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Her Best Friend's Son Ch. 01

Angela is drawn to a much younger man.

This story builds slowly with characters and dialog. It gets racy eventually, but takes a while. * "Was Jeremy any bother?" asked Susan. Angela stood in the kitchen of her London flat, phone in one hand and tea cup in the other. Susan was her best friend, had been for almost twenty years, since they were at Leeds University, she as a newbie student and Susan as the class...

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My Son's MILF Mother-in-law Ch. 02

Elizabeth is Catherine Zeta Jones and Sofia Vergara in one.

Love at first sight, Michael meets Elizabeth, a woman with the face of Catherine Zeta Jones and the body of Sofia Vergara. Author's note: Even though the main characters in the story, Michael and Elizabeth, are not related by blood, as his son's mother-in-law and her daughter's father-in-law, their sexual relationship is indeed, deemed incestuous. Sex between them may not be deemed...

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Mom Gave Me a Blowjob

Mom gives me a blowjob.

So my Mom gave me a blowjob yesterday. No big deal. I have no clue why everyone is so pissed off, it's just a blowjob for Christ's sake. It's not like I fucked her or something. I can just hear all of you bitching right now. "Ewww that's incest." Whatever. Don't try to tell me you never thought about blowing your salty slugs down your mom's throat. Or your sister. If I had a...

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Home from College Ch. 05

Mom turns an online trick, though it was hard to watch.

So how does a guy fall in love with his own mother? And what in the world happens next? My head was swirling with thoughts I had no control over, thoughts that I tried to shake out of my head but couldn't. I was sure I was going to lose my mind, but I didn't really want the feelings to stop. I was in love with my mother, not just sexually but emotionally. I thought about her every...

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Mother Naked on April Fool's Day

April Fool's day to remember.

Jenifer Watkins is fifty- one years old. The five-foot eight inch, one hundred and thirty pound brunet who recently became redundant, because she could not transfer to a new location for the company that employed her for twenty years. Jenifer needs to find another job quickly, as they have one son in College and their younger son will attend the same college in the fall. Her husband has a good...

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Home from College Ch. 04

Mom makes breakfast and plays with her son.

Morning seemed to come quickly after our long night of adventure. Coffee and bacon and mischief was in the air as I entered the kitchen and saw mom at the table with a glass of orange juice and her laptop. She was wearing a silk robe, pink and white, the top of it open just enough to see her 34c tits almost to the nipple, an opening all the way down that ended in her perfect legs crossed...

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My Son's MILF Mother-in-law Ch. 01

A disgraced father hits if off with his son's mother-in-law.

Two-of-a-kind, a match made in Hell, a disgraced father hits if off with his son's promiscuous, MILF of a whore mother-in-law. Author's note: Even though the main characters in the story, Michael and Elizabeth, are not related by blood, as his son's mother-in-law and her daughter's father-in-law, their sexual relationship is indeed, deemed incestuous. Sex between them may not be deemed...

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Like Son, Like Father: BBC Faggots

A straight man discovers the power of BBC.

Summary: A straight man discovers the power of BBC. Note 1: This is a 2019 April Fool's Day contest story. Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert and Wayne for editing. Like Son, Like Father: Faggots for BBC It had been a month of my being an Uber driver, making a little extra money to pay my daughter's college tuition and just in case my son needed anything... although he...

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Something in the Water Pt. 02

An alien experiments on the mothers and sons of Portsmith.

This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don't worry, they're fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older. Enjoy. * Cool morning sunlight streamed through Patrick's open bedroom window. He stretched, climbed out of bed, and walked over to the window. Was this still a dream? He wasn't...

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My Mom's New Husband Ch. 05

Michael leaves and Mom and I enjoy a well-oiled afternoon.

The week that was seemed to gather momentum right from the start. And as Monday's naked swimming led to lunch and then to the events of the afternoon and evening, I was more than a little anxious about my newfound sexuality and the building anticipation of the next phase of my mom's relationship with her sexually liberated young husband. It's one thing to swim naked with your mom and entirely...

