'submission' stories

Brick, Mortar, and Bruises

Volunteer worker suffers in the hands of her sadistic boss.

©2019 GlacialisFI Young, vulnerable volunteer worker on a twelve-week commission overseas is raped and abused repeatedly by her sadistic new crew boss. Dear Reader, _Please note that this is a rape fantasy story written for adult entertainment. Among other violent, extreme and possibly disturbing scenes, it contains graphic depictions of non-consensual sex. If you are...

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Taming Satie Pt. 03

A scientist and his love bot tame a lovely but wild girl.

I had to carry Sy back to the lab. She's heavier than she looks but she's not that heavy so the effort was manageable. I felt kinda bad. She may be my toy and my sexual plaything, she's still sentient. I wonder how she felt as I punished her. For most men, this would be a question without answer because who the hell knows how to really interpret what a woman thinks. In my case however, all...

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Cream Puff Ch. 05

Getting ass fucked helps with cuckold angst.

I felt self-conscience kneeling behind Larry as he laid face down on his bed with my tongue pushed deep into his asshole. Not because I was rimming my wife's brother, but because I'd come straight from work and didn't have an opportunity to get my sissy girly outfit on. I was discovering how sexually powerful submission could be, especially for a straight man submitting to dominate gay men....

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Mama's Girl

I became a sissy and suck an ebony woman's dick to survive.

Here's a story that just sort of popped into my head. I hope you like it! Of course, all characters involved in sex are 18 or older. This story is based on true events that take place some time in the near future. Please feel free to leave any comments, feedback or questions in the comment section and give it your honest rating. * Living in the projects of Chicago is exactly how it...

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Cream Puff Ch. 04

Sissy can't satisfy his wife.

Sally was sleeping heavily when I woke. She'd gotten in so late I hadn't even heard her climb into bed. My face looked abused. My left eye was slightly swollen shut with a small black crescent nested under it. My cheek had the slightest tint of purple and the left corner of my lip was puffy and fat. Realizing how obvious my injuries were made my penis swell. I took a selfie and sent it to...

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The Floating World Pt. 10: Madelyn's Room

Adam and Juliette return to Madelyn's house.

"Good afternoon, ______ Partners, Theresa speaking. How may I help you? "Hello, Mister Cain. I'm fine, thank you. Thank you for asking. "Well, I have to, really. It's our protocol, part of our brand, answering the phone properly. It's a bit scripted, though, isn't it?" Theresa lowered her voice and quickly looked around, feeling guilty about her tiny conspiracy with Adam, but...

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Desecrated by a Fatherly Figure

Hot sex story of ripped uncle and barely adult niece.

This is a strange thing about sex. You love it, it's very enjoyable with the right person(s). A fatherly figure may not be the person you fancied filling your holes. But, in my case, one rainy night in my paternal uncle's house was all it took, to change my perceptions about the elder brother of my father, who used to be like a father to me. What's worse, I enjoy being his sex slave even today....

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Cream Puff Ch. 03

A sissy shouldn't talk back.

I was naked except for my wig, my makeup, my stockings and my heels. I sat on Roger's lap, his erect cock deep inside my ass. He was watching a nature program. My legs were spread and his arm was wrapped around me while his hand lazily toyed with my little boy parts. He wasn't fucking me, he was simply impaling me, filling me with his masculinity while I reveled in my own submission. Sitting...

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Smoking Blues

Learning a severe lesson while learning to quit smoking.

"Hey Bren," called my assistant Sarah. The home office called while you were out smoking. You Better call Mr. C back. He didn't sound happy!" "Okay, thanks dear. I will call him back straight away," I replied as I headed to my office. As I was opening my door Sarah continued. "You know, you really have been taking a lot of smoke breaks lately. We are all concerned about your health. You are...

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48 Hours on Blue Bayou Pt. 48

Does a slave go naked to a new owner?

Part 48: Does a slave go naked to a new owner? Authors' Note: Niamh and Julie are now at extremes of The Enterprises. What will, or even, can be done with Niamh, the slave who attacked her Owner? What is to be Julie's role as she waits for her new Owner to call for her? Some answers in this Part. — Taliesin1 and J. Spe Chapter 156: Interlude As soon as Martin...

