'oral sex' stories

Mandy Pt. 04

Another sexual journey by train.

Mandy found herself with a month working on local services, well not so much as local but trains where the journey time was no more than two hours. These were the ones she didn't particularly like as the ability to meet other sexual partners was limited. Today had been a long day and Mandy was now on her last trip of the evening. It was the last commuter/office worker train and was due to...

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Will I learn to behave?

Sensation overload while trying to focus on something is extremely difficult. My master has been edging me since I missed behaved the other day. I pushed master thinking I was being cute, but I pushed too far. Still in need of training, this I know. My punishment was no orgasm for a week. At the time I was like bring it (I know, I know). Now my mouth is watering. Edging is great, but I...

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The Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 06

He has her touching herself at dinner and more, much more.

Taking Rana Out When Mark originally enrolled at the University of Nebraska, he wanted to be an architect, but had not decided on which aspect of the field he wanted to major in. That of course, was one reason he chose Nebraska, for it offered several diverse fields including urban design, historic preservation, building sciences, or acoustic design. Now Mark had almost completed the...

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Dreamboat Ch. 02

Lachlan and Wren still running, mostly while lying down.

_Usual standard declarations about age, etc. apply here. As an author, I set the characters up, tell them precisely what I want them to do, and then send them off to do it. And of course they bugger off and do exactly what they want. Honestly, it's like trying to herd cats! So if you read chapter 1, you'll know some of the characters already, and guessed they may have a few secrets yet to...

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Stays in Vegas Pt. 01

Two lovers rekindle the fire 20 years later.

Having sent her a plane ticket along with some cash for clothes and specific instructions on what he wanted her to wear, Larry couldn't help but be aroused, excited and anticipating the arrival of a woman he hadn't seen in more than 20 years. Back then, just out of high school, she had taken his virginity with a ferocity and skill he hadn't experienced many times since. Sitting on the king...

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A One for Two Ch. 02

Widowed sisters send their student worker back to college.

Tommy quietly walked his bicycle down the driveway to the farmhouse. It was about 6:30 in the morning, the skies just now becoming brighter as the sun was ready to climb above the horizon. He would be returning to college the following day and this was to be his last day of summer work. This particular job was one of three he had taken on through the summer months. He needed all of the cash that...

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Treat Night

Affectionate wife gives her husband a special treat.

"Hi honey, all done the shower?" I open the bathroom door to see you drying yourself off. I lean on the frame to admire my man, arms crossed under my chest. You smile looking out from under the towel drying your hair. "Yeah baby, be right out." I step forward and take your hand as you step out. You finish drying quickly with my affectionate help, paying particular attention to some...

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A Guest for Dinner

Marion brings a friend home who gets much more than dinner.

"Need another drink Sweetie?" Jack asked heading to the kiddie pool full of ice. Marion was sitting by the patio table, resplendent in her low cut sundress. She smiled at him. "Sure Hun, a cooler please?" Jack retrieved the cold, dripping bottle from the ice. Unscrewing the cap he handed it to her, admiring the fullness of her cleavage before he sat down. "Quite the shindig," Jack...

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My Brother's Fiancée

No idea my fuck buddy would become my brother's wife.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * The moment I saw her, I knew there was something special about her. She was a tall, statuesque brunette, well dressed, with impeccable makeup. There was some sort of instant attraction, and maybe she felt it also. She walked straight over to the empty bar seat next to me. We were in the hotel bar of the...

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What Might Have Been

A man returns home and finds the girl he left behind.

The slamming of a car door alerted Meyer Slotkin that his business partner had returned, and he scrambled to make himself look busy closing his Internet browser that at that moment was filled with pictures of gorgeous and very scantily clad women. His hands flew across the keyboard with the swift clattering of keys being pressed followed in rapid succession by a similar barrage of mouse clicks....

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Blackmailed Bride Ch. 02

Bachelorette Party gets interesting.

