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Amor Prohibetur Ch. 19

Nick seduced; Val fears for her life.

Finding Paradise Continued Two more days to go, Nick thought, before his wife showed up again. He resolved not to stare at Lily that day, realizing that would be a tough thing for him to do. He'd even half decided not to let her into the master bedroom at all, so he could stay away from her and keep the temptation at a distance. And then Lily showed up and ruined his focus. She took her...

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The Hedge Pt. 05

Martin Baxter returns and stalks Sharon to get to Ashley.

Categories: Consensual, Group, Anal, Toys, Love, Violence, Hospital scenes. * 50a. It is mid-August, the big gates open and a young man walks through them and the gates close behind him, he didn't look back. He's wearing a loose black hoody, baggy jogging pants, trainers and carries a sports type bag. He takes a deep breath and slowly exhales, then he checks a small map, turns...

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A Special Birthday Treat

CliffTop College Story: Wade & Ebony & An Unforgettable Birthday.

For their birthday dinner at the luxury hotel, Wade had chicken and mushroom pie; delicious homemade short crust pastry that burst open at the touch of his fork. Ebony, on the other hand, opted for a grilled salmon with roasted vegetables; the salmon was mouth-wateringly good, melting on her tongue and satisfying her yearning hunger. Though not completely. When she caught Wade's gaze across...

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After Loving You

Cancer brings two friends back together as lovers.

Day after Memorial day, 2016 Rochester, Minnesota Diane Franklin walks out of a cancer center with a doctor, the sun feels good on Diane's skin. Diane is African American, 45, Academy award winning film editor, Diane is wearing black skirt and a red silk blouse. As they walk outside on the grounds, they look up at the beautiful blue cloudless sky. Diane says "The sun always...

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Destined Hearts Ch. 06

Adrian stands up for Praveen? Can he handle Bruce?

_Hello guys and welcome to the 6th chapter of this wonderful story. Before I go into the story, I would really like to apologize for the delay in posting anything for a long time. I had a problem with my PC which prevented me from writing anything which explains why I didn't bring, "Wild flower," back to you or update this story. But everything is back to normal and I will make it up to you. My...

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30 Year Reunion Pt. 02

Long lost loves reunite.

Joshua stretched, pushing the sheets off his body. He shook himself awake as he smirked thinking of his adventure the previous night. He spoke out loud, "You are a damn stud!!" Then hopped out of bed. He started the shower just as there was a knock at his door. "Who the hell is that." he muttered to himself. He wrapped a towel around his waist and opened the door. They stared at each...

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Lost and Found in Phuket Ch. 01

Unexpected lovers meet in Korea and go to Thailand.

"What are you doing? I told you before you're supposed to bargain with them!" Olivia turned away from Roland in exasperation. "I know, I know, but we're on vacation and I don't need the stress over five bucks or a hundred baht or whatever." Roland half-smiled and tried to look like an easy-going beach bum, but came off more like a typical white dude tourist in Thailand. "Whatever," she...

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Dirty Dan Pt. 01

A young man, numerous lovers, finally the right one.

How does one come to possess the moniker Dirty Dan? Glad you asked. I grew up poor, not simply without, but dirt poor. My two sisters and I had little to nothing outside the very basics, all of our clothes were hand me downs, we had no indoor plumbing, we did have electricity and heated our small three room shack with wood. We would take a bath every Saturday night in what was designated the...

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Finding Love Where You Can

John meets a girl with an unhappy past.

It was a month after I started my new job. The guys encouraged me to meet others from the company. Elmer's Kitchen and Bar was the place to be on Friday nights. Upwards of one hundred younger people from my company usually showed up. Mike and Steve, guys on my project team, did introductions. There was one girl in particular that caught my eye. Young, blond, pretty. She was sitting with...

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Learning Italian - Lesson 13

Interpreting the signs.

My first autumn in Como came and went. On the day I finally received word from Rome that my student's stay permit had been granted, I said goodbye to my rooms in the village and moved to the little house in the garden of the villa where I invariably slept alone. Valeria's installing me a ten-minute walk up the street wasn't as altruistic a gesture as it had initially seemed. She'd left Claudio...

