'older woman' stories

Her Best Friend's Son Ch. 01

Angela is drawn to a much younger man.

This story builds slowly with characters and dialog. It gets racy eventually, but takes a while. * "Was Jeremy any bother?" asked Susan. Angela stood in the kitchen of her London flat, phone in one hand and tea cup in the other. Susan was her best friend, had been for almost twenty years, since they were at Leeds University, she as a newbie student and Susan as the class...

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How His Stepmother Became His Slut

Dad's mistake changes everything.

(With input by 'Irish Lass') 'SLAM!!!' Jodie slammed the door behind herself as she stormed into the house. "That fuckin' son-of-a-bitch!! That no good fucker! And with that no-good slut of all ..." she ranted as she entered the living room before stopping as suddenly as if she'd run into a brick wall. "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?" she screamed at the sight in front of her Her 19-year-old...

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Miniature Golf

A round of miniature golf changes three lives forever.

August, 2019. Quantico, Virginia Keith Monroe hadn't worn his uniform once since retiring from active duty almost five years to the day, but this was an occasion that called for it, so he'd gotten a regulation haircut and put on the uniform he'd worn for 30 years. As he walked toward the reviewing stand by himself, he was saluted numerous times. "Good afternoon, sir!" one Marine...

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Mother Naked on April Fool's Day

April Fool's day to remember.

Jenifer Watkins is fifty- one years old. The five-foot eight inch, one hundred and thirty pound brunet who recently became redundant, because she could not transfer to a new location for the company that employed her for twenty years. Jenifer needs to find another job quickly, as they have one son in College and their younger son will attend the same college in the fall. Her husband has a good...

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My MILF Landlady

Young Engineer finds a MILF Landlady.

I had recently been given a job as Chief Engineer from the company who was building the new Power station in the North of England. I had already been there for a week and had been staying in a dreadful hotel which was a forty-minute drive to my work. It made for a long day. I searched around but found nothing. I then went to the Rectory and explained my situation. The Minister's wife then gave me...

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My Son's MILF Mother-in-law Ch. 01

A disgraced father hits if off with his son's mother-in-law.

Two-of-a-kind, a match made in Hell, a disgraced father hits if off with his son's promiscuous, MILF of a whore mother-in-law. Author's note: Even though the main characters in the story, Michael and Elizabeth, are not related by blood, as his son's mother-in-law and her daughter's father-in-law, their sexual relationship is indeed, deemed incestuous. Sex between them may not be deemed...

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Team Takes My Mom Pt. 01

Son is cuckolded by mom with his soccer team.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * N. B This story is completely fiction and all characters are over 18 years old. The following story is about a son being cuckolded by his mother. If you do not like these type of stories I suggest you don't read further. *** My name is Kyle Miller. I am 18 years old and stay with my mom. Her name is...

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The Wrong Woman

Jake picked on the wrong woman.

Marilyn laid back on her bed naked except for cream hold up stockings and the cream high heels she was wearing. She also had a twin set of pearls around her neck. Marilyn was a glamorous mature woman with a full figure, large artificial breasts, a flat stomach courtesy of several tummy tucks but with shapely long legs. She was slowly stroking her pussy as she watched Jake get undressed....

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Tom Gets Lucky

Virgin gets seduced by older woman.

I hope you enjoy this story of a young man getting fucked for the first time. As always vote and comments are always welcome. * I was considered a nerd going through school and was never popular with girls. Actually I was nervous and awkward anytime I was around them. I helped my neighbor with yard work as her husband was older and in a wheel chair. He had a stroke and heart attack....

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Homeless Pretty Woman

Desperation could be the best thing to ever happen to her.

Just another Wednesday night, going home after work as the sun is setting. Life has become boring. I go to work selling insurance, get in my Honda, go home and masturbate. My name is Jarrod and I'm a 24 year old man. I'm very tall but average looking. I'm able to pick up girls at the bar but lately that's gotten boring. I've been looking for a little excitement... I came to a stop at a red...

