'submissive' stories

Edge of Lust: Genevieve

Will what the queen doesn't know hurt her?

From the Queen's perspective: Genevieve had met the Naphtali king and queen once before. It was at the summit at which her dear homeland had been promised away. It had been nearly three years ago: an eternity past and only yesterday at once. Genevieve had been such a young thing, then, staring wide-eyed at the fancy lords and ladies, kings and queens who assembled from near and far to join...

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100 Centimetres - Experience 03

A different kind of experience...

It's a Saturday morning and your day off work. You've decided to take your submissive shopping for some sexy lingerie and costumes. I don't have much experience with choosing anything sultry as I was always too self conscious. Not knowing what outfit might turn a man on, specifically, you on. Fortunately for me, you knew exactly what you liked and also what would look sexy on me. After...

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Date Night

We went out for a nice date, but I pushed you too far...

Date night wasn't going well, and I was determined not to let you ruin it. We'd already been out to dinner, and I felt like dancing. You were tired, and I was annoyed. I was a night owl, and you were usually asleep when I was just getting started. I'd left the restaurant angrily, and you were trailing behind me. I reached a club and smiled, glancing back at you mischievously. I saw you look up at...

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100 Centimetres - Experience 02

The journey continues...

I close my eyes, wrapped in your warm embrace. The smell of your cologne and your warmth lulling me into a deep sleep. After a twenty five hour international flight, and finding yourself in a different time zone, the day had taken its toll on me. You let me sleep, stroking my hair, and gazing upon my still naked body. After some time, you wake me. I whimper at the sudden interruption of my...

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My Neighbor's Submissive Ch. 05

Our relationship becomes more formal.

Chapter 5 - His Personal Servant I was up early the next morning, still feeling high from the new depths Edmund and Mr. Karlsson had taken me the day prior. I was used as a domestic servant, and as a distraction for Edmund to gain advantage during their negotiations. I started in anonymity behind a mask, but ended up exposing my face to his guest, so both men could paint it with their copious...

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100 Centimetres - Experience 01

100 centimetres is the road taken to share his bed.

This story is dedicated to a man I have never laid eyes on in my entire life. A man that stirred such deep, hidden and forgotten emotions and hypnotised me from over the Internet. You know who you are. I hope you enjoy my story and fantasy of you. The words that you uttered go round and round in my mind. 'You must sleep on the floor. We will take a measuring band of a 1 metre length and every...

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The Eighth God Ch. 03

Young Prince Avery meets the Candran ambassador...

_Author's note: Sorry everyone for the long wait, I was very busy for the last couple months, but I'm back and you should expect chapters to come out much faster from now on, barring unforseen circumstances. This chapter contains a lot more exposition and not a lot of sex. It might be a bit boring if you're just looking for a quickie, but I recommend reading this chapter fully, as it really...

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Becoming His Prison Bitch Pt. 04

Lexus has to survive without Darian in Prison.

Love love love feedback, leave comments, leave your love, leave suggestions, leave constructive criticism. Anything unnecessary, nit-picky or rude will be deleted however. * Darian looked down at Lexus as he slept and sighed. He probably should have told him. Well, he didn't exactly hide it but... He left the cell when he saw the crowds start to disperse for dinner. He would...

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Two Friends in Need Ch. 07

Rebecca and Slut get carried away and they pay for it.

_Before you read this story, may I suggest you go back and read the previous Chapters first, as it will help you understand the storyline. When you read this story you will notice that, outside of the sex of the characters, I avoid describing the physical appearance of the characters. This is done to make it easier for you the reader to place yourself into the role of the characters. I would also...

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Room Ch. 03

Caged girls, and the power behind the Institution.

This is Room 3. You may wish to read Room 1 and Room 2 prior to this edition to follow Jay's experience through the Institution * Jay followed Maia, still struggling to balance on her heels, out of the hospital-style corridor and back into the octagonal foyer of the institution. A muscular man - younger and better looking as far as he could tell than the other men he'd...