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Daniel Pt. 03

Daniel - the third and final chapter.

Years passed Daniel and I played often, I sometimes came home to him naked in my kitchen or bedroom, he spent many nights in my arms, my cock lodged deep in his bowels, I must have shot gallons of cum into that boy. Daniel was offered a transfer he would be the head of his division, in a city on the other side of the country, he was both thrilled, and sad at the same time, I was more than sad, I...

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Best Friend Brain Ch. 03

The girls come out.

Disclaimer: I do not own iZombie. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. * Peyton Charles checked herself over one last time in the mirror before leaving the bedroom that she now shared with Liv Moore, her best friend turned girlfriend. Not that it was official, as they still technically had separate rooms, but they hadn't really slept in separate beds since shortly...

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Three Weeks on the Road Ch. 07

Thursday 7/16/20.

Thursday 7/16/20 Authors' note: This chapter starts a thread that runs through a few chapters, a brief divergence into science-fiction/horror. There is a short scene of threat and terror (though no violence) which may be unsettling to some viewers. There is a small town in eastern Wyoming, one or two bedraggled houses, lots of ruins of others, an ancient gas station, and a long,...

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Finally Friday - Poppy Brown

"Will I be spanked dry P?" "I would assume so littleone."

I must have cried myself to sleep last night and was woken up by P between my legs, I sensed she knew how my mind was and took over the waking up to save me a spanking off Daddy. Daddy thought I was ready for a good fucking and that's just what I got with P pulling and slapping my titties, with my treble slapped bottom from yesterday I must have nearly blown him off me with my first cum. Not...

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Mistletoe Mommy

Zoë & Gary enjoy a special, incest filled Christmas night.

_First of all, I want to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! It has been a blast to be writing all these stories for the past year-and-a-half, and I hope that more will follow for all of you to enjoy! I still wanted to get another story out before the new year so I decided to write one through my time consuming schedule. It's just a sweet, short...

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Karen Pt. 02

Story Continued.

I slept around the clock for two days straight. I vaguely remembered getting up and using the bathroom once or twice and then wolfing down a can of raviolis and drinking a soda before falling into bed again. I had worked the long Alaska construction season that summer and I was physically as well as emotionally exhausted from all the work of the season, my divorce and losing Mom. Buying the condo...

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Snowed In

A hooker finds more than shelter in a storm.

Although the light of day shined through the shades of the window, the cold air was easily making its way under the dilapidated motel door. The Broadway Inn was not known for its grandeur, but rather its poor clientele. It was not on Broadway and not much of an Inn, but it was home for a few hundred a week. It was the cheapest rent by the month hotel Tiffany could afford. It was still better than...

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Thursdays Task - Poppy Brown

"Bra and Knickers too girl and hands behind your head."

I had to keep shuffling on the bus seat to spread the pain in the welts I got last night off dad but feel thankful he had missed me so much he stopped my belting over the kitchen table early to take me from behind, but wow, the ones he gave me sure hurt. This morning's breakfast spanking just made me tingle, I suppose that's what it's what it's all about. I was never so happy to stand to...

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First Time Angel Ch. 04

Angel and Danny, a young warrior, meet and fall in love.

_DISCLAIMER PLEASE DO NOT GET OFFENDED BY THE TITLE! I am black, but I am also American Indian of the Blackfoot and Creek tribes. Also, the characters in the story are over 18. I didn't specify their ages in the story, so I just wanted to make that clear. This one is the last of the series, and because of that, I decided to add another impromptu love scene in this story. That scene was not...

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And the Snow Fell

Love. War. Sex. Death. Snow. Madness.

© 2018 Unity Mitford. All rights reserved. The author asserts her right to be identified beyond the grave as the author of this story. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a review. _Well, it's the Winter Holidays competition on Literotica, and...

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Criminal Affair Pt. 09

Jill retires and decides to get her close enough.

