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Bobby, His Mum and His Sister Ch. 02

Bobby takes his chance and fucks his sister.

I expect these stories will end up copied and pasted on another site like my last ones did, right "Tom"? You talentless nerk. All characters engaged in sex are of legal age. * Robbert Ash -- "Bobby" had a confused initiation into sexual relations. Margaret, his mother had allowed him to fondle her breasts for a short while before stopping him. Being just 18 and intensely...

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High on Cloud 9

High sex is the best sex.

All Participants are 21+ *** Unlocking the door to my apartment, I drag my tired self into the cold empty space. I had just finished serving for Cracker Barrel and was extremely tired. Walking into the bathroom, I turn on an extremely hot shower to wash the days grime off. Taking my body wash, I lowered my loofa down to my pussy and started cleaning. The ruffled folds scraped across my...

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The Best Christmas Present Ever

Sister gives me the gift of a lifetime for Christmas.

All characters are above the age of 18 unless otherwise specified. *** The front door slammed shut and I was cut off from the bitter early-November chill. My eyes immediately darted to the clock on the kitchen wall. Half an hour till Mom got back from work. That was more than enough time. Life as a high-school senior was tough enough without the incessant horniness that...

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My Sister and I

I'm in love with my sister.

Note from author, all characters in this story are over the age of 18 before any sexuality occurs. Nothing sexual is hinted, implied, blatant or anything else prior to the age of each character reaching the age of 18 years old. * I have a problem, I love my sister. I don't mean brother and sister type love either. I mean I want to fuck her nine ways to Sunday and make her my wife....

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A Houseful of Incest Ch. 02

The families come together, loving and horny!

We were two families of two intermarried brothers and sisters, now, thanks to our late uncle's wealth, living in two purpose-built houses within the walls of an old Manor Estate. Incest had been bred into us already and now, with three parents and four children all over 18, we found many, many outlets for our entertainment, our lust and our general sexual appetites. We were myself Chris, 22...

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Freak Out Pt. 01

Things you shouldn't tell your mother.

I had done it again. After I quietly closed my car door then snuck up the walk to the house, I had a sickness in my stomach, and a pain in my head that refused to stop. I was such a screw up, and I didn't know what to do about it. Still fuming, I unlocked the front door, and entered cautiously. Thank goodness the house was silent. She must have already gone to bed. The last thing I needed...

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Birds of a Feather

Two twins succumb to their desires.

Characters in story are over 18, story not based on real events. * Characters: Stephanie -- "Steph" for short the twin sister to Joseph. Forward, stubborn, headstrong she finds herself thinking about her twin brother sexually as she progresses through high school. Joseph -- "Josh" for short, the twin brother to Stephanie. He begins thinking about his sister sexually...

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The Dark Stone Pt. 06

A strange rock changes Sam and the women around him.

This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don't worry, they're fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters are 18 years or older. Enjoy. * "Everything happened so fast." Lakshmi sat across the table from Joyce. She cradled her hot mug of coffee between her hands. The warmth radiated through her fingers. Such a familiar sensation....

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Sister Needs a Hand Pt. 02

We end up fulfilling several fantasies.

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help. * Chapter 9 - Home I pull up into my driveway. They can't wait to go inside and see my place. I hand my keys to Vic, "Go have fun. You can talk honestly between yourselves without hurting my feelings. Come back for me when...

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A Houseful of Incest Ch. 01

Our Liberated Families at Home.

"Chriiiiis!" yelled Mum from somewhere outside the bathroom, "Come on, you'll be late – what on earth are you doing in there?" "Yeah, just coming – I'm busy!" I yelled back, my mind and body until now lost in the spasms and throes of masturbation, the last small spurt of cum having just been ejected from my cock. I'd just finished wanking – jerking off as I stood naked before the mirror,...

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A Daughter's Journey to Love Ch. 04

I move in with dad and... Things happen...

_This is chapter 4 of my story. I highly suggest reading the previous chapters first. This story is fiction. It is an incest romance that goes through various relationships and experiences. Also this is my first time trying to write so please be nice. This is a learning process though so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Thank-you and I hope you enjoy. _ * It was...

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Blowjobs in the Bunker

Brother gets horny while we hide from the enemy.

By the title alone, one can tell this is a one-off. Please don't ask for more, as I have enough I'm clearing off my plate right now. :) Anyway, this one is really silly, A Flowers in the Attic spoof, best suited for those who love fellatio. The characters are fictional, of age in their fictional world, and it's all consensual. I won't give away the rest. *** "Wendy, can I cum in your...

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Sister Needs a Hand Pt. 01

My blogger sister and friends needs a man.

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help. * Chapter 1 – Hi Steve My cell phone rings, it's a phone number I don't know. I ignore it and it goes to voicemail. My phone rings again, same number. Swell. I answer the phone, "Hello, this is Steve." "Hi Steve, I need...

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Birthday Curses

A bottle, a genie, a terrible wish.

Acts of Incest in this story _I had no idea where to put this. Heavy on non-consent, mind control and incest, it belongs in the first category I think, but it's meant to be more comedic, than incestually (my word!) erotic. Be warned, this is actually one of the first things I ever attempted to write, and I recently rediscovered the file. It's been sitting around for many years. Never...

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Sexy Sister-In-Law

One-time interlude with my sexy sister-in-law.

So this happened, but a little background first. I'm widowed with kids but they're aging up and mostly out of the house. We're extremely close and they remain the center of my universe. We vacation twice a year - once to the beach and once to ski at Christmas. This story occurs during one of our annual beach trips. Our beach trip this year was back to Turks and I was going to stay for a...

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Catching up with Connor

A brother and sister meet for lunch... and more.

