'submission' stories

Just a Little Scrap of Fabric Pt. 02

Kassandra, tied, teased & tormented, eventually finds herself.

She whimpered. She whimpered and moaned through the effective gag, even though she would be pushed to tell you what it was exactly she wanted. Release? No, not completely. Something about being restricted she had discovered she liked. She flexed again against the endless bonds. To be able to see? No, definitely not. The leather blindfold completely covered her into darkness, molded to her face and...

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Daddy Jack Pt. 02

Angel and Jackie misbehave.

"Oh my God, look at you, Jack," Melanie declared as soon as I let her through the door. My first thought was that my boner was sticking out the flap of my boxers. The sudden interruption had reduced it to a semi, but it could easily be drooping out. I tugged on the T-shirt I'd hastily pulled on, but it didn't reach very far past my waist. "Hi, Melanie," I said. I was breathing...

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A Good Little Cock Sucker Ch. 03

Command Performance, a visit from MrThick.

Command Performance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story deviates from the "real" CuriousOne's life path. It continues his journey and exploration, but it finds him taking a few detours in his sexual adventure. Of course, as we all know, it's not the destination, but the journey that is the most interesting in life. _As the title states, this story is part of the "Cock Sucker...

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My Therapist's Chinese Doll

Asian man is reborn after divorce.

Disclaimer: The content below has many degrading comments on certain race and sexual orientation, so please don't read it if you are looking for "political correctness". * I still re-lived the night Eunsun left me. I remember her blank stare, followed by a cold grin. She wasn't the lovely woman I once loved. She said she didn't love me anymore, and wanted to start a new life....

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A horny teacher falls under the control of her student.

This is a story about my favorite teacher. Oh and by the way, she's also a slut. How do I know, well it's because I turned her into a slut. Oh, she had some kinks already, I just brought them out. My name is Benjamin Martin III. But I go by Ben. I go to Singapore American School. I'm in my last year and have already been accepted to an Ivy League school back in the states. It helps to have money....

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Tales of the SFL: Latina Heat

Dan Danger tangles with a Latina spitfire!

A week had passed since Dan Danger's successful debut in the SFL, and the reactions from his fellow competitors had been quite polarizing, to say the very least. Walking through one of the hallways of the backstage area, he would often be greeted by a congratulatory high-five from some of the male sexfighters or even an approving nod from his female counterparts, most of them being veterans...

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Some Kind of Spell Ch. 06

Twists, turns, disguises.. Angela and Pierre Continued!

Angela woke up slowly with sensations she had never felt before. Her mind was still foggy with sleep, and yet on a sensory level her body was aware of movement, smells, sensations, and him. Pierre. Her Master. He was speaking softly and her mind had not yet translated the words for her. It sounded like a lot of noise and mumbling but on another level she knew he was speaking to her, intimately....

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The Sub Club: Buffet Night

It's almost midnight - do you know where your sub is?

The Hostess' smile radiated a sort of vulpine cleverness, with teeth so white they were on the verge of inventing a new color for them, called Pristine Truth. He'd heard of her, of course; it was said her beauty was etched onto the mind of every person who entered The Club, and if you were lucky, she forced you to your knees to worship her. He hoped he would be lucky tonight. "Good evening,...

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Neighbor MILF Ch. 01: Surprise Strike

I take my hot neighbor MILF by surprise.

The following story is a work of fiction with no intentional resemblance to any person living or dead. All characters are a mere piece of my imagination. All characters described in the story are above the age of 18. Again, this is NOT a true story. * I have a very hot neighbor. Ok sorry for jumping right into it but there couldn't be a better opening line to it. She is about 30...

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Lisa and Nadia

Two Alphas Square Off.

Lisa closed her eyes, she could feel his rough hands on her smallish tits, pushing, pulling, it hurt her, but that was okay, it was the pain, for everything else. Her eyes snapped open. She was in a small room, walled in glass, high in the Chicago skyline. Her pantyhose were sticking to her, she felt flushed, warm. She fidgeted, waiting for the moment to pass. Across from her sat Nadia. She...

