'oral sex' stories

College Cock

My first experience ... with a college student.

With so many hook up apps on our smartphones, younger guys and newbies to gay hooking don't even remember the hefty trade that went on in online chat rooms. Living in Northern Virginia, but being deeply closeted, I didn't have a way to begin exploring my attraction to guys that might be more familiar to folks in the Big Apple, Chicago, San Francisco, and the like. I couldn't imagine being...

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Polyamory Ch. 07: Sex on the Beach

Debra and Hank have sex on the beach.

Chapter 7 "Sex on the Beach" We had finished our salads and talked out the question I raised, at least, as far as we could for now. Gladys took charge and said, "OK, Hank, you go get your bathing suit, bring your motorcycle and I'll help Debra get ready." So I put my clothes on, walked home, got my swimsuit and motorcycle gear. I still needed to get Debra something for her legs....

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Mom Gave Me a Blowjob

Mom gives me a blowjob.

So my Mom gave me a blowjob yesterday. No big deal. I have no clue why everyone is so pissed off, it's just a blowjob for Christ's sake. It's not like I fucked her or something. I can just hear all of you bitching right now. "Ewww that's incest." Whatever. Don't try to tell me you never thought about blowing your salty slugs down your mom's throat. Or your sister. If I had a...

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The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted 03

Beth loses another bet with Titus.

Chapter 3: Pool on New Year's Eve. *** "Are you ready yet?" yelled David from the bottom of the stairs. "Ten more minutes," yelled Beth back. "That's what you said ten min... oh never mind." Beth smiled. She was looking forward to a night out and uncharacteristically for her, she decided to show off a little. Beth stood before her mirror in her underwear, plain white...

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Growing Up Male & Becoming a Girl

Dressing as a girl.

My sister is four years older than me, and since our father left the family when I was very young, I have really never known of a household that wasn't dominated by women. Growing up in the late 50's and early 60's, female lingerie was extremely feminine. Most every female wore a bra and full cut panties under a half or full slip every day. Garter belts and nylon stockings were also normal...

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A Very Fun School Trip Pt. 01

Excitement ensues while studying abroad

This is based off of a true story, so the names have been altered. This is also my first story, so please give me feedback on what you think :) * It was the last night of my study abroad term in Greece, and I decided that I would make my move. I'd spent my last 4 weeks studying trying to flirt with the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, with long auburn hair, deep hazel eyes, tits...

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Polyamory Ch. 06: Three Make Love

Debra and Gladys make love to Hank.

Chapter 6 "Debra and Gladys Make Love to Hank" We walked to Gladys's apartment for lunch. As for me, we couldn't get there quick enough. The plan was to have salads and for Debra and me to go to the beach. At least, that was the plan I was aware of. As soon as we had closed the door, Gladys went to her bedroom and returned naked. I knew she liked being naked in her home because we had...

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Gay Students at Private School Ch. 05

Samantha seduces a teacher, Dougie has 7 cocks in one day.

Friday was an in-service day so the students had nothing really planned, Dougie would end up with a jam-packed day that he would not soon forget. It was a day that his irresistible sweet ass would be packed all day. It started with the morning ritual with his roommate Todd. Dougie moved to all fours and had his bottom well-lubed by his roommate. Todd's cock was throbbing with the anticipation of...

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Young Fern

My next door neighbor Tom askes me to look after his daughter.

Young Fern Revised Fern, the young girl next door loves breakfast with her Uncle Mike. My next door neighbor, Tom was a handyman and made a very good living out of it doing what most of us had no hope of starting, finishing or completing. Every chance he got he would head off to an old house he was doing up, spending most weekends there and a whole lot of money. He said he could see that this...

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My Tied-Up Neighbor

My buddies and I jump into my hot neighbor's sex game.

I'd had a crush on Mrs. Gill ever since she and her husband moved next door. She was slim, with a pretty face, long straight brown hair, medium-sized tits, and a tight little ass. He was a great big muscular Marine Sergeant with a black buzz-cut. One day, she'd gotten all sweaty while washing her car. She hosed herself down, soaking her tight little bikini and showing her nipples through the...

