'older' stories

Conversations with Donna Chapter 2

Donna and Suzi grow closer

Suzi went back in and started sorting some stock, she waited for the police and an explanation of what the hell was happening! What she was really waiting for was quitting time. The clock seemed to move at half speed. She moved through the curtains from the upper stockroom into the main floor and saw two cops as they talked to Nadine. One was a young man with a raw look to him. The other one was...

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Straight Curious First Time Trip

Marks first time with another man changes everything.

Hey everyone! This is my first story about a fantasy I had. Hope to continue the story. New to all this so hope you enjoy. Please excuse any glaring grammar issues and if you have any let me know and I can fix! If you want to collab let me know too! *** Mark's laptop monitor illuminated the dark hotel room as he stared at his screen. Mark had multiple, conflicting tabs opened up....

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Stealing Me Away Part 3

Amelia and Drake walk into their hotel room at Circus Circus. This will be their home next seven days. Her parents have a room down the hall, and several other relatives are also here with them. Drake's dad will join the group tonight, he lives close by and decided to come later on. His dad met Amelia a month before, and told Drake Amelia was just like his mom, and his mom would've loved...

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Stealing Me Away Part 2

Amelia wakes the next morning with her head on Drake's bare chest. She looks up and kisses his cheek, he is already awake. He pulls her close and kisses her deep and passionately. Soon they are lost in the moment, Drake is on top of her, tangled in the sheets, kissing her with great passion. Amelia pushes away from him, saying, "Drake, I have to get up. I need to help my parents get the stuff...

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Stealing Me Away

At nineteen, Amelia was ready to leave her parents home, and rule, but was scared. She had watched too many news reports, and read so many stories of young women being violated, assaulted, and much much worse. Luckily, she shared her concerns openly with her family and it turned out her dad had a solution. He had a friend, Drake, who had his own home, close to her school and close to the base that...

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Futanari Breeding Agency Ch. 02

Young futa making money for college by breeding older women.

"I'm glad you could come here today. This is a big day for all of us," Rose said. Alina looked around. She thought it would be another good day spent fucking Rose, but clearly, there was something else going on. Something even more exciting than fucking. "Tilde, my dear daughter, Henry, my loving husband, and Alina, who has made all of this possible," Rose continued. Henry looked...

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All I Need (Anna's Story) Ch. 02

Date night; it's tough being 18 in Atlantic City.

Alexi called me the next day, to meet at a certain bench on the boardwalk at noon. He said would wait there for fifteen minutes past noon but if I was late he would be gone. He said this in a school principal-like tone, appropriate for his fifty-seven years but I just assumed he was nervous. I was eighteen, I could easily think of an excuse to not show. But I didn't bail on him. He was my...

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House Calls Ch. 01

Reminiscing about an older sissy...

For a while I had an apartment in the city, it was a good time. It was when I learnt the ins and outs of life, and discovered new desires and different ways to fulfill them. It's when I went from being straight to bi, and then to a strong preference for gurls. I'm quite happy about my journey, but when I tell someone about this there's this default assumption that I'm only talking about the...

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Through the Glass, into the Mirror

Familiarity breeds contempt until one Sunday morning....

You can get a lot done in ten years, and for us, we strived for mediocrity. It was not as if we gave up on life, we were only thirty; we just liked to flirt with how familiarity bred contempt. Straddling me, the bed groaned, and the dismay of that familiarity dampened the sizzle of excitement. In the gloom of the morning, her body cast a half-light silhouette. "Put the light on?" Marianne...

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All I Need (Anna's Story) Ch. 01

A story of love between a mafia hitman and a college girl.

The rain hit hard through the grim death of fog. The highways of Pennsylvania were known for their treacherous turns and near blinding fog. And in rain, it was all so much worse. The giant droplets were soothing like a rhythm of refreshing cold. Over and over until the end of time; in that moment that would have been perfectly acceptable. Deeper in the fog lay the scene of a gruesome crash;...