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To Love a Psychopath

Sadie plays sadistic games with her boy toy.

_A story of pain and humiliation. If you're a sensitive guy with an empathetic penis, probably not the story for you. This is a short one, just a one timer. Leave comments, leave your love, leave suggestions, leave constructive criticism. Anything unnecessary, nit-picky or rude will be deleted however. _ * She says that the only thing different about her is that she...

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High-Stakes Poker

Home game poker player's whole world changes in one game.

The whole idea had really come from one of my good friends, a high-stakes poker game. Well, maybe not high-stakes, but a higher-stakes poker game. We have had a "home game" for years. We're all in our thirties and have good jobs. Some of them are married, some of us are not. Our poker game is one of the last "boys only" bastions of our long-term friendships. One of my poker buddies met a...

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Amelia's Descent

A young Lady's purity is compromised by her betrothed.

Lady Amelia of Warren was very similar to most ladies in her home and the surrounding lands: tight-lipped but amicable, quick-witted but reserved, lovely but plain. A stench of innate haughtiness and rose perfume followed them through the halls of the castle as they came and went from their studies and ate their tinkering little lunches in the blooming courtyard. It was a happy, simple life, and...

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The Cuckold Mold

A boyfriend is cuckolded by his girlfriend and best-friend.

Just as a note to readers, this is my first time dabbling in the world of erotic story-telling, so any and all feedback is welcome! * My name is Bryan, and I should start off by mentioning that I'm bisexual, and have been with my girlfriend Katie for close to six months now. Basically my situation is that my girlfriend and I had been toying with ways to explore some new things...

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Shady Pines Ch. 07: Logan

Will Logan be okay?

Same as before, over 18, safe sex implied but not explicit. There's no non-consent sex in this one - but there are some ideas/discussions that could be problematic if you have trouble with that kind of thing. ** Some people left that weekend and a few days later a few of the remaining guys headed up to the main house for a counselling session with Dr. Neale. They gathered in...

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The Twelve Zenati Pt. 11

The PeaceMaker.

_Authors note: Hello everyone. Unfortunately, I haven't been as well as I would have hoped by now and the treatment has worn me down so I am a bit slower writing than usual. While I will continue to get chapters out as fast as possible, please excuse any future tardiness especially over the busy holiday season. I hope you continue to enjoy this series of the Tables. Thank you once again to David...

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My Neighbor's Submissive Ch. 04

My service expands and my servitude deepens.

Chapter 4 - Elevating the Game Nothing was easy. When I arrived at my house, I was in discomfort from head to toe. My jaw ached from stretching to accommodate Edmund's cock. My neck and shoulders issues steady complaints about their mistreatment at having my arms stretched above them. My back was sore from bending over so much while cleaning Edmund's house. My legs and feet were suffering...

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His New Year's Eve Gift

She's given as a gift at The Club's NYE gift exchange.

Thank you for reading my 2018 Holiday Contest entry. I appreciate your feedback and votes. Enjoy. *** My master dressed me in my favorite black lace garter belt before sliding black fishnet stockings up my lean legs and attaching them to the belt. He inhaled my scent as his nose neared my aroused cunt. I shivered with anticipation, wanting him to bury his face in between my...

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Collette Goes Shopping in Vegas

Collette learns shopping can be fun.

"What would you like to drink? I gave my butler the night off, so that we might get to know one another without intrusion," Charles Winthrop walked around the edge of the suite's bar to tend. A bit older than a silver fox, but no less attractive. Steel eyes matched his hair. A real tan to contrast the fake persona he used to disarm me. Why did he do that? His presence both aroused and concerned...

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Eclipse of the Moon Ch. 07

One starts to break... and another simply enjoys the breakin.

"I'm done" Lior murmured, inching a still very full plate of lasagna and caesar salad away from her as she tried not to shift uncontrollably in her seat. The weight of her parents gaze came down on her with crushing intensity and it wasn't long before familiar words were filling up the space between them. "You're not done. You've barely touched anything." "I'm full". "You...

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My Neighbor's Submissive Ch. 03

Things start to get real.

