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He clicks her photos, but you decide whether he gets caught.

I wrapped up taking the last batch of photos by sunset. Flipping through them, I made sure that had a scale displayed clearly next to the cracks in the metal. These were the subject of an assignment -- and hence, of my photos. The fading light made it impossible to snap any more decent ones. After a whole afternoon of suburb-hopping to find rusting metal, I figured it was time to head back. I...

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A bored man ends up at a party and is left with questions.

Night time again and here I was alone once more and bored out of my mind. I was a teacher at a local school and because of that unless I drove out of town, my options of trouble to get into were severely limited. This was how I found myself going to places on the internet that I had never found before looking for some way to blow off a bit of steam. I settled back then and set to work as my wife...

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Arcanum - Of Steamwork and Magic Ch. 15

In Which Our Hero Studies Elves.

August 21 st , 1885 If there existed a better time to traverse the Hadrian pass and stride through the Glimmering Woods than August in the year 1885, I was sure that it had not come to Arcanum since the last Age of Wonders. I was concerned at first, when the Hadrian Pass turned out to be a treacherous crossing plagued by immense waterfalls and shifting, smoothed pathways of stone and...

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She Gave Him Power

Aaron visited by a relative is given new powers.

Aaron felt the sun before he saw it. Laying in bed he could feel the rising warmth travel slowly up his body until, irritatingly, it reached his face, forcing him to open his eyes. He sighed. His alarm clock to the right indicated 04:30, way too early to be getting up. "Wait...what" It was four thirty in the morning, why was the sun up? He quickly climbed from his bed and crossed...

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The Law has to Change

Free-use fucking requires legislative action.

Sometimes, I spit out something stupid so fast, just to take a break from the other bits I'm working on. Here's another silly, free-use vignette. Impersonal, public displays of affection. I wrote it last night. Throwing it in Fetish, even though you folks are so damn hard to please. :) Cheers! * "This is Allison Jennings at Capital Hall where legislators are preparing to call...

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Michelle's Awakening Pt. 03

Brother and sister finally get to play.

The next chapter is here. Finally some action! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Anything is welcome. Still working through the old chapters. More to come! **** "Michelle!" I heard yelled from downstairs. I groggily woke up and opened my door "What!?" I yelled downstairs. "Your father and I are going out for a hike. We'll be back in a couple...

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Office Hours Ch. 02: Bennet

Male student's fantasies of prof's wife get realized.

I had heard rumors from a couple of friends a year or two ahead of me, and from some of the GTAs in the department making lewd comments when they were drunk at parties, but nothing could have prepared me for how incredibly attractive Dr. Logan's wife is in person. And she's not just attractive, but she exudes that rare sensual aura of someone who is completely comfortable with her sexuality....

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One Other Time

Forced by a stranger at a club.

This story happened less than a year after the events with Richard ended. I was at a club a few years ago. I don't go to many clubs, I'm just not a club girl. I'm more of a "pub girl," or if I'm going to drink, then I'm a "drink at home with friends girl." This night I was dragged out by some friends who wanted to party, so I begrudgingly went out to the club with them. I was wearing...

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Three Weeks on the Road Ch. 17

Sunday 7/26/20 Where Do We Go From Here.

Keannadiid came for me first, as he always did in my dreams. Maybe that's because I'd seen him around school, interacted with him. Maybe that's because we'd been fighting face to face when I shot him. Of all the attackers at the cabin three years ago, his was the only face I remembered, the other men I'd killed were nameless, faceless silhouettes in my mind. But the security guard, Nina's...

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A New Position Pt. 01

A secretary finds a new position in the company.

Part one of seven! My master and I co-wrote this story so each part will alternate point of view. We hope you enjoy ;) *** Ruby: I get into the office early, starting the coffee machine and enjoying the peace and quiet. I sit down at my desk, positioned just outside your door, and turn my computer on. Briefly, I close my eyes and remember my initial interview to be your secretary, I...