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You Won't Believe the Ladies Here

The man Jeff replaced warned him of the senior residents.

As Jeff Morrow walked down the hall of the second floor of Westview Apartments the sound of the keys on his belt made him sound like Santa Claus as he made his way towards the utility closet. Although he had started this custodial job the week before, this was the first day that he was on his own. Charlie Marks, the man who had trained him, had moved on to his position at a larger complex the...

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Higher and Beyond

A cheating mother seduces her son.

AN: Been a longtime lurker so I tried writing something while in a state of profound arousal. This story is born of that. Also it's my first erotic story on this site, so let's see how it goes. PS, if you somehow missed the memo, this story contains strong blood-related mother-son incest, so be warned. All characters are above 18 years and all that good stuff. - I can't wait to tell my...

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Helping Hand

Young lad helps a mature neighbour with a naughty secret.

Adam was a helpful lad, always willing to do a favour and like most eighteen year old boys, he was constantly horny, but he was also a little shy when it came to girls. On this particular fine morning it was the lady over the road, Barbara, who needed help, she caught Adam as he was heading out. "Adam, Could you be a dear and help move a wardrobe, it's far too heavy for me," she called...

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The MILF that Took My Cherry

Nerdy young guy has his first sexual experience with a MILF.

Growing up, I was a typical skinny, nerdy and insecure teen. I had access to porn magazines through friends, but my romantic experiences never got further than slow dancing at the senior prom. Now, I was a 19 year old who had just signed up for the Air Force, and taking advantage of a few weeks of freedom. As a high school graduation present, my parents had helped me buy an electric guitar, and I...

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Mistress Doreen Ch. 06


_Chapter Six - Consummation Author's Note: This is a story of a female dominant/male submissive relationship between mature people. This is fiction. If you enjoy such stories read on and please comment and vote. If not choose another story more to your tastes. This Chapter is the sixth in this series. Please read the preceding chapters for context. To the gentle readers of the previous...

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The Spy Next Door Pt. 02

A woman is dominated by a younger stud in the gym.

Having untied herself from the elastic which bound her to the hedge, Pauline walked back to her house on shaky legs. On one level, she was affronted. She had stared down the partners at her law firm when she had asked for a well-deserved raise. And knew well how to handle the occasional client who didn't take her legal knowledge and skills seriously. Even in her previous relationships, she had...

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Full Moon Madness

There's a bad moon on the rise.

"Don't go 'round tonight It's bound to take your life There's a bad moon on the rise" __ -Creedence Clearwater Revival Lavinia's eyes dropped from the mirror and she couldn't help looking at the newspaper headline blaring at her from the top of the bureau: *"'WEREWOLF' STRIKES AGAIN!" She stopped what she was doing long enough drop the paper...

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Exxecutive Privilege

Tired and overworked, 40-something Sharon is pumping out...

The Penske files Sharon heard an unexpected noise in the cubicle areas outside her office. Who could be around here at this hour on a Friday before a three-day weekend? Through her office window she saw a tall figure walking through the rows of cubicles. The person stopped, and then made their way toward her office. In a moment Daniel, a marketing assistant, appeared at her office door....

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Joy Ride

A young man gets a ride from his friend's mature mom.

NOTE: I'm taking another risk and trying something different again! Please let me know if you enjoy this story, and if you'd enjoy reading others like it. Comments and feedback are very important in determining what I write next, so make sure you let me know how you feel! As always, enjoy! * "Again, great hustle out there, everyone!" A heavyset man with five o'clock shadow...

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The Neighbor Pt. 02

A gunshy incoming freshman catches the eye of an older woman.

If you have not read pt. 1, I'd recommend it. It is much shorter, and the first couple chapters will not be as interchangeable as the rest. If not, here's a recap: Max moved into is new place with his cousin. Feel free to reach out with comments or messages: like Max, I'm very responsive to feedback. **** Max Wright came from a well-to-do family. Father's name...

