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The Techno Genius Pt. 03

Aakanksha and Shilpi face more challenges.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex. * RECAP OF PART - 2** Delhi girls Aakanksha and Shilpi embarked on a journey of love thanks to a technical genius who was also a perverted stalker. Aakanksha did manage a small retaliation for the violation she faced but will she be able to drive the stalker away permanently? Read on to know...

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My Sex Video Started It Pt. 05

The gangbang video was another step in my education.

I didn't see David at breakfast, but I knew it was going to be a busy day. I dressed quite formally, and arrived at the 'Barns' by 10am. I was met by Olga, who in turn introduced me to Jan, who was dressed in a nurses' uniform. We went into the medical room, and sat round a table to discuss our role that day. We had to go through the 'paperwork' that the guys brought with them, in other words...

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I Love an Audience...

Jerking off for 2 lesbians and her mom to score some pot.

Not much talking in here, but this IS how it happened. As I shoveled another forkful of the best tasting spaghetti salad I had ever tasted into my mouth, I made a quick survey of my surroundings. It was summer outside, and the sun had set on the oppressively hot day, the AC inside was like stepping from a balmy outside into a welcoming refuge. The three women in the room all were engrossed in...

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Aya's Ascension

Aya learns how to approach the woman of her dreams.

Author's note: Contains mind controlley sex stuff. But that's why you're here, no? Saw a bunch of straight stuff when browsing so I decided to make this category a little gayer. I hope you like my story! There may be potential here for a continuation if I come up with ideas (and if people like it), that's why there's a little tease at the end. :) * I'd always had an eye on the...

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The Holiday Discovery Ch. 05

Anna introduces Jane to her naughty desperation games.

This story continues after Anna finishes her drive home from the park. Anna sighs deeply as she pulls into her driveway calming down after the events that took place earlier this morning. She gets out of her car and goes inside to change. Taking her dirty jeans and thong off, she pulls on a bikini style pair of pale green panties that are a little small causing them to give her a small...

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Two's Company, Three's Fun

Married couple take in other lovers.

"Jake! He just pulled up in front of the house," cried Kim Eliot to her husband, Jacob Peters. "Get down here! Quick!" Kim and Jake had been living together for three years, married for one and a half years and had been in their house for about 7 months. They had met at a party through mutual friends and had hit it off instantly. She was 26, fairly tall and slender with an athletic build due...

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Tablet Master Ch. 07

Master of Two.

Master of Two Shadyss appeared on the other side of the gate. Orus was holding the Tablet with one harm through the bars and had a spear through his chest. The crowd was cheering. "What are your orders, Master?" she said, watching another gladiator pull the spear out of her Master's chest. She created a dust storm for cover and teleported on the other side of the gate to try...

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Blackmailed Bride Ch. 14

Brooke learns her blackmailer's identity.

Brooke finally learns the identity of her blackmailer. What will she do? This chapter contains oral and anal sex, lesbian sex, facials, double penetration and non-consent. Forewarned is forearmed. Don't read further if these items don't float your boat. Another warning. In this fantasy world, people don't have to worry about STD's. **Blackmailed Bride, Ch 14 - Mutually Assured...

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Leaving Normal Pt. 02

Stevie and his family find a new partner within the family.

I had originally intended "Leaving Normal" as a stand alone story but a number of people have asked for more. So I got to thinking... All characters are over 18. * Mikey had gone back to college. Don't get me wrong, I missed my elder brother but having Mom to myself also had its benefits. Dad was home and, although I loved him and enjoyed the time we had together, there...

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A Pair of Pink Satin Panties

A Sexy Pair of Panties leads to an entire family playing.

Kelly was frustrated, "She just won't leave. I mean, I appreciate her help but that doesn't mean I want her moving in with me!" Sara listened to her sister Kelly as she vented about the frustration of dealing with their mother, Carol. The two of them were quite close and obviously sisters when you looked at them. 5'6" tall, dark naturally wavy hair, green eyes, bodies that would could have...

