'slave' stories

Complications Ch. 02

The outlook of promises is uneasy.

It was night again. However, instead of being herded into the cages like the other slaves, Joel was led to a bed in a small room, and locked in. He looked around, taking in his new surroundings. Why was he in here? A bed? A real bed, with a fluffy pillow? What does this all mean? He lay on top of the bed, smelling the scent of the fresh blanket. Vanilla. How ironic. Though the scent did make...

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Complications Ch. 01

Crushed desires have promise.

It had been a while since she last saw him. Her heart was heavy. Why does he still try to impress? In the short time they had dated, she always looked at him as a submissive. Now, six months after the breakup, he was back, trying as hard as ever to win her heart over. She hears a knock on the door again. It must be him. Only he would knock in the most gentle way, anticipating her response by...

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My Slut and a BDSM Party Ch. 01

My slut and I attend a wild BDSM party.

Having learned from experience we ate a light dinner before our night out. My glowing blonde beauty sat across from me. The arms length space separated us from our neighbors eating, blissfully unaware of the controller in my pocket dictating the speed of vibration responsible for my sluts blushing cheeks. Having enjoyed our dinner we headed to the party. We entered the home threw the...

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Into the Vampire's Harem - Omnibus

A human village girl gives herself over to a vampire lord.

Author's Notes: Chapters 1 and 2 were originally published back in 2015 under my other screen name of DieselJester and then republished under AlexClayton. Chapter 3 was originally published in 2017 under this name of AlexClayton. I will tell y'all right now that this story has been the bane of my literary existence ever since I became a professionally published author back in 2015. It is...

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Shocking Saturday BBQ

Having fun with pat at a friends BBQ.

Vibe, Shock Module, Chastity Belt, Saturday BBQ Feeling rather adventurous and knowing it was time for some new and interesting challenges for you, I've purchased the most powerful remote controlled vibrator I could find. It's rather wicked if I do say so myself. I've also acquired a rather potent Dog Shock Collar. You don't know this yet but that fucker was something else as I ran it through...

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A Cell Phone Makes Me Pregnant

A Black New World Begins.

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Satinlvr_mwf. ** "And this is all that's worth noting tonight." Then the weather-girl broke into her almost porn-star wide smile, and finished out the evening broadcast. "Good night, and be safe everyone... Bye-bye." Oskar pointed the remote at the screen and the TV went blank. He was seated on the couch in his...

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Not Yours Ch. 02

While protecting Ivy, Natalie finds herself in danger.

Author's note: Hello! Well, this is what I've got for chapter 2! And it's longer so yay! Enjoy! (: * Natalie smiled to herself as she shampooed her hair for the third time in Ivy's shower. She was still managing to find streaks of red and green even as she vigorously lathered her head, trying her best to scrub all the paint out. Ivy's genius idea of throwing paint filled...

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Captain Emrah Jackson Ch. 10

Cara's world is thrown upside down.

This ongoing sci-fi series will contain non-consensual elements. *** The cold was still biting and the air nipped at the end of my nose as we made our way back to the yacht. Juno had already been taken ahead of us, and was waiting on the ship. A walkway had been constructed, giving us easier journey through the snow. I could see why they had to do it. Residual heat from the ships...

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The Eighth God Ch. 07

Things are heating up after the festival...

_Author's note: Things are really starting to kick off in this chapter! Thanks to everyone who read and rated the last chapter, and thanks to all those who have been following the story from the beginning. I feel like I'm improving with each chapter and it really shows in the ratings. As much as I love the fact that the ratings have gotten better and better, nothing makes me feel better than...

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Lana and the Dark Brothers Pt. 05

Lana is captured.

Chapter 9 Kane ...continued... He went back out to the fire. Both Sorin and Viktor eyed him with ill-concealed anger as he approached them. Sorin stood up. 'Well?' Kane shrugged. 'Well, nothing. She's gone.' Without a word, they both raced into the tent. Viktor immerged a moment later just as the dark sky lit up with lightning and a clap of thunder followed in the...