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College Games Pt. 01

Girlfriends look for ways to spice up their relationship.

First part of a newer story I've been working on. Hopefully you enjoy. Comments/suggestions always welcome! ***** I hear my iPhone start to buzz beside my bed and I know it's time to wake up. It's week two of college and I'm still struggling to get into the routine. High school was so much easier, the same schedule every day. Now every day was different and I...

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8-ball with Mom and Friends

Mom tells a filthy story before entering a bar with Son.

Author's Note: All characters in this story at are least 18 years of age, and, even in role play, are "playing" characters at least 18 years of age *** "Okay..." Mom began, looking back and forth between me and the bar with a suspicious look. And when I tried to see what she was seeing, and failed. She just shrugged, and said; "Alright then. Story time I guess." Then, I sat in the...

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Fun on a Train Pt. 01

Wife meets two strangers on a train.

I had been down to Edinburgh for an interview at the bank in respect to a possible promotion. The interview had gone well and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I boarded the train back to Inverness. The train was packed and my seat was right at the back, opposite the luggage rack. I was sitting by the window with my back to the direction of travel, but at least had a table in...

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Night Out with the Girls

Wife's version of a sexy night out.

This is a silly story written over many months. It's long and complete fiction, but I really enjoyed writing it. Hope you enjoy reading it. Note this story is completely separate to my other series. * Dammit. Why had I agreed to this stupid game. Why had I pushed so hard to make the other girls play by the rules. And why did I even think I'd get away with the lie? I should...

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The Golden Icons Ep. 01

Peyton looks for a travel buddy and finds a fuck buddy.

Hey everyone, thank you for the feedback on every story so far, please keep that coming, let me know anyone else you want to make appearances in any story or any pairings you would like to read. As always, enjoy and please leave a review and a comment if you can! * Series - The Golden Icons Episode - Unfamiliar Travel Buddies Peyton Royce had spent the entire day asking...

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Growing Needs Ch. 12

Experiencing a New Perspective.

"So, uh, what's it like?" Rhona asked. She and Mia stood in a clothes store, one designed to cater for obese people, yet even those clothes did little to help cover the centaur, who was forced to watch out for lower-portions of the ceiling. She'd hit herself more than once in the past ten minutes alone. That didn't bother her. What did, however, was the distinct strain of her shirt. It looked...

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Steam Room Mishap

Embarrassing ordeal at the gym.

I had recently joined a fancy new gym near the office and I was excited to test out all of the facilities. Everything seemed to be state of the art and very modern. After a tough workout I decided I would treat myself to some relaxation in the steam room that was attached to the men's locker room. A quick stop at my locker, where I stripped off my clothes and secured my phone and wallet, and...

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If You Go Down to the Woods Today

A man roams the woods naked unknown he is being watched.

The summer was unusually hot with the weather man declaring that we would never see another summer like it in our lifetime. Despite the heat Peter took up cycling as his car and driving licence had been taken away. He cycled out passed the ornate gateway to his house and went up to the common on the off chance of bumping into his old girlfriend Elizabeth. He hadn't seen her since he had come out...

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Office Hours - Violet Ch. 01

Prof's younger wife takes advantage of office hours.

Summer sun tingled across my bare shoulders as I slipped my hand into my husband's, matching my stride with his as we walked from the student union to the building on the university campus where he taught. His messenger bag filled with student papers and his textbook copy set up an alternate rhythm on his opposite hip. I'd decided to take advantage of the first really warm days of late...

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Were-Tigress Ch. 02

Mari | Bob doesn't leave town soon enough.

2: Mari NOTE: A section in this chapter is intended for display in two parallel columns, indicating carefully timed simultaneity, but this is not a feature supported by this site so the reader's imagination will have to assist. There was one more early afternoon session before it would be time to collect my bags, head to the airport, and fly home. I tried to find a knot of people to...

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My Sister Made Me Ch. 06

Sam is forced to do naughty things and the twins get caught!