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The Chauffeur (#30) Red Door, Part One

With the day of bowling behind them....

The Chauffeur (#30) Red Door, part one By PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 CHAPTER 1 After the day of bowling, things went on in a normal fashion. Day by day BJ became more accustomed to the play group. At work, we are letting all the district offices of all the brands become aware that their district office will close over the weekend and on Monday there will be no access. Clearly that news was...

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An Anal Attentive Boss

He gives his attractive older boss when she craves.

THE WORKPLACE AFFAIR BEGINS My eyes opened slightly as I slowly work up. I was in an unfamiliar bed with unfamiliar surroundings. Everything that happened came back to me and I thought that this time I had really fucked up. My boss, Eleanor Watkins, had had too much to drink the night before and I brought her home. My only intention was to get her home safely as she had been in no condition...

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Mom is a Fool

An escalating series of pranks bring mother and son together.

This is my stand-alone submission for the April Fool's Day 2019 contest. For readers of my other "Mom is a..." story, this is not a continuance, nor is the plot in any way comparable. This one was purely for fun and should not be taken seriously in any way, shape, or form! Thanks & Enjoy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mom is a Fool It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I'd spent most of...

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The newscaster and the dogs.

Comments and advice welcome.

It was going to be the best day her career was really taking off she even attracted the notice of the national news services. She had the looks to make it big in her chosen career , she was blonde with long silky straight hair that hung down her back to the top of her ass. Silky white clear clean smooth skin with small well formed feet. She wore shiny red polish on her finger and toe nails, her...

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A Surprise, Home Early

Getting caught pleasing myself, because Barb returns early.

It has been two long weeks since I last seen Barb. The house seems empty without her here. Not to mention the lack of physical interaction. Missing her naked body walking around the house. Her work trip has been one of the longest ones that I can remember. On the bright side, she is due back Friday. It has been a long day, so I decide to clean up and take a much needed long hot shower....

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Marie's Locker Room Gangbang

Marie wakes up in the losing team's locker room.

Marie woke slowly to scratchy, wet carpet against her cheek, her wrists pulled behind her, bound to either ankle. Naked. While still nervous, Marie's anxiety was tempered by the fact that her husband often liked to play these games. He enjoyed sharing her with other men, and even though she willingly indulged in his fantasies, he liked to add to her discomfort by sedating her first. She would wake...

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Thank You Felix Ch. 03

Dani needs a "Tune-up".

Author's note Unlike most stories in the _Mind Control category, this story includes mind control as an empowering gift rather than to get more sex. If that's not to your liking, I ask please that you not reflect that preference in your rating. Big BIG BIG thanks to those that commented on earlier chapters! That feedback really helped with the story arc and character development....

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Two guys swap blowjobs.

I met Jon online. Just two random bisexual guys looking for a blowjob buddy. I was nervous as hell going to meet him for the first time. I'd met very few people via the net and never a guy so I really had no idea what to expect. Anyways, I got to the door and knocked. I was pleasantly surprised by the man who answered the door. He was average height, a few years older than me, tightly cropped hair...

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My Daughter Set Me Up

Seeing her sucking changed me.

Robert was usually home on weekends but he got stuck in Denver and wouldn't be home till later that night. I went alone to a neighborhood party. I told our daughter, who was home from University, that I just had to get out of the house for a while and might be back late. Her summer boyfriend, David, was coming over to watch TV. After too many drinks and dinner, most of the guests were...

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How It All Began

Young boy tastes cock for the first time. And he loves it!

Before I begin my story, I would like to introduce myself. I'm a 20 years old. Discovered that I'm bisexual when I was 18. I have a very slim figure, 5 feet 7 inches in height, 45 kgs and light skinned. I'm from India (Delhi). This is my first story here. So my story begins when I was 18. I was into blowjobs. Loved watching porn where the guy used to cum on the girl's face. I soon became...

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A Ride Home

Taking home our sister and her BFF has its benefits.