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On the Loveseat Ch. 21

Interlude with Jenny: Escapades & Revelations.

Greetings Readers! There's a switch up in the story this chapter. Events happen in which Jeremy isn't a participant that are important enough to not gloss over, so I needed a way to convey that part of the story. I settled on telling this chapter differently and not from our protagonist's point of view. I hope it works. Please let me know one way or the other. Comments are still always welcome!...

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Tablet Master Ch. 06

A Game of Cat and Mouse.

A Game of Cat and Mouse It was daytime when Mia ran across the busy street. She jumped on the roof of a small house and then on another taller one to look around. Salk's manor wasn't that far, and she recognized it right away. She rushed towards it, Valsheen barely able to follow her until she stopped near the park adjacent to the manor. Valsheen caught up to her, out of breath....

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The Bet Ch. 10

The slaves are spanked and Ky's mom learns about the slaves.

This is a continuing story about a young college coed who makes a bet with her longtime rival. She soon learns that her bitchy attitude and a stupid bet is costing more than a bit of humiliation, and has taken over her life as well as her sister's and her best friends lives. Although you should read this from the beginning, here is what has happened up till now. Synopsis: Chapter 1,...

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First Time Working a Bachelor Party

Hot, nasty and dangerous.

It was decades ago when I was in my early 20's. I was in county again. Just 10 days which doesn't sound like much, but in my line of work, that meant I wasn't making money. I was concerned as rent looked like it might be late, and my land lord wasn't trading favors for funds now that his wife had learned what I did for a living. I met a gal out on the yard, and we got to talking. My need for...

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Michelle Home Alone for a Week Ch. 05

A massage and a dinner to plan keeps Michelle busy.

Intro: Michelle's husband has taken the family away for a week's holiday, two of their friends Caitlyn & Rick have been keeping her company. "I would love to have you guys both over for a thank you dinner for making my fantasies come true... on Friday... can you both come?" "Wouldn't miss it for the world after the delights you two girls gave me this weekend." Smiled Rick....

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Model Neighbors Ch. 06

Shopping and learning what Julie's husband wants.

"This is the one!" Erin exclaimed as Julie strutted about the fitting area at Andrea's. Julie was wearing a red backless gown that showed off her tanned skin. The thin material clung to her firm breasts and ass, her nipples standing proud and the cheeks of her tight ass defined. As she moved the high slits on the legs flashed bare flesh up past her hip to her waist. "I don't know..." Julie...

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Following Her Dream Ch. 01

Janet tests her mind control device on her roommate.

Janet couldn't believe it actually worked, yet the evidence of her success sat directly in front of her. Janet's slack-jawed expression almost seemed to match that of Rachel, but while Rachel's eyes were devoid of any signs of life, Janet's were filled with surprise and excitement. She stood there staring at her roommate, unsure of how to proceed. So much planning had gone into this, but now that...

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Holiday Weekend with My Friends Pt. 01

Friends invited for a holiday weekend are in for a surprise.

_All characters are over 18 years old. Any similarity between the characters in this story to real persons, either alive or dead, is purely coincidental. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION PEOPLE!! Comments are always welcome, but if you don't like something, at least tell me what the problem is. Those "If it doesn't get better, you will lose a reader!" comments don't really help. If you don't...

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Our First MFF Threesome

Wife invites friend over for fun.

This is the story of the first time my wife, Bianca, brought another woman, Melissa, to our bedroom. My name is Frank. I am 35 and decent looking if you ask me. I have an average size tool, about 6 1/2" slightly curved, which seems to help since I have never had any complaints and have been told I'm really good in bed. I'm about 5'8 170lbs brown hair blue eyes. My wife is always teasing me...

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The Blackmail.

A fresh spring breeze was blowing through the city. Thanks to the sun it was not too cold and the breeze was just a minor cold chill for the people wandering on the streets. After the long winter life was picking up again, and with the temperature finally rising again peoples mood was lifted too. Donna found herself walking through the crowd a little bit late for her appointment. She hurried...