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Wheel-Bound Alex

Alex is fond of his therapist.

Alex sat facing the open door in his power wheelchair. He was waiting for his speech therapists, having had a mild stroke 4 months earlier. He and his wife, Jane, had become quite fond of the 40ish-year-old Paula. His wife sat watching TV. "She's here." He soon announced. His speech had vastly improved and he was the nearing the end of his sessions. The three of them had had great...

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Door to Door to Bedroom Floor

Fresh out of high school, I get a job and get paid.

After high school graduation, I took a summer job selling magazine subscriptions. I needed some serious scratch if I was ever going to move out of my parent's house, and I knew that if I waited too long, I'd end up like my older brother. At age twenty-three, he had taken over the basement den with no intention of leaving. And why should he? He mooches food from my parents, weed from my stash,...

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An ingénue discovers tipping the velvet.

Amanda wasn't entirely sure what a film company would look like, but she didn't think that it would look like an engineering works. She looked again at the card that he had given her when she met him in the pub. Number 27 Brunel Way. The sign at the end of the cul-de-sac had definitely said Brunel Way. And the door she was standing next to had the number 23 on it. (It appeared to be a blacksmith's...

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Dragon's Roar

Weekend of sex.

This story is written for a friend who put the seeds of it in my mind. Parts of this story are true but I did take a lot of liberties with it because it is really his memories and not mine. *** It was the fall of 1993. Back when malls were booming. Shannon was in Salem Massachusetts, setting up a new lingerie shop at the Liberty Tree Mall. It had been a rough day for her. Corporate had...

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The Peregrination Ch. 04

His day of mischief catches up with him!

2002 Kingsport Hospital, Miskatonic County, MA Darterrius sat beside the bed, unsure what to say next. The weak man's story was confusing and going off into tangents worse than any prof back in his school days. He feared that if he interrupted, he wouldn't find out the truth. "Are you following me so far?" The frail man said. "Uh... sort of." Darterrius said trying not to...

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Fat Bottomed . . . Girls?

How a callow youth is deflowered by a larger lady.

Note. 1970's Britain was a strange place in many ways, punctuated as it was by martial strife in Ireland, industrial strife in mainland UK .. .. and far less sexual activity by teenagers than the 'swinging sixties' would have led us to believe should have been the case! Of course, it was also the decade of proper 'Swingers', but that too only happened in certain areas of the country. Also -...

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An Open House is the setting for new love.

August of 2015 "Jake? Hi. Sorry to call you at work," she told him. "Hold on. I can't hear you. Let me get away from the excavator. Gimme just a sec, okay?" he hollered even though she could hear him just fine. He walked about 50 feet away from the job site then tried again. "Leanne? You still there?" "Yes. I'm still here," she said. "What's going on? Is Becca okay?"...

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BBW Blind Date Surprise

Jake finds love with the older BBW he never knew he needed.

A short little love story. If you don't like big women, please don't read it! If you like it, don't forget to vote and comment. *** It wasn't meant to be a blind date or a surprise. It was a simple mistake that came about from multitasking, not focusing and doing things too fast. That was one of Jake's problems though, and he'd soon find himself in an entirely new situation, and...

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Riding the Wave

Neglected housewife encounters young surfer.

"Come on, baby. It'll be fun," Davida whined, growing frustrated at having to beg her husband for sex yet again. "It's been long day and all I can think about is sleeping," Maurice said from the other side of the phone. Davida lay in her huge queen bed, alone in the hotel room. She pushed the crisp white sheets aside to cool her burning body. Her hand drifted across her round belly, past...

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A Battle of Wills Ch. 02

Thomas and Celine play with fire - will they be caught?

When Thomas woke the next morning, not of his own will but from barrage of texts that came from his phone, a throbbing permeated through his head. The hangover was real, despite not actually having had that much the night before, but it had been quite a while since he last drank at all, and he had clearly lost all tolerance for it. Still, no amount of headache or blazing light in his eyes...

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