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8-ball with Mom and Friends

Mom tells a filthy story before entering a bar with Son.

Author's Note: All characters in this story at are least 18 years of age, and, even in role play, are "playing" characters at least 18 years of age *** "Okay..." Mom began, looking back and forth between me and the bar with a suspicious look. And when I tried to see what she was seeing, and failed. She just shrugged, and said; "Alright then. Story time I guess." Then, I sat in the...

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My Mom's New Husband Ch. 04

Swimming like virgins on the final week with Mom.

Life comes at you fast, and you realize that when you're 21 and your parents are divorced and your step dad turns out to be a lecherous mystery and you suddenly realize your mom is a MILF. We're almost through summer, and to say my life has changed is putting it mildly. I don't even remember who I was when I came home from college in May. It was now early August, and school was beckoning and...

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Leaving Normal Pt. 02

Stevie and his family find a new partner within the family.

I had originally intended "Leaving Normal" as a stand alone story but a number of people have asked for more. So I got to thinking... All characters are over 18. * Mikey had gone back to college. Don't get me wrong, I missed my elder brother but having Mom to myself also had its benefits. Dad was home and, although I loved him and enjoyed the time we had together, there...

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A Day Early Present

Blindfolded, Jimmy gets a surprise from his mother.

This is my entry in the April Day 2019 contest. If you enjoy it please vote. Thanks. ***** I loved my parents very much, especially my mother. I had to come home and help her out when my father passed away last month. I left school in California and transferred my credits to the university here in town where I grew up. I will attend in the fall and finish my final year, but for...

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Pushing My Luck Shopping

Mom gets hungry while shopping

We had the trunk of the car full already when we pulled up to the shopping mall. It took a few circles of the parking lot to find an open space to park. We locked the car and walked through the doors and into the crowd of shoppers. Mom led the way, her snug jeans swaying with her curvy hips as she walked. Dad and I trailed behind, both of us mesmerized by the motion of her ass. I noticed the guys...

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The Truth Behind Mother and Son Sex

MILF of a mother and her adult son have consensual sex.

This is a true story of the incestuous sex that happened between a mother and her adult son. If you don't agree with a mother having sex with her adult son and an adult son having sex with his mother, if this story offends your sensibilities, then, please read another story. Only, if you had a MILF for a mother flashing you and was willing to have sex with you, I bet you'd have sex with her, too....

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Higher and Beyond

A cheating mother seduces her son.

AN: Been a longtime lurker so I tried writing something while in a state of profound arousal. This story is born of that. Also it's my first erotic story on this site, so let's see how it goes. PS, if you somehow missed the memo, this story contains strong blood-related mother-son incest, so be warned. All characters are above 18 years and all that good stuff. - I can't wait to tell my...

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Neil the Nerd

Mom and son in sauna.

This story, as is all stories, isn't written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you're welcome. If not, thank you for visiting. * I stripped while getting my breath back. A two mile run is mostly a breeze for a 46 year old but I could feel the results. I always did a stretch in the sauna after a run. I got a robe on and started down the stairs. In the...

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Haunting of McKay Manor Pt. 02

Can the ghosts of Nora and Tate ever find peace?

Anna Stevens raced down the hall, her bedroom door slammed closed. Her chest heaved from exertion. Her mind raced with what she had done as she leaned against the door. Horror filled her mind as she gazed down at her cum covered hand. A hand that had touched, caressed her son's -- a child she had raised herself -- cock to the point of climaxing. Her thighs rubbed together feeling how her yoga...

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Girls Suck

Daddy finds a glory hole in his offspring's room.

I knew something was wrong the moment I walked through the door. My son had been acting very strange for months now, avoiding me and ignoring me, shutting himself up in his room, going out with friends I'd never met. I was worried. Losing his mother had hurt him as much as it had wounded me. We should have been drawn closer. Instead, there was a canyon between us that I thought we could never...

