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Lori Learns Her Lesson

Lori finds she can't just play at being submissive.

It was towards the beginning of the Northern Californian school year, as Lori was tidying up the classroom after the children had left for the day. She taught the very youngest children, and today, being the first day of the school year, had been hectic. The last of the children, and some mothers, had departed. She was looking forward to going home to her bachelor pad, kicking off her shoes,...

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Free Use Leaders Rise to Power Ch. 01

New laws classify women for free use by men. Meet Ashlee.

A dark revolution happened in 2020. You don't need to know all the details, but many powerful men fed up with feminism somehow won control in America. They enacted the Female Role Act that stripped women of the rights over their bodies. I will introduce you to Ashlee. At the beginning of this story, she is 18 at the time these new laws passed. First you need to know what the new laws...

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Complications Ch. 02

The outlook of promises is uneasy.

It was night again. However, instead of being herded into the cages like the other slaves, Joel was led to a bed in a small room, and locked in. He looked around, taking in his new surroundings. Why was he in here? A bed? A real bed, with a fluffy pillow? What does this all mean? He lay on top of the bed, smelling the scent of the fresh blanket. Vanilla. How ironic. Though the scent did make...

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Mind Control Harem Ch. 04.5: Puppylove

Master gives Puppy the new G-spot he promised.

*Note to readers: I thank you for the few comments you've been giving, I really do like to read all of them, and I've been trying to take your advice. I wish I could respond to them, but I don't think I can; if you'd like me to respond, you can send feedback with your e-mail. Thanks again =^^= * * As expected, Jenny also moved in with Justin and Bella, so now there were 5 people...

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Like Son, Like Father: BBC Faggots

A straight man discovers the power of BBC.

Summary: A straight man discovers the power of BBC. Note 1: This is a 2019 April Fool's Day contest story. Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert and Wayne for editing. Like Son, Like Father: Faggots for BBC It had been a month of my being an Uber driver, making a little extra money to pay my daughter's college tuition and just in case my son needed anything... although he...

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Complications Ch. 01

Crushed desires have promise.

It had been a while since she last saw him. Her heart was heavy. Why does he still try to impress? In the short time they had dated, she always looked at him as a submissive. Now, six months after the breakup, he was back, trying as hard as ever to win her heart over. She hears a knock on the door again. It must be him. Only he would knock in the most gentle way, anticipating her response by...

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White Gurl and Her Black Man

White guy becomes black man's gurl.

Well this is something I never expected. Here I am in a gay resort in the Canary Islands, can't remember what it's called, with a man, a black man. I am effectively his woman and my raison d'etre is to pleasure him. Well, he has paid to bring me here and bought me clothes to wear, not that he asked or that they were anything I would have chosen for myself but I seemed to have any choice....

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A New Position Pt. 01

A secretary finds a new position in the company.

Part one of seven! My master and I co-wrote this story so each part will alternate point of view. We hope you enjoy ;) *** Ruby: I get into the office early, starting the coffee machine and enjoying the peace and quiet. I sit down at my desk, positioned just outside your door, and turn my computer on. Briefly, I close my eyes and remember my initial interview to be your secretary, I...

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Into the Vampire's Harem - Omnibus

A human village girl gives herself over to a vampire lord.

Author's Notes: Chapters 1 and 2 were originally published back in 2015 under my other screen name of DieselJester and then republished under AlexClayton. Chapter 3 was originally published in 2017 under this name of AlexClayton. I will tell y'all right now that this story has been the bane of my literary existence ever since I became a professionally published author back in 2015. It is...

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My Slut and a BDSM Party Ch. 01

My slut and I attend a wild BDSM party.

Having learned from experience we ate a light dinner before our night out. My glowing blonde beauty sat across from me. The arms length space separated us from our neighbors eating, blissfully unaware of the controller in my pocket dictating the speed of vibration responsible for my sluts blushing cheeks. Having enjoyed our dinner we headed to the party. We entered the home threw the...

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Kitten Returns

Kitten cums back with her cat tail butt plug.

