'older man' stories

But Your Wife Isn't Here

This time, he's not interested in a threesome.

He didn't expect to meet someone that would change his life, but it happened. Kent and his wife Mandy had lived in the city of San Luis Obispo for approximately twenty years, and they had never expected to meet a handsome young man who could become a good friend. Eli was nineteen years old, and he had just moved from Santa Clarita. He had found a good job and a good apartment. And when he had met...

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Daddy Jack Pt. 02

Angel and Jackie misbehave.

"Oh my God, look at you, Jack," Melanie declared as soon as I let her through the door. My first thought was that my boner was sticking out the flap of my boxers. The sudden interruption had reduced it to a semi, but it could easily be drooping out. I tugged on the T-shirt I'd hastily pulled on, but it didn't reach very far past my waist. "Hi, Melanie," I said. I was breathing...

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Admirable Faith

He admires, then falls for a young beauty.

Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age. Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Spell-Check. You have been forewarned. This story does contain elements of drugging, nonconsent, as well as mild BDSM. Again, you have been forewarned. -- The receptionist smiled and again offered...

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First Time for Daddy's Girl

Young, Sissy CD's First Time with her Daddy.

I had been talking to him for a while now. This man. Daddy. Somehow the constant barrage of pornographic images and sissy hypnosis had taken a hold of me and brought me to the point where I had actually begun to develop a relationship with a man. I had never thought of myself as gay, or had thoughts about men. I was the typical A-student, moderately athletic, all-American guy that his fair...

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Last Chance at Forever Love Ch. 05

Sophia takes the next step in deciding her future with Jimmy.

Last Chance at Forever Love, Ch. 05 Lobster, champagne, and making love with the woman of your dreams, life doesn't get any better than this...unless there's two women of your dreams. Continued from Chapter 04: "You have wonderful tits," I said. "The first time I saw more than just your cleavage, was when your boyfriend tore open your dress and pulled open your bra. Seeing your...

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Getting Off with My Step-Daughter

Step daughter watches, then joins him and gets off herself.

Typical Disclaimer. This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead is coincidental. All persons depicted in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age and consenting adults. This story involves incest. If that's not your thing, then you should stop reading now. Enjoy. * I don't know exactly where to begin. Life was going great. My name is Zane. I'm 42 years...

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All I Need (Anna's Story) Ch. 03

The lovers visit NYC, before everything goes horribly wrong.

For Alexi's choice of activity, he took me to New York, a place I had only ever read about. Even with my brother attending NYU I had never even been through the Lincoln tunnel. But here I was, on the back of Alexi's motorcycle. My middle-aged, mafia connected boyfriend was not much of a sugar daddy, but he the first thing he wanted to do was buy me a new dress. Alexi confessed he wanted me...

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A New Camping Experience Ch. 02

A young man's gay experiences continue at a campground.

I woke up around one in the afternoon, sweating from the heat of the day. At first, I thought my encounter with Paul had been some kind of wet dream, but after a few seconds I realized that it really had happened and that I had been incredibly turned on by it. I felt a little bit of shame, but it was overshadowed by the two huge orgasms I'd had, and the little third one from jerking off back at...

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Double Trouble, Double Down

Old man recalls, has a surprise.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * Dear Readers, please be gentle in your comments. I am aware this story could be in four or five different categories. I picked one. I am aware it is a bit long. Oh well. I write for FUN. If you don't care for the story, gee that's too bad. All persons in the story are adults. I checked their I.D.s. Double...

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Counting Down with a Younger Woman

A young woman confesses she prefers older men, and proves it.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and real individuals is coincidence. All characters are over age eighteen. A young woman confesses she prefers older men, and proves it. * * * I had been in town on business all week. One afternoon, I decided to spend the last hour of work at the BlockHouse coffee shop. When I got there, all the tables were taken,...

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Even If We're Not Related

She wanted to be a part of the family.