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Helpful Heighbour Ch. 01

When the neighbour helps out there is a price to pay.

WARNING This is a very long story with a long lead in. Hopefully the wait will be worth it. * My names is Jerry and I am 27. My wife is Mona and she is 25. We have been friends since we were in nappies. Through her teen years she went a bit wild and got a bit of a reputation. Especially with regard to her clothing or in some stories lack of clothing. But then she suddenly...

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Mrs. Jones Plus Two Pt. 01

Mrs. Jones has to take care of Bill and his friend Denise.

This is another Mrs. Jones story but it will have two parts. Each Mrs. Jones story can be read by itself. Comments are always helpful and this character owes a lot to people who sent comments including some who are a lot like Mrs. Jones. Thank you. If you include an email in your feedback, I always try to reply. I hope you enjoy part one. * Mrs. Jones pulled into the driveway of a...

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Meeting a New Friend

Married young guy meets old man for friendship and more.

The first time I met him we were introduced by his cousin who I happen to know through business. He had recently moved back to the area after the passing of his wife and was living in his camper on his cousin's property. He was a quite large overweight man standing probably 6 feet or better and had a substantial belly. He was bearded and I'm guessing in his 70s. We shook hands and I could feel his...

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Falling in Love with Erika

Friendship and love overcome the barriers of age difference.

Note: There is a fair amount of character development in this tale, as it is a mostly true story of friendship and love that developed between a younger woman and a man who is twenty years older. * "Hey Sean, are you available?" It was my boss Janelle calling from next door. I was tempted to ignore her. It was late, it was Friday, and I wanted to simply get home. "Yeah, Janelle,...

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Almost Caught with the Neighbor

Older stranger, younger neighbor, nearly getting caught.

Some days never seemed to end. The work just kept coming, one project would be finished and a new one would roll in. "At least it's keeping me busy," Cindy thought. On the other hand, it was also keeping her away from her husband who was asleep upstairs. One disadvantage of working from home is you can get so caught up in work that you don't take a break. By this time, Cindy had been working...

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Blackmailing the Cheerleader

A cheerleader mistakenly wanders into the men's locker room.

_This is a story that was requested specifically of me. The separated intro below was the prompt provided to me, and I created this story based on the fantasies of the prompter. Also, it is indicated in the story, but I'll reiterate it. The main character is over the age of 18. This type of story is a little out of my comfort zone, so I thought I'd include those disclaimers. I hope you...

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Amy's First Time

Amy's mission to lose her virginity to an experienced lover is realized.

I was a high school sophomore of sixteen when I met the guy who would take my virginity. I knew he would be older because I wanted an experienced lover to teach me the ropes and no ordinary high school boy would be the one to fill that role. I knew sixteen was problematic, but I looked every bit of eighteen and was confident that I could navigate the issue. Tall and dark-haired with green eyes,...

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Art's House

One college boys summer hookup with a handsome retiree.

I lied in my bed, flipping through one of those gay "dating" apps on my phone while feeling my morning wood under the covers. It was 10 in the AM on a bright summer day and my mind was relaxed knowing that I didn't have to worry about any more school stress. On top of that, this was my first summer with my own car, so while I wasn't on a campus full of horny college hunks, I had plenty of time to...

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Taking MIL to Bed

I was naked with my mother in law.

I decided to give mother in law a ride. She isn't bad, I just find her annoying. She's 69 and about 5'10", I'm not sure about her weight but she has smallish tits but wide hips and big ass. We're going to see her sick aunt who is in a home an hour away. My wife, her daughter, was out of town on business, so off we went. I picked her up at 10 as planned. She was ready and waiting, wearing...

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Vacation Souvenir Ch. 01

Watching reluctant wife cheat on vacation.

My name is Sam and I have a beautiful wife of Vietnamese origin. I sometimes wondered, when we were dating, whether I was punching above my weight, even though it was she who originally asked me out. She first spotted me when I was working in my parent's Chinese take-away after I left university. Maggie is 5ft 6in tall with long reddish brown hair, slim dress size 6 with 32A breasts. I...