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Cream Puff Ch. 02

When a straight man wants a cock in every hole.

When I woke Sunday morning, I was completely nude. I'd showered and removed my makeup before bed. The image in the mirror as I pissed standing up was totally male. I was clearly a man, in appearance at least. Sure, I was totally hairless, but that didn't make me less male. Inside I didn't feel manly. I didn't feel independent, willful, or strong. I felt vulnerable and it was erotic and...

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Total Control Pt. 01: Hooked

Not quite your garden variety hand job.

This is my first try at writing. Ever! So any constructive criticism is welcomed. More parts to the story will be hopefully finished soon - two more chapters are almost ready and I have ideas for a couple more. _________ Total control. Part 1 - Hooked It was late, I was horny and my husband was asleep. I knew he had an early morning meeting next...

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Cream Puff Ch. 01

Sissy finds becomes a strong man's bitch.

Never borrow money you can't pay back right away. When I got in trouble with the IRS, I borrowed money from my wife's brother Larry, and I struggled to pay it back. We were drinking at his house a few weeks before his wedding when he brought it up. Larry: Hey cream puff, I know you don't have the cash to pay me back right now, how about doing a job for me to work off your debt?...

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Tell Me what You Want

The negotiation can be sexier than the scene.

I looked round the fetish club, full of friends and, presumably, friends-of-friends, there for celebrating someone's birthday-ending-in-zero. Any excuse, really, for hiring out the whole place and hugely reducing the quotient of bug-eyed newbies getting in the way. More importantly, it eliminated that swarm of wanking blokes who always get too close to a scene, keep trying to 'accidentally'...

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Janine Gets What She Wanted

Janine is spanked and fucked the way she's always wanted.

"You've told me everything else," he said, his deep, brown-eyed stare as penetrating as his tone. Janine looked down at the counter through her glasses, her auburn hair shielding her face from his gaze as her cheeks reddened. "What is the point of hiding anything now?" He continued. She had mentioned last week that she still hid two secrets from him. She had meant it as a game, teasing him,...

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The Bet Ch. 10

The slaves are spanked and Ky's mom learns about the slaves.

This is a continuing story about a young college coed who makes a bet with her longtime rival. She soon learns that her bitchy attitude and a stupid bet is costing more than a bit of humiliation, and has taken over her life as well as her sister's and her best friends lives. Although you should read this from the beginning, here is what has happened up till now. Synopsis: Chapter 1,...

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The Playoffs

Wife learns lesson about not interrupting husband's sports.

It's Saturday night. We are kicking back on the sofa. I'm enjoying a glass of wine and you have a beer while we watch the hockey playoffs. I am sitting between your legs, leaning back against your chest. I am wearing only panties and an oversize t-shirt; you - having recently showered - are bare chested and commando in shorts. There is nowhere I would rather be... feeling the heat of your body,...

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Lady Burglar and Her Painful Error

Jessica finds the tables have turned and gets a caning.

Jessica Robinson blamed it all on Brexit of course. The twenty two year old had never known hardship in her young life until this wretched saga of the UK leaving the European Union changed everything. Brought up the daughter of an electric car dealer, the slim blonde had been spoiled rotten by her loving parents. Schooled at the exclusive Burgess Hill Boarding College in West Sussex, given her own...

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Taming Satie Pt. 02

A scientist and his love bot tame a lovely but wild girl.

As I mentioned many times already, Sy was designed to be a sex slave. There are however many ideas and features that I held back and did not implement due to a lack of time, resource and knowledge. Even though I'm the one who created her, it's an obvious fact that I now understand a lot more about Sy than I originally did. Not all of the concepts behind her are from me, I borrowed a lot of science...

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Intimate Recollections

Say it aloud...

There's nothing like a bit of 'us' time, especially spent in the privacy of a chic hotel, where, Eva hopes, some interruption-free spanking play might be indulged during this wicked weekend away. They stop for coffee en route and once seated she notices a familiar wicked gleam in Oliver's eye, accompanied by an unexpected edict: "I want you to take your knickers off and give them to me."...