Sophie tapped on the table, her fingernails drumming against the metal top as she glanced at her watch. Shifting in her seat, she realized she hated waiting for anyone. Where is he? She wondered, glancing at her watch again as she wondered what was keeping her brother. Connor had called her out of the blue, had asked if they could get together for lunch today. I wonder what's up, Sophie...

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Central High Blues Ch. 07

Giving the women what they want. Dad joins in.

_The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home. Author's Note: I appreciate all of the feedback that these Josh Thompson stories have received. Just so you know, both series have...

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The Ring Ch. 06

Logan is gifted a ring that has the power to enslave anyone.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * I swear I am not a sadist. But there was no denying the irresistible urge to come as Emily cried and groaned, twisting her body and arching her sweat-soaked back, the pain of having her virginity taken proving too much for her. I cannot orgasm yet — not until I get at least a few dozen strokes in....

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Easy Pussy at Home...

His sister is one of those 'Easy' girls...

Tony stopped in the kitchen to grab a couple beers from the fridge on his way to Taylor's room. He knew his sister was at home - her car was in the driveway. He knocked on the door frame as he went in and said "Hi Sis!" She barely looked up from her computer but smiled brightly when he set the cold beer on her desk. "Wow! This is nice!" she smiled, taking a quick swig from the long necked...

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Vicki Loves - Ch. 05: Cassie

Vicki returns home to the best surprise of her entire life.

Chapter 5 - Cassie ...wherein histories are shared, a game ends with two winners, and an education is threatened. "My..." "Hi!... Vicki... I'm, um, Cassie, and... this is pretty weird for me too. But... I'm really happy to finally meet you!" All Vicki could do was watch as Cassie walked closer and closer towards her. She stood locked in place, the sight of her...

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The Diary Gradually Changes Ch. 02

A brother brainwashes his sister and mother into sex slaves.

This is part 1 on an alternate POV (The Brother's POV) of my other story 'The Diary Gradually Changes'. Read that story first if you haven't already. * The Diary Gradually Changes [Brother's diary] Part 1 Tuesday, Jan 21 Dear Diary, For the hundredth time, I went over the list of hypnotic suggestion I made for Mom. Mom's Hypnotic tape: Kevin...

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My Sister and Her Friends

Brother, sister, and her friends get close at his apartment.

Typical Disclaimer. This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead is coincidental. All persons depicted in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age and consenting adults. This story involves incest. If that's not your thing, then you should stop reading now. A tip of the hat to Tigersman and HeyAll for their editing help. This is my first story submission. Enjoy. *...

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Family Secrets - New Orleans Pt. 01

Meet the Beaudoin family.

Cicadas hissed into the damp, humid night. Joan Crower huffed as she rode her brother's cock late into the night. Eager to expand her family as was her parents once she and Rick told them about their attempts to have a third child. How she loved seeing her parents again after so many years in their search for their long forgotten relatives. Leaning down lightly kissing her brother's lips as he...

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The Talk

An open discussion between mother and daughter.

When my husband went shopping at our local used bookstore I stayed home with our daughter. I told him I already had too much on my reading list, but the truth was that I wanted a private word. I plopped down on the couch next to Cassie and stared at her while she surfed on her phone. She kept at it for almost three minutes, pretending like she didn't notice me making manic eyes. Eventually...

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My Sister Made Me Ch. 05

Graduation for the girls, total accidents in the shower.

_Author's note: This chapter marks the start of other POV's. As always, these are denoted at the start of the section. For now, the POV characters are Alex, Sam, and now their brother Dane. Depending on how the story progresses, this number may increase or decrease as needed. For those new to my writing, check out my profile to get in contact with me, and to be updated when something happens...

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My Big Futa Sister Ch. 02

Nick and his futa sister Allison prepare for a wedding.

Author's Note: Be sure to read Ch 1. *** That night around 1am after Allison went home I had a little bit of trouble sleeping. Seeing her after a couple years really brought back those fantasies I had when I was a teenager. "She looked better than when I last saw her naked even though she was clothed obviously. Even her boobs got bigger. I wonder if her cock did too?" After awhile I...

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Holidays with the Family

Young adult cousins spend holidays together for first time.

Orien finished tidying up her room. In the background she could hear Aryan's music through his closed door across the hallway. She didn't mind his music, well not that much anyway. What bothered her was the volume in which he played it. She wondered why he couldn't just listen to his music through his earbuds like every other normal human being. Car doors slammed shut outside. She ran to her...

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Rinku - Brother's Love!

Rinku & her brother in an incestuous relationship.

One afternoon, almost 3 months after I had been forced to prostitute myself by my brothers, I was alone in the house doing the cleaning & cooking work. My eldest brother Manish (Manu), his wife Sheetal & Neelu my 2nd brother Jitish's (Jitu) wife were out of town attending a wedding. I was not taken along, as I had to spend 3 nights a week with Sheth, my brother's business financer! I was also not...

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A Daughter's Journey to Love Ch. 03

Surrogates fail and my brother comes to save me.

_This is chapter 3 of my story. I highly suggest reading the previous chapters first. This story is fiction. It is an incest romance that goes through various relationships and experiences. Also this is my first time trying to write so please be nice. This is a learning process though so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Thank-you and I hope you enjoy. _ *** Dad and I...

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Shudder - The College Years Ch. 01


Author's note. The following takes place between Shudder and Mind Hack. You do not have to read Mind Hack to appreciate this new story, but you might appreciate the ending of this arc slightly more if you do. * Aubrey Johnson felt the fog of sleep lift as brightness surged uninvited into her college dorm room. Her eyes fluttered open and she used a hand to shield the sun's rays...

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