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The Book of Lust 01

An archaeologist awakens an Egyptian goddess and is rewarded.

"That's good..." I groaned, my voice husky. "That's a good girl..." Marisha, eyes glazed over and empty, continued to suck. On the floor beside her, a small leather book had dropped from her hands as her attention had turned to focus on more important matters. Her lips, which were so practiced at flinging anti-male insults and disparaging comments, were now wrapped around my cock, sliding up...

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Stranded Ch. 04

Sam's family traditions aren't for him in this ceremony.

_~~Welcome to my dark little corner of the universe. As many of my readers know, almost all the things I write consist of many dark, Non-consensual themes, a little DV, some violence/abuse in general, imprisonment, kidnapping, and occasionally even a little bit of torture. I do my best to put in disclaimers for each chapter. If any of this or my terrible grammar offends you, then these are...

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Willing Slave, Unwilling Master Ch. 12

What do you do when you're given a person as a gift?

_Hello all. First off, I'm sorry for making you wait so long. I don't want to make excuses, so I won't. The emails and feedback I have received asking for a continuation of this story were deeply appreciated, and I can only apologise yet again for my not updating sooner. That being said, the rest of the story is written. Chapters 13 and 14 are complete, and just need going over a few more times...

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The Normal Life, or Not? Ch. 04

Alfred's desire is answered.

Thanks for all the continuous support. The story is continuing from the previous Chapter(s) and you may have to backtrack to understand. *** It was strange to pose in front of the camera naked. It was a moment that he failed to see pleasure in submission, and she knew it. For the longest time, he felt whole in face of submitting to his lady, but now? He didn't like the fact that he was...

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Lost Lands: Pollinator

In the Wire Woods, Jarick spreads his mistress's seeds.

Jarick stared up at Lymia longingly. She smiled down at him, reclining in her chair of leaves and vines, her body puffed with the pollen mantle. It slid along her breasts and hid her pussy in a flare of golden softness. Frilled her wrists like bracers and anklets. Contrasting against it was her pale, soft skin. Ample and soft. Everything about her was just... so... soft... "Jarick," she...

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Blue Fire Ch. 02

Marie learns more about her Master's family.

Hey, guys. Been writing non-sexy stuff but love how many people are reading my couple things! Please leave me a comment! Let me know what I could do better or what I do wrong, I need it! Anyway, hope you enjoy! Some great ideas about this story's future swimming around my mind. +++++++++++++++++ I awoke the next morning disoriented. I thought it was due to the sex the night...

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The Eighth God Ch. 06

The autumn festival banquet is underway!

Author's note: This chapter contains some rougher-than-usual sex, and some mother-son incest. As always I'd love to hear any feedback or suggestions you might have. Please rate and comment! ============ _Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, places and characters are products of my imagination and used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual people and events are...

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Slavery Games Ch. 05: Sold

Brigett discovers what slave life is.

Here is the following of Bridgett's article about the bet that saw her become a slave. * The newspaper editor was there next to me. I was babbling a little bit. "Yes, the newspaper bought you. I wanted you to write the end of your series of articles," he said. I was speechless at first, then I reacted. "Can you take me to the newspaper?" "In this outfit, you would make a...

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The Normal Life, or Not? Ch. 03

Alfred has second thoughts to his new life.

They were finally home again. She had taken the harness off from him, leaving only the collar on his naked body. His fairly defined muscles, toned so perfectly, and his face, all too worthy. She knew he had finally submitted, and there was no going back. Though every time she ran her hand through his hair, she felt his muscles tense. She left him alone in the living room while she went out to...

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Megan's Toy

A sadistic wife enjoys using her husband as her sex slave.

Just here to read and share erotic sadistic fiction. Stories I post will in no way depicts actual events. In real life, keep it safe, sane, and consensual. All characters are clearly depicted as being over the age of 18. * I stopped outside the steel door before I opened it and straightened my short leather skirt. It hung to my mid-thigh, with a slit up t left side, revealing a...

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Kats Rescues Ch. 03

We get everything sorted only to get tangled back up.