Matt stopped the car in front of the house where over a dozen teenagers were waiting for someone to pick them up and take them home. He looked around, searching for his sister Kate and her friend Jen. It was not really a difficult search. Kate and Jen were definitely two of the most beautiful girls in the crowd, at least according to Matt. Kate, his sister was about 5'5" and had that healthy...

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Yard Work

A young man sucks his first cock.

All persons are over the age of 18. * James Ted backed the car out of the garage and parked in the driveway. Finally the weather was nice enough he could wash and clean the car out. Winter hadn't been too bad this year but he was glad to see warm weather get here. Glancing up Ted noticed a young man ride up on a bicycle and park in the driveway. "Ummm," Ted...

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A plane crashes and a survivors new life starts.

Flight Sixty Nine was going down, I had no idea what had happened, one minute we were cruising along at thirty thousand feet two hours into the four-hour flight from Seattle to Anchorage, and the next we were grasping for Oxygen masks as the plane dropped and lost altitude at an alarming rate. The Captain made an announcement, but no one could hear it over the roar of the engines and mass...

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Mommy, I Love Ya Ch. 03

A family that fucks together stays together.

A brief recap, incase you have not read the first two chapters. Wilson Butterworth III, started an incestuous relationship with his mother. He has penetrated the vagina of his sister Naomi. His Mom keeps referring to Wilson's father being killed by an "IUD' in Iraq. Actually a roadside bomb is known as a "IED". His Dad's personal effects, returned to the family by the military, included his...

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Bad Chaperone

A married milf blows the 18-year-old quarterback at promblow.

"I've seen the way you look at me, even when I was dating your daughter. I know you want this." I should have denied it, but I'd been getting more and more turned on the whole night. Now, standing right in front of him, too close, it was hard to deny his primal attractiveness. His gorgeous 18-year-old body, in the prime of physical fitness, awaked every primitive instinct in me. I wanted him...

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Polyamory Ch. 04: Leaving Home

Debra leaves home moves in with Gladys.

Chapter 4 "Leaving Home" We knocked and Gladys answered and invited us in. "Hi, Debra, It's good to see you again," she said, looking her over, "And you look as darling in that dress as I remembered." Then she paused considering, "And the no bra look is sexy as hell. Way to go girl. I wish I could go braless, but mine are way too big. They'd look like two dogs fighting under a blanket,"...

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Two's Company, Three's Fun

Married couple take in other lovers.

"Jake! He just pulled up in front of the house," cried Kim Eliot to her husband, Jacob Peters. "Get down here! Quick!" Kim and Jake had been living together for three years, married for one and a half years and had been in their house for about 7 months. They had met at a party through mutual friends and had hit it off instantly. She was 26, fairly tall and slender with an athletic build due...

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"Me-Too-- Fuck You!"

A real bad cop is finally caught by me-too females.

title- "ME--TOO, FUCK YOU" content- ANGRY LAPD COP CONFESSES ABUSIVE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR NOTE- This story contains abusive sexual practices that have been revealed and identified by the Me-Too Movement. If such details tough for you to handle, I sugest you skip this story? The truth may set you free but there is always a price to pay after learning the truth. ALSO, this story was...

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48 Hours on Blue Bayou Pt. 48

Does a slave go naked to a new owner?

Part 48: Does a slave go naked to a new owner? Authors' Note: Niamh and Julie are now at extremes of The Enterprises. What will, or even, can be done with Niamh, the slave who attacked her Owner? What is to be Julie's role as she waits for her new Owner to call for her? Some answers in this Part. — Taliesin1 and J. Spe Chapter 156: Interlude As soon as Martin...

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Jennifer Comes Alive

A romantic cuckold tale of love and lust.

Jennifer paced nervously in her hotel room. She had done her hair and makeup. She had checked her clothes a half dozen times. Her heart was racing and she had butterflies in her belly. He wasn't late but she was hoping he'd be early, very early. A soft knock on the heavy wooden door startled her and she breathed deep to calm her nerves. "Coming," she said sweetly as she took one last...

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