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After the Pantomime

Mature wife succumbs to the pensioners.

Originally issued under my New Forester name, and then again under my Hopebeach name, a number of requests have prompted me to re-issue under my current name of Rockycoveboy. Hope you enjoy again. * 'Oh no it isn't.' Oh yes it is.' Oh no it isn't.' Oh yes it is.' The audience screamed at Robin Hood up on the stage as the pantomime cow behind him waddled about the stage, its...

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Almost Perfect

A woman services her man in a committed and special way.

Shower, flicking on the lights and squinting my eyes as my bare feet froze on the tile floor. I turned on the hot water, eyes still blurry, unfocused. She knocked quietly, softly on the door. I just grunted. She said something about mornings and stepped into the bathroom. I stepped into the hot stream of water began to scrub away a long night of strange dreams. She stood quietly in the center of...

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It's Hump Time! Ch. 03

They bring me to the ranch.

The next morning, I was really fucked up. My body was hurting and I was confused. In a way, I regretted what had happened the night before. What felt great last night seemed like a huge mistake today. It was 1 PM, and my mind was made: I was done with this. I would not go back to Hump tonight. I took a shower, had lunch, and laid right back down on the couch. It was time to focus on something...

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An Adventurer's Fate

Slime monsters are a unique danger to young women.

Her first mistake, Antheia later considered, was not taking a partner -- or even a crew of fellow-adventurers, really -- but the rewards for this one had really been too good to share. If everything had gone right, those piles of gold would have been hers, and consequently she'd let herself ignore the fact that solo dungeon dives were risky at the best of times. After the Guild Leader...

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A Descent Ch. 01.5

Katya give's Malcolm a surprise and he returns the favor.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * I had no trouble falling to sleep when I got home but staying asleep was a different matter. I kept dreaming of that lust filled face of Anna as she rode her husband staring at me. After the third time or so I had to jack off to relieve this itch. It didn't take long to reach my goal but when I did, I looked at...

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For Him

An assigned writing task from Master.

This story was an assignment from my Master, my love, my Merlin. You enter the room to find me kneeling naked, thighs spread, hands resting upturned on them, by Your favorite chair. On the side table, there is a cigar resting in the sparkling clean ashtray, Your drink is waiting there for You too, just starting to condensate. You smile, You had instructed and trained me well, this is...

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My Vampire Master Pt. 01

Myra meets her new vampire master.

I wake up with a start and look around the dark room that now contains me looking around trying to adjust to the dimness of my surroundings. I make out a tall wooden door across from me and a wardrobe to the side. Other than that and the bed I'm in, the room is devoid of furniture or anything else from what I could tell. It takes several moments for me to remember why I am here and where here...

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Personal Anatomy Punishment

Ori uses Evelyn as his personal female anatomy model.

_Hey y'all, first story ever here. Right in-between non-con and exhib. It's pretty slow (you can skip the beginning if you wish) and a little rough in places, but if minutely-described exhibition is your thing maybe you found a match. Please, please don't take the anti-feminist premise as anything more than sexual fantasy. That shit's not cool, folks. All characters are over 18 as...

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Picture Perfect

Clodia is denied orgasms and used hard by Sir.

"Please Sir? Please I need you." "Need? Boi, no you don't. You want me. I'll think about it. Edge for me again." I sigh and whimper in frustration as I set down my phone. You're right. I don't need you. But you've had me edging for the last five days. Usually, whether or not I masturbate is my choice, but not this week. This week, you have given me clear instructions on how many orgasms...

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By His Reputation Ch. 06

The relationship is established.

Thank you all so much for staying with me and reading, even when life and circumstances have made me stop writing for months on end. It truly pleases me to know you all like my work. Feel free to message me directly at the end of the story, and leave comments if so inclined! Thank you everyone for your kind words so far! * Much as he had every day for the past three months,...

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A Tale of Two Sissies

Macho male turned into a sissy for two BBW lesbians.