It didn't take long to untangle ourselves from each other and I was surprised to find the food still warm when we all sat down to eat a few short minutes later. Somehow it felt like hours since the delivery man had handed over our food. I realized once the tension dissipated that I was starving. I dished up huge helping of lo mein, fried rice, chicken egg foo young and pepper steak topped off with...

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Unexpected Weekend Ch. 03

Vacation is about indulgence and escaping from civility.

I must've been really worn out the night before because I slept like a baby all the way until late morning at around 11 am. The slight chilly morning breeze brushing against my skin was what eventually woke me up. I can still remember how sore my muscles were waking up that morning and finding myself still lying on the floor. People say vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but these past 2...

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The Price of Admission Ch. 05

The aftermath of the ceremony.

Disclaimer: I do not own The 100. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. * Kneeling down in front of her new pet Lexa softly asked, "Are you okay?" As she did that Lexa gently caressed Clarke's cheek, which made the blonde preen and lean into the touch, "Yes." Lexa hesitated to show such weakness, but from the safety of her chambers no one would hear,...

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There Are Orgasms in Space

Lucy is tested with orgasm games by a potential buyer.

Lucy woke very suddenly. Squinting, she rubbed her eyes, groggy, sore, as if she'd been sleeping for far too long. And then she felt the sudden need to vomit. Fuck. She wasn't on solid ground. Or, it seemed, Earth. The fucking asteroid drifting by the bubble like window was kind of fucking hard to miss. And she was naked. In space. She bolted out of the bed she...

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How Far will a Slut Go?

I turned the tables on a cock tease with big tits.

I met her at a party she was dancing with her friends. I had recently broke things off with my girlfriend so what better to do than head to a lifestyle club looking for a rebound. It wasn't her face it was her two huge tits bouncing as she danced. She was young maybe 25, had brown hair, a pretty face, a decent figure, too much make up and tits that appeared impossible for her small frame....

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To Serve Her Ch. 02

Conclusion of male becoming slave to a Black TG DOM.

After staring at the pink collar, I looked into Tammy's eyes hazel eyes and nodded. "I need to hear you say it, sweetie." Her voice was soft and gentle yet there was a commanding tone to it that made me feel meek. "Tammy. I would like to serve you as your live-in slave." I am not the type of person who makes hasty decisions but there is something about Tammy that I could not...

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Mind Control Harem Ch. 03.5: Shopping

Master, Kitty, and Puppy get bikinis for the beach.

This chapter has less smut than previous ones; sorry, there's a lot of character development. ----- Cumkitty, Bitchpuppy, Tittytoy and Master arrived at the mall at about noon, in Master's car. While Tittytoy wouldn't be permitted to, since she was to only wear her breast decor and her panties, Master had taken Cumkitty and Bitchpuppy here to buy them new bikinis for the beach. While,...

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Humiliation Punishment

Enslaved for a day after being caught sniffing panties.

I am a 35-year-old happily married man and I have always been faithful. I do however, have a crush on my wife's best friend Claire. When we all spend time together with her and her long-term partner, I have to ensure I am not staring at her face, figure or as someone with a foot fetish her feet. Her partner occasionally teases her about her feet because her big toes are slightly wider than most...

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Chronicles of Being a House Slave Day 02

Holly's first training session of the day with her boss.

Holly followed the woman out from her room and up a flight of stairs to an open kitchen and dining room. Mr. Jones, her employer, was sitting at a long dining table and was telling something to another nude brunette girl. The girl mumbled something in submission, went to the kitchen and started preparing food. Since Holly had arrived late last night, she wasn't aware that there had been other...

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Blue Fire Ch. 01

A blue-skinned Daemon is sold into slavery.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I swear to God I'm not into the 1800's! This one was inspired by a story I read years ago that used the word 'Daemon' and had a blue skinned girl sold to a vampire, I think. I also remember it being alternative 1800's, but could be wrong. Beautiful Curse was inspired by a game called 80 Days, which is based off '80 Days Around the World,' so that's it...

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