_Note: Some consensual incest, some dominance and control I suppose they felt that it was no one's business what happened within the Harrison household. Father and daughter/s, Brother and sisters, it was all good, just a natural sexual attraction between men and women that should not be denied. When I moved in with the Harrison's, over time I discovered and appreciated their secret and wanted...

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A Daughter's Birthday Request

Father gave his daughter several birthday treats.

Tony was not back on the island two weeks, when his daughter, Sonya, was trying to contact him. After their big falling out, Tony waited until the first week of February before he returned her call. Sonya wanted to begin to mend some fences, and to that end, Tony agreed for her to come and celebrate her birthday with him; on the island. Following the initial contact from Sonya, Tony started...

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Tania Finds The Perfect Answer

Dr Love satisfies more than this guest's curiosity!

_Happily married and faithful for 20 years, Tania was plagued by a forbidden desire. A chance meeting with the charming Doctor Love was one of many temptations. Two years later she has her first appointment seeking his help. The discreet and convenient service of the Practice finally overcame the ethical barrier, satisfying an intimate and consuming need. Sometimes good girls need naughty fun as...

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A Helping Hand

Amber felt Mr. Neil's hand crawling up her thigh...

Under the dinner table Amber felt his hand on her thigh... and froze. Mr. Neil's fingers crawled under her skirt like fat spider legs. Was this jerk really trying to molest her, with her parents sitting inches away? __ Amber wanted to chop his stupid hand off. She grabbed the carving knife but her mother snatched it away. "Did you hear that Amber? Mr. Neil has just offered to pay your...

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Last Chance at Forever Love Ch. 04

Sophia sleeps with Jimmy and gives him sexy pillow talk.

Sophia sleeps with Jimmy Continued from Chapter 03: Her smile and her beautiful, brown eyes touched my heart and I so wanted to lean over and kiss her. Only, instead of instantly reacting to my sexual wants and lustful needs, I needed to fan her flames of sexual desire first. Somehow, with her so young and me so much older, I needed to make her want to kiss me. I didn't want to rush the...