Follow me contact and get updates! * Dane Sunday evening... "Fuck," he said, yelling into his pillow. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" What the hell had he done? He kept asking himself that, over and over. That was his sister! He kept seeing her look of surprise as she turned around to see who had just shoved a cock in her. It hadn't even been Alex! Sure, the look on her...

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Time for Some Fun Pt. 15

Aria gets to play 'Doctors and Patients".

Recap: Aria, a high-school nobody, sneezes and discovers universe altering time powers. So, what else does she do with them but to pull pranks, gain popularity, steal, have sex, and accidentally commit an act of terrorism? As it stands, our hero is juggling a few different issues - her sex tape was recorded and spread online by popular girl and nemesis Lauren Vadevillia, there's rumors going...

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Office Prostitute: Exotic Discreet

Young wife executive exposes naïve husband to gay lifestyle.

Monique, a fit and well groomed office assistant straightened her skirt, and pulled her panties out of her ass crack. She licked residual cum from her lips and swallowing once more to clear her throat, enjoying the taste. She said, "Merci beaucoup," and took the money from Mr. Johnson for the blow job. Monique had been earning extra money for showing her boobs, and stripping in executive...

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Michelle's Awakening Pt. 01

Michelle notices some changes on a family vacation.

This is my first story. I started writing it a few years ago and come back to it now and then. This first chapter just sets things up. Chapters coming up will have more action and things will go in several different directions. Any suggestions/comments let me know! * My name is Michelle and I'm 18 years old. I just turned 18 actually. It's a little weird being 18 knowing I can now...

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The Kingdom Ch. 09

Chapter 9 - The Auction.

CHAPTER 9 - THE AUCTION I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing loudly in my ear. I ignored it until the ringing finally stopped. Moments later, the phone rang again. Barely awake, I groggily reached over to the nightstand, lifted the phone into the air and slammed it back down onto the receiver. I exhaled in relief as the incessant ringing stopped once more. Rolling onto my side, I...

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Louise Submits Ch. 24

Pre Prom.

_Hello everyone, I want to thank all who have read, voted and commented on my story. This is a work of fiction and fantasy. The events depicted within, did not and should not happen in real life. Any similarities to real people and places is strictly coincidental. All characters in my story are above the age of 18. I do realize that what happens in this series are not something that...

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Owning Mom's Wet Pussy

"Maybe I like the feeling of my son fucking me hard."

Lauren patiently waited for her son to arrive back at their Beverly Hills hotel room that morning. She had used her connections in the entertainment industry to get him an audition with the producers of an upcoming movie. She was surprised when Chris arrived sooner than expected and she greeted him while still dressed in her beautiful silk robe. Knowing her son so well, she immediately...

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Abducted by Aliens from Karma

Women stripped, groped, fingered, fucked & taught a lesson.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. Women stripped, groped, fingered, fucked & taught a lesson. What goes around, comes around. If you're lucky when your nemesis gets their comeuppance God will let you watch. FYI, 'karma' is pronounced 'Ha-Ha-Ha!' All characters are over 18. An April Fools contest submission. ^^^11:16 p.m. in Florida near...

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Oops! Right Name, Wrong Person

The wrong person is invited to a sex club.

The wrong person is invited to a sex club. An April Fools contest submission. All characters are over eighteen. Enjoy. ^^^Day 1^^^ "Am I a horrible person?" Meg asked as she flopped on the sofa in the family room. It was late in the evening. She snuggled up to her husband, Zane, and pressed her soft braless breasts against his bicep. Not being a dullard, the...

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The Highland Festival Ch. 03: The Rules

Tom loses the bet and faces punishment.

***Hello Readers Quick note, my stories tend to progress a bit slower, if you're looking for quick paced sex scenes try another story. _Also, some past people have nitpicked about small consistency details in my stories. I'm not writing a professional novel, I'm not going to take time to explain every little change in a scene. If you're looking for 100% accuracy in stories, buy a...

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