Chapter 3 - Reality My phone rang at seven AM, jolting me out of my deep slumber. I fumbled to find it and groggily looked at the number, as the paralysis of sleep slowly ebbed from my bloodstream. It was him. Adrenaline rushed in, the way it does when you oversleep and realize you are late for an important meeting. I answered, "Good morning, Sir, did you sleep well?" "I did, yes,"...

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Services Rendered

When one class of people dominates, another must submit.

I woke to find a stranger climbing into bed with us. In the gloom of the night, he knelt on the bed, straddling my wife's legs as she lay face down, her head pressed into the pillow. Groggy with sleep, I watched as he shed his coat, dropping it on the floor. Next came his shirt, which joined the coat in a messy heap. Without a word, he reached down and dragged the panties off my wife,...

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Pedicab Adventures Pt. 01

Student takes pedicab job to fuck girls.

I laughed a little to myself as I navigated the busy New York City streets. 'I am a pedi-cab driver!' i thought to myself. It still seemed a little surreal. I come from a relatively wealthy family in New Jersey. I study accounting at school, and am likely to take over my dad's business one day, but for this summer off I had disappointed him by telling him I wanted to live in the city and had...

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Workout Buddies Ch. 03

Dave goes back to Larry's the next day.

Workout Buddies: Day 2 of Paying Off the Bet (c) 2018. All rights reserved. _____ Author's note Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read this story. Please let me know what you think. This is my second story submitted anywhere, and is a continuation of, Workout Buddies, Chapter 1, The Bet. Folks seemed interested in the first chapter, so this is the first of several...

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Wedding Day Surprise

Fiance likes his fem ways. Her & family have plans for him.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * You might say I had an unusual childhood. My older sister had wanted Mum to have a girl when she was pregnant with me. She got over her disappointment by treating me like a girl from an early age. She'd dress me up in girly outfits and we would play with dolls. My father had never been married to Mum and had...

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Some Kind of Spell Ch. 05

The story continues, with surprises and twists.

Angela sat silently as the car ate up the miles ahead. She had so many things going through her head. When did her cover get blown? How did anyone know where she was? Who was the leak in the FBI? Who was responsible for the attack on the safe house, and who were those four men that crept in and bundled away Agent Alexis Stephens and why? Did they think they had taken Angela and got Alexis by...

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Sugar Plums

A husband, wife and her girlfriend learn how to share!

This is a submission to the Winter Holidays Contest. Be naughty and read this. Be nice and please vote. Happy holidays! In the dense grey coastal fog, on that cold Christmas Eve's night, Nick turned the last corner on a quiet suburban street on his way home from a business trip. Though the trip had been a success, the last eleven hours had been a frustrating affair. His flight from Los...

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Intergalactic Porn Star Pt. 03

Ash takes Ryan to Arcadia.

**Author's note: Intergalactic Porn Star is a work of gay male science fiction. Set in the distant future, it follows the adventures of a man who's recruited by an organisation that provides hard core gay porn to Earth's interstellar colonies. In this part, BDSM switch Ash takes designated top Ryan to Arcadia, and introduces him to the pleasures of moss-sex under Luyton B's red dwarf...

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Sausages for the Slave Ch. 07

The slave daydreams and is rewarded for a good slave podcast.

The wife is enjoying herself over dinner, looking at her instagram feed or twitter feed or something. Her mind is only half on her food. My mind is fully on her food, because most of my dinner derives from her food and has yet to arrive on my plate. I'm hungry, but she probably had a big business lunch. I've had a busy day shopping. I bought the hand tied sausages she was going on about, which are...

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A Horny Woman Ch. 05: Subbing

Paula lets herself experience life as a submissive.

Okay, I've decided I hate repeating myself, so if you want to know details about things, go read some previous chapters. About the only thing you are going to get from me is this: I'm an adult, grown woman who has a healthy interest in being sexually satisfied, and I am open to just about everything. The one condition has always been that I demand to be treated with respect and any man (or woman)...

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