'mother' stories

Return to Paradise Ch. 06

A mother and Son come closer.

There is so much happening on the island now. It's hard to keep track of who is who even for me. I'm going to be switching viewpoints as I did above and try to keep things on track for you my loyal reader. I hope I don't confuse you too much with the story line. What I like it that we now have different family dynamics, and kind of a group goal of thriving and not judging. *...

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Mommy's Slaveboy Ch. 02

Can't decide on college? No worries, Mommy knows best.

I had just accepted my role as my mother's new personal slave, and already I felt like my life was going in a whole new direction. I didn't know why she chose me. I'm sure there are many other men out there who would happily do as she says. After all, my mother does have a nice figure. I stood there in front of her for what felt like ages before she finally began to get up. She stood up, and...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 03

Grant finds his mom enjoying herself, decides to help out.

"You know, Carrie," Grant said as he squeezed his sister's bare bottom after pounding her in both her pussy and her ass, "I think I like virgins. Can you send me some more?" Carrie pried herself out of his grasp and looked him in the face. "What the hell are you talking about?" she said hotly. "That slumber party," he said dreamily, his face breaking out in a smile that Carrie...

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Every Mother's Son First Test

Son admires mother, and sets a trap.

I always thought I came from a normal home. My folks used to fight and argue in the evenings, then they would go into the bedroom to "make up". My mom was 5'3" and around a 135 pounds. My dad was 6'3 and 200 pounds. From what I saw in the usual course of home life, he was very well hung. The sex must have been great with them, even if they didn't get along almost any other time. Mom kept coming...

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Confessions of a Loving Mother

Becoming mom's therapist has sexual benefits.

It was a typical weekend morning, and since my mother didn't have an upcoming trial, she was probably cooking something new. Cooking was her favorite thing to do when she wasn't busy with the law firm. When I went to the kitchen for breakfast, there she was, in an apron near the stove. "Right on time," she smiled, pleased that everything was on schedule. The food was prepared and we...

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Summer of '88: Pt. 04

Alex and grandma conspire to get mom in on the action.

Author's Note: For those of you who were wanting a part 4, here is it. Sorry it took so long, real life got in the way. Hope you enjoy it. * As summer turned to fall, I started college. Since I already had my license grandma Rosie let me borrow her car to get to and from school. We had kept up our nightly sessions, with me fucking her silly almost every night, and sometimes a...

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A horny teacher falls under the control of her student.

This is a story about my favorite teacher. Oh and by the way, she's also a slut. How do I know, well it's because I turned her into a slut. Oh, she had some kinks already, I just brought them out. My name is Benjamin Martin III. But I go by Ben. I go to Singapore American School. I'm in my last year and have already been accepted to an Ivy League school back in the states. It helps to have money....

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Mommy's Slaveboy Ch. 01

Can't decide on college? No worries, Mommy knows best.

It was the weekend following my graduation, and I was just laying around in bed, being my usual lazy self. I looked over at my alarm clock and lightly whined. Even at noon, I still felt tired and wanted to just go back to sleep. I turned my head back, and rolled over in bed, getting my head comfy atop my pillow. Not like I had anything else to do, I hadn't decided on my life yet. I figured I would...

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Freak Out Pt. 01

Things you shouldn't tell your mother.

I had done it again. After I quietly closed my car door then snuck up the walk to the house, I had a sickness in my stomach, and a pain in my head that refused to stop. I was such a screw up, and I didn't know what to do about it. Still fuming, I unlocked the front door, and entered cautiously. Thank goodness the house was silent. She must have already gone to bed. The last thing I needed...

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The Dark Stone Pt. 06

A strange rock changes Sam and the women around him.

This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don't worry, they're fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters are 18 years or older. Enjoy. * "Everything happened so fast." Lakshmi sat across the table from Joyce. She cradled her hot mug of coffee between her hands. The warmth radiated through her fingers. Such a familiar sensation....

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Mistletoe Mommy

Zoë & Gary enjoy a special, incest filled Christmas night.

_First of all, I want to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! It has been a blast to be writing all these stories for the past year-and-a-half, and I hope that more will follow for all of you to enjoy! I still wanted to get another story out before the new year so I decided to write one through my time consuming schedule. It's just a sweet, short...

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Sister Needs a Hand Pt. 02

We end up fulfilling several fantasies.

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help. * Chapter 9 - Home I pull up into my driveway. They can't wait to go inside and see my place. I hand my keys to Vic, "Go have fun. You can talk honestly between yourselves without hurting my feelings. Come back for me when...

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Mom is Taught about Sex

Mature mom learns from her son.

On the night this tale begins, Charles Brannley, usually known as Chas, was watching porn videos, and idly fingering his cock. This was a regular Friday event, caused by his mother going out with a neighbour who had taken his mother Joyce under her wing to help her get over the loss of Chas' father. The point of their evening was to have a few drinks in a local pub and "pull" a pair of likely men...

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Sharing a home with wife, sister and mother.

My mom is a single mom. She's raised my sister and me since we were eight and six years old respectively. I realize the image of a single mom raising two kids alone is somewhat less than ideal. However, my mom was different. She was amazing. She also had a lot of financial help and didn't have to work. She was able to focus on maintaining a nice, clean home and raising us. In the ten years my...

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Orc Relations

An incident changes the relationship of Orc mother and son.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * Chapter 1 The forge roared with heat. The anvil screamed under the hammer. Fiery sparks flew in every direction, as red-hot steel was being shaped into a rugged blade. "Pardon me!" Helzan paused, her hammer suspended at the top of her swing. Frowning, she tore her eyes from her work and looked...

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Birthday Curses

A bottle, a genie, a terrible wish.