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Will You Submit To Us?

Woman volunteers to submit to anything and is used.

"Are you truly willing to submit to anything? If so, keep reading." Molly stopped reading at that point as she felt a gush of liquid warmth between her legs. Her cunt was gushing as she re-read the header of the internet ad. She fantasized endlessly about submitting, about giving up control of her body to another, but had never dared to try it. Maybe it was time. It was at least time to...

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Meet the College President

A young woman's job interview becomes an act of submission.

_Hey, I've been away for quite a while, but never far from your hearts. Dashed this one off in one sitting. It was inspired by fan mail and your comments, so thank you very much for all the support. This one is from a first person submissive female perspective. Hope you enjoy. Cheers. Sam _ * My name is Valerie Pinkwater, and this fall I joined the English department of a...

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Afternoon Delight

Playful afternoon of bondage and submission.

We have been enjoying the afternoon outside on a hot summer day. Me in only my bikini bottoms; you bare chested and in shorts. We have been on occasion taunting and teasing each other slightly for several hours as we putter in the backyard. I catch you watching me ... or rather my boobs ... closely and notice that you have a lovely erection as a result. I walk over to you, fully intending to take...

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Silent Lunch in Uniform

Silent kinky lunch break with a Dom.

As she sits back at her computer, a smile on her face, all she can think of is that... he finally did it! He's been threatening to for so long that she thought it would never happen, that it was just a tease, to keep her daydreaming. But no... today he showed up unannounced at lunchtime in full uniform and, unexpectedly, did not say a word (except a soft thank you whispered in her ear when he...

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Crossing the Line to Suck Cock

A smaller, older man gives in to an alpha male.

I was nervous. Frankly, I was even a little afraid. Here I was, 60 and divorced, and I was about to meet a man for sex. After all those years of not even allowing myself to think of it, I had finally taken the step that had been in the back of my mind for years. I was going after cock. I told myself I was up for anything -- fucking, sucking, etc. -- except kissing. Somehow that didn't appeal to me...

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Sam's Cousin Ch. 01

Sam submits to his cousin in the middle of the forest.

My name is Sam. This is a story about my cousin Jay and I from the not-so-distant past. Hope you enjoy! *** Taking advantage of the end of senior year and the new warmth of early summer, Jay and I made our way through our neighborhood's forest. He and I had grown up close, and we spent a lot of free time together, especially in the warmer months. We both had the most fun during the...

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A Beast in the Bedroom

An arranged marriage is not what she thought it would be.

"It is so good to have you up and about today," Kitty said. Her Great Aunt Margaret smiled warmly at her, knowing full well what she meant, but refusing to acknowledge the matter. "Yes. It is a fine day, Kitty." she said, taking a moment to observe her dog, Muzzie. The ladies sat quietly, sewing in the parlor. A servant fed wood into the fire, while another took away the discarded tea...

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An Unexpected Education Pt. 03

Desi helps with Liz's education.

"Did he really just say that? Would he fuck them? Make them cum even harder?" Desi wondered. She took a deep breath, the loss of Theo's finger made her feel empty. It had been a long time since she had felt such a mind-numbing orgasm. She admitted to herself that while she was not as sweet and obliging as Liz, she could appreciate a strong man. Her eyes drifted down to the long thick...

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Dark Desires

An obsessive stalker finally jumps his prey...

Author's Note: Please be aware that this story contains a rape fantasy and mild BDSM slave training motif. So for the sake of those not comfortable with those themes... you've been warned. _I would also like to take a moment to express that this story is not meant to condone or encourage rape or sexual assault in any way, shape, or fashion. As a woman who experiences submissive pleasure and...

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Burned Ch. 15

Leah's introspection and self-assessment.

_It has been quite some time since I posted the previous chapter. I hope the story hangs together okay. I find it is somewhat more difficult to keep the threads of the story straight the longer I delay between chapters. Many things conspire to delay writing. Oh well. It's enjoyable for me. I hope it remains enjoyable to my readers. Enjoy. Leah's introspection, self-assessment and...

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