Me Ch. 05

Brandon meets his torturer.

I had wallowed for nearly 3 days. Took a sick day at work and on Sunday feared going back into the office. After cleaning up the messed I had made in my apartment I tried to convince myself that everything would be fine but there was no way to trick myself into that. I blew off Dylan's texts and calls on the first day but when he came over Saturday in fear something had happened I was sad to...

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Chris' Inferno Lover Ch. 03

Chris is given more training from his incubus lover.

_*Thank you to everyone that is reading and likes my story. However, I am still very new to this so if you notice anything wrong with the spelling, grammar or story messing up please let me know what and where it is so I can work on fixing it and making my next story even better for you_ ** I had trouble sitting down after the punishment Victor had given my ass. Every bump in...

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His dad turned him into a bastard, almost.

_Hi guys and gals. This one is MUCH different from my normal stuff. It includes anal, and slightly forced sex, so if you don't like that you might want to take a pass. While my doctor was working on getting my heart problem under control and my PC woes went on, I received a fan request for something way out of my comfort zone. I let that sit in my brain while everything else got sorted out, then...

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Garage Remodel

Man gets worked over by the first two contractors.

_This story is a fantasy, nothing more. It's not real, please don't leave feedback saying that you can't believe that this really happened. If you don't like gay sex or like reading about one man's sexual fantasies, please don't leave negative feedback because you were surprised. This is really a silly story with dialog that's not anything to write home about. It's just a simple, dumb fantasy of...

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Sister's Revenge Ch. 02

Amanda reminds Jenny of her place, and learns something new.

Here's chapter two. I've got a few chapters planned out for this story. Again, this story contains incest, futanari (dick girls), and forced sex. If you are uncomfortable reading these types of stories, you can exit the story now. Enjoy! (Note! I've taken a lot of liberty with biology here, for the purpose of storytelling and smut. Please don't get upset by my lack of actual science.)...

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Olivia in Vulmonia Ch. 32

Olivia is assigned a new task.

"Well, this has certainly been an interesting turn of events," Officer Amelin mused as he tugged on the end of the clit leash. Olivia squirmed around on the seat in the back of the squad car as they drove to Judge Thorsky's house. "Honestly, I don't know what the judge was thinking, putting an American in charge," Officer Letov sneered as he maneuvered the vehicle through the winding...

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The Highland Festival Ch. 04: The Spanking

Tom received his bathroom punishment from his tormentors.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex. * Chapter 4 -- Highland Festival -- The Spanking _*Hello Readers_ Quick note, my stories tend to progress a bit slower, if you're looking for quick paced sex scenes try another story. _Also, some past people have nitpicked about small consistency details in my stories. I'm not...

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The Implant Pt. 02

A 2nd helping of shorts about a revolutionary new product.

Carl was at work one day when his attention suddenly went towards a photo of him and his lovely wife, Selena. He picked it up and was suddenly flooded with great happiness. All the things he loved about his wife came rushing back to him: her beautiful face, her attentiveness and affectionate ways, her devotion to him even after a brief affair with his former secretary Karen, the kindness and...

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To Love, Honour and Oh Pay Ch. 04

William offers to soothe Lizzie's extreme sexual frustration.

Lizzie moved into William's home the following week. Although nothing near the scale of Cranworth House, William's beautiful five-bedroom farmhouse was much grander than any house she had previously lived in. Furthermore, it was only a couple of miles away from her own home, so she remained very conveniently located for work, family and friends. Lizzie was to rent out her house, fully furnished,...

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Scene of the Crime

A tragic mistake changes a husband and wife forever.

One second is all it takes. Just a single tick of an analog watch, and life as you know it can end. It was a beautiful summer Saturday. A picture perfect day. An exciting day. My gorgeous young wife, Cheri, and I were both horny as mink, slightly tipsy, and feeling uncharacteristically adventurous. While we had a wonderful life in general, and great sex, we'd never taken the latter outside...

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I'm lying in the sun when the aliens come.

On the day the aliens came, I was sunbathing in Frist's Quad, earbuds blaring, mindlessly happy and infinitely helpless. It was hot, that day, the sun half way between zenith and sunset, blazing down. I was lying on a towel in the grass, waiting for a friend, thinking about which party to go to that night and if I should withdraw from a class about Melville I knew I'd hate, whether I should...

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Extended Pleasure - Day 02

Fred continues his abuse of Haley.

The next morning after Mike left for work, Haley followed Fred's instructions. She was afraid what he might do, if she didn't. She stripped off her pajamas and got into bed, getting fully under the covers. She could feel her body shaking. Was it fear or anticipation? She couldn't tell. At 5:45 exactly, she heard a key in the door. The door swung open wide and Fred walked into the dark room,...

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The Highland Festival Ch. 03: The Rules

Tom loses the bet and faces punishment.

***Hello Readers Quick note, my stories tend to progress a bit slower, if you're looking for quick paced sex scenes try another story. _Also, some past people have nitpicked about small consistency details in my stories. I'm not writing a professional novel, I'm not going to take time to explain every little change in a scene. If you're looking for 100% accuracy in stories, buy a...

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Olivia in Vulmonia Ch. 30

Spare the rod, spoil the slut.