Acts of Incest in this story _I had no idea where to put this. Heavy on non-consent, mind control and incest, it belongs in the first category I think, but it's meant to be more comedic, than incestually (my word!) erotic. Be warned, this is actually one of the first things I ever attempted to write, and I recently rediscovered the file. It's been sitting around for many years. Never...

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My Taboo Family Ch. 01

My family loves Taboo.

Everyone is over 18. This is a true story. * Growing up in a small Indiana town, there weren't people around that were able to fire my fantasies. Luckily, I grew up with three sisters and a divorced Mom. Mom is where the story starts. Mom was recently divorced. Dad left her for a secretary at his company. Personally I thought he was crazy. Granted, the secretary has these...

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Milfy Battle Ch. 03-04

Mom and aunt compete over young Ben.

Chapter 3 Things were going swimmingly between Ben and his aunt with the added sexual element to their relationship, but his mom was a whole different matter. She seemed to be working even more than usual, which he thought was her way of avoiding him. Is she afraid we might cross the line again? He thought as he prepared her breakfast. Even if that were the case, she wouldn't escape...

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A Descent Ch. 01.5

Katya give's Malcolm a surprise and he returns the favor.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * I had no trouble falling to sleep when I got home but staying asleep was a different matter. I kept dreaming of that lust filled face of Anna as she rode her husband staring at me. After the third time or so I had to jack off to relieve this itch. It didn't take long to reach my goal but when I did, I looked at...

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Five Trailers, Lot D

Lust is fleeting, regret is forever.

Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age. Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft spell-check. You have been forewarned. .. Sydnee Thompson and Angela Gernaud left the trailer at Lot C and walked across the narrow strip of clam shells. The steps in front of the trailer at Lot D were made...

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Mom's Cum Cocktail

Naughty family tradition with her sister and both sons.

Son's Point of View It happened like this: Two days before New Year's, I had returned home to stay with my Mom and my younger brother. For the previous three years, I mostly lived out of state in a college dorm. My brother was living at home while attending his first year at a local college. And, my 45 year old Mother was busy running her fancy Italian restaurant. Sounds like a...

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Johnny's Mom

Johnny becomes a male escort and meets his mother.

Johnny, Paul and Andy got back into the mini-van after another exhausting bachelorette party. It is hard work stripping, dancing and waving your cock in front of giddy young women. Even the stroking and sucking didn't bring the satisfaction you would normally think it would. Johnny had to find a fantasy in his mind to muster the orgasm required to satisfy the bride-to-be's request to have him cum...

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Mom appreciates the attention and rewards her son.

Miranda Paxton sighed as she set the laundry basket down. Tuesday was her usually laundry day. Of course Wednesday was clean the house and Friday was grocery shopping. Could you get any more normal, she wistfully thought. It wasn't that life had been bad for Miranda. At forty-eight years old she had a good home, two beautiful children, and a good husband of over twenty years. OK, so he wasn't...

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Vicki Loves - Ch. 05: Cassie

Vicki returns home to the best surprise of her entire life.

Chapter 5 - Cassie ...wherein histories are shared, a game ends with two winners, and an education is threatened. "My..." "Hi!... Vicki... I'm, um, Cassie, and... this is pretty weird for me too. But... I'm really happy to finally meet you!" All Vicki could do was watch as Cassie walked closer and closer towards her. She stood locked in place, the sight of her...

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The Diary Gradually Changes Ch. 02

A brother brainwashes his sister and mother into sex slaves.

This is part 1 on an alternate POV (The Brother's POV) of my other story 'The Diary Gradually Changes'. Read that story first if you haven't already. * The Diary Gradually Changes [Brother's diary] Part 1 Tuesday, Jan 21 Dear Diary, For the hundredth time, I went over the list of hypnotic suggestion I made for Mom. Mom's Hypnotic tape: Kevin...

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Mother's Shoe Mystery Pt. 14

Billy Reassures Mom.

On his way home from his "date" with Mrs.DiNucci, Billy couldn't take his mind off of her. Her gorgeous face, with bright red, luscious lips. They felt amazing wrapped around his cock. Her thick sexy legs, she used to do squat thrusts onto his meat, forcing it so far deep into her, the head hit her cervix. Her beautiful, 48DDD breasts that bounced heavily with each of her bounces onto his dick....

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Mother Knows Best

Lisa teaches her son the price of disobedience.

_This is the tenth story I've published on Literotica - and anywhere else, as a matter of fact - so I'd like to use this milestone to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read, like, or comment on any of my stories. Time is a precious commodity and I deeply appreciate everyone who has utilized it to find enjoyment in my work. All the feedback and adoration has been overwhelming...

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Boredom Pt. 02

Morning shower.

Another Wednesday I thought as the alarm sounded and I rolled out of bed. It was light outside but just barely. Stretching, I pull my comfy warn t-shirt over my breasts, the cloth feels nice against my nipples giving them a nice tingle. I step out of my soft cotton pj's off and slide my cotton bikini pink panties off. I grab my bath towel off the back of my door and make my way down the hall...

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And He Did

Fucked his mother that is.

"Must be a hot date tonight mum," Chris said as Monica came down the stairs. Feeling a little embarrassed as she usually did when she and her nineteen-year-old son discussed anything to do with her personal life, Monica replied. "No not really, just a friend." Enjoying teasing his mother about it he went on. "Must be a bloody good friend to get you all dolled up like that," he said...

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Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab Ch. 02

Behavior mod for health and prurient happiness.

As mentioned previously, this is a shorter story with a lot more talk than action. If that's for you, great. If not, I'm certain there are quite a lot more stories in the library. Thanks --- "So, Darla... technique?" Lauren asked leaning in. "Oh don't be silly. I was just. It was just that I, too, like a little tipple. As one does." "We're aware," Lauren and I answered....

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