I heard the quiet tapping on the door. It was hesitant and almost timid, with a touch of immediacy, of someone who needed to get in. I smiled to myself, knowing exactly who that would be. It would be a kitten with nothing on but a raincoat, wearing whiskers on her face and kitten ears on her head. I waited for a few moments until the knock became a little louder. I knew there was a panic behind it...

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Moondust Hollow Ch. 08: Toy

Elsie is dominated by her newest client, Eleanor.

[continued] Part of Elsie-a very loud and insistent part of her-wanted to flee from the cozy little house and run back to the safety of the shack on her farm. Instead, she stood outside of Holly's room with her back pressed to the closed door and tried to compose herself. Her chest was heaving as though she'd run a marathon. She felt like a hot mess. She'd come here tonight to perform...

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Survival of the Fittest

A peasant woman is torn between her husband and a jilted man.

_Author's Notes: based off of a porn movie that I saw recently online (that was then deleted for some odd reason) that I have no idea what the formal name of it is. I took the basic premise of the movie and made it far more interesting than the movie was... plot-wise anyway. This was just a quick work of fluff to get the idea out of my head and will more than likely be my last posting for a...

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A Rainy Day

A mature woman rescues a young man from a very bad day.

After the absolute worst day, I found myself waiting for a bus under a shelter in the pouring rain. Out of nowhere, a truck zoomed-by and a wall of water rose up from the street and soaked me from head to toe. I stood there on the verge of tears. It was a perfectly miserable ending to a perfectly miserable day. Above the noise of the traffic and the falling rain, I heard a voice call to me from...

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The Eighth God Ch. 07

Things are heating up after the festival...

_Author's note: Things are really starting to kick off in this chapter! Thanks to everyone who read and rated the last chapter, and thanks to all those who have been following the story from the beginning. I feel like I'm improving with each chapter and it really shows in the ratings. As much as I love the fact that the ratings have gotten better and better, nothing makes me feel better than...

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The Normal Life, or Not? Ch. 04

Alfred's desire is answered.

Thanks for all the continuous support. The story is continuing from the previous Chapter(s) and you may have to backtrack to understand. *** It was strange to pose in front of the camera naked. It was a moment that he failed to see pleasure in submission, and she knew it. For the longest time, he felt whole in face of submitting to his lady, but now? He didn't like the fact that he was...

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Mind Control Harem Ch. 04: Bimbodoll

Master, Kitty, Puppy and Tits get a brand new slave: Bimbo!

Tittytoy had been bouncing her breasts giddily in the back for the entire drive to the beach, without even having been prompted by Master. Her mounds were decorated with various different humiliating objects, which Master had just accessorized her with about two hours back, right after having turned her into his third little obedient slave, in her own uptown apartment. She moaned because of...

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Fun at the Diner (Naomi and Aidan)

Naomi is taken over by a man she meets in a diner.

This story was written at the request of my Dom as an assignment. I hope you enjoy! *** Naomi sat at her booth in the Freshbay Diner. She glanced out of the window as the rain dripped down and traveled to the bottom of the pane. She could see the cars pass from the highway, some stopping at the gas station in front of the diner. She ran her fingers down the side of her face lightly and...

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Lonely MILF: A Sexual Awakening

Sexy college coed entwines lonely MILF in her sexual web.

Summary: Sexy college coed entwines lonely MILF in her sexual web. Note 1: This is dedicated to the real Elizabeth, who requested this story. Note 2: This is an April Fools' Day Contest story so please vote. Thanks to: Tex Beethoven, Robert, and Wayne for editing. Lonely MILF: A Sexual Awakening Sometimes you don't know you're in a rut until...

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28 Days to a New You

A trans woman meets the domme who will change her life.

You'd kept your relationship with Mistress secret. After all, you'd never done anything like that before, and you had a job to protect. As much as you loved the idea of playing in those waters, you'd built yourself a good life on dry land. The first time you met Mistress in person, she looked you over silently for several minutes as you fidgeted under her gaze. She asked you a few innocuous...