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Mom's Business Trip Ch. 01

Mom is going overseas on business and wants to bring me.

For as long as I can remember my Mother has been all business; she was the very definition of a "career gal." My Father was more of a common man, he was handy; he preferred manual labor and didn't have much of an education. Mom on the other hand, was very well educated, focused, and goal oriented. In March of 2018 Mom was on the verge of landing a new job that would put her income into the higher...

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Home from College Ch. 03

Mom becomes a sexy sensation online.

I woke up in the middle of the night in total darkness. The fire was turned off, and my mom had put the blanket she'd been under over me. She was nowhere to be seen. I sat up on the couch and turned on my phone for light. It was only then that I remembered the previous night, the incredible night with a woman I'd never seen in my life, never imagined even existing, a ravenous, insatiable...

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Fucked Up Family Pt. 01

A family camping trip gets out of control.

Every so often, I work on a story and think, 'this is the most depraved thing I'll ever write.' Then, a few months later, I create something far, far worse. So here we are. There's some watersports going on in the upfront, but eventually it settles down to more wholesome pursuits. Everyone here is over the age of 18. * As James Campbell looked over his shoulder to back...

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Home from College Ch. 02

Mom makes it classy as the scene gets hot.

I was still staring at my mother fingering her pussy while leering at my cock when she came back down the stairs, completely dressed in jeans and a sexy sheer white blouse. She was carrying a pair of heels I'd never seen, black patent leather stilettos with four-inch heels. She wasn't wearing a bra. "Make yourself a drink, Charlie," she said, leaning down to pour another glass of wine....

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How to Eat an Elephant Ch. 13

Ryan meets Anne at a yoga workshop.

As soon as I got to work Monday morning, I went in to my supervisor with a vacation request filled out. "Another vacation, Ryan? You've certainly got the time built up, but what's going on? That's two vacations in a little over a month. You got a girlfriend back home?" "Maybe, Richard," I chuckled. "Maybe." He signed it and put it in the outbox for HR. "Enjoy it. You work so hard,...

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A Family Tradition

Jeremy and his mother continue a legacy of incest.

"I know it being your birthday and all that you want to hang out with your friends, so thank you for allowing me the time to have this conversation with you. You're eighteen years old today, Jeremy, and I know that by all rights and means you are an adult now, but it means something else, too. Something more. "You see, Jeremy, there is a tradition that my side of the family has celebrated for...

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Hayley's Release Pt. 03

Hayley releases her slutty side to son and nephew.

It's bathtime! All characters are over the age of eighteen. Bit of watersports in the end, so 'Caution! Wet Floor.' The Day of Release When I woke up on my bed the next morning, Dan wasn't there. I got up, dressed myself, brushed, and came downstairs to find the mouth-watering aroma of bacon and eggs wafting through the air. I was greeted with the sight of Mom and Dan...

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Home from College Ch. 01

I came home for my 18th birthday. Mom was waiting.

It all started so innocently, but looking back on it, the fact that it happened at all is still the most incredible thing to me. My mom was always the neighborhood mom, the young mother who knew the answers to all the questions, the den mom, the high school teacher and the mom all my friends looked up to. Going away to college was the hardest thing I ever did, in part because I knew it...

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How to Eat an Elephant Ch. 12

Anne Goes to Lunch.

I went to Victoria's for lunch the next day and was pleased to see so many of my old friends. We had all been very close when our boys were younger, but had drifted apart after they went off to college. I met other women who I may have seen before, but who were now clearly friends of the others. There was Vic, Sarah, Bonnie, Lisa, Susan, and Karen. They seemed to have a bond among themselves. You...

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Coupons Ch. 02

Simon has Courtney and Mom.

Simon has Courtney and Mom I did as Mom asked and went to go get my shower. Before walking out of the room, I turned to look at her. She sat there smiling, looking through the window. The moment was magical, and I felt a burst of emotion flow through me. I always loved my mother, but it went deeper now that we have shared that intimate time. I smiled at her and walked away. I spent a...

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