'slave' stories

Milking Slaves Ch. 01

Beautiful, seductive witches capture and milk submissive men.

There are those who say that a woman who wants to capture a man has to put herself forward. She has to take the initiative, trick him, goad him, seduce him. That simply isn't true, at least it wasn't when I was trapped. Men like me are at the mercy of strange desires much more powerful than our modern, rational brains. We will crawl like worms through fire and broken glass, with our flies...

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Captain Emrah Jackson Ch. 04

Our Captain is taken to a slave auction. Her fate is unclear.

This ongoing sci-fi series will contain non-consensual elements. *** I woke up alone and naked. The memories of the night before came flooding back. The loss of my crew, and my treatment at the hands of Killian. I remembered how he fucked me, over and over again, and how many times I had orgasmed. I felt ashamed and parts of my body still ached from the things he had done. I...

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Second Act Pt. 03

Brett and Katie Continue Their Dom/Sub Exploration.

Brett had left Katie standing in the middle of the hotel suite sitting area, disheveled and her dress on her hips with her panties exposed. He took this chance to go to the bathroom and think about her first punishment. She was thinking probably a spanking but he was going to give her one whip right on her pussy through her panties with a small thin strap he had brought with him. After all, it was...

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Enslaved to the Sorority's Demon

Anxious, aristocratic, coed becomes a succubus's mind slave.

Exposed to the hard spattering of rain drops, I had never been smaller than at my grandmother's graveside. Grandma Carolina Haverton MacKinley herself was small next to my great grandmother, Helen Haverton, who took "Haverton Gibson" as her married name. Grandma Helen worked her husband, an architect, to found a construction and real estate empire. She began in Portland. Our properties now...

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Boarding School Slave Ch. 01

A young twink becomes his new roommate's slave.

Though the setting is in a school, all students are over 18 and in their last year of high school. * I swing open the door of my room and step inside. I drag my luggage behind me as I enter my dorm room for the first time. The room isn't very big, giving only enough space for two beds and a few small pieces of furniture. The left side of the room has clothes spread across the...

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Place the Bid Ch. 02

The continuing tale of Rani - the evening after the auction.

It was after the auction, and Rani stood in the Master's office ready to be taken to those who had paid well for two hours of her time. She stood in front of his desk, still naked after the sale bar for a tiny see through g-string she had been allowed to put on. Her D cup tits swelled magnificently as she stood, with the wheel clamps around the nipples holding them (as ever) tight. The Master...

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Captain Emrah Jackson Ch. 03

Our Captain continues her captivity with the pirates.

This ongoing sci-fi series will contain non-consensual elements. *** "The Captain wants you looking presentable." One of the guards said. I was still in my cell, and he handed me a handful of brass buttons, with a needle and thread. He licked his lips at me, as I took them. As he walked away, he blew a kiss at Talia in the next cell. She was holding onto her knees in the corner,...

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Now a Slave Ch. 12

Half-way through the month.

Last episode Nathaniel gave Madeline a ultimatum, to have to make a decision on if she wanted to stay with him. He told her not to come back for 4 weeks. Even if she did, he would not see it. This is the last change she has to make her own decisions. If you would like to see more, or the more severe Dungeon series, send me some feedback. * * Two weeks later I was down in the...

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Enema Transformations

A fundraiser is transformed quickly into a sex slave.

As a recent college grad in a time of new social norms, I wanted to create a new definition of how to live and what "normal" was. And so I moved far from home, to the city, and lived in a "co-op," where I rethought who I was. As a millennial I avoided stereotypes and labels. "I am going to explore!" Well, I had never been successful with women, so it was easy to toss off any pretense of being...

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Now a Slave Ch. 11

Point of no return for a slave.

When the story continues, and is Madeline returns, it will switch over to Chase's story. I need to figure out how to make them separate stories in my works list, but that's my issue. If you happen to know how, let me know! At the end of this piece, there is a side of Nathaniel that hasn't been seen yet. His even softer side. If anyone is interested, I found myself mentioning it in a...