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Step Mommy Slut Ch. 05

Final chapter for David and Stephanie.

Dinner was a pleasant buzz of conversation and stories about their youth, but David was hesitating to broach the subject of her marriage. He was not sure everything he wanted, but he knew for sure he wanted Stephanie. He had never had a long-term sub, he mostly played with available girls at the college clubs. He was contemplating what long-term would mean in the current landscape of their...

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Enlightening M Ch. 01: Birthday Guest

Submissive M is presented with a series of challenges.

M and I were separated for a long hot summer while she took care of some family business across the country. She passed the time with provocative selfies for me and her followers on social media, while I prepared a series of challenges for my beautiful, salacious and submissive partner to complete upon her return. This story is about the first of those challenges. My birthday was about a...

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The Edge of Intention

Sara Beckett finally lands a job with a spanking boss.

Sara sat in her home office staring out the window contemplating what she was going to do if she did not get a job soon. She was at the end of her cushion financially with little room to move. She had gone on countless interviews and nobody wanted her. She was fifty-one, divorced and had spent her life raising a family rather than building a career and it was coming back to haunt her. She had...

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Kristina's Secret Cleaning Job

Kristina, a lawyer, also works as maid to her ex-girlfriend.

By Kristina Katyn and Peter Martin I wrote this story together with my friend Peter Martin (Peter242), who is well-known for his spanking stories. This story is based partly at least on some of my own experiences in real life. We hope you enjoy it. * Kristina felt her normal sense of foreboding as she walked up the pathway to Heather's house. It was two o'clock on Saturday...

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Carly's WMAF Fantasy Pt. 07

Time to add Sherry to the mix.

Glad you guys have liked these. I struggled with this one, trying to find the right tone and concept for things with Carly's sister. I rewrote it four times but I like how it came out in the end. Hopefully everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed writing it. * The week passed by with some difficulty. Carly and I traded flirty text messages and talked when we were able. Both of us...

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A Student and her Lecturer Pt. 02

Submiss-me? 12 years later, Lara sees her former lecturer again.

The coach stops and Adam steps out into the brisk, fresh air. It hits him and he takes the moment with a deep breath. There's a feeling of anticipation, it's excitement mixed with just a touch of nervousness. It's an unfamiliar feeling through a thousand thoughts rushing around his head as he thinks of her and then... "Professor, which way to the hotel?" He's interrupted and snapped back to...

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Playgirl 10-Year Anniversary Pt. 01

Evan revisits his college town for a nude photoshoot... [CFNM]

I knew Dayna from my freshman year of college. We lived a few doors apart in the residence hall, and became fast friends since we were both kinda nerdy, and liked anime and sci-fi movies. I was a bit shy about my love of nerd-culture, but she openly embraced it. Her dorm was always covered in anime posters, she excitedly chatted about episodes of Bleach and even dressed up to attend a few cons....

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The Normal Life, or Not? Ch. 03

Alfred has second thoughts to his new life.

They were finally home again. She had taken the harness off from him, leaving only the collar on his naked body. His fairly defined muscles, toned so perfectly, and his face, all too worthy. She knew he had finally submitted, and there was no going back. Though every time she ran her hand through his hair, she felt his muscles tense. She left him alone in the living room while she went out to...

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Millville Ch. 08: THE GALA

Suzie and I dine at The Club before the entertainment starts.

Chapter 8 THE GALA Author's note: Ideally, the previous chapters in this story should be read prior to reading this. Although this chapter could stand alone, it—as well as the upcoming chapters of the story—will be more meaningful if put in the complete context. * Suzie and I were in the back seat of our best friends Bob and Julia's car on the way to the Second Annual...

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100 Centimetres - Experience 09

Atonement for disobedience in a forest setting.

_Authors Note: This story is once again dedicated to the most incredible Master a submissive could ever ask for. Thank you for teaching me, showing me the way and allowing me to become myself once more. It is an honour to take my journey as a submissive under your kind, protective and caring instruction. You think she would be more obedient and aware by now but here we go again. Hope...

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