'love' stories

Sasspot Ch. 03

Sasspots 3rd time with Sir. A little more loving.

Part 3 in an ongoing series. A little more loving with a hint of bdsm Yes everyone is over 18 As always for her- My Sasspot *** It had been an insane week. Sir's small business was experiencing record sales, week after week. Sasspot's adventure just kept growing and getting bigger and bigger. The time they spent together was essentially cuddling in exhaustion, skin on skin,...

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Party Fun with My Brother Ch. 01

Brother and sister find love through lust.

First part of a three part story, thanks to Tigersman for editing. * Julia Bradley was an attractive young woman at twenty-seven years of age; she inherited her looks from her mother. She stood at 5' 7" with long black hair, a small waist and hips, and a beautiful face with a small nose. Her best asset were her breasts at 36D with no sag. Julia had many admirers that she turned down...

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Entangled Pt. 03

Stepping into Eric's world.

For the first time since discovering her husband's duplicity Jess began to believe she wouldn't be alone for the rest of her life. Under Eric's influence it seemed like she'd smiled more in a week then she had the entire year before she'd met him. Bit by bit she let herself fall into a little bubble of infatuation with Eric. And she was happy. It was awkward at first, like putting on old...

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No Such Thing as Time Ch. 11

Mara takes care if the farm, while Eddie leaves for the day.

After breakfast, I pack a huge lunch for the guys. They plan to leave within the next hour and don't really know when they'll be back, Eddie says when the truck is full. He takes a full gas can with them and a couple empty ones we have just in case they come across some gas somewhere. I make them take a few heavy blankets in addition to the normal things they carry in their backpacks, like...

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My Father, My Lover

An unusual story of adult incest and love.

_DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts. It contains graphic scenes of sex between these two adults. ...If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful then please leave now. This work was produced...

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Alex's Gifts Ch. 20

Fresh and old wounds begin to heal.

Healing Wounds Alex jumped into his jeep in the YMCA parking lot. He'd quickly given up trying to reason and rationalize his shower room debauchery with his new boss Emily. Throw it on the pile. Carrie was the only person he could talk to about it, and he doubted they'd have time alone together anytime soon. He owed Jenny a date tonight and didn't intend to let anything interfere with his...

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First Light

A story about the love a King has for his Queen.

The warmth from the day fades quickly as the darkness begins to overtake the lands. The comfort the sun provides to those unlucky enough to still be alive is slowly, with no mercy, being stolen away. This bit of comfort is all a man has left when he bleeds to death from an injury brought on by battle. The might of the sword has, for centuries, ruled mortal men. And its justice isn't always swift....

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Little Sister's Big Butt Ch. 03

A graduation party to remember...

_Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. Anal sex is a major theme in this story, so you might want to consider reading something else if you're not into that sort of stuff. This one even contains some double anal action, so consider yourself doubly warned as far as butt stuff goes. Don't expect realism and you won't be disappointed when you...

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Three Weeks on the Road Ch. 17

Sunday 7/26/20 Where Do We Go From Here.

Keannadiid came for me first, as he always did in my dreams. Maybe that's because I'd seen him around school, interacted with him. Maybe that's because we'd been fighting face to face when I shot him. Of all the attackers at the cabin three years ago, his was the only face I remembered, the other men I'd killed were nameless, faceless silhouettes in my mind. But the security guard, Nina's...

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Jeri's Love... Ch. 01

Beautiful young trans woman finds love with her best friend.

Shawn came home for a short leave right after basic. He was awaiting deployment to the Mid-East and Jeri was determined to make love to him while he was home. Her eighteenth birthday had come and gone almost three months ago. She was so very sure that she was in love with her Shawn and she was determined to have his love in the physical realm as well as the spiritual. As she waited on his...

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Eight Inches Predicted

A snowstorm strands friends. Joanie & Jackson fall in love.