Chapter 2 of the Non-consent/reluctance story, Blackmailed Bride. This one is a little sexier, but not heavily so. It does contain some experimental bondage at a Bachelorette Party, a sex toy, some nudity and an exotic dancer doing a bad thing. * The Bachelorette Party** As soon as we got there, Tiffany held out an empty pillow case, saying, "Okay, all phones and cameras in...

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Could this task help me?

Master is very big on tasks. I can only presume as every dom is. One of the tasks when it was originally assigned to me I thought no way was this going to work. I was skeptical of it. How could this make my skills at the job any better than they were? Once again I doubted Master...when was I going to learn. I was instructed that for a few minutes every day I was to do the following with a...

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A Day with My Best Friend

A day with my best friend.

It was finally Saturday and I get to go and see my bestfriend Jeff. My innards felt as if they were squirming with joy. I missed his stupid self so damn much. I mean we've only been friends since the fourth grade. We've gotten arrested together, laughed together, cried together. I'll admit I never expected to do what we did together... "How'd your interview go?" I asked Jeff through the...

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Busty Mom and The Bullies Bk. 01 Ch. 04

The bullies let nerdy son make use of his stacked mom.

Jamal led the way down the stairs and back outside, Elliott close behind like a puppy following its master. When they stepped out of the house onto the pool deck, the boys standing in the hot tub were taking turns fucking Tanya's face. Right now, she had her lips wrapped around Zeke's cock, while Gunner stood next to his friend, grinning as he stroked his rigid prick. Tanya had a blissful...

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Sarah Gets Soaked and Meets a Girl

Sarah got soaked and was rescued by a girl.

I first published this story a few years ago. Since then, my writing skills have improved a little. While, I cannot change what actually happened to me, I have added some more details and corrected some grammatical mistakes. *** I was on vacation in Florida. On the second day, I decided to visit the 'glades. I wore a matching red bra and panty set, with a white t-shirt that I could tie...

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My Ex-Files Ch. 05: The Casual Threesome

A quiet night out turns into a wild night in.

No names have been changed. There are no innocents. *** I guess nowadays I'd call Danny a fuckbuddy, or friends with benefits. I don't think we'd invented either of those terms back around 2005. But we'd been pals since uni and often went to gigs together. On a few occasions we had sort of fallen in to bed at the end of the night, but I don't think there had ever been a time when we were...

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When the Cat's Away… Ch. 04

Naty orders, Claudia obeys, Steffen cums but no Creampie.

CiaoSteve reserves the right to be identified as the author of this work. This story cannot be published, as a whole or in part, without the express agreement of the author, other than the use of brief extracts as part of a story review. This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent...

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TRANCE, Inc. 08

Chance's twins reveal a sexy surprise, then share a secret.

"That was fucking hot!" Amber's voice brought me back to reality and I realized I had almost dozed off in the shower, the hot water cascading over my head and through my hair. I let my worries about Terra slide away like the water sluicing the sweat from my skin. Turning, I wrapped my arms around my girlfriend's waist, pulling her closer in the confined space. "Yes..." I murmured, kissing...

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Do I Have To?

An encounter teaches me that they don't have to be pretty.

My husband and I had tried swinging a few times. It had always been us with another couple. A couple of times in the beginning I had backed out when I was not turned on by the guy. Too short, too fat, not attractive enough, or maybe I just didn't like his personality. Jim had always encouraged me, even when I showed disinterest, to participate. He might try getting me to fool around with the...

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How I Became My Mom's Date Ch. 02

Barry got his. Now Diane wants hers.

Author's note: This is the second installment of "How I became my mom's date." Before reading this, I recommend you first read chapter one. WARNING: Explicit content. Words such as 'queef' and 'pussy farts' are used in this story. If you are sensitive and easily offended by the use of such words, Then viewer discretion advised!! * Mom opened up the door to her room. once...

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The House on the Hill

Odd girl gives her first blowjobs, licks her mom's pussy.