The Transformation In his mind a perception of his body starts to take shape. The mist begins to clear and he finds himself more hanging than standing upright in a door frame, naked with his ankles and wrists spread and fixed to the frame. Sitting opposite to him behind a large desk is a dark haired woman of good proportions wearing a business suit and sporting a notable cleavage. To her...

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A Fox Hunt Ch. 01

The oracle brings home a fae.

This is my first attempt at a lesbian erotica since coming out, so I'm very proud to present this first chapter to you all! Fair warning: the grammar will not be perfect since this is not a final draft. Constructive criticism is always welcome, especially since it's hard (And a tad confusing) to write about two women from 3 rd person POV :) _Note: this chapter contains elements of...

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After the Pub Closes!

Mature Wendy meets the old boys at Christmas time.

Wendy still lived in the little village with her family (or some of them, as the eldest teenagers had moved away to university and work in another town), so it was just Wendy, her husband, Jim, and the youngest child who was only 18 and almost ready to leave High School. The village had been home to Wendy for all of her 42 years and, not only did Wendy know everyone in the village at least on...

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WBDP - Brianna Delivers Pt. 18

Chantelle's Confession and Consequences.

_The final chapter of World's Best Diet Plan. Some of these characters will make appearances in other stories I have in mind, but for the most part, I'm saying goodbye to Sam and Marcia. I like them a lot. They are fun people. This is very, very loosely based upon a true story. It went a lot farther than real life ever did. Some very strange things happen in this chapter. I'm not sure if they're...

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Reporter Lucy Profiles CEO Ch. 01

Lucy discovers more about a CEO's personal interests.

My first story based on a character I like to roleplay as. Just the first chapter in a long running story so has a lot of set up. Please be kind, cruel, honest in the comments Lucy arrived at the large estate on the edge of town early Friday evening, excited and curious for her weekend. A reporter for the local Tribune, she had so far spent the week in the city offices of Nathaniel Black...

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Rasika's Surrender Ch. 02

Karan's bitch.

This is a work of pure fiction. All characters in the story are above the age of 18. Needless to say, since the category spells it out clearly, don't read if you don't like non-consensual stories. I jumped the gun a little bit. Had this as a clearer idea, so some "flashback editions" may come later. Hope you enjoy! * "No! I don't want to do this!" "We are doing it," Karan...

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My Love, My Life, My Goddess Ch. 01

A day in my life as a willing slave to my true love.

Monday I get home about an hour before you, my lover, my life, my Goddess. Although lover is probably not the most appropriate term anymore. It's been over two months since I've had intercourse with you. It's also been over 6 weeks since I was allowed a full uninhibited orgasm. It's been so long that I've almost forgotten what it feels like. My balls and cock feel full of cum, just...

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Craigslist Cocksucker: London

I answer an ad looking for a cocksucker to do a blowbang.

Several years ago, while living in London, I answered an ad in Craigslist: "Wanted: Submissive Cock Whore Willing to be Used by Me and My Mates." This is something I had always fantasized about and couldn't wait to make it come true. I read the rest of the ad, feeling my cock getting hard in my jeans as I salivated over the attached cock pick. The cock had a black leather studded cock strap...

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Who says Three's a Crowd?

A couple, a unicorn, and a lot of fun.

Her dark eyes scan the room observing the people mingling, talking, drinking, flirting. The confident and the shy, the dominant and the submissive, the beautiful diversity of personalities and body types spreads like a sea of choices before her. She watches them, searching for what she desires. For tonight, she is looking for someone very specific. She has come to this place with a fantasy in...

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The Nightingale Agency Pt. 11

Mistress Eve has a date with a lawyer.

_A note from AfterDusk: Yes, I'm still working on this story off an on, thank you to those of you who have been waiting patiently! I might have one more chapter left before it is over so stay tuned. -AD _ Eve feels a hand stroking her hair. She opens her eyes, blinking several times to focus on the cleanly shaven face of Kelly, crouching before her at the side of the bed. Her...

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