Penelope and Billie help me get dressed into my dress uniform for my retirement ceremony. As always, I am wearing the pants and not the skirt with it. My ribbons are measured, the metal and buttons are polished, and my shoes are shined. I pull by hair into a tight bun and adjust it so my cap can remain firmly on. Chief of Police gave me the go ahead to dress as if I was a detective, but I opted to...

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Just Friends

An aphrodisiac-fuelled game tests Aaron's resolve.

_Note: This story contains the use of an (imaginary) aphrodisiac. While almost every character blatantly consents, one could be considered dubious since he doesn't consent completely until post consuming it and it does have some mind-altering properties. If that's not your cup of tea, best to avoid this one. There are also multiple pairings of multiple genders all throughout and themes of...

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Telling Tales of Sunny and James Ch. 02

Chapter 2: James goes to Korea to forget about Anna.

James left his house at 6:00 am for his daily run, but he had been up since 4:00, and this was Sunday - his supposed day off. His mind was as clear as the cloudless April sky. Morning prayers, a bowl of oatmeal, meditation and yoga, all before a run around the duck pond at the local park. This had been his routine, more or less, for the past five years and in his view, it had served him well...

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Vicious Young Heartbreak

Two young teenagers fall in love and learn about falling out.

The First Date I wasn't with a girl in a long time. I only had one a year prior. My brother in law handed me a sheet of paper. It read vibe something. It was an email of a girl from his work. I emailed her, and she sent something back about exploring each other's bodies. She was confident sexually but had zero self esteem elsewhere. I was surprised by the email but turned on. I emailed...

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Fighting the Darkness Pt. 02

Young virgin has lost her innocence and is taking control.

The Darkness Within She laughed. She couldn't help it, but she had to laugh. She shook her head astonishment and reached up to gather back her long blonde hair. He watched in silence as she straightened it and then stood himself and began to gather his clothes. "I shall go into town tomorrow and obtain a special license. We can be married on Saturday by the curate in the next village."...

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Turning Paige Ch. 05

Sorry is hard to say.

That night... that night, she ran upstairs, dressed, grabbed some things and made her way out the back door ignoring my shouts asking where she was going. She stopped and turned to me as she got into her Jeep, a look of pure terror on her face. Without a word she got in and spun the tires and left in a small puff of dust and thrown gravel. The strain her leaving put on me was no small thing....

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Treasure Ch. 31-35

Trust Your Wolf.

Coral rolled into the parking lot of the Renton chapter of the Steel Brotherhood just after ten at night. Her blonde hair was braided back under her helmet, and the Prospect at the gate smiled at her as she went by. She backed into a spot, taking off her helmet and setting it on the handlebars as she put the kickstand down. "Hey, pretty lady," a man in a Brotherhood cut said, "Welcome to our...

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Paradise Island Ch. 05

Back Home - Someone has to pay the bills.

Back Home And Off Again - Someone has to pay the bills. We finally made it back home, and back to life. Being on the island you might thank is easy, and it was before we became parents ourselves. I finally got my office done, big monitors and printers set up for proofing, and I got the second book done, this one was more involved and took longer, and made less money. The publisher said they...

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Telling Tales of Sunny and James Ch. 01

James is obsessed with Anna his ex.

They met two years before, on the other side of the world. Tonight, Sunny and James both thought with bittersweet regret about how they got here - a third floor officetel on the outskirts of Seoul - Sunny, on the tiny kitchen hallway floor, wiped tears from her tightly closed eyes with a corner of her blanket, while James rested with one eye open, on his bed, a box containing every knife, scissor,...

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A Christmas Abduction Ch. 03

A kinky dream.

Thump, scratch, howl, whip, bang. Just some of the noises that threw my eyes open. I was in an alleyway. Dark covered the alleyway, a darkness I had not seen before. I walked toward the end of the alleyway, the sound of angry dogs, arguing to each other in their loud barking voices. Further and further I walked down this alleyway, louder and louder the barks. Finally I reached the end of the...

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