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Uniform Obedience

Veronica reunites with her slave, bringing a special gift.

Stephanie jumped at the sharp three knocks that came from her door. She rushed to finish wiping down the counter, not wanting a single crumb or hair to remain. Her arms felt the fatigue of a full morning cleaning her small apartment, a nearly pointless effort given how pristine she always kept her home. Tossing the towel into a drawer and out of sight, she reached over the counter and pulled...

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Catherine Ch. 10

Stepping back.

I live for the moment when I hear that whimper in her throat at our very first deep kiss. Her breathing getting heavier, catches with each gentle caress, touch, stroke, of her sensitive places, I wait for those words she will not speak..., yet. Catherine Chapter 10 Stepping back. Entering the building, waving my ID to Amos, as I pass his desk. Then its back to the cafeteria for a...

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Brain Freeze

Quiana is visited by a neighbor bearing ice cream.

Quiana almost didn't answer the doorbell when it rang. Answering the door meant putting clothes on, and right now the thought of getting dressed seemed like an invitation to misery. She'd just barely managed to get herself cooled down to merely unpleasant levels of sticky, sweltering heat through the application of a lukewarm shower and a battery operated fan applied over as much of her sweaty...

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My Twisted Family

Revelations provide for family fun.

This is a work of fiction. All characters are over 18. * It was another typical workday at the supermarket. And by that I mean it sucked. Oh it was a nice store in a nice part of town and I had good co-workers and a fair and competent manager, but the customers were either annoying: "Where are your (fill in the blank)" or "Why don't you stock my favorite item" and the more common...

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One Too Many

You never know what you'll do with a few drinks inside you.

Her slow awakening in bed turned into wide eyed panic as she felt the warm naked body of a girl lying face, gently snoring, half covering her. "What the fuck!" she thought, and then the memories of the night before came flooding back. The Friday night drinks at her local bar. Meeting Alice, the girl now lying on top of her and that bloke, she couldn't remember his name. She remembered the...

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Stepmom Sent Back to School Ch. 04

The rest of the story.

Chapter Four: "The Rest of the Story" It was the morning of graduation, a Saturday. Silva was upstairs getting ready for the day. Jessie and Jenny were seated at the dining table. Jessie says, "I'm so proud of you Mom. You did it! And you're at the up of your class." Jenny smiled. Jessie goes on, "I've been thinking about the future." "Oh, this should be good."...

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Blackmailed Bride Ch. 13

Brooke loses her anal virginity and not to Tanner.

This chapter contains oral and anal sex in addition to vaginal intercourse, nudity in artistic posing, some lesbian touching between lovers and non consent/reluctance. If you don't like those things, don't read more. You were warned. A reminder that in this fantasy world, STD's don't exist so the only consequence of unprotected sex would be pregnancy if other methods were not used. *...

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A New Life Pt. 01

A young woman must travel to find herself.

Life had not been good to her. Raised by abusive parents, she got out as soon as she could. She figured that the best course was through education, so growing up, she threw herself into her studies. Not only was learning her ticket out, it was also a diversion from the misery of home life. Her years of dedication earned her a scholarship from a college far away from home. She left and never...

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Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 07

Level 9. Courtney and Demona. Ray needs help.

_Notes: Hello, fellow freaks. Sorry it has taken a little longer than anticipated to get you the next chapter. We started writing and ended up adding 31 pages without submitting the latest to Lit. Needless to say, we're going to be splitting this next section up... a lot. One of you anonymous wankers (BTW we say that with the utmost respect being wankers and diddlers ourselves) pointed out...

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Elizabeth's Descent into Hell

Elizabeth's descent into unrelenting perversion.

I'd like to spank, er, thank! My wife Mrs. 123z for the inspiration and ideas for this gothic type tall tale. x Isle of Wight, 1891. As the horse drawn carriage drew up to the foreboding mansion I felt a distinct feeling of dread leap up in my bosom. It seemed like a cliché from an old ghost story as the storm grew ever more ferocious and Peter and myself were soaked by the heavy...

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