Lilly Markham sat quietly on her favorite tree stump in her favorite spot in the old overgrown grotto behind the Reinhardt House. Although she was quietly sitting, she still was busy. Lilly was sketching again, using pen and ink to capture her view of the top half of Reinhardt House, in all its weird glory. With construction completed in 1888, the house was a curious blend of Richardsonian...

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Jenny's Office Christmas Party

Jenny has sexy fun at the office party with Jack and Luci.

It was Friday evening around 6:00 PM. I left work early and was now home from the nail salon. I was getting ready for our annual office Christmas party. It was in a hotel ballroom. The same as previous years, it was just for employees and some vendors, no spouses or guests. There would be around 50-60 people and the mix would be approximately two thirds guys and one third women. We have a great...

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Stevens and Ms. Wu Ch. 01

Stevens meets with his former high school counselor.

"Here I am, back at the place I swore to never go back to," Stevens said to himself. He stared at the front entrance of his old high school, remembering all of the awkward and embarrassing memories he created there. He took a deep breath and made his way to the front desk. "Can I help you, sir?" the receptionist said. "Hi, I'm here to see Mrs. Wu," Stevens said, leaning on the desk....

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Worth the Wait Ch. 02

The Following Summer, my sexual experiences broadened.

As it turned out, I didn't get drafted into the Army. Around May of the same year, while at a party with some friends, I was presented with a unique opportunity. The hostess was a good friend, a married lady some years my senior, whose name was Jane. She always insisted that I call her Janie. During the party she approached me with an interesting offer. She asked me if I had ever heard of the...

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Sarah Asked to Work as a Hotel Maid

Has to service not only the room but the guest.

A few weeks before the events described here, I had watched a transgender porn video. It was about a guy who dressed as a French Maid and worked in a hotel. I was so excited by what happened to him, I wanted to give it a try. I searched on-line for an LGBTQ friendly hotel and found a promising one close by. I emailed them and asked if I could tryout as a 'maid'. They emailed me back with a date...

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A Budding Romance

On dating a girl in the country of Philthsire.

I'm not one for putting much romance in my stories. I suppose I have a few outliers, but don't let this title fool you. If you want hot, intimate, steamy sex, this isn't it. But it is a little diddly about a divorcee restarting his life in a free-use themed world. I wrote it in one evening. It's a scratch off, not worth putting much more into. Hope you enjoy! __ "So how...

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Christmas Gift Like No Other

Nephew and Niece seduced by their sensual Aunt.

AUTHORS NOTE: This is a Winter Holidays Contest 2018 submission, so please vote. Thank you! INVITATION AND ARRIVAL Trisha Collins had been sending Christmas gifts to her niece Fiona and her nephew Gust for over 18 years. Now that they were both in college, she had a special present for them. She would invite them to spend Christmas break with her in Colorado. Trisha was 35 years old and...

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Shipwrecked on Mermaid Isle Pt. 02

The sailor wakes to two horny mermaid lovers.

The weak light of dawn streamed in from a small opening in the thatched roof and danced golden streaks across the soft, dried grasses that padded the floor of a small beach side hut. The warm rays danced their heated caress over the sailor's spent body. The man emitted muffled cries and tossed upon the floor, the sound and movement rousing him from sleep. The sailor rubbed his eyes as the...

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A Capitol Couple Pt. 04

Jake and Stephanie get dirty at their London hotel...

The flight touched down at London Heathrow at 10:10 AM. After a ten minute taxi to the gate, Jake and Stephanie disembarked. They said goodbye to the lovely flight attendant and made their way to customs. After clearing customs they made their way to the baggage claim. Stephanie stayed back as Jake moved into the crowd to retrieve their bags. Several minutes later Jake emerged from the crowd with...

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TRANCE, Inc. 07

Chance makes a decision and meets a sexy martial arts master.

I scowled, flexing my hands into fists. I had never felt so impotent before. So unable to do something, anything , in a situation. Amber and Victoria were silent on either side of me in the back of the Uber, the driver's quiet presence making it difficult to talk about what had just happened. So, instead of talking, I took several deep breaths. My brain was still buzzing from the...

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