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Winter Withdrawal

She's exactly his type. He's her secret addiction.

~~~ This was not smart. But it was either this or find myself stranded on the side of the highway, halfway to Chicago. You'd think a once leading pharmaceutical liaison would be able to afford a new car, but that's simply not in the budget right now. Not if I ever plan to buy a house. So, my bright idea? Park my almost extinct, Dodge Neon in the lot of the Park & Ride and hop a charter...

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A New Camping Experience

A young man's first gay experience at the campground.

It was the summer of '79. I'd just graduated high school and was going to attend college in the fall. The days were warm, and it turned out that the nights got even hotter. My family always camped for our summer vacation, as far back as I could remember. We always went to the same place, a state park about 80 miles from home. It wasn't "roughing it" very much. Even though we slept in tents...

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The Daring Dance Dilemma

The sequel to "A surprising Sunday service."

The Daring dance dilemma is a sequel to "A surprising Sunday service" *** Mike was fucked. He knew it. He kept telling himself it had been too good to be true. It was pure fantasy. It had to have been a dream, and he needed to let it go before it ruined his life. But it had happened, hadn't it? The memories he had of her supple, complaint young body sweating under his were too...

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Summer of 2000 Pt. 01

An 18 year old redhead goes for a stroll...

When I was 18- This was in the summer of 2000- I don't know if you can picture what kids looked like then. I feel like we all dressed in this very casual way. Maybe I just look at kids today, and I think they all look so slick and sexy in everything they wear, but when I was their age it was ripped jeans and t-shirts and stuff. You know what I mean? Well, not all of the jeans were ripped, some...

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Sixty Year Old Stripper Pt. 03

Brad wanted a salad, ended up eating everyone, almost.

_Author's note Well, the asylum left the door unlocked again, so here I am trying to make a buck writing erotic literature. Oh wait... IT'S Free. On sale, buy one, get one FREE. I guess I'll have to keep on trucking. I write for fun. Try to keep your comments lighthearted. I'm in no danger of becoming Tolstoy or Hemingway, so DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL SHIT. My mistakes are my own. Everyone is...

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Summer Rains

A May/December romance begins one summer evening.

Summer rains catch people off guard. Sometimes you go into a store for a few minutes and, when you come back out, you find that it has rained while you were shopping. Other times – like now – you come back out and find that a storm is just approaching. "Fuck!" Mia swore, looking across the parking lot in the direction of her house. She had put off going to the store just in case it started to...

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My Neighbour, My Lover, My Man

Mike meets his neighbour John and a relationship is formed.

My new neighbour had really caught my eye. He was in his 50s, tall with a slim build, and grey hair. He had only been my neighbour for about a month, I had hardly seen him, but when I did I felt my cock get hard. I really fancied him and knew I wanted him to fuck me, the thought of feeling him inside me turned me in so much. A few more weeks went by, it was a nice hot day so I went into my...

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Best Friend's Grandpa

Tina visits a friend to find her grandpa is visiting.

This was disappointing. Tina had turned to the internet to fulfill her older man fetish. Online dating sites were full of old men looking for younger women. Unfortunately her first date was with a prude that was not at all interesting. The young woman looked across the coffee shop table at her date, Kyle. He was conventionally handsome, but not what Tina liked. He still had most of his hair,...

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The Floating World Pt. 06: Madelyn

Adam meets Madelyn, who knows what she wants.

As she went down in the lift Madelyn unzipped the bottom ten inches of her tight leather skirt, nearly revealing the top of a fine silk stocking on her left thigh, but not quite. Around the office she made sure the zip was always fully done up, that dramatic slash from the right side of her waist to the bottom left of the skirt, zipped closed. The cling of the skirt was tight, so her steps...

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My Audition

Who knew post-divorce dating would have so many benefits?

A few months after my divorce, I knew I wasn't ready to start dating, but a casual hookup could help relieve some of the post-divorce stress. It's not like I was getting a lot of action before we separated, but once our lawyers were done screwing me, I was living a life of forced celibacy. And then I found the online world. I managed to get my profile set up, telling the cyber world I was a...

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Getting to know Caitlin.

My name is Jason. As of this moment, I'm 35 years old. I work for a marketing firm that taglines our services as "the evolution of marketing". Nah, I don't own it or anything. My girlfriend kinda calls me their "bitch boy" because of the tremendous and, most of the time, sudden workload I would get on the fly. I was born in London, but very quickly soon after, we moved to New York. I was,...

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Last Chance at Forever Love Ch. 03

Jimmy invites Sophia to live with him and she accepts.

"May I sleep with you?" Continued from Chapter 02: It was a short drive to my house. I live at the end of a cul-de-sac where the trees that surround my property afford me a level of privacy to walk out on my front porch naked, if I so wanted without anyone seeing me. Not that I'd walk out on my front porch naked, who wants to see a 50-year-old man naked? Maybe, a 50-year-old woman would...

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First Visit to an Escort

Old man's first encounter with an Escort.

My first "escort". First I suppose I should make clear that we did NOT go anyplace. Escort simply is the title she used to advertise. I am really old, a lot older that you are if you are reading erotic fantasy. Unless you are sort of a pervert- I mean, who reads stuff like that anyway? And who writes it? Only males? Every story has some woman instantly becoming...

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I Accept Ch. 02

Her first "assignments" grow in complexity and intensity.

Becky awoke the next morning -- a Saturday -- to the chirp of her phone going off. At first, she thought it was an email from a client, then she remembered she didn't have any clients anymore. She rolled over, unlocked her phone, and found a message from her mother in the secure messaging app. They'd agreed to start using it the night before. It appeared her "homework" had arrived. She read,...

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The Sitter

The sitter wants her married boss.

"Mia, lunch is ready!" I called up to the second floor. I laid the platter of sandwiches out on the kitchen counter along with a platter of chips and veggies with dip. Within seconds her and her four friends came running down the stairs. "Manda, Manda, look what I made!" She said to me holding up a bracelet she made with her friends. "Awww sweetheart, It's beautiful!" I said taking...

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