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It Gets Better

Long time online chat partners finally meet in person.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. Authors Note: While this is not an incest story, it contains references to incest activities between consenting adults of legal age, so if that offends, please click back and select another story. Otherwise, for those with dirty minds like mine...enjoy! ** For the third morning in as many days,...

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The Teasing Intensifies

July 2017 - This part of the story took place over several months.

After signing off on Skype, the mental images of Megan stroking Nathan's large cock by the jacuzzi flashed back in my mind and I noticed I was getting hard again before getting into bed. I couldn't help but masturbate again to the images I saved on my phone of Megan from her Palm Springs photo shoot, particularly watching the video of John fucking her from behind and the photo of her kneeling in...

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Giving in to Temptation Ch. 03

Steve takes a short vacation, reunites with Candice.

Proposal in, presentations complete. With nothing to do in the Bay Area until the results were announced, I headed back. Got hugs from Becky and Belle, and headed to the airport. Not to Chicago. Would love to have seen Olga, or Robyn, but frankly I needed some space from my wife. Things were not going well with us, and I needed time to think. My brother, a successful broker, had a place on Key...

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College Couple Sex while Shopping

Speedo shopping turned into a sex session in the change room.

After our encounter over the weekend (you can read that on my blog), Jess and I were spending a lot more time around one another outside of class. One particular afternoon in mid May we were once again going to meet up at the mall after I had spent some more time at the library. Once we were at the mall and had found a place to sit and eat, Jess brought up bathing suit shopping again. I asked...

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That was Then... and This is Now

A mature woman relives a previous encounter.

I decided to treat myself to a pre-Christmas holiday. I had always wanted to visit Scandinavia, especially Norway and had found there was a company that cruised up the North Sea coast line. It was expensive, but as this was once in a lifetime chance, I decided, what the hell. It was evening time and after eating a delicious dinner, I decided to visit the bar. Who knows, I thought. I might...

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My Night with Chloe

My former sexy young intern has a very interesting secret.

I glanced at my watch as the last student got up to do his presentation. It was 4 pm and I'd been sitting in a jury since 9:30 with a short break for lunch. I was ready for the day to end as he plowed into his song and dance. "My project is a branding exercise for a line of organic restaurants. I took my inspiration from their menu and created a graphic and logo that could..." He droned...

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Just Dessert

Dessert first

Tara was just a small town girl working at a big name publishing firm in New York City. She was working hard on getting her first book published. Everyone said she was crazy to try to get a recipe book published when at the moment romance books were the big money makers. She didn't want to be like the rest and write romance books. She was having a hell of a time trying to convince her boss the...

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The Girl and the Woman

Anna was a girl and a woman. Now, she was mine.

_THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE ONLY THAT: CHARACTERS. ANY COINCIDENCE OR RESEMBLANCE TO PEOPLE, PLACES, SITUATIONS OR ANYTHING ELSE IS PURELY COINCIDENTAL. Thanks for your feedback. Anonymous or not, it's important and appreciated - it's our only reward! But please keep in mind that English is not my first language._ The party was boring... The fact...

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Surprising Summer Job Ch. 01

A summer job turns out to be more than I expected.

A fictitious series of stories which will be based in some way on various ladies I know. * Back in the early 90s I had found myself nearing the end of my first year of studies and not far off turning 20, very aware that summer was looming and I was going to need some money to see me through the lengthy break and into my next year. I had visions of a job in a local supermarket or...

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Head Fantasies Ch. 01

Fantasies I've had of women I've known.

For as long as I can remember, I've fantasized about the women I've found attractive. The following is a series of some of those fantasies (at least the ones that I can remember) about teachers, co-workers, classmates, women and girls from my neighborhood, etc. Although I'll accurately describe people, places, situations, and circumstances, I will (of course) change names. Enjoy! *...

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