Olivia had lost count of how many times Dr. Miloza had spanked her bottom. All she did know was that her cheeks felt like they were on fire. "Thank you, Dr. Miloza," Dr. Carolia said. "I think we all now have a very good idea of what a proper spanking should look like. Miss Williams," he said, addressing the bound bare young girl, "how is that round rump of yours doing?" "Please, no...

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The Second Hunt Pt. 02

The torment in her own home continues.

When I woke up, I was no longer in my bedroom, but instead sprawled out on the cold bathroom floor. Every part of my body ached; I felt wrung dry, worn out. My pussy was still sore from... from what Jason had done to me last night, and my ass felt strange. Not painful, but almost cold, as though I'd been cleaned out. I risked a glance at the window, and realized it was still dark out. It...

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Vengeance is Mine

Julie just wanted to see a dungeon, not to experience it.

Lady Julie was bored. Married to Sir Michael only three months ago, the initial excitement of the ceremony and the novelty of marriage were beginning to fade. There was a fair going on outside the walls of the keep but, other than opening the day and a brief genteel walk amongst the stalls, Sir Michael had insisted they withdraw so as not to impede the enjoyment of the commoners. She...

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Olivia in Vulmonia Ch. 29

Olivia takes a crash course in Vulmonian sexuality.

"Olivia, wonderful to have you back," Dr. Carolia smiled at her. "You did such a wonderful job as a volunteer during my previous lecture class about female internal anatomy. I figured that this would be the perfect way for you to finish your community service," he said as he briskly ushered her into a small room. The two policemen followed behind her closely. It seemed as though Judge Thorsky...

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Suspension Sessions Ch. 01

Getting caught smoking weed has consequences for two friends.

The following story is complete fiction. It deals with sexual activities between two male eighteen year old high school seniors and their older male vice principal. If such content offends you or violates your community standards, please stop reading right now. * Todd Bowden was your typical eighteen year old high school senior. Five foot nine and one hundred and sixty pounds, with...

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Sister's Revenge

Amanda gets back at her little sister.

Inspired by the story "Revenge on My Little Sister", by RavishedDoe. Go check it out if you like this one. This story contains futanari, forced sex, and incest. If these aren't your cup of tea, then please stop reading. If they are, then enjoy! * Amanda grinned as she peeked out the window, watching her mother's car disappear into the night. She let her curtain fall down and left...

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The Highland Festival Ch. 02: Train Ride

Tom's ride continues, his attackers are more aggressive.

Chapter 2 - The Highland Festival - The Ride Continues _This story contains elements of non-consensual relations, and abuse. This story is a fantasy and should be taken as such. If you don't like my story, then don't read it, or better yet write your own. This is my first story and something I'm trying out. For those wishing to add nice comments, or HELPFUL critics they are always...

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The Highland Festival - Train Ride Ch. 02

Tom's ride continues, his attackers are more aggressive.

Chapter 2 - The Highland Festival - The Ride Continues _This story contains elements of non-consensual relations, and abuse. This story is a fantasy and should be taken as such. If you don't like my story, then don't read it, or better yet write your own. This is my first story and something I'm trying out. For those wishing to add nice comments, or HELPFUL critics they are always...

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Extended Pleasure - Day 01

A motel handyman has his way with a BBW guest.

Fred had been the facilities manager at The Oaks Inn and Extended Stay for years. The fifty year old had a habit of befriending female guests. Especially larger female guests. Fred had many sexual encounters with guests, some of them were consensual others not. Somehow, Fred had never been charged for any crimes as a result of the non consensual ones. One day, Fred saw a young couple, moving...

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Mobile Suit Gundam Slave Ch. 01

Jessica's fate.

It is the year 2019, mankind has successfully colonized the other planets in the solar system as well as several moons and artificial constructs simply known as Space Colonies complete with everything humans, plants and animals need in order to survive. Even though there is peace a rift was growing between the humans living in space (Spacers) and humans living on earth (Earthers). ****...

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Lost in a Female's Pleasure Pt. 02

Damien wakes up to a new day full of surprising pleasures.

Synopsis: Damien is looking forward to a relaxing weekend free from his abusive father, but things quickly take a downward turn when he's kidnapped and wakes up in a confusingly elegant room and learns that his life is about to change forever. After a confusing few hours of fear and pleasure he collapsed, and now wakes up to find himself met with new challenges and new people that aren't as...

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Silken Chains Pt. 01

Master and submissive come together the relationship begins.

_These stories were written around 15 years ago by me. I have worked on their grammar and decided to repost them. I am continuing to write the story and hope to have new chapters up as time permits. Thank you and enjoy them. If you are under 18 years of age or are offended by Dominance, Mastering, Punishment, Control, Non-Consensual intercourse (Rape) please do not read below. This is my first...

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Sissy Secrets Pt. 02

Sissy's mommy learns how much she wanted a girl.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. *** By some miracle I eventually went to sleep. Probably exhausted from all the crying. I wake up and notice its way later than it should be. Definitely missed school. That's the least of my concerns. I begin thinking of excuses. Bullies? Weird dare? Nothing sounded believable. I sit up on the bed completely...

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