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Room Ch. 05

Jay finds the tables are turned as he gets used.

This is Room 5. You may wish to read Room 1, 2, 3 and 4 to follow Jay's experience in the Institution. I welcome feedback and ideas, so feel free to get in touch. ----------------- The service elevator jolted to a halt and Jay found himself back in the Institution foyer. David, who Jay had ascertained was the current owner of the establishment and the latest in a long line of...

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Captain Emrah Jackson Ch. 02

The Captain finds out who destroyed her ship.

This ongoing sci-fi series will contain non-consensual elements. *** I shielded my eyes from the bright explosion. Then there was nothing. The Calypso was gone. I was heartbroken. Talia clung to me. Thankfully, I saw blinking lights of other escape pods nearby. I hoped everyone had gotten out in time. "You better put your uniform on." I said. The pod was built for...

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Slave Mansion Ch. 01

A house abandoned for a hundred years is reopened.

~o Thomas Gray and Associate o~ "Have you found a house yet?" The street was crowded and Thomas had a difficult time pushing through it. "I have," he said to his friend as they made their way through the crush. "That strange house on Chestnut Avenue, just at the end there near the park and pond." "That old gray house?" "The Gray House! A splendid name for it, Desmond. Most...

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Room Ch. 04

Not all women break. Or do they...

This is Room 4. You may wish to read Room 1, 2 and 3 to follow Jay's experience in the Institution. I welcome feedback and ideas, so feel free to send through. ---------- David and Jay entered the elevator that connected the apartment back to the main foyer of the Institution. David brought with them the girl who moments before had been fucking herself with the top end of a whisky...

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The Scarlet Dove - Issue 20

The thrilling conclusion.

Issue Twenty ~ Enslaved Chapter One "Good morning, Master." Starling kept her head bowed as she entered Dominion's office. She could not believe how comfortable she'd gotten calling him that. It had been several days since the first time he had forced her to say it, and it was already becoming second nature. She didn't even have to remind herself it was just to placate him...

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Master Jakob and Seth Ch. 19

Chapter 19 - Rules for work.

Chapter 19 - Rules for work It was hours before Master came back down and it gave me a lot of time to reflect on my actions today and the whole training period. The combination of their piss, spit, cum and Kyrin's ass mixed together left a bad scent on my face. My body felt dirty and sticky and I desperately wanted a shower or at least the chance to wash off. While this experience made...

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Now a Slave Ch. 09

What else is required/the soft slave.

This is transition for Nathaniel's slave to remain in the dungeon with Chase. She is seeing what they would expect of her. At this point she can still safe word and everything would stop. Nathaniel is just guiding her along the path she says she is wanting to go. * * * * I stayed at the club that evening, just in case the bouncers needed to find me. I didn't expect any trouble,...

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The Eighth God Ch. 03

Young Prince Avery meets the Candran ambassador...

_Author's note: Sorry everyone for the long wait, I was very busy for the last couple months, but I'm back and you should expect chapters to come out much faster from now on, barring unforseen circumstances. This chapter contains a lot more exposition and not a lot of sex. It might be a bit boring if you're just looking for a quickie, but I recommend reading this chapter fully, as it really...

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In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 34

Being a good girl finally pays off in the end.

In Which an Elven Servant Suffers a Succubus to Live in Her Home Chapter 34 All told, it takes Master two whole days to fully recover from the, um, ritual. He spends most of it sleeping, but I make certain that he eats enough and stays hydrated the entire time. It frightens me to see him weakened so, at first. But once it becomes clear that he's going to be fine, and just needs some rest...

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It's Hump Time! Ch. 03

They bring me to the ranch.

The next morning, I was really fucked up. My body was hurting and I was confused. In a way, I regretted what had happened the night before. What felt great last night seemed like a huge mistake today. It was 1 PM, and my mind was made: I was done with this. I would not go back to Hump tonight. I took a shower, had lunch, and laid right back down on the couch. It was time to focus on something...