A ski trip of six friends becomes sexy towards the end. Joanie falls in love. ** A group of us decided to go skiing, up in Vermont. Vermont has some great ski resorts, and while snow amounts had not been measuring up to the historical standards, this particular year the ski areas had received a lot of snow. I guess there was pent up demand for a good year to ski, and...

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Snuggle Time with Mommy

A mother and Son discover snuggling, cuddling, and more.

My first semester of College was a failure, as a result, I lost my student loan and had to move back home with my Mom. She was happy to have me back because she didn't like living alone. She was about fifty years old, she had a plump round figure that wasn't very firm. Her hair was brown with a streak of gray, green eyes that always had a magic sparkle, and a warm inviting smile. I never thought...

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You Never Forget Your First...

Tracy gets a taste of her first gang bang!

Tracy could taste the difference between the man in her mouth and James, her husband. It was strange to know the cock she was pleasing with her mouth, was not familiar at all. She was timid and reserved in her actions, sure they talked about this situation before. They even role played it with the dildo they bought together, pretending it was the real thing. Pretending was one thing, it was hot...

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The Tree of Love

Taken in the love tree.

Often when I walk through my local park I notice a tree with branches that are bent and twisted which when looked at from some angles look like a love heart. I call it the love tree. I can share a story about the love tree from when I was younger... I used to go out every Friday with the girls to our local pub. We were all fresh out of school or college or in entry level jobs. We were...

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Knight Squadron - Out in the Cold

One Event, three points of view...

Summary: One event, three points of view. Story takes place prior to the Battle of Siria. *** Chapter 1... Shine on Me... If he was going to die, this was a stupid way to go. Of all the ways Jac Jordan had pictured himself blasting out of life—flying the Ghost into a supernova, being blown out of space by an Jaheem cruiser, being disintegrated by a bounty hunter, even...

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Summer Desire Ch. 01

Liam and Tom discover their mutual feelings in a summer day.

_Author's comment: Hey! I'm the writer of this story, and I'd really appreciate your help in order to improve at this: if there's some language mistakes (I'm not a native English speaker), some parts of the text that don't really flow well, anything at all, I'd really like to know it in the comments; thanks for taking you time to read this story, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...

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Le Belle Donne Ch. 01

Heaving breasts on the Italian vineyards.

(This story is a part of the Blackedmerica series, which is set in an alternate history.) Chapter 1 Just outside San Casciano dei Bagni, on a picturesque vineyard, a beautiful Italian woman in her early forties picked another drove of grapes from one of the many bushes and put it down in her basket. Grazie Dio... Corrina Martaci exhaled lightly as she took off her straw...

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I Dare You Pt. 08

Mads ponders if her feelings for York are close enough.

Mads began her day not in the lab but in the garage of the school, getting ready to replace the hoses for her power steering finally. Shining the light into the engine, she saw the clear evidence of leaks of her reddish fluid. She checked the levels and saw it was basically empty. "You gotta be shitting me," Mads said, then groaned in frustration as she prepped the legs of the lift under her...

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A New Beginning Ch. 09

A look at what happened on Heaven five.

As the 'Jean-Paul' and the three other ships started their last jump towards Heaven Five. Their plans set and ready for a hopefully peaceful bluff. The outer rim... Far away from any Holy Company planet was the partially terraformed orb called Kellos. It took months for messages to reach the far flung Reacher planet and even longer to get there by ship. Not even the fastest FTL...

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Knight Squadron - Out of Reach

Just when Hanson thought his life had a silver lining...

Note: Originally written in 2003. Synopsis: Just when Hanson thought his life had a silver lining, the clouds appeared... *** Chapter 1... "I don't feel like losing any more money tonight," Hanson St. John stood as he tossed his cards on the table. He looked over at his girlfriend, "Wanna go for a walk?" She shrugged, "Sure." At Jarro' questioning glance, Aiden and...

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Entangled Pt. 02

He's not about to let go yet.