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Room Ch. 03

Caged girls, and the power behind the Institution.

This is Room 3. You may wish to read Room 1 and Room 2 prior to this edition to follow Jay's experience through the Institution * Jay followed Maia, still struggling to balance on her heels, out of the hospital-style corridor and back into the octagonal foyer of the institution. A muscular man - younger and better looking as far as he could tell than the other men he'd...

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Now a Slave Ch. 08

What happens when slaves think.

At this point, things are getting more severe. Chase is more active, and if people like him I will post his series here. If not, he's there as an oddity. The vampires are mentioned in this chapter saying that Chase's slaves are fed from only in an emergency of vampires being low on meals. I repeat, I do not see the vampires will ever show up, they are there for background. Nathaniel is...

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Captain Emrah Jackson Ch. 01

A Captain of a starship encounters a distress call.

This ongoing sci-fi series will contain non-consensual elements. * "This is Captain Emrah Jackson, of the United Earth Navy. Onboard the starship Calypso, please answer our hail." I said, as I paced along the length of our bridge. Our ship's engine hummed idly in the background. "Still no answer, Ma'am." Talia, our communications officer said, shaking her head. It was late...

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High-Stakes Poker

Home game poker player's whole world changes in one game.

The whole idea had really come from one of my good friends, a high-stakes poker game. Well, maybe not high-stakes, but a higher-stakes poker game. We have had a "home game" for years. We're all in our thirties and have good jobs. Some of them are married, some of us are not. Our poker game is one of the last "boys only" bastions of our long-term friendships. One of my poker buddies met a...

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Second Act Pt. 02

Brett and Katie prepare to begin their Dom/sub relationship.

Second Act: Preparation The evening after their coffee meetup, Brett was careful to text Katie so that she felt as though he was excited and interested. He knew that she would need to feel affirmed and special after talking about such sensitive things for the first time with a complete stranger. He texted the only thing he could think of that would make sense: "Dear Katie, you have made...

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Now a Slave Ch. 07

Discussing options.

This chapter also has the downstairs in it, more of Chase and starting to meet the slaves that Nathaniel refers to as being there. This is also continuing the transition of the slave to going downstairs. * * * The following week when I went to the club, I was not feeling like being there. I had left the previous week unsatisfied. Not sexually, but mentally. The slave I had...

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The Slave Bride Ch. 03

Slave Bride learns more about her husbands.

All characters are 18 years old or older. This story features science fiction and dystopian elements. TRIGGER WARNING: Please note that although this story does feature self-harm it is not condoning self-harm. If you are sad, please tell someone. This story is how I like to process, so the main character will also have to work through things that may be difficult; it's all part of the story....

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Enslavement of an Innocent Ch. 01

Bewildered 18-year-old girl sentenced to life of slavery.

This is the first chapter of my book. This Chapter is Non-Erotic, but don't worry, we will be getting to the erotic stuff soon! Chapter 1: The cold metal bench numbs my skin, so that both my mind and, now, my body are deadened. This past year is a horrible blur, though it started out as a slow-motion train wreck. Bit by bit, threads of hope had been snipped away until I became this...

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Amelia's Descent

A young Lady's purity is compromised by her betrothed.

Lady Amelia of Warren was very similar to most ladies in her home and the surrounding lands: tight-lipped but amicable, quick-witted but reserved, lovely but plain. A stench of innate haughtiness and rose perfume followed them through the halls of the castle as they came and went from their studies and ate their tinkering little lunches in the blooming courtyard. It was a happy, simple life, and...

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Now a Slave Ch. 06.5

Conflict of interest/other side of the coin.

This is the first chapter that the reader will get any idea about Nathaniel's vampire. There is a decent description, but more importantly, the reader gets to see the other side of Nathaniel that is rarely seen. This also starts the transition of Nathaniel's slave from part-time slave to full time slave. * * It had been three weeks since I had seen Madeline, business issues...

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