Eric didn't seem like the type to accept rejection easily so the message that appeared on her phone as she was walking through her door half an hour after she'd bolted from his condo did not surprise her. She didn't expect the message she'd received though. It wasn't an angry thanks for wasting my time kind of note. It was the picture he'd taken of her in his library with one line of text under...

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Willing Slave, Unwilling Master Ch. 12

What do you do when you're given a person as a gift?

_Hello all. First off, I'm sorry for making you wait so long. I don't want to make excuses, so I won't. The emails and feedback I have received asking for a continuation of this story were deeply appreciated, and I can only apologise yet again for my not updating sooner. That being said, the rest of the story is written. Chapters 13 and 14 are complete, and just need going over a few more times...

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A Nephew's Forbidden Love

A nephew's visit to his aunt turns into a romantic weekend.

Part 1 - The Attraction I couldn't say when I began developing feelings for my aunt, maybe those feelings were always there and it just took me until I was old enough to comprehend those feelings to begin truly experiencing them. I think there was always a part of me that knew the love I had for my aunt was more than just familial love, and that it was an actual deep, romantic, passionate...

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I'm in Trouble

This is a love story centered around hard fucking.

Jalen had invited me to spend the weekend with him at his house. Of course, I said yes. I was a slave to Jalen's cock. I was already a slave to cock before I met Jalen. He just complicated things and made me question myself and what was happening. I had never met a man with a cock quite like his. It was long, black and thick. It fucked me like no other and I found myself crawling back to his...

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Technician uses her powered armour suit to charm giant bird.

" [Reboot complete...] [Traxis Enterprises Powered Armour Suit, Gen4, Specialization: Pilot/Zone Operator] [Welcome back, Ariane Molden!] [Warning, battery critical] " Ariane made a small wave of her fingers—someone observing her would hardly have noticed the gesture, but the TEPA suit she was wearing detected the motion and dismissed the notification from her helmet's...

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Wild Child Ch. 07 - Epilogue Pt. 01

An old lover, a new passion.

It had been ten years. Surely, it would be nothing. But Faye hesitated, anyway. Why, oh why, did Steph had to invite him? After the makeup sex all those years ago, Faye and Tristan had dated for three years. They were good years. For the first time in a long time, she had had a healthy relationship. They'd spent nights by the river, watching the lights. Settled into cosy dinner...

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Mom's Business Trip Ch. 01

Mom is going overseas on business and wants to bring me.

For as long as I can remember my Mother has been all business; she was the very definition of a "career gal." My Father was more of a common man, he was handy; he preferred manual labor and didn't have much of an education. Mom on the other hand, was very well educated, focused, and goal oriented. In March of 2018 Mom was on the verge of landing a new job that would put her income into the higher...

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Entangled Pt. 01

An impulsive decision opens a door.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she took a seat at an open table near the back of the coffee shop. It had a clear view of the door so she could spot her date when he entered. That would give her a chance to take off the red scarf she'd worn so he could pick her out of the crowd. Guilt gripped her briefly as she considered how quickly she could remove it but that emotion disappeared as she...

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Alpha Killer

Betrayed and Abused.

Talia Stillwater's POV Fort Worth, Texas I adjusted the deep purple dress I was wearing, pulling the deep neckline down a little farther as I stared at the cards on the table. The private game had been going on for six hours, and it was now almost two in the morning. My five-thousand-dollar buy-in to the twenty-person game meant that my stack of chips was nearly seventy-five thousand...

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SOL Pt. 01

A little girl chases after a fluffball that stole a sock.

_Author's Note: Hello there and welcome to my story! Know this won't get a lot of traction on here because it doesn't have an erotic focus on it . . . at all . . . but what the heck, I'll post it anyway. Never posted a story on here before so hopefully I'm doing everything correctly. Please note that I want to publish a new part once a week so my chapters won't be